Santa’s Helpers

By Max Swan.

My name is Kevin, and I’ve been playing Santa at a local Mall for a few years now. There’s about four of us that do it, and I have to admit I really enjoy it. Not only does it pay well, but I like kids, and seeing their little faces light up when they think they’re meeting the real Santa. I also get a kick out of promising the kid I’ll give them everything they ask for, while watching the parents squirm thinking about how much that’s going to cost them. That really makes me smile big for the camera. I’m a natural for the job as I’m a fat man, weighing in at one-hundred and thirty-two kilograms.

Before this story goes on, I want to make it clear that I’m not a pedophile looking for little kids to feel up. That sick crap doesn’t interest me whatsoever, so if you’re reading this expecting that, shame on you. This story is not that kind of thing.

So back to my story.

We don’t only play Santa at the Mall, but are in demand for local Christmas events as well. You’ve seen it, I’m sure. Santa shows up at the end and gives the kids a small present, or throw candy at them from the back of a fire-truck. Yeah, that’s me. The Mall I work at also employs real little people to play the elves. The little people are great people and we sometimes go out for a beer after work and have a few laughs. Some of them are female and some male. The Mall job pays one hundred and twenty an hour, I kid you not. Its bloody good money playing Santa at the Mall. The Community events, we usually do for nothing.

That’s the set up, so you understand how all this began.


Another busy day at the Mall as Christmas drew near, with a long line of kids and parents waiting for a chance to commune with Santa. Not all kids like seeing Santa. Oh, I’m sure intellectually they love the idea of a fat bloke with a white beard, and dressed in a red suit, giving them presents. However, sometimes when confronted with a real live Santa it scares the living crap out of them. So instead of enjoying the moment, they usually begin screaming the house down in terror.

It’s no point trying to comfort a kid like this, because I don’t have the time. So the best thing to do is get a picture as fast you can, give the little shit some candy (if they’re old enough), and hand them back to their mother before any long-term emotional scarring occurs. This situation is where I found myself this fateful day when my life changed, and turned onto an unexpected path. I had this three-year old girl on my lap whom bawled her eyes out from the moment her mother put her there.

The irony is most kids go through this Christmas ritual more for the sake of the parents, rather than actually wanting to meet Santa. Later, when they work out they can use Santa to extort expensive toys from their parents, they really love being here. The younger ones who (like this girl) often have no idea what’s going on, just scream the place down.

I tried to comfort her in my Santa voice, but she seemed horrified by me. I motioned to the photographer to take the shot, and I felt it. Warm liquid on my legs and groin. The little girl so scared now, she pissed herself and me. Like a trooper I got the photo done, and handed her back to her mother who seen the large wet spot on my lap.

She blushed.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she said.

I waved my hand at her Santa style, in good humor.

“HO-HO-HO. Occupational Hazard, I’m afraid. Luckily Santa keeps a few clean pairs of pants in his sleigh. So we’ll take a short break while I go change.”

I stood and waved to the kids in the line.

“I’ll be back in ten minutes, kiddies. Be good while Santa is away, otherwise you might end up on my naughty list, and you wouldn’t want that.”

Most of the kids lapped it up and waved back at me. Others gripped their parents’ leg looking pale, and uncertain. You gotta love kids. The mother of the little horror that pissed on me managed to get away in the hubbub, I think she felt really embarrassed by what her girl had done. As for me, this isn’t the first time I’ve been pissed on playing Santa. I’m not saying that to be dirty, it really is an occupational hazard. Kids get filled with soda and ice-cream at the Mall, to keep them quiet while mum shops. Then they come to Santa, all filled up and on a sugar high. It could’ve been worse, she could’ve thrown-up on me. That I really hate.


The door to the changing area is close to the Santa display, so thankfully I didn’t have to walk through the crowds showing the embarrassing wet spot on my pants. The management of this Mall really sets things up beautifully for us. So I walked in and assessed the damage. This kid must have been saving this one for a few days. My pants and underpants were drenched through, but it had also seeped onto my jacket. So from the nipples down I was soaked in piss. This meant I’d have to take a quick shower as well, otherwise I’d begin to stink badly after a few sweaty hours with the kids.

Santa can’t do that. He has an image to uphold.

The annoying thing is that it doesn’t take two-minutes to get dressed-up as Santa, I take pride (like all the Santa’s at this Mall) to make sure our beards look realistic, and we wear a little makeup to give ourselves that rosy red cheek look. We wear fake white eyebrows too. So doing a complete change at this stage is involved. I got my gear off, and ran to the shower. I had no time to waste. I washed myself with soap, rinsed, washed again and rinsed to be sure. I got out and began drying myself off when one of the ‘elves’ entered the change-rooms carrying a fresh Santa costume for me.

There I stood naked, towel in hand.

I realized too late that this elf is not my mate Joe, but Susan Harding. She stopped dead in her tracks, looking at my nude body.


Yes, I’m fat, but that’s one of the pre-requisites of the job. Santa is a tubby man. What I’m sure you’re thinking right now is that I probably have a small dick. Well, you’re right, I do. Not that it bothers me too much, it is what it is. No point in crying over what you can’t change. When I’m soft, barely anything shows, as my pubic mound swallows most of my penis. Only the head of my dick pokes out and sits on top of my balls. If I push it out like when I take a piss, it does measure nearly two-inches. When I get hard, my penis is more than four-inches long, four and a quarter to be precise; and about three-and-a-half-inches in circumference.

So yeah, I’m small, but not the smallest in the world by a long shot. I’m cool with it. I’ve had girlfriends, and they didn’t mind my penis size, because I really know how to eat pussy. Besides, I always found with chicks that if you work them to the point before orgasm their pussy clamps down tight, and that’s when I slide my penis in and ride her home. The biggest drawback with having a small dick, in my experience, is that I can’t use intercourse (PIV) alone like a bigger dick man can, so if it’s a quickie they don’t respond as well to me. I need time to be able to use foreplay to get her ready for my small dick. That’s the hand I’ve been dealt, and I do the best I can.

Anyway, back to the story.


So Susan, a little person who plays one of Santa’s elves in the store, is standing there looking at my dick. Her head is level with my groin, so I guess I couldn’t blame her. Once I got over the initial shock of it all, I quickly wrapped the towel around my waste covering myself up.

“Hey, why don’t you knock before you come in,” I yelled at her.

She smirked.

“Why should I knock, these are my change-rooms too.”

Susan stood there in silence. The downside of Mall change-rooms is there’s only one, and both sexes used it. So if we had to get naked or at least down to our underpants, we usually did it in a toilet cubicle. I didn’t expect anyone to come in at that point, so I didn’t bother. Besides, I’m washing piss off me, so why would I want to go into a toilet to dry off. Susan puts the Santa gear down.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes to redo your makeup. Better get a move on, Ted is getting antsy.”

She left. Ted is my boss, he runs the Mall. So when Susan said he’s getting impatient, I knew I had to move my ass. A huge line of kids were probably waiting to see Santa. After a few minutes I’m dressed and fitting my beard when Susan came back in. She pulled a box over next to me and stood on it and began applying the glue over my eyebrows so she could stick the bushy white fake eyebrows there.

“Is it busy out there?” I asked, making conversation.

“A fucking nightmare really, I hope you’ve got some rubber undies on, stud. This may not be your first golden shower for the day,” she said with a wicked smirk on her face.

“Don’t be gross,” I said, raising an eyebrow that she called me a stud.

She had never done that before. She laughed.

“We’re all going out for a beer after work. Are you coming?”

“Sure, why not.”

“Good,” she had done my eyebrows and began rubbing a bit of blush into my cheeks. “Come on, back to work,” she said, jumping off her box and we went back out to Santa central.

As the day progressed, I kept noticing Susan looking at me strangely. I wondered if it were because she had seen me naked. I decided the best thing to do is put it out of my mind, and get on with the job at hand. Telling the kids that Santa will definitely give them the latest video games, iPhones, or whatever else their greedy little hearts desired. So mum or dad would rush out and buy those things at the shops in the Mall, at marked up prices of course. It’s how capitalism works.


I managed to get through the rest of my shift without any further golden showers, thank God. So I passed the Santa baton on to Rob in the afternoon, I felt happy to be heading out of the place. I always find it a bit weird walking out of the Mall after work, as I often see the families I’ve had some precious moments with ignore me as a stranger. Being Santa is not a rock star gig, your fans don’t hover for autographs after the show. Once you’re dressed in civvies again, you become another fat bloke in the streets. Nothing terribly exciting about that.

I met Joe near my car who seemed to be hiding.

“What ya doing?” I asked, eyes bulging a bit.

“Oh, it’s alright for you, once the day is over, nobody takes a scrap of notice of you. But someone like me, the punters stare like a pack of morons,” he said screwing up his face.

Joe is a little person also. He and Susan worked with me during my shift today.

“People always stare at shit that doesn’t fit their dumb perceptions of normal. I get stared at plenty for being fat,” I said hitting the electronic lock remote unlocking the car so he could get in.

“Oh, you poor fat bastard, people staring at you. However do you cope?” Joe said sarcastically.

I got the message. So I changed the subject.

“Where’s Susan? I thought she was coming.”

“She’s meeting us there. The frigid-three is having a reunion it seems,” Joe said as he put the seatbelt on.

He struggled with it.

“Do you want me to get the child seat out?” I asked.

He looked at me with a deep frown etched across his face.

“Oh hardy-ha-ha. You’re so fuckin’ funny. Do you want me to put an extension on your seatbelt so it will fit around your fat fucking guts?”

I laughed. He got the belt done up. Joe is a cool guy, I always thought so. We always spoke to each other like this. So don’t get alarmed.

As I drove out it struck me I didn’t understand his reference to the ‘frigid-three’. So I asked him.

“Don’t say that to Susan or her friend’s, for fuck’s sake. It’s what we call them because they never want to fuck us. If you call them that to their faces, they might knee cap you,” he said, and grinned.

“Is that because they can only reach my knee caps?” I said, and we both laughed. “Why don’t they want to have sex with you guys?” I asked.

Joe shrugged. “Fucked if I know.” After a moment’s silence in the car, he said, “I think they want to be with normal height guys, not other little people. Some dwarf chicks are like that. I only ever see them date guys as tall as you, so who knows, you might get lucky tonight?”

He laughed.

“Really? But do they date guys as fat as me?”

He thought for a moment.

“No, a guy as fat as you would fuckin’ crush a little chick. You’d kill her!”

We burst out laughing. I probably would kill her, I thought.


At the Bar that first drink slid down nicely. I love watching Joe drink a pint, as you have to wonder how he fits it all in. Susan arrived with two friends in tow and she introduced them as Karen and Michelle. There I am drinking with four people, each barely over one-hundred and twenty centimeters tall, and me one-hundred and eighty-five centimeters.

We all went to a booth and sat to drink and chat. Susan and Karen sat either side of me. Michelle is a blond and quite pretty, Karen had brown hair and is more plain looking, while Susan is a brunette and isn’t bad in her own right.

“Susan told us you had a little accident today?” Karen said.

I shrugged.

“Kiddie golden showers are part of the job. At least she didn’t throw up on me,” I said.

“Or shit on you,” Joe added.

“Oo gross,” Michelle said, screwing up her nose.

“That’s never happened to me, but Rob copped it once. The kid literally shat its pants, and it went down his trousers. They had to throw that costume away cos the stains wouldn’t come out,” I said making them all laugh at the grossness of my tale.

“Rob’s still quite proud of it, the fucking creep,” Joe said.

“Yeah, he’s a weird one,” Susan said with a shiver.

That’s when I felt a hand on my leg, no make that two hands. One from each side. I looked at Susan and Karen and smiled at them nervously. However, they didn’t acknowledge it and acted like nothing is going on.

“I need to go drain the lizard,” Joe suddenly announced, and slid out of his seat and walked off leaving me alone with the girls.

“You know the kid pissing on you isn’t the accident I’m referring to,” Karen suddenly said.

“Oh? What accident, then,” I said, feeling my nerves grow.

Michelle answered. “She told us she walked in on you while you were naked.”

Karen said, “She told us that you have a small dick for a man your height. Is it true?”

I looked at Susan who had this big satisfied grin on her face. The two hands were now in my groin rubbing over my cock and I felt that funny fluttery feeling one gets when horniness suddenly descends on you.

“I… ah…,” I cleared my throat. “I’m a bit smaller than average, I suppose. So what?”

My fly suddenly unzipped and a hand slid inside my jeans and under my jocks. Closely followed by the other one. Karen and Susan were now fondling my soft penis. It wasn’t going to stay soft long at this rate. Karen giggled.

“Oh, it’s such a cute little thing. Most little guys are hung bigger than you.”

I felt shocked, here I am being fondled in public by two little chicks and being told I’m smaller than a dwarf in the cock department. That kind of stings at the old self-confidence. Still, they had managed to work my dick into a boner (I’m a guy after all) and one hand stroked it, while the other played with my balls.

Michelle began pouting.

“I wanna feel it,” she said to the girls.

“You’ll get your chance,” Susan said.

Before I could ask what she meant by that, Joe returned, and the hands abruptly left my cock in an instant. Leaving it poking out under the table. I mean anyone could’ve seen me like this. So I reached under and put it away. Joe looked at each of us.

“What’s going on here? You’re all acting funny.”

Susan answered. “We got a call from Dan, and have to leave. Kevin has offered to drive us home.”

“Oh fuck man, I’m looking forward to knocking back a few tonight, since we don’t have to work until the afternoon tomorrow,” Joe said, peering at me like I’m a traitor to the cause.

“Sorry mate, I can’t do that. Do you want me to drop you off on the way?” I said, and took a long drink of the rest of my beer.

“No, it’s OK, I saw Fred and Carl over in the corner,” he pointed to them. “I’ll go and hang with them.”

He grabbed his beer and after saying goodbye left us to join his other friends.

“So, what’s this all about?” I said to Susan.

“You’ll find out,” she said, and with that we all left the bar.


Susan directed me to Karen’s apartment and practically ordered me inside when we got there. I had no idea what they were planning, but given the way they played with my dick at the bar, it’s safe to assume it might be fun. After all, a big guy like me could handle three little women if things got rough. At the moment I felt curious, and horny.

They led me into the living room and sat me on the couch. Karen went off and got some drinks, scotch and coke to be precise, Susan puts some porn on the TV, and Michelle snuggled up next to me and unzipped my fly. Her hand dove into my pants and found my cock. She began fondling it.

“Do you like that big boy,” she whispered huskily in my ear.

“Sure, what guy wouldn’t,” I said, feeling my dick growing hard.

“It’s quite thick isn’t it? I like that,” Michelle said as she stroked me.

“I suppose so,” I answered, wondering why these three women brought me here to molest me.

Karen emerged with a tray carrying the drinks.

“Hey, you little slut. Don’t make him cum too quickly.”

I pushed Michelle away from me and stood, because I felt as if I might blow any minute.

“How about you ladies explain yourselves, eh?” I asked, looking at them individually.

Susan took a drink and sat on the couch next to Michelle looking at my still hard cock poking out of my zipper.

“It’s a complicated story,” she said.

“Well, un-complicate it, or else I’m outta here,” I said.

“We three girls are a bit different to other little people,” Michelle said.

“Different? How so,” I suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

Karen handed Michelle her drink and placed the tray on the coffee table. “Most women like us can handle regular-sized dicks. Not huge ones, but average-ones. But not we three, our pussies are smaller than normal. An average-sized dick to us, is like a huge cock to a regular height woman. It hurts like hell.”

The penny dropped.

Susan had seen me naked at the Mall, so she knew I had a small dick by the flaccid nub I have. The fondling in the bar was designed to ascertain how small I am. It seemed my three Goldilocks had found the one that’s just right. I have never felt so turned on my life. Three adorable ladies had manipulated me into this situation for sex. No matter how you look at it, that’s a flattering thing to happen to you. Something that never happens to fat blokes like me.

“Take your clothes off, I wanna see you naked,” Michelle said.

So I began to undress.

My hands shook like crazy, I felt so nervous. Sure my dick is the right size for them, but I’m a still a fat bloke, and most women get turned off by that in my experience. They want the sporty buff types, or those weedy thin guys that usually have a huge dick. Fat blokes are rarely the object of desire for most women. Fat blokes who play Santa and don’t need a pillow, maybe even a peg lower than that.

“He’s kinda cute, even for a pudgy guy,” Michelle said.

“He’s too heavy to lay on me, but missionary isn’t the only position in the playbook,” Karen said, looking me over.

“Do a spin for us,” Susan ordered, and I did.

“His skin is so creamy, and soft looking,” Michelle said, and sighed.

Karen giggled.

“His ass looks bigger than my head.”

They giggled again.

“Who’s gonna go first?” Michelle asked, looking at the other two.

“Susan should, she found him,” Karen said, making Michelle nod in agreement.

“Oo, this is going to be so much fun,” Susan said, jumping off the couch and grabbing my hand.

She led me out of the room and into a bedroom with a double bed that had a sheet on it.


“Lay on the bed,” she ordered, and I did.

I want to point out that I’m usually not submissive with females, but it’s their party, and I really felt as if I had no other choice. Normally, I like lots of romance, D&M’s, cuddles, massage, and foreplay before I get to the intercourse. So I find I have to take the lead in those situations.

However, this time, I’m purely the meat, and I hoped like hell I could perform like they wanted me to. Like I said at the start of this story, jumping straight into intercourse is never my strong suit due to my size. Though they told me their pussies were smaller, it didn’t stop me shaking from performance anxiety.

I watched as Susan undressed and I have to say she has a hot little body. Her breasts were a good handful, she had the cutest butt sticking out behind her and her thick thighs suddenly shrank down to her feet. She had that bow-legged look that little people have, so cute. She had a nice trimmed bush over her vagina.

My cock certainly approved, going by how hard it felt.

She pushed a box to the side of the bed and used it to stop up on the bed. Before I knew what’s happening, she laid on my stomach facing my dick, and began sucking me off. The feeling of her wet, hot mouth all over my dick made me moan. Not to mention the view up between her legs to her pretty vagina already dripping a clear, sticky wetness.

I reached over and rubbed her clitoris, being too short for a sixty-nine. My fingers were wet in no time, and I tasted it. Talk about tasty. I began to slide a finger inside her while I massaged her clit with my thumb. I needed to do something to try to take my mind off what her mouth was doing to my dick.

She was deep-throating me easily, and while I admit that isn’t hard to do given my size, I guess I wasn’t expecting it from a dwarf. This whole situation was weird for me, but I was liking it. She wriggled and squirmed on top of me as I fondled her pussy, moaning around the slurps she made on my dick.

She abruptly rolled off me saying, “I can’t be selfish, you have two more horny women to satisfy.”

“God, is this really happening?” I said.

She climbed over me into a ‘Cowgirl’ position.

“If you satisfy me, yes. If you don’t, then no. So don’t cum early, or it’s over.”

I gulped. How am I supposed to not cum with all this stimulation? I’m a small dick guy, not a stud. Not a porn star. We small dick guys are renowned for premature ejaculation, aren’t we?

She grabbed my cock as she guided herself down onto it. I felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy rub on the head of my cock. Before I knew what’s up that warm, wet, velvety feeling of a vagina encased my cock, and made me grunt. Susan moaned loudly. As she settled there feeling me inside her, I felt amazed at how tight she is. In my sexual experience, the time I ever feel a woman’s tight is prior to orgasm, when she kind of clamps down on you. Susan, though, felt tight from the get go. She started to do squats on the bed, so her pussy rose and fell on my cock. I reached down and began to rub her clitoris again.

We moaned in pleasure. She feels so good on my cock, I can’t begin to tell you. These sensations aren’t helping me keep control, though, and I had to force myself to think about something else. Occupy myself working her clitoris, squeezing her nipples and breasts. Thinking about anything other than what that pussy felt like, wrapped around my dick. She moaned loudly. The door is still open, so the other ladies would’ve heard everything.

“I need to feel you really fuck me,” she suddenly said.

“I have an idea,” I said.

I sat up hugging her tightly to my body. The feeling of her skin touching mine like electricity, jolting my body to life. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood, holding her impaled on my dick. I laid her down on her back on the bed, while I stood on the floor. Leaning over her in a way that meant my weight didn’t crush her; and I began to thrusting in and out of her.
The effect instantaneous, and she moaned loudly as I fucked her getting harder and harder with each thrust. Testing her limits. I kind of got caught up in the moment and forgot about my own desire, watching her body writhe and her face contort in front of me filled me with great joy. I fucked her, and it’s my cock that pleasured her, not all my other skills, just my cock. This absolutely blew my mind, something totally new for me. All my life I had to work my ass off to give a woman pleasure, but here I am screwing her like any other guy.

I felt her pussy get even tighter on me, so I kept going hard in and out of her. My balls went tight and I knew I couldn’t hold out for much longer. She suddenly called out in a loud moan. She grabbed my arms and her body went stiff. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“Ohhhhh Ahhhhhh Ooooo,” she came hard.

As I thrust in and out of her cumming pussy I felt myself let go. With an equally loud moan, I came inside her. Feeling my cock fill that little pussy with my spunk. After I was done, I pulled out of her, leaned down and we kissed. A nice deep French kiss.

“That’s just what I needed,” she said.

“So did I pass?” I asked her.

“Yeah, you sure did. That dick’s made to fuck me.”

“I don’t hear that often, in fact, that’s probably the first time ever.”

She smiled at me.

“Get used to it.”

“So what now?” I asked, wondering how we proceeded from here.

“Go to the bathroom. Through that door,” she pointed at another door in the room. “Take a quick shower, and come back here. OK?”

“Sure,” so I kissed her and went to the bathroom feeling mighty pleased with myself


I showered washing the smells of Susan’s pussy off me, and quickly dried off. Walking back into the bedroom there I found Michelle on her hands and knees on the bed, with her backside facing me. Her head down, so I had the full money shot of her perfectly smooth pussy. She had started without me, and rubbed her pussy vigorously while she waited.

“That looks fucking hot,” I said.

“Come on, big boy, fuck me. There’s some lube on the night table,” she said.

I walked behind her and felt her firm ass cheeks. I slid my cock over her slit to tease her a little. Grabbing the bottle of lube I rubbed some into my hand, and over my cock. I felt surprised that in this short time I got hard again. The lube felt cold on my dick but it isn’t going to dent my erection. The head of my dick hovered at the entrance to her pussy, and I pushed it inside her as deep as I could go.

“Oh, WOW, that feels amazing,” Michelle moaned.

I agreed. The velvety wetness on the inside of her vagina massaged my penis beautifully, and like Susan she felt tight. I grabbed hold of her hips and began to slowly thrust in and out of her.

“Oh my God, yessss. Oh Yesssss,” she moaned, every time I pushed my cock into her deeply.

“You like that?”

“Oh, fuck yeah, baby,” she said. “Fuck Momma real good now.”

I picked up my pace. Having cum once already, I knew I’d be a little less sensitive now. So I didn’t have to occupy my mind with something else to prevent coming too soon. I could actually enjoy the sensations of Michelle’s pussy. I fell into a pace of fucking her quickly – grinding and thrusting – while we both grunted and moaned in a symphony of sex. I closed my eyes concentrating on her warm, wet-hole with all my might. She thrust back at me with some force too. Our bodies were getting sweaty. I leaned forward at times and fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples. The fact I had cum fifteen-twenty minutes ago means my dick didn’t feel as if it’s going to shoot at any moment, so I could really enjoy the fucking.

At one stage she yelled, “Spank me, daddy!”

So I slapped her ass cheeks on both sides feeling her squirm all over my cock. God, how fucking great is this? Her pussy clamped on my cock and I rode her hard, making her little body shake and quiver with each thrust. She orgasmed, a big moment for both of us. I felt her juices gush out all over my groin. Michelle is a squirter. She yelled out in a kind of high-pitched scream as her body felt its ultimate release. After she had finished, she pulled away, and spun around on the bed. Michelle licked her juices off my cock, and balls, and swallowed my cock down her throat. I felt close now to my second orgasm for the night. Her mouth sucked my cock like a greedy pig at the trough, waiting for me to feed her. My balls tightened. I grabbed her head and pulled it tight into my body, pumping my cum down her throat.

“Oh, ah, Gaa, Gah, ahhhh,” I grunted as I emptied my nut-sack in her mouth.

Once I finished, I let her go, and she fell back on the bed sucking in a deep breath.

“Oh fuck me, that was hot,” I said, stepping back from the bed.

“Yeah, you’re built right for us,” Michelle said, and smiled at me. “Have you got one more left in you?”

“I think so.”

“Go have a quick shower, and by the time you get back out here Karen will be waiting for you,” she said.

I nodded and went back into the bathroom. Tonight is turning out to be one wild sex session.


I washed quickly, noting my poor little dick looked a bit sorry for itself. My poor little dickie isn’t used to this much action, let’s face it. My nut sack looked a bit deflated after blowing two big loads tonight. It struck me how often I wished something like this would happen to me, but as per usual, it’s not my willingness that’s letting me down, it’s my equipment. It really sucks having a small dick! At least it isn’t small to these three women, but though the size didn’t bother them in the slightest; I knew my dick still behaved like the inadequate specimen it is. I prayed I could pull it off. What do they say: Third times a charm? I really hope it is, because right now I’m going into uncharted territory.

I walked back into the bedroom and sure enough Karen lay on the bed waiting for me. In the nude, of course, these women liked to get down to business without much fuss. Karen isn’t as pretty as the other two, but her breasts seemed bigger. Her body is different to Susan and Michelle’s, instead of that classic dwarf look, Karen’s body seemed to be all in proportion. She really is a little person, like a doll.

She examined my body, and said, “The girls have been happy with your performance so far, Kevin. Do you think you can make me cum too?”

“Of course I can,” I said, with a little confidence.

However, I had my doubts. Can I even get hard again? This situation is new territory for me.

“Do you mind if we take it a little slower though. My little-fella needs to work back up to it.”

“I bet you’ve never fucked three girls in one evening before,” she said, with a knowing smile.

“No, this situation is a first for me, I have to admit,” I said, and climbed onto the bed and sidled up next to her.

“You don’t seem fazed by being with us little people. Why is that?”

“Why should I be? You three are beautiful women in your own right. Don’t let anyone say anything different.”

She smiled. Foreplay is my specialty. We kissed. A long, wet, sloppy kiss. As we did, I ran my hand along her body softly. Honing in the pressure points that aided sexual build up. She was totally digging it. I kissed her neck gently making her body shiver, I sucked an ear lobe as my hands glided over her inner thigh. I kissed down to her large breasts and took a nipple in my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. It grew hard in my mouth, so I worked on the other one. Looking up at her I could tell breast play wasn’t really her thing. That’s cool, many guys think if you play with a woman’s breast she gets pleasure from it. I have never yet met a woman in real life who responds like the porn actresses does to breast play. So I find its better not lingering too long in that area as she may get bored.

Naturally, it didn’t take me too long to get my mouth on her pussy. I love eating pussy, I don’t know why, but I can do it for hours without complaint. I love the taste and textures, and the smell. I use my tongue to work her clitoris and my fingers to rub the walls of her pussy, then I swap it over for a while. Karen loved it and I made her cum within five minutes of eating her out. She looked so adorable too, gripping the sheet with her tiny hands and her head thrashing from side to side as waves of pleasure rolled through her. A little creamy discharge rolled out of her pussy and I quickly licked it all up. This foreplay is exactly what I needed to get my dick back into the game. As she came on my fingers and tongue once more I felt my cock with that familiar feeling of hardness.

I sat on my knees lifting her body like a rag doll. Spinning her around so her backs to me. I lowered her onto my cock. We worked together like clockwork, and my cock seemed to slide right inside her. She let out a loud moan as my cock filled her pussy to the max. I had that feeling again, the wet, velvety feeling only a vagina can give as you penetrate for the first time. I can never get enough of it. In fact, apart from coming, the best part of intercourse for me is that first moment you penetrate her. With these smaller pussies much better suited to my cock, the feeling is even better than my previous experiences.

My hands wrapped around her waist, and I began to lift her up and down on my cock. Using her weight to get maximum penetration. Like the other two, Karen is really tight. I don’t know what came over me, but I began thrusting her down on my dick like a mad man. It seemed rough, and dirty. Her head wobbled back and forth as she moaned loudly. Eventually I stood, walking around the room with this midget woman, impaling by her pussy. Thrusting myself inside her hard. She loved every minute of it, and I could feel her wetness dripping down over my balls. Her body went into a spasm, as her pussy clamped tight. She cum again. I felt as though I wanted to cum, but it seemed illusive. I thrust my cock inside her harder and harder, trying to find my orgasm. Her body was flailing about in blissful pleasure.

Finally I felt my balls tighten and as she came again, my nuts erupted its last spurts of semen deep inside Karen’s pussy. My orgasm was intense, but it hurt a little too. I fell onto the bed and Karen plopped off my cock and bounced away from me.

I lay there completely spent.

“Omigod! That was fucking wild,” Karen panted.

I opened my eyes, turned my head to face her, and smiled at her.

“You’re not kidding. You are amazing.”

“I think you’re better at sex than what we gave you credit for.”

“Most women don’t think a guy like me is going to be any good in bed. I’m used to it.”

“The way you touched me, at the start. No man has ever done that.

“Most men don’t know how.”

“Go and have a shower and meet us back out in the living room. OK?”

“OK, but no more sex. My little pecker is built for sprinting, not marathons.”

“No more sex, for tonight anyway.”

She giggled.

So for the fifth time today I went back to the shower. This last time though I felt tired, and I wanted to curl up and go to sleep.


I went out to the living room to find the three women all dressed and chatting. When I appeared they applauded me, it felt weird. Susan indicated my clothes, and I got dressed. When I sat Karen handed me a cold beer. Is this heaven?

“I hope you like pizza, we ordered some while you were in the shower,” Susan said.

“I do, I’m quite famished actually. You girls know how to make a guy work up an appetite.” I smiled at them.

“We have a proposition for you,” Karen said.


“Move in with us, be our live in lover for a while until—” Karen began.

“Until what?” I asked with a frown.

“Until we get sick of each other, who knows? But, so long as it lasts, you’ll have three willing women to fuck. Are you interested?” Susan said.

“Of course, I mean I’d be a fool if I wasn’t,” I said, and smiled at them.

“Good, you can move in. Your room is the one we all had sex in,” Michelle said.

So there it is. A day that began with embarrassment ended being one that changed my life forever. I’m now the live-in stud for three hot little women.


The End.


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