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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader was burned by a condom…

I went home with a girl one time when I was out at a bar, and I didn’t have any condoms on me at the time. We got back to her place, and she said she still had some of her ex-boyfriend’s condoms that I could use. She gives me them, and of course, they’re fucking magnums XXXL. She tried putting them on me, and I didn’t even fill it up halfway. Then she said she wasn’t feeling well and I had to leave.


Another reader is pantsed in front of his crush…

I was never much of an athlete, but when I heard her say she was signing up for the track team, I couldn’t help myself. I had lusted after Missy for two years. She barely knew I existed, and this was my chance to get close to her. I signed up as a distance runner, figuring endurance was easier to gain than raw speed. Turns out I was halfway decent at it, I wasn’t going to set any records, but I wasn’t finishing dead last either. What I didn’t count on was Kevin.

Kevin was the anti-me. He was confident, athletic, and muscular. We had been in every school and activity together since I could remember. He was my perennial bully, always there and constantly tormenting me. I always tried my best to ignore him, but he always found a way to humiliate me. It probably wasn’t hard for him to hone in on the object of my affection. I always made sure to be next to her during team stretching and carried her gym bag to and from the bus while on away meets. Even the way I looked at her was a dead giveaway.

We were about halfway through the season when it happened. My confidence around Missy was up. She was paying attention to me regularly, laughing at my jokes, and initiating conversations. I was starting to feel like I had a chance. As practice wound down on this particular day, I focused entirely on Missy. Whatever silly story or routine I was in the midst had her giggling and smiling. I was so focused on my flirting that I never saw it coming. I didn’t notice the whole team watching me as Kevin snuck up from behind. My guard was down.

It happened so fast that it didn’t register at first what was going on. He hooked his fingers into my waistband from behind and pantsed me there in front of everyone, more importantly, in front of her. She had a front-row seat to my flaccid inch on display. The shock on her face was quickly replaced by laughter, forever seared into my memory. I pulled up my running shorts as fast as possible and ran for the locker room. Quickly, I gathered my things and left without changing, tears rolling down my flushed cheeks as I drove home, devastated. That was my last day on the team.

Not too many people spoke of the incident in front of me, but I could feel their eyes on me for the rest of the semester. I could swear that I could hear the whispers and giggles. As for Missy, our friendship screeched to a halt. Without track, I had no reason in my mind to talk to her. Years later, I ran into her in the mall. We made small talk, it was probably in my head, but I was sure she snuck multiple glances at my crotch. Her smile looked a mix of politeness and humor.

I wasn’t into SPH as a turn-on back then. That would come later. But it turns me on to look back on it now.


Meanwhile, this reader is enjoying his life…

Another short SPH interaction with my girlfriend. We were together at a public pool and shared a locker room to put on our swimsuits. As she undressed, I squeezed her boobs for fun. I had already put my shorts on. She then replied: “Kinda brave behavior for someone who could wear a pair of panties for swimming and wouldn’t get stares because nobody would notice a bulge.”

She then grabbed my crotch and said, “Aww, cute. So much fabric for so little to cover.”

I told her that I’d get a boner if she wouldn’t stop and that I didn’t want to get to the pool with an erection.

She just said: “Believe me, nobody will notice if your little pool noodle is hard or not.”

And yep, she was right. She opened our cabin door, and as I looked down at my body, there wasn’t much of a bulge to see. She pointed to a guy with tight-fitting shorts and a good package as we laid down. She whispered in my ear: “I’m sure people would notice if he gets hard, unlike you.”


While this reader has a work friend he likes…

So a while back, I found my friend’s (and former co-workers) NSFW Reddit while randomly browsing one day. After working up some courage, I messaged her, and to my surprise, she was super cool with me snooping around her nudes. Instead of getting freaked out (like I expected), we talked about all things sex, which led to us discussing kinks. I opened up to her about my SPH kink and told her how my wife was too vanilla, and I didn’t think she’d be into it. To my surprise, my friend told me that she had worked as a domme before and offered to help me explore.

The next few weeks were some of the best of my life. She had me start by sending her a picture of my dick and then immediately jumped on mocking me. She called me baby dick, shrimp dick, sissy bitch, and humiliating names. She had me complete tasks and make videos for her and even cuckolded me online by making me buy dinner for her and a guy she hooked up with and then sent me pictures of her fucking him.

It was so humiliating yet so exhilarating at the same time. She still will send random messages telling me about my shortcomings and how she never thought I was such a tiny dick loser when we worked together.


This reader finds out his sons are hung…

A few weeks ago, I got caught naked by my son, and later, I caught him masturbating. He is 15 years old. I had a day off from work, and my wife was at work, so I thought I was home alone and I was just in bed playing with my morning boner and having a lazy horny moment to myself. The weather wasn’t great. It was raining and very windy. My bedroom window was slightly open, and the wind blew it wide open, and things like paper started flying around the room.

I jumped out of bed and closed my window and then quickly went into the bathroom and closed it, then went into my older boy’s room to check if it was closed. I didn’t have any clothes on as I was jerking off until the wind disturbed me, and my dick had shrunk and was at its smallest thanks to the cold wind. I walked into my younger son’s room, and my son was lying on his bed naked with headphones on, watching porn.

His cock was huge. As I barged into his room, he got startled, jumped up in surprise, looked at me, then dropped his gaze to my dick and burst out laughing, trying to cover up his own. I quickly exited the room, embarrassed, remembering he had no school today, and I went and got dressed. I made breakfast for him, and he came smirking at me, took his plate, and went to his room.

Afterward, I told him I had forgotten his school was closed today. He laughed, saying, “Do you always walk around the house naked when you’re alone?”

I said, “No, I was getting changed when the wind blew the window open. So I ran around the house, ensuring all the windows were closed.”

He said, “It’s OK, dad. I won’t tell anyone what I saw.”

But I could tell he was finding it funny his dad was way smaller than him.

In the evening, the wife and I were sitting watching TV. The boys were out. I decided to tell my wife what had happened. She couldn’t stop laughing. “My poor son had to see your tiny dick.” She then said, “He’s huge, isn’t he?”

“How do you know?”

She said, “You should see the tents he makes in his bedsheets with his boner, and I see it poking up regularly when I wake him up in the mornings and the same for the older one. I caught him masturbating at fourteen, and he looked huge.”

She said, “How does it feel to be a dad to two well-hung boys while your dick is still flat packed, waiting for puberty to come and build it.”

I laughed. “I’m happy for them,” I said.

“Are you feeling jealous? I shook my head. “What did you see?”

I told her he was in bed, and he looked about seven inches and had a very purple head.

“Yeah, it does look about sevenish when it’s poking up from his sheets, and our older son is probably the same size. Maybe a touch bigger,” she said.

She asked for a demonstration of my reaction when I saw his and realized I was naked in his room and how he reacted. She said I should speak to the boys about it. I asked her what for?

She replied, “In case they can give you any tips to grow yours,” and she then laughingly said, “The only thing you need to think about now is you’re tiny, and your dad was tiny too.”

I had told her I saw my dad’s penis once, and he was slightly bigger than me.

Then she said, “So how did you help produce such two big lads, or did the milkman have to help!”

Then she walked off laughing for her shower.


Another reader gets a full body waxing…

Sitting in the barber’s chair having my monthly haircut, the shop was empty, and we were just chatting about random stuff as usual. The barber mentioned he has expanded his business and converted the upstairs into a salon as well, and he now does full-body grooming for men and women and is looking to lease out part of the building to be used as a women’s hair salon. He handed me a leaflet and started talking about the services he offers. It was pretty detailed and included hair removal from intimate body parts, etc. He suggested I get a full body wax as it was on a discounted price from $250 to just $100.

I just went along, saying yes, that sounds good. I didn’t intend to go but just agreed to everything he was saying just to be polite. He said, “Shall I book you in.”

I said, “Um, it’s OK. I will do it another time.

He started pressuring me. “It’s a good price, and you will regret it later and have to pay $250.”

In the end, I agreed, and he phoned upstairs and got me booked in for the following day and took half the money upfront as a deposit.

The following day I went to the barber, and he said just go upstairs from the side door. She’s expecting me. I went up, and I was met by two Chinese ladies, one of them said, “Hi, you must be Shan. My name is Chi. I look after you today.”

Her English wasn’t that good. I said, “Hi, it’s Shawn.

“Yes, I say Shan. Come, I’m busy today.”

I followed her into the room, and she said, “You take off,” pointing at my clothes. She looked a bit impatient with her arms folded, just eyeing me up and down as I undressed. I took off my top, and she said, “Very hairy. Lots of work. Hurry, take off pants.”

I took off my trousers, and she said, “Too much hair. This big job. More money.”

I said I’ve agreed to the price downstairs for $100. She rolled her eyes and said, “You take off,” pointing at my underwear. I slowly took them down, and she let out a laugh. “Too small. That more work.”

I covered up with my hand, and she said to turn around, so I did. “You too hairy, and you have small dicky. That more work. You pay more.”

I said, “No. I agreed on the price.”

“No, that price for other people. You small dicky. It’s more work and more hair. Maybe two hours work.”

I asked how much more she said $100 more. I said no, and we negotiated, and in the end, I agreed to $130 in total and a happy ending, then I paid her.

She said, “It’s hard job. Very careful. Your dicky looks weak. Maybe when I pull wax strip, your tiny dicky come off.” She laughed. “Lie down. Have you ever been waxed?”

I said no, and she would try a small patch to see how I felt. One strip later, I was done. The pain was too much. She offered to trim my hair with clippers instead, and I agreed. I was lying on the treatment bed, and she was just talking to herself (or me, I wasn’t sure). “Small dicky always problem. One mistake and dicky go bye-bye.”

Then she said, “Too many small dicky everywhere. First husband small dicky. I say, ‘Mum, he no good, I come home.’ Then mum says marry this other man. I marry him. His dicky too small too. I go home. Then husband three, he also small dicky so I leave home and come here and still small dicky here too.”

I was smiling because I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me while trimming my body hair or talking aloud to herself.

She got to my groin, saying, “No talking now. I focus. If one mistake, dicky bye-bye.”

I thought I hadn’t said a word. She’s doing all the talking. She massaged my penis between her fingers, pulled and stretched it, and shaved all around.

“Big one, easy shave. Small dicky more work. No good small dicky. Very bad.” She did my legs, and then I turned over, and she did my back, and then she got to my bum. “You have nice bum. You like finger? I can put it in for more money ten for one finger or twenty for two.” she said.

I realized she was asking if I wanted my ass fingered by her I said no, thank you, and clenched my bum tight and laughed. “Relax. No finger, no problem.”

After doing it all, she applied a cream all over my body and massaged my balls. I got hard, and she laughed. “Your dicky is up. Still no good. Too small. You like little boy.”

I looked at her, confused. Did she say I like boys?

She repeated it, “You like little boy. Too small. It’s no good.”

She said I was hung like a child and was now putting cream on my dick and stroking it. It was a nice handjob, and she was repeatedly saying, “Chi is very busy. Come on. Small dicky cum quickly.”

It didn’t take long. I knew I was going to cum. I closed my eyes and let her finish me off.

She laughed. “Good dicky. You very quick but too much mess. (passing me a towel). You clean and go. I finished the job. Thank you,” and she walked out of the room.

I cleaned the cum off me, got dressed, and left the room. Chi was sitting with the other girl. They were speaking in Chinese, but I could tell she was making fun of me and were both laughing at me.


A few months later, I was at the barber waiting for my haircut when Chi came downstairs to speak to the barber and saw me and said, “Hi. I remember you. Mr. Small Dicky Man. You OK?”

I went bright red the two teenagers were waiting for a cut, and the guy in the chair burst out laughing.

She went to the barber and said, “He Mr. Small Dicky Man. Very funny. I wax one time. He screamed in pain. ‘Please stop. Please no more.’”

They all laughed. I had to sit all red and embarrassed for my turn, and I could see the teenagers laughing and whispering as I sat in the chair getting my haircut. I could see the barber smirking away as he cut my hair. Thanks, Chi, for outing me.


Meanwhile, this reader finds out who his real friends are or are not…

My wife (now ex) enjoyed making fun of my tiny dick while she used to stroke it in bed. She rarely let me have sex with her and said it was pointless. She would rather have me give her oral sex. She liked to talk about the big cocks of her past boyfriends while she’s jerking me off or black pornstars with their huge ten inches. She regularly used to ask me who got the biggest dick out of my family and friends that I know of and who is the smallest, excluding me.

While she would be jerking me, she would kiss my neck and say, “Tell me who’s got big cocks from your friends.”

It was a regular thing, and I would tell her Steve has said he’d got a nine incher, and I believe him. I’ve seen his soft dick. It’s easily over 4 inches. My wife would tease me, “Steve’s soft dick is bigger than your erection.”

And I would keep telling her the details of all my friends that I knew about. This was the routine. At least twice a month, she would ask me to repeat the details of my friends and family’s dick sizes and put me down for being tiny and pathetic until I came.

One day Steve arranged a get-together at the pub with all our friends, I told my wife, and she said enjoy yourself. I went to the pub, and Steve was nowhere to be found. He eventually turned up about an hour later, saying he got caught up in something. We had a great night getting drunk, and we arranged for another get-together for the following week, and Steve was late again. It became a regular thing. He was always late.

A couple of months later, we were sitting in a pub, and he was getting loads of texts, and Dan asked him if that was his mystery woman. Steve said yes with a grin. “You didn’t tell me you got a girlfriend,” I said to Steve.

Steve replied, “She’s not exactly a girlfriend.”

Dan encouraged him to tell us more about her. Steve thought about it for a second and told us he’d been screwing a married woman for the last few months. We all laughed, calling him a bad boy. He continued, “She’s quite hot, and I’m telling you, that girl is gagging for it so bad she wants me day and night. I fucked her in her house, her car. She comes to my house before she goes to work. That woman can’t get enough of my cock.”

I was laughing with the other guys at his boasts. “What about her husband? Where is he?” Dan asked.

Steve cleared his throat. “He can’t satisfy her. His dick is too small, and when I say small, I mean small, like baby-sized.”

We all laughed. I said, “Well, he deserves it if he can’t satisfy his woman.”

I’m thinking I go down on my wife every other day, and I make her cum with my tongue, and she never complains.

Steve said, “He’s a nice guy. I don’t want to hurt him or anything, but when I see her ass, damn. When I slap her ass, the way she rides my cock, and how wet she gets, I can’t help it.”

After that, Steve would have a tale to tell every time we all met up, and one time he said he went to see her, and she had just made her husband’s dinner ready for him for later. He took her up to the bedroom and fucked as usual, and he ate some of her hubby’s food after. She made him rub his big cock all over the leftover food and then dip it into the sauce. Then she licked his cock clean. We all laughed, and I even told my wife what Steve did while I sat eating my dinner. She just smiled as I ate.

A few weeks later, I was coming back from work, and my neighbor stopped me, saying he needed to say something. He said it’s a bit embarrassing, but he needs to say it as he’s got kids, so he hoped I understand. I looked at him, a bit confused. I asked what was wrong? I don’t know what you’re trying to say?

He said, “Can you please relocate your bed? I’m embarrassed to say this, but my kids can hear you guys every time you’re having sex, and your bed is banging against the wall.”

I looked at him, thinking, ‘What’s this guy on about. I don’t have sex.’ I asked him when was the last time it happened, and he said yesterday evening. I was at the pub at that time. I apologized and said, “I will move the bed. It won’t happen again.”

I went into my house, and I was going to ask my wife if she was doing anything in the bedroom that could be making the banging noises, but I decided to keep quiet. Then I started thinking about Steve’s horny married woman. I thought, ‘Could he be fucking my wife?”

The following week we were all meeting up at the pub. I left the house, drove around the block, and came back, and Steve’s car was parked outside. I parked and snuck into the house, and I could hear noises in the kitchen. So I went and peeked in. Steve was standing with his pants down, eating a piece of chicken, and my wife was on her knees sucking his huge cock. I didn’t know how to react, so I went back to the front door, opened and closed it, and shouted I had forgotten my wallet.

My wife and Steve came out of the kitchen. He had his pants up, but his huge cock was bulging out. Steve looked alarmed. “Hey, I was just in the area, I thought we could carshare, but your wife said you just left.”

I said, “I can’t find my wallet, and I got a headache. I’m going to skip tonight if you don’t mind.”

“Yeah, of course, health is important. You go rest. I’m going to go. Don’t want to keep the lads waiting,” and he quickly left.

I confronted my wife about her affair, and she denied it until I told her I had seen her sucking his cock while he was helping himself to my dinner. She got aggressive, saying, “It’s all your fault. You have the tiny dick, and you should thank Steve for giving me what I need to save our marriage. I would’ve left you ages ago if it wasn’t for Steve and his fucking big cock.”

We argued all night, and she packed her bags and left. I stopped talking to Steve and some of the other guys who knew what was going on and sat in the pub every week laughing at me, knowing Steve was talking about my wife. I felt so stupid, and I had been eating food that steve had been rubbing or dipping his cock into. Some friend he turned out to be.

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