Our Readers SPH Experiences 153

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is not a stayer…

Usually, I ask my wife for sex and she will either say yes, no or maybe a handjob. Last night I asked her not to put her panties on after her shower so we could have sex and she said, “Haha, no, I’m too tired. You might get a pitty handjob if your good.”

I said, “I can be really good!”

Fast forward about an hour and she said she needed to make a phone call in about a min so I asked if I could get my handjob before that. She said, “Well, you could make it but no. Maybe later”

I said, “Yeah, I definitely could if you get me going.”

She laughed and said, “Oh yeah? If I really want to get you then I can get you fast.”

“What do you think my average is?”

She said, “Probably 45 seconds. I can get you sub 30 if I want to.”

“Yeah, but you like me to go fast right?”

“Well, yeah, when I give you a pitty handjob but not all the time. I do like it when I can enjoy your little dick for more than a minute.”

I responded with, “Well, tonight I’ll last for at least 2 minutes.”

“Doubtful that you could. But no, tonight you have 30 seconds.”

About another hour later she got into bed and asked why I wasn’t naked and then told me I better hurry because my time had started. About 30 seconds later I felt like I was going to cum and asked her, “Can I enjoy it for a bit longer?”

She kindly said, “OK, you can have another 30 seconds.”

Knowing I was about to cum I said, “Thanks,” and five seconds later I came hard.

She laughed and said, “Yup, typical. Your little dicklette only lasts about 45 seconds.”


Another reader is reminded that fantasy is not reality…

We were at a public pool a while ago, and a beautiful young woman walked by in her tiny bikini, and my jaw dropped. My wife looked at me and said, “Just imagine what she’d say if she saw your tiny dick.” I almost came in my pants.


Meanwhile, this reader’s ex is a little too honest…

My ex and I will occasionally catch up here and there (we never really made it official, we just dated on and off over a year ago) but we both like to talk to each other and catch up.

The guy she hooked up with before me had a nice-sized dick. He was apparently like 6-7inches hard or something. She would love to tell me how much bigger he was than me. But lately, she’s been talking to this new guy, and apparently, he’s massive. He’s so big she can stroke him off while he’s in her mouth. He’s so big when they’re hanging out on the couch, she can tell whenever he’s hard because it sticks out of his boxers.

She was telling me all about him. I got a little jealous and asked if he was THAT much bigger than me.

She said, “Honestly, just about every guy is bigger than you. You have a tiny dick. That’s why our relationship never went anywhere cos I never felt you when we had sex. Who needs that? Not me, that’s for sure. I had promised myself that I’d never get lumbered with a small dick man. Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re a nice guy and all. If I didn’t I’d never meet you like this. But your dick is just too small to ever consider you as boyfriend material. Way too small.”

I was upset and jealous at the time but I still jerk off thinking about what she said.


While this reader has taken creepiness to a new level…

Masturbating after being teased for having a small penis started about 6 years ago when it was made known to me that my new girlfriend’s ex is hung like a horse. I am a bronze member of the small dick club hard but when soft I’m usually an inch. I started to become fascinated with the idea that her last lover was much bigger than I was. She always says it’s not the size but hey I am a guy and it’s all about size. Even knowing about her ex, didn’t really excite me, until she actually teased me about my shortcoming, and made me jerk off. But it was taken to a whole new level one morning.

We were in bed one morning and her son (18) was walking from the shower in our master bedroom to his room, his towel started to slip, and in his efforts to grab it before it fell while still carrying his clothes in both hands, the towel hit the ground and right there in front of us stood this skinny lad with a very long and thick dick trying to cover up. She looked at me and said, “I guess he takes after his father.”

From that point on I felt emasculated and would jerk off reliving that moment, and the look in my girlfriend’s eyes. Here I am a full-grown man with a little boy wiener and in the same house was this young man with a big cock. She has looked at me differently from that point on and would make subtle comments which always led to me getting hard and having to jerk off. To make things worse he started to walk around the house in basketball shorts with no underwear and you couldn’t help but watch as his package would sway back and forth. I could not help but stare like everyone else in the house only I had to do my best to conceal my excitement, and discretely slip away to play with my little wiener.


Meanwhile SDC reader ‘Bambiegirl’ tells us…

I live in an apartment below my sister’s apartment. She and her husband live there. We have extra keys to each other’s apartments for emergency use.

One day I stayed home from work. No one knew I was home. I love walking around naked. This day I was naked as usual and I was watching some porn. I was engrossed in the scene while playing with my gold member penis. I never heard the door open. Her laughter opened my eyes. There stood my sister watching me play with myself.

“That is the smallest dick I ever saw. My three-year-old is bigger than that. What does Tina say about that? Does she even fuck you?” she said.

Suddenly, I started cumming. That made her laugh even more. “You are pathetic,” she said.

She clicked her camera and sent the pic to my wife. Then she yelled upstairs for her husband Gary. He came down. I was trying to put shorts on but my sister yanked them out of my hand. Gary walked in followed by their teenaged daughter. Look here she told them. The porn was still running, I was covered in cum, my cock shrunk to nothing. My niece was hysterical. She also took pictures.

I got hard again and my niece said, “Is that it?”

Gary left shaking his head. The phone rang and it was my wife. My sister put it on speaker. My wife wanted to know what was going on. My sister asked, “Do you really fuck my dickless brother?”

My wife laughed and said, “Hell no. We haven’t had sex together for four years. Have we, honey?”

“No Ma’am,” I said.

My niece said, “You are pathetic.”

My dick throbbed. My wife then said, “Don’t get me wrong, I get laid regularly. Isn’t that right dickless?”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said.

She fucks my best friend.


While this reader’s dominant wife makes him happy…

I’ve been married for 35 years. She loves me and while we’ve slowed down a bit in bed when we do have sex it’s good. But I get so turned on when she is mean and says I’m too small and that she needs her toys! The last few months she has asked me to lick her nipples while she has used a clit stimulator. My wife cums either really hard this way or has multiple orgasms with her toy. When she is done she hands me a towel and will play with my nipples but much harder! If I ever feel like I want to be dominant with her and begin to act that way when we make love she just pinches my nipples with her fingernails and I get a wave of submission immediately and will do whatever she wants.

At this point, she is laying next to me as I am stroking my bronze member cock with the towel she just gave me. I will cum very fast and hard if she tells me how small I am, and how she prefers her toys to my tiny dick. She tells me she is jealous of her friends and their big cock husbands and tells them how small and useless I am, and how I can’t please her in the marital bed. She goes on like this until I cum in the towel. Wouldn’t most men not want to hear that?


This reader’s world is all Garp…

I was at my girlfriend’s house one night and we decided to watch a movie. It was my girlfriend, her kids and me. We all agreed on The world according to Garp.

Well in the introduction they have a naked baby floating up and down and a sky background. As the baby gets tossed higher you keep seeing more and more of the baby until you see his entire body including his little weeny.

Well just at that moment my girlfriend starts to laugh and point and says something like, “Oh my God, look at his penis. It looks just like yours only bigger!”

All of a sudden her kids started laughing and she looked at me in a shocked kind of way like she forgot they were there, then mouthed a sorry to me, but it was too late. Well her kids then started joking with each other and saying my name followed with: “Has a little dick,” and a few other comments, until their mother told them to stop and that she was only joking. I don’t think they believed she was joking and still to this day make random remarks about my little dick every now and then.


Another reader has an understanding girlfriend…

It was the summer before college. My and girlfriend I’ve only been dating for a couple of weeks, so we haven’t done anything too serious, but we really did get along pretty well. We’ve done kiss and some touching but with her, it’s like we didn’t need to do it. I was just genuinely happy when I’m around her. It’s not like I didn’t want her, I wanted to fuck her a lot, I’m always rock hard when I’m with her but the time with her it’s so great that I didn’t even feel like having a bulge under my pants is an issue.

One afternoon she texted me, told me to come over to her place. I didn’t think it’s anything special, we hang at her place and at mine all the time, so I agreed and drove to her place like I usually do.

I got there, rang the doorbell, she answered it, but I started to figure something’s strange that day. Her house is unusually quiet. There were 4 people living in her family, her mom who is usually in the kitchen around this time, her dad who would be watching whatever sports game on TV, and her little brother who was 12 and would always be running around the house pretending he’s a pilot. But none of them were here.

“Where are your families?” I asked.

“Oh, they’re at my brother’s baseball game. I told them I’ll stay for homework.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to her room. After we got into her room, I asked her what we’re gonna do. She closed her door and hugged me. I hugged her back. “We’re gonna do something special tonight,” she whispered into my ear.

My penis stood up immediately, never been harder. She took off her skirt, underneath is my favorite purple bra of hers and pink underwear. She sat on her bed, looking right at me with her round brown eyes while she tied her long blonde hair up. ‘This has to be the most beautiful scenery in the world,’ I thought.

“Dude, what are you waiting for, you are just going to stand there and watch me all day?”

“I just don’t want to ruin such a beautiful scene.”

“Well, I can’t wait for it to be ruined “

We started kissing as I reached my hands to her boobs, they weren’t huge, probably B cup but I swear these are the juiciest pair of tits I’ve ever grabbed, her nipples were sensitive. We both had experience with other people so the steps were quicker. I went down to her right after I took her bra off. She guided me through her vagina to help me find the spot she like.

“Oh yes, go harder, destroy my pussy with your tongue, Ah yes.” Her moan was way louder than I expected but I love it so much it turned me even hornier as she gets super wet. “OK, stop, that’s enough. I think we can go further now.”

She smiled at me in a super slutty way. I got up, took my shirt off as she turned to a drawer to get a condom, she turned back and asked me, “Want me to help you put this on?”

I nodded. She unzip my pants and pulled down my underwear.

“Oh,” she said and sighs.

“What? Any problem?” I asked.

“Nothing, I just thought you’d err be bigger.”


“It’s OK, I’m sure we can make it work.” She tried to slide the large-sized condom onto my silver member boner but it’s too loose for me so it kept falling off.

“Shit. Do you even have a condom that you actually fit?” she asks and grimaces.

“I didn’t know we were going this far, so I didn’t bring any,” I responded in shame.

She noticed that I’m ashamed of having such a small dick, so she gripped my boner with one of her hands tightly. “Hey, don’t be sad. This is good. I like it. You’re so much harder than the ones I’ve had before. I’m sure you can sure do a better job than them.” She turned around, lift her not so big round ass up. “You wanna fuck me bare?”

I couldn’t resist her encouraging me like that, that really turned me on, so I pressed my dicklette against her pussy and pushed it in right away balls deep. There was no resistance whatsoever and the velvety feeling of her cunt was awesome.

“Is this okay?” I asked her.

“Yeah, try to go as deep as you can.”

I thrust into her hard and go as deep as I can, I can feel her pussy squeezing my silver member dick, her moaning was still very pleasurable, just not as loud as before. I speeded up as we went on, but I was way too excited to pound her for the first time I’m getting pretty close.

“Do you wanna switch positions?” I asked her as I pulled out.

“You want to?”

“Maybe you could ride me?”

“Oh, you like that huh, you’ll need to be careful because that’s my specialty.” She smiled.

She pushed me to the bed and hop onto my penis and sits all the way down. Her vagina was even tighter in this position. Though I’m a bit cooled down, I’m worried I might not be able to last long in this position.

“Feel free to cum if you want, babe,” she said.

She started shaking her ass, up and down, left and right in a pace that’s even faster than when I was fucking her.

“Do you like this?” I asked

“Oh, yes it feels better.”

“Do you mind going a bit slower?”

“No I like this pace, don’t hold back, try to enjoy me, it’s not just about pleasing me, you need to have fun yourself.”

I started to let go, not trying to hold my thought of cumming anymore, and in about 5 seconds I blew all my load inside of her. My dick went soft and slipped out of her. She had a big smile on her face as if she’s accomplished something special. She lay on top of me breathing heavily, I can feel her heart beating fast.

“Well, that’s something wasn’t it,” she said

“Yeahs it was amazing. Sorry, I came too quickly. Did you finish?” I asked.

“No, I couldn’t really feel you very well. I knew it was there but it didn’t do anything for me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No need to be sorry, you can’t help the way you were born,” she said and snuggles into me. “Your little man clit is cute.”


Meanwhile, this reader gets some sneaky feedback…

Several years ago I was part of a very small streaming community that had their own channel (never twitch was a thing). About 20 people from all other the world would watch each other play games and chat. After several months we had all become friends and also sometimes played drunken card games over skype in a group of 8. One night, the girl I was friends with the most (she was the gf of the channel owner) was streaming and I was the only one left in chat when she sends me a private skype message: Apparently she was bored and playing with a site which showed here random Imgur pictures and she was showing me some of them which she found funny when after a while she sends me a dick pic with, “Look at this small dick. Can you believe some men have such pathetic penises?”

I played along and also send her some funny pics which I found on Imgur. One of them was my own dick. I’m a silver member of the small dick club and am smaller than the picture she sent me that she laughed at.

I preceded it with, “Look at this, have you ever seen a dick this small?”

Since she was still playing a video game on the side and streaming, I hear her laugh. “Aw, it looks cute and such tiny balls! You’re right though, that’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. Are you sure you’re not sending me some kids dick?”

“Imgur wouldn’t have it published if it was a kid. This is a guy’s dick.”

“God, I feel sorry for him,” she said. “No woman is ever going to fuck him.”

I still have the recording and have jerked off to it many times.


While this reader’s wife sings Johhny be good…

My kid was out with friends last night, so I tried to get it on with the misses. It’s been a few weeks, so I hoped she’d be kind and let me have sex with her. To my delight, she was responsive to my advances. We got naked, showered, made out, and did some heavy petting for a bit. Then I moved between her legs and started to rub up against her.

She giggled, leading me to ask what was so funny.

“Your tiny penis,” was her reply. She knows how to get me going…

I told her, heatedly, that I wanted to fuck her and make her cum.

”We’d be here all night and I still wouldn’t have an orgasm. Your dick isn’t big enough to make me cum all on its own.”

”You need something bigger than me?”

”I need Johnny, he’s big and thick.” Johnny is our big 5.5” circumference dildo. He’s got a full inch on me girth-wise, which my wife likes to point out.

I told her I wanted her to have a big loud orgasm, to which she replied, “Well you had better warm me up for Johnny.” She pushed my head down to her nether regions and I dove in with abandon. After a bit, I slipped two fingers in and finger fucked her while sucking and licking her clit. After a few minutes, she had a decent orgasm, not too big and not too small. Or so I guessed by the sounds she made.

I moved up to kiss her and cuddle for a few moments before getting Johnny, but my little stiffy somehow slipped into her wet pussy.

”What is he doing?” She asked. “It’s not his turn yet.”

”You feel so good,” I moaned, starting to slowly thrust.

She smiled at me, held my cheeks, and kissed me. “Wait to you feel me after Johnny.”

”You want Johnny more than me?”

”He’s a big fat cock, of course, I want him more than you.”

When she says stuff like that I tend to thrust harder and did as much this time, leading me to announce that, “I’ve got every inch inside of you.”

”Really? I barely noticed. Now how about getting Johnny so you can do the job right.” She gently pushed me away from her. It’s so hot when she takes control like that.

I got the big, black dildo, which had been warming up in a hot pad next to the bed. I gave it to her to check that it wasn’t too hot, and, once approved, I started to moisten it by sucking on the head.

When I slipped him in she let out a loud grunt, a noise she never makes when I enter her. A smile crossed my lips and then I dove in, licking and sucking her clit while slowly working Johnny’s huge size into her. She was breathing heavily, letting out little grunts here and there, as I got up to a coordinated rhythm of licking and thrusting.

As she got close to finishing again, which didn’t take long, the grunts and groans got louder and more frequent. I knew she was almost there when she rubbed her hands in my hair and pressed my face harder into her clit. Then she announced, “Oh, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” It was the big, loud orgasm I had wanted to give her. It was easily loud enough for our neighbors to hear.

As soon as she had calmed down a little bit, I slipped myself inside of her and started pumping as hard as I could.

”I can barely feel your skinny little pencil dick,” she cooed into my ear matter of factly.

Harder and faster I was already starting to lose control. ”You’re so loose and wet,” I moaned. “You feel so good.”

”That’s what Johnny does to me, that your little guy can’t.”

I was really close and asked, “Do you wish I had a bigger cock?”

”Of course I wish you were bigger, like Johnny. Then you could make me cum hard as he does.”

I moaned, pulled out, and my hot wife jerked me to completion. I shot my load all over her stomach and tits. “That was even quicker than usual,” she informed me with a devilish smile.

My wife is getting roses delivered to her office on Monday. She’s so sexy when she talks dirty to me, which I know is a bit uncomfortable for her. But she’s getting really, really good at it


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