Ian and his Alpha (Gay SPH)

By fun_bobby.

“You can see as we transition from slide 19 to slide 20, the performance of the codebase changes when….”

The speaker at the front of the room droned on as the meeting began its second hour. Ian, seated in the back of the room, struggled to stay awake as the content was almost entirely technical. As a sales tech, the only time he cared about tech specs was when he needed to babble something at a confused customer to seal the deal, and this was not that.

A nice client emergency would be perfect right about now, Ian thought to himself as he fidgeted with his phone. The manager who organized these sessions frowned on phones during meetings, but if it’s a client, then he couldn’t really argue, could he? Service Focus! Or so the mug containing Ian’s rapidly cooling coffee shouted from the conference room table in front of him.

His phone must have read his thoughts as it chose that moment to pulse in his hand. Ian stole a peek, hoping it would be one of his clients. What he saw, however, elicited an entirely different reaction.

Show me your body, cutie.

It was Clark. Ian’s cheeks flushed as his heart immediately leaped into his throat. Clark was his alpha, a thick-chested beast of a man that Ian had met in a random discord devoted to small guys worshipping hung ones. Ian, then stoned and horny, had posted a couple of shots of his tiny 3.5-inch cock in the hopes of attracting some attention. Clark had immediately obliged, sharing pictures of his heavy manhood and thick chest while demeaning Ian’s tiny thing in exactly the right way. The night had ended with Ian trading a full body and face nude in exchange for permission to record himself cumming into his own hand. As his post-nut clarity hit, Ian had realized his mistake, but it was too late. Clark had spent the last month essentially running the sales execs body from afar, resulting in the most intense month of Ian’s young life.


Fuck, he’s getting impatient, Ian thought to himself in a panic. Clark had already reposted Ian’s tiny dicklet on a subreddit devoted to SPH as punishment for keeping him waiting, and the implication was clear that the face pic was coming next.

Ian, as subtle as he could manage, typed back in a meeting, will do asap and hoped that would be enough. Almost immediately, his phone violently pulsed:

Like I give a fuck about your meetings. Leave now and go do what you’re told before you piss me off.

Ian’s cheeks turned crimson, and the remaining blood flew into his crotch.

“Dave? Sorry, I have to go, client emergency!” He waved his phone limply as a mea culpa and grabbed his notebook as he moved towards the door.

“What? They can wait,” the perturbed manager objected, but Ian was already out the door, headed for the “family” restroom that had become his favorite over the last month. Clark had a habit of demanding behavior and pictures at inopportune times, leaving Ian, a master at finding places to do stuff.

He closed the door and triple-checked the lock before stripping down to his briefs. Clark had already ordered the destruction of all his boxers and boxer briefs and supplied him with new, low-rise briefs in a rainbow of colors.

‘They did look damn good,’ he thought as he twisted and posed in the mirror. The bright green undies sat low on his slender hips, making his butt look great and accentuating what little bulge he could manage. He quickly snapped a few shots, stealing some poses from Instagram thots to make himself look sexier. The pics were quickly sent to Clark along with a pathetic “Sorry sir.”

Ian smiled to himself as he pulled his pants back on. His interactions with Clark had consumed his every thought recently, something he hadn’t really prepared for but found himself enjoying immensely. Ian had always identified as bi, but after his horrendous breakup with Maria 6 months ago, he’d been leaning heavily into men and male content. Funny how that works, he thought as he worked his belt shut.

Not good enough. Your pathetic dicklet isn’t even hard. Try again.

Ian knew better than to argue. He quickly stripped off his pants for the 2nd time and dropped the briefs to his knees, playing with himself to work up a little hard-on.

Hurry it up, I’m waiting.

This one came with a pic of Clark’s magnificent cock. He was lying in bed naked, his hardness towering as he gripped it in his right hand. Ian’s dick sprang to life at the image of the bigger man, and he managed to shoot a couple of pics of his androgynous body showing off his tiny hard cock in his fingers.

Much better. Looking very breedable little man. In fact, I think I’m going to jerk off to you. Send me a video of you playing with yourself.

Ian hesitated for a second. He was standing naked in his work bathroom, his cock hard, and for some reason, this was holding him up? Nevertheless, he couldn’t help but respond I can’t! They’re gonna miss me

Congrats. By protesting, you now have to video yourself jerking off, then finish into your briefs and go without the rest of the day. You just lost your underwear privileges faggot.

Ian bristled slightly at this. He’d never been pushed this hard at work before and was getting scared. His nervous fingers typed back I don’t want to do that right now, and I need to get back to work. I’m sorry! Feeling bold, he slipped his briefs back on and started dressing, content that he’d drawn a line when his phone pulsed.

Watch your mouth bitch. Do what you’re told or get exposed.

This was followed by the full body picture of Ian looking sexy and naked, attached to an email addressed to his boss.


Ian stood there half-dressed, mortified at what just happened. He couldn’t help but notice that his nipples and cock were both harder than they’ve even been though, his adrenaline coursing at the thought of being exposed. He typed back Yes sir, with trembling fingers as he stripped naked, pulling up the pic of Clark’s hard cock as he was starting stroking himself. His phone sat on the counter, recording his shame for his master. The rush of doing this at work combined with the godly alpha cock in front of him meant his three fingers didn’t have to work long. In less than a minute, he grasped for the tiny briefs and moaned as he shot a load of cum into them, his body jerking as he finished. Panting, he snapped off the video and took a couple of shots of his flaccid dick next to the ruined undies before sending everything to Clark.

Well done faggot. Text me when you get home.

Ian, much to his surprise, felt the blood rushing back to his cock as he slipped his jeans back over his smoothly waxed balls and shaft. What was happening to his life?

Ian drove home that night, his thoughts muddy with cock, cum, and men. He’d never had sex with a man, only going as far as some hot make-out sessions, but this particular man seemed to have some power over him.

He messaged Clark quickly, prior to even setting his stuff down, then went and used the bathroom while waiting for a response. He didn’t have long to wait.

Good boy. There’s a package in your mailbox. Go get it.

How Clark had gotten both his home address and boss’s name, he didn’t know, but he did know this person wasn’t to be trifled with. He hurried to his package drop-off and retrieved a parcel with Aerie written in script. What the hell is Aerie. Got it, he messaged as he went back inside.

Good. Open it up.

Ian nervously tore open the package, finding a huge pile of clothes in bright, feminine colors.

What the hell?

Taking inventory, there was a pair of bright blue leggings with a matching sports bra, some very short white cotton sleep shorts, a crop top cami, and an assortment of panties in a rainbow of pastels. He checked each one carefully, noticing the thong and g-string cuts particularly. It looked — for lack of a better word — like a sampler.

It’s a bunch of girl’s clothes and underwear? He typed nervously. The tickle in the back of his brain realized what was coming next.

It’s a bunch of your clothes, actually. You’ve lost your men’s underwear, workout clothes, and pajamas privileges for a week due to your talking back. I trust you have no complaints about this?

Uh oh.

Ian gulped, started typing an objection, then hesitated.

I’ll take that as a no.

And then, much to Ian’s surprise, the video call screen popped up. Clark had never talked about this, and Ian had never gone this far, but he found his hand gravitating to the accept button. He left his face in the frame, knowing Clark had already seen everything anyway and pressed it.

The image on his iPad resolved into the now-familiar body of Clark, filmed from the next down and naked save for a pair of Versace boxer briefs.

“Hello, cutie,” he said, his voice sonorous and masculine.

“Hi, sir,” Ian responded, his body fighting between arousal and terror.

“Step all the way back so I can see you. I want to see your body,” Clark ordered.

Ian did as directed, doing a little awkward curtsy.

“Very nice, soft, and androgynous. Shame you’re so insolent, though. Now strip naked.”

Almost involuntarily, Ian followed directions without saying a word. Clark had already demanded a full body wax, so Ian’s resulting naked body was smooth and feminine, his small dick hanging soft and hairless.

“Very nice. You really are a feminine little thing, aren’t you?” Clark said, his arousal starting to be visible in the designer trunks. His right hand fell to his crotch, stroking. “You’re making me hard just looking at that little bitch body.”

Ian smiled and did a little wiggle of his hips in pleasure. “Thank you, sir.”

“Now slip on some panties for me. There should be some baby pink ones in the bag.”

Ian gulped, knowing he was already going to comply despite the nerves. He whispered, “Yes, sir,” as he turned to rummage through his presents, selecting a pair of baby pink cheeky cut panties with lace trim and a little bow right at the waist. He held them up to the camera. “These?”

“Yes, very cute. Put them on and show me.” Clark sounded pleased, and his cock was bulging pleasingly.

Ian stepped into the tiny panties, pulling them up his legs and snugging them in position. They were low cut, sitting across his hips and snuggling against his little bulge while the back sat high, showing off a generous slice of each cheek. He was shocked at how natural they felt as he turned and put on a little show for his man.

“Excellent, excellent. Now dance for me and show off.” Clark sounded pleased at his boy toy’s appearance, and Ian wasn’t shocked to see him reach into his pants and pull out his massive cock.

Ian began dancing slowly, working his hips and butt, imitating some of the moves Maria used to do on the dance floor. He alternated between showing his butt and crotch to the camera, enjoying greatly how hard he’d gotten Clark. The alpha was, in fact, stroking the length of his cock while watching Ian’s moves.

“You like what you see, Daddy?” slipped out Ian’s mouth almost involuntarily. What the fuck was that?

Clark grunted, “Daddy likes it,” as his hand jerked faster, his delicious cock glistening with precum. “Now bend over and show me your ass. Get close to the camera.”

Ian followed orders, showing a close shot of his cute panty butt and whispering softly, “Like this, Daddy?” He was so turned on at this point he could barely see straight. All that mattered was the hung stud on the call.

Clark moaned deeply. “Pull your panties down and spread your cheeks,” his body clearly getting close.

Horny Panty-Ian responded without hesitation, wiggling the pink undies off his cheeks and spreading, showing his smooth butthole. He wiggled and touched his opening, moaning a little until he heard a loud moan coming from Clark.

He turned around in time to see massive, thick ropes of cum shooting onto Clark’s stomach as his body rocked through the orgasm. The other man panted for a moment, breathing heavily as Ian slipped the panties back over his behind.

“Daddy like me?”

He moaned softly again, his finger tracing the cum on his stomach. “You’ll do. Now go workout, so you stay tight for me, and don’t let me catch you in men’s clothes outside of work. Only men get to wear clothes like that, not whiny little sissy bitches with tiny dicklets.”

And the screen went dark.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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