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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has some fun shopping…

I was at a clothing store doing some shopping for a vacation I was going on. I was looking for bathing suits and other kinds of shorts to wear. So I grabbed a few that I liked and tried them on. The girl led me to the room, and I was all set. Well, a different girl must’ve switched jobs with her, and they didn’t have a sign up saying that my room was occupied because as I was dropping one of the bathing suits, the door opened to this female employee, and this other woman was leading to a changing room.

So I’m sitting there with this bathing suit around my ankles and my one-inch little soft penis sitting on my balls in front of these two girls, and another woman opened her changing room door. She was in a very revealing swimsuit (likely to show her friend, who was the other girl looking at my little pinky tip), and I got kinda hard, and they either chuckled at my limp penis or went, “Oh my God,” at the sight of a random naked man.

I turned around to hide, but they saw my bare ass, and there was a mirror, so they still saw my tiny pecker. Finally, she closed the door, and I still heard some laughs and comments like, “What a ‘little’ surprise.”

What didn’t help was the original girl that brought me came over and knocked to ask if I was OK and to apologize for what happened. She knocked, and I said, “Ya?”

And she took that as come in, but I was naked still and fully hard (I’m a bronze member of the small dick club), and she looked down with her jaw dropped and said, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” Followed by her closing the door. I heard her talking to the other female employee, saying, “Um, yeah, that’s a small one for sure.”


Another reader gets humiliated in another language…

I was out enjoying a beer at my local pub, surrounded by fans of the Mexican football team. After the match, they started dancing and having their party, and many people left. I wanted to stay and join in on all the dancing, but I was confronted by one of the ladies from the group. She started talking in Spanish to me, and I replied that I didn’t speak Spanish. She replied, “Why are you here?”

And I said I wanted to drink a beer and have fun. She responded, “You want to join us and have some fun?”

I couldn’t say no as it looked like she and her friends were having a lot of fun, and she was hot. So I sat down with them and spoke to the woman. After maybe five minutes, she leaned over a man sitting next to me, kissed him, and cupped him. She gave him quite a smirk and said something to him in Spanish. Then she spoke to another woman and pointed at me.

The other woman nodded and smirked at me. The first lady came over, cupped me, and started laughing immediately. She kept her hand there as she laughed and stared directly at me. It only made things worse when I got hard from the humiliation. She quickly removed her hand, laughing harder, and spoke to the other woman. They both laughed and pointed at me.

She talked to many people from her group, and everyone laughed as she pointed at me. Since I didn’t understand what they said, I tried to play it cool, but deep down, I was more humiliated than ever.


Meanwhile, this reader is obsessed with tools…

I discussed with the wife about my son, who was here yesterday and left stuff he used out. She and I discussed some of his lazy traits, and I mentioned his not using the right tools on jobs. Could you go ahead with the one that’s not working rather than go and get the right thing?

My next rant got a lightning-quick response. “Christ, when I’m doing something, and the tool I’m using is not working right, I take ten steps to the shed to get the right one.”

Straight back immediately, she said, “Yes, I know. You always know when to put your cock sleeve on.”

I wasn’t expecting that comment in a pink fit, but great to see her sideways thinking.


While this reader reveals all to his lesbian friend…

My best friend throughout college was a girl. We’d met one of the first days of freshman year and are still best friends years later. The summer after freshmen year, she invited me to her house because her parents weren’t home, so we would hang out and drink and go swimming in her hot tub. She’s a lesbian, and I found her very attractive, but there wasn’t anything going to happen between us.

So we were swimming in the hot tub, and we each had a few drinks, so we were feeling pretty good. Eventually, we hopped out and realized we didn’t bring towels. She said, “There are towels inside.”

I said, “I could go grab them while you get a fire set up in the fire pit.”

“I don’t wanna get the floor too wet from our bathing suits.”

So, being drunk and bold, I said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.”

I went to the door at the side of the house where she couldn’t see, and I yanked my bathing suit off, left it outside to dry, and grabbed the towels. I put mine on and returned to give her one, but I was still naked. She was grabbing more materials, and I don’t know why, but I forgot I was naked, probably because I was drunk and didn’t care. So I took my towel off to dry my hair.

All I heard was, “Well, hey, there!”

And realized my limp small penis suffering from shrinkage, was exposed. She took her bikini off to let it dry, too, and we both stood there naked. She goes, “There now. I don’t have to worry about changing when you’re around now you’ve seen me naked.”

So we sat naked the rest of the night, which got me so hard (silver member). She got a good kick out of seeing me, and this started a series of her teasing me for having a small dick.


This reader gets caught in the shower…

I had finished playing a game of basketball with my friends at a local gym. The workout area was closed, so the place was practically empty except for us. My friends hit the showers while I offered to put stuff away for everyone. I’ve been in enough locker rooms where most of my friends have seen me nude to some degree, but I still try to avoid it when I can because of my size. Luckily most of the guys are cool enough not to mention it.

So I give it ten minutes, go to the locker room, and after undressing, I wrap my towel around my waist and go to the showers. Now, it’s a pretty old gym, so the showers are one open communal room with no stalls or curtains (hence why I avoid it). I put my towel onto a hook and rinse my sweat. At one point, I thought I heard the door open, but I ignored it and tried to hurry up.

Suddenly, I hear a slight gasp, and I turn around to see my teammate’s girlfriend standing there with her mouth open. I could practically see her eyes darting down to my small soft dick. I stood there momentarily before scrambling to cover up my crotch with my hands. She laughed and said, “I’m sorry. I thought my boyfriend was here, and everyone else was gone.”

My face was beet red, and I could hardly think as I walked across the room, still buck naked, to grab my towel. She darted out of the room. I quickly got dressed and went to my car to leave. On my way out, her boyfriend stopped me and jokingly said, “I hear you were trying to hit on my girlfriend. Don’t worry. She said there was ‘nothing’ to worry about it.”

Knowing the guy, he meant it to clear the air of any awkwardness, but it still stung.


Another reader is crushed by his crush…

The first time I was truly humbled was my first and last freshman-year swim meet. I was on the team in middle school, so I naturally went to the next level as seeing now the meets would be coed (girls meet first, then the boys), and seeing girls in swimsuits sounded like a good time.

This was the first time black dudes were on the team for me, also. They amongst themselves called us white teammates ‘pinkies’ as a jab. You can guess why we had to shower after practice. Now I was concerned about how I would look in a Speedo, but I reassured myself I wasn’t that small and I would be in the water most of the time anyway.

On my regular school bus, I developed a crush on a girl named Samantha or Sam. She was an adorable pale read head with a FATTY! We would sit by each other occasionally, and she was sweet to me pretty much constantly. We kissed once, and I thought she would soon be my girlfriend. She also happened to be a swimmer. She had three friends, Caitlin, Clara, and Chloe, with total mean girl energy. I’d called them the C’s(one time the three cunts, but that’s another story). The C’s were on the diving team.

On the ride to the meet, I got to sit next to Sam! During the ride, I overheard the C’s planning on ‘scoring’ the boy’s team when we would be on the blocks to start our race.

I had to do a relay with a black dude named Thomas, who was crazy muscular and packing (seen in the shower) for a freshman. Our race, I’ll never forget it. In the stands directly in front of us was the girl’s swim team for both schools. I remember looking at Sam when Thomas went on the block. Her expression turned to shock, and she mouthed, ‘Oh my God,’ to the C’s!

When I went to the block, this image was burned into my brain. Sam locked eyes with me, and her gaze drifted down. A sly smile crept and turned to a grin. When I was about to dive in, she yelled, “Let’s go, PINKY,” at the top of her lungs!

The sound was booming in the auditorium. I belly flopped in, and when I returned to the surface, I looked to the bleachers and saw the C’s and Sam double over laughing and most of the girls giggling, even the girl’s coaches stifling not to laugh! My face burned with humiliation. My heart felt broken as I swam. Thomas got in my face and blamed me for losing the race.

On the bus ride back, Sam was sitting next to Thomas! I sat next to one of the C’s and heard the ‘scores’ for the boy’s team. Thomas got a perfect 40 score while I was on the bottom with a 4! Sam gave me a two! When I asked the C I was sitting next to how they graded, she said the C’s graded on fuckabilty, and Sam was on how big she thought the guys were hard!

I yelled, “I’m not two inches,” when I heard that.

One of the C’s quickly responded, “Sure, pinky dick, if you say so.”

The bus around us exploded into laughter. I got up and moved to the front of the bus. I looked back at Sam, and she was making out with Thomas. I went home, cried, and then unbeknownst to me, had my first ‘white boy syndrome’ when I looked up interracial porn featuring a redhead white woman and a hung black man.


Meanwhile, this reader flashes then cashes in…

I always enjoyed going to the gym, and there was this one girl who worked the front desk that was always flirty with me, and I was with her too. Usually, there weren’t many people because I’d go close to closing, so she and I would talk a lot too. One night I did my workout and then went to shower in the gym locker room. So I showered up and was drying off. I’m the only one in the locker room, so I’m completely naked and don’t care. No one was there to see.

So I thought.

Well, I didn’t realize, but she was doing her rounds before closing, and part of it was going into each locker room to ensure everyone was getting ready to leave. So she walked into the men’s locker room, and there I was, standing butt naked flashing my tiny little soft penis (I swear this might’ve been the smallest it’s been) directly at her. She just dropped her jaw and said, “Oh my God.”

But I didn’t want to cover up. She had never seen a penis before, thankfully for me, because she didn’t realize it was small (Bronze Member hard). She noticed me not covering up and flirtatiously said, “I hope this isn’t the last time I get to see it.”

It was not.


While this reader proves he doesn’t grow much at all…

My girlfriend’s best friend was visiting her and me one weekend and was staying with us. So one morning, I woke up, and my girlfriend wasn’t in bed, and I heard the shower going. I thought it was her, so I got naked and would go in and have fun and surprise her. I pulled the curtain over and got in, and when it was too late, I realized it was her friend. She turned around, and we both looked at each other naked. She let out a laugh, and I covered myself and asked why she was laughing (knowing my soft dick was tiny).

She said, “Megan (my girlfriend) kept bragging that you have a big dick, and all I see is a little baby pee-pee.”

“I’m a grower,” I said, red-faced.

“Prove it.” She put her pointer finger and thumb on my little penis and laughed. “Shouldn’t I be able to use my whole hand?”

That did it for me (on top of seeing her beautiful naked body). I got a ‘bronze member’ hard-on, prompting her to wrap her hand around it.

She smirked and said, “That’s better, I guess. But you still have a small dick. It’s not even average. But don’t worry, it’s our ‘little’ secret.”


This reader becomes the dorm beta bitch…

As a freshman, I was super horny and wanted to lose my virginity. I wasn’t shy about it, but I was pretty quiet and always embarrassed because of my silver-member dick, so I didn’t have much luck even though all of my other friends were fucking left and right. I ended up meeting this girl Bella who lived on my floor in the dorms. She was very promiscuous and known for being flirty with everyone and talked about sex all the time.

For example, before coming to college, she told everyone that she went on a road trip with a guy who fucked her the whole trip, even pulling over every couple of hours to pound her on the side do the road. Bella was petite with a great body and a great ass. I had a crush on her, and she knew it.

We ended up hooking up after a lot of sexual tension one night. It was pretty awkward because I didn’t know what I was doing. Nothing terrible, just your typical first-time awkwardness.

A few weeks later, she needed to borrow some socks when we were in our dorm since she was in the process of doing laundry. I was talking with a group in the hall, and she approached me and asked for a pair. She said she knew my socks would fit her, and I asked her why she thought that. She responded, “Well, I know you’re small elsewhere,” in front of everyone.

They all burst into laughter since it was well known that we had hooked up and would know about my lack of size firsthand. Her roommate, Rachel, who I had a crush on, was laughing especially hard. I felt she already knew all about my small dick from Bella.

I mumbled, “If you think I have small feet, then John (my roommate) must have tiny ones.”

Rachel jumped in and said, “Oh, trust me, there’s nothing small about John. I would know.”

That got another laugh as I felt my inferiority toward John grow. It was clear who the alpha was to Rachel. I went to my room and grabbed a pair of socks which Bella put on.

She said, “See! I told you they would fit my small feet.”

A few weeks later, Bella got pounded by this guy who had a giant cock. She told everyone on our floor how much his massive cock hurt her. I couldn’t stop thinking about how she barely made any noise when we were having sex.

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, the real humiliating moment came when I saw Bella in the hallway again doing laundry. She smiled and told me not to worry because she didn’t need to borrow any socks this time. She then said, “What I need to borrow is a condom. James (the guy with the big cock) is coming over later. But I won’t ask you for one of those either. Your condoms definitely wouldn’t fit.”

She laughed in my face. Like the beta I am, I weakly suggested that my roommate might have some, to which she replied, “Well, his Magnums would work unless he’s used them all on Rachel.”


Another reader gets a burn he won’t forget…

I bought the game Cyberpunk a couple of days ago. My girlfriend has become fascinated with it since she learned the characters could have sex and players can customize their game characters’ genitalia.

When she came over yesterday, she first looked at my character. I had chosen the small penis (I wanted to see if this would offer any SPH in-game). When she saw this, she said, “It’s nice to see that you were realistic with the dick size, but even the soft small version is bigger than yours hard.”


Meanwhile, this reader also has a hot tub moment…

My girlfriend and I have a hot tub in our backyard, which is great for skinny dipping since we have a fenced-in yard too. We also have these two neighbors who are two women in their forties (and have amazing bodies). So my girlfriend was at work one evening, and I decided to go skinny dipping. I sat in there for quite a while and decided to hop out. I heard our fence door open, and both neighbors were suddenly there. They were standing on the other side of the hot tub so that they couldn’t see my bottom half yet.

They came to return something I had lent to them, and I told them it was fine and I could grab it later. But they insisted so they walked the hot tub, and I stood there with my little soft shrimp dick perched on my hairy balls. They both got a good laugh and said thanks for the invite to which I told them they were more than welcome to go in the hot tub. So they did.

They stripped down to their underwear, then looked me in the eye, took that off, and went into the hot tub. I decided to join them, but they told me they didn’t want me to sit. They want me standing so they can keep looking at my little guy. One of them put her pointer finger and thumb to it and started massaging it gently, then she put the tip of her tongue to it and licked it. She said she wanted to see all I got and put my little guy in her mouth. She started giving me an incredible blowjob, and the other one watched.

When I was at full mast (bronze member), she pulled back, and they looked at me and laughed again. “It’s not very big, is it?” one of them asked.

I shrugged. “It is what it is, I guess.”

“Not big enough to fuck, though,” the other said disappointedly.

“Jerk it off. Let us see it cum.”

I did as they asked and shot a massive load in front of them, making them laugh. When I was done, they asked me to help bring some of their stuff to their house while we were all still naked. By this point, I had shrunken back to my tiny soft size, but it was dark, so it was fine. We got to their place, and they opened the door, grabbed the stuff from me, and said, “See you next time, little guy.”

I was left naked on their doorstep, and I hurried home with one hand covering my little willy.


Lastly, this reader cucks a friend with a smaller dick…

I was roommates with my best friend in college (Todd), and he was dating another of my best friends, Carly. I had set them up. She and I weren’t interested in relationships, but we had done sexual stuff with each other before, so she knows how big (or is that small) I get and all that. One day I was alone in our dorm, and he had gone home for the weekend. So I decided to masturbate because I was in the mood.

So I got undressed and was trying to find some content, and suddenly, I heard, “Well, there’s my ‘little’ friend!”

Carly was standing in the room. I didn’t realize he had given her his key in case she wanted to drop by. So she saw me in my bed with my little penis standing upright (silver member), and I covered up out of shock and embarrassment.

She came over, sat with me on the bed, and said, “I was hoping to catch you like this. Todd can’t pleasure me sexually because he has a baby-sized penis.”

I didn’t know this about him, and I laughed. So Carly asked me to have sex with her because she wanted to feel an orgasm again. So she pulled my sheets off, and I had gone soft by this point. She made her little 🤏🏼 motions and asked if her little friend missed her, which got me instantly hard again.

So Carly and I slept together, and after the fact, we were laying together, and I was soft again, and she looked at it and said, “Honestly, Todd’s smaller than you hard.”

I’m average size when hard, so my friend and roommate Todd has a micropenis. Carly told me it was barely three inches hard. We laughed about it, and she said she missed my little guy. We had a friend’s with benefits thing going on, and my best friend was OK with it because he admitted to his faults and that he couldn’t please her, so he wanted me to do it. He was also a cuck, so he liked knowing I was having sex with her.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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