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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets lacrossed by his date…

In my senior year of college, I matched with a girl on the lacrosse team, and we messaged a lot. Very flirty until we met up on the weekend at a party. We danced and drank and eventually she came back to my place. Even though I’m an athlete standing at 6’4”, I’m a silver member of the small dick club. She looked at my tiny boner for 3 seconds, tried to jerk it off for like 10 seconds with her fingers, then ‘suddenly’ remembered that her roommate was locked out and needed to be let back in their dorm. Hence, she grabbed her stuff and left very abruptly. We made out on my bed then she took off my pants. It was a small school, so I saw her around a lot, and she’d always smile at me or wink whenever I was around, and ever since then, I’ve enjoyed girls laughing at my small size…


Another reader is appraised in the shower…

I used to play a lot of amateur mid-level rugby. At the end of a match, we’d all jump into the communal showers. After running around, getting beaten up for 80mins in the cold, wearing compression shorts, and being shattered in general, my little guy would be truly pathetic. Just head and thin. Usually, this wasn’t an issue when it was just the guys in the shower. But it does mean everyone knows who is packing what.

One time I was showering next to my mate, Theo, a mixed-race guy with an absolute beast of a cock – about 6 inches soft.

Theo and I were friends outside of rugby, and I often spent time with him and his wife Chloe and their family. Chloe is an attractive brunette with a fantastic figure. Not stick thin but definitely in shape and with a great set of tits that always filled her figure-hugging tops and an ass to die for. She was always very sexual in her banter and quite flirtatious, which just added to her sexiness!

So, as Theo and I were showering, having typical banter, talking about the match, etc., his wife Chloe came into the changing room. It’s unusual for a lady to go into the changing room for obvious reasons, mainly that there are 20 blokes in various states of undress, so there was a bit of cheering and laughs. But we’re all mates, so it’s not the end of the world. She came in because she needed the car keys quickly to sort something for their kid. So after the cheering and jokes, she is told Theo’s in the shower. Rather than wait for him to leave, she came over to the entrance of the communal shower, unabashed.

This meant she got a full view of Theo standing right next to me. We’re about the same height and build, although he has more tattoos. And the apparent difference of about 6inches vs. one inch. She could sense her power and be milking the situation. She looked great in a tight red top and jeans. You could see her taking in the whole sight.

She was running her eyes up and down both of us, taking it all in. When her eyes reached my cock I saw a slight grin, an intake of breath, and a bit of a shocked eyebrow raise. That look will live with me forever. That was the moment she found out about my pathetic cock, and right next to her husband’s for comparison.

We were both taken aback by her just appearing there. Theo asked her what the hell she was doing there? I wanted the ground to swallow me up but had to try and play it cool. So I just said hello, and we exchanged usual pleasantries (you played well, thanks for supporting, see you in the bar). I fought the urge to cover up, partly because I didn’t want to come across as embarrassed, partly because I knew I’d find the humiliation hot in hindsight. The conversation probably lasted about 30seconds, but it felt like a lifetime as my little secret was exposed to this beautiful woman, who I knew was used to a huge black cock.

Theo went off to get the car keys from his bag, grumbling that she could have waited 15minutes, with his big cock swinging and slapping his leg. Chloe went to follow him, but once he was gone, just before walking away, she turned her head and did a very deliberate look up and down at me, like a mental picture was being taken, and said, “Nice to see you,” and winked.

Theo apologized afterward, and I said it was no big deal. Everything carried on as usual.

At the bar later, we had a few drinks with friends and family as usual. I was waiting to order a few pints when Chloe squeezed in next to me. I think Theo had told her that she should not have come into the changing room and was a bit annoyed. (Little does he know I loved it).

Chloe leaned in and said: “I’m sorry about earlier. It was a bit of a family emergency with the kid. I know the changing room is a bit of a no-go, but I just had to.”

I told her not to worry and laughed a bit. But she jumped in and said: “And don’t worry about what I saw. I won’t tell anyone! I know they (and she looked down) come in all shapes and sizes. It’s the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat.”

OMG, she was acknowledging that she saw it, and it was tiny! I was awkwardly laughing and also shocked…her trying to be kind but rubbing it in that she had noticed my tiny cock was the ultimate humiliation. And she capped it off with the funniest part, which also made me question whether she was doing it deliberately.

She said: “And I know about shrinkage after sport. I’m always teasing Theo about how small he is after exercise (all 6 inches of it?)”.

I just laughed it all off and said I knew it was small, but hey, that’s life. That ended that encounter. Something I’ve enjoyed in my memory many, many times. Especially after I see Theo and Chloe. The fact she acknowledged it. The fact I know she knows when I see them. The fact she’s probably told her other girlfriends. The fact her husband is so big. The fact she is so hot and sexual

All in all, a brilliant experience for me.


Meanwhile, this reader’s girlfriend shares her phone…

My girlfriend let her friend borrow her phone once, and she got nosy. She ended up scrolling through some of our conversations, which I had sent a shower pic earlier in the day. So she told my girlfriend that I have a tiny dick, and of course, my girlfriend tries to say how it’s closer to average and that I’m not small (bless her heart).

I’ll never forget the next time we were all together. Her friend started to apologize, and I just laughed it off, and life continued. And ever since, I love knowing that women think I’m small. Then there’s that grin they give.


While this reader also has a phone mishap…

I once sent a pic of my boner to my sister (who was 19 at the time) by accident. I was drunk and intended to send it to my girlfriend, but I didn’t realize what I had done until she had already seen it. She was pissed. I did explain to her that it was a complete accident, but by the time I had done that, she was done with her harsh words.

Things like: “WTF! IM GONNA THROW UP. IT LOOKS LIKE A THUMB,” and “WHY AM I RELATED TO A PIN DICK CREEP LIKE YOU,” linger in my head and make me cum without touching it.


This reader has an understanding wife…

My wife will indulge me in some great SPH when giving me a handjob since I told her I was into it. She has been great, from saying things about how small I am to telling me about how big her exes were and what dirty things she has done with them. We tried something a bit different. We did the toilet paper roll challenge, which I failed miserably. Not only did I fit into the toilet roll, but I didn’t even reach the top when fully hard!

This put my size a lot more in perspective for her as a toilet roll is not long at all (four inches)! She teased me quite a bit about this, so it got me looking for pics of other guys doing the same thing but with much larger cocks than me. Not only this but gifs of a woman jerking off two cocks with an apparent size difference. I found a few and was quite nervous showing her, but her reaction was amazing! She played into it big time, getting excited and saying things like: “Oh, wow, look how big his cock is. It’s perfect! So much better than your little dick.”

Her natural reaction of excitement made me cum so hard.


Another reader likes being left out…

I was once in an MMFF group sex session. It was a fun trip. The other guy and girl were playing with my now ex-wife. Eating her pussy, using dildos on her, and making her squirt. I tried to take part but couldn’t get them to let me into the action. So, I did what I most wanted. I started playing with my tiny dick in front of them. It was so small and shrunk from tripping. I had cum multiple times inside my wife already. I wanted to be watched making my tiny cock cum. While my wife played with others. I made my tiny soft dick cum as they laughed, saying, “Don’t cum, don’t cum.”

I replay this in my mind all the time. Being watched forced to make my little dick cum, as others have fun group sex.


Meanwhile, this reader also has a wife willing to play along…

My wife lets me know how perfect my size is for her, so I’m always supported and comfortable with my insecurities. However, she is also very playful and enjoys indulging me in more than a fair share of humiliation. It didn’t take much for her to be fantastic with teasing me about my small penis because, from the beginning of our relationship, I told her that I knew I’m small and didn’t want her to pretend to be impressed or anything. She had no problem admitting that I was indeed the smallest she’s ever seen, but she could work with it. She regularly plays into fantasies of mine in private in regards to my size.

But some of the more embarrassing experiences in my life have been with her growing comfortability of sharing personal details with her friends and family. So far, my wife has been open and told four of her close friends about my lack of manhood. As well as made jokes at the parties in front of dozens. Not to mention how she has recently felt the need to expose my shortcomings to her sister, mother, and cousin.

The first instance she mentioned telling another girl about my size was just a short and sweet yet humiliating conversation. We hadn’t even talked yet about if I was okay with her telling anyone about my shameful secret, so that’s what makes this first experience somewhat more memorable to me than even more intense instances afterward. My wife came home and bluntly said in the middle of the conversation, “Oh, by the way, sorry, but Kelsey knows your dick is small.”

It caught me so off guard I started to blush and just asked how?

“She was talking about her boyfriend and some struggles they’ve been having in bed and asked if I had also had any issues with you. Don’t worry. I told her I’m lucky and we have great sex. But I did mention it was a struggle at first because you were smaller than most guys.”

I was so excited and embarrassed at the same time hearing my wife expose me to someone I barely knew.

“I didn’t tell her like exact inches or anything, but she did ask how big you were, so I kinda showed her with my fingers. So be aware in case she looks at you differently next time she’s around.”

Little did I know, but that would be just the start of more embarrassing exposures to come.


A couple of months later, she told two of her friends some personal details about me at dinner. (I’ll refer to them as the blonde and the brunette) They started getting into the talk girls have when they finally all are dating and in a good relationship about, “Okay, how big is your man?”

My wife said that, of course, she didn’t bring it up still participated. So after the brunette asked the question, the blonde said, well, my guy is very average in length but thick, and it’s great. Then before they moved on to the others, they determined the average to be five and a half inches. The brunette then looked at my wife, to which my wife said, “You first.”

She told me later it was to stall to figure out how much she would speak of the truth. So then the brunette said, “Well, I don’t know inches or anything, but this is the first guy I’ve ever needed to use two hands at once on.”

Of course, the girls gasped and started giggling about how big her boyfriend was. My wife even said, “Damn, you have small hands, though, right?”

To which the brunette responds with, “Yeah, but his head still sticks out, so he’s gotta be close to 8 inches, right?”

They discussed how big that must be before the blonde finally asked my wife, “Alright, now how big is your husband?”

My wife told me she apologized, but she felt she had to be honest with her friends. “Oh, he’s not eight inches.”

They laughed and tried to ease her into admitting by reminding her that a huge one is rare.

So my wife broke and told them, “So… He’s (a sliver member of the small dick club).”

Her friends asked, “Hard??”

My wife said they looked concerned, with laughter hiding in their eyes. So instead of feeling ashamed on my behalf, my wife gained confidence and decided to tease me about it to turn the tide from embarrassing for her to humiliating.

“Yeah, he’s got a tiny dick, and especially when soft, it looks just like an acorn.”

They all started laughing, picturing me in their heads with a tiny nub in between my legs.

The brunette laughed and said, “Oh my gosh, I can’t look at him the same way again.”

And the blonde agreed, saying, “God, how do you look at it without making him feel bad.”

To which my wife then said, “Oh, he knows he’s small, and you both don’t need to hide that, you know, because I like having him in his place.”

They giggled and then talked about how they both are more vanilla and submissive to their men and could only imagine getting to live my wife’s dominant role in our relationship.

“However, I wouldn’t trade my big cock man for your little dick husband, honey,” the brunette joked.

Since my wife told me about this conversation, I’ve, of course, been hanging out with her and her friends. Although they have never mentioned it directly, they have looked at me in a more commanding way as if to tell me, we know your secret and to not provoke them into humiliating me. It is especially emasculating sitting next to the brunette’s boyfriend around them all, knowing how hung he is sitting there relaxed compared to my tiny package.


While this reader finds out he’s bested by 22 other guys…

I had a one-night stand last night and asked the girl if she thought my dick was small. She told me that “Size doesn’t matter” and that it’s an okay size.

After I told her I enjoyed being humiliated about it, she smiled and said that she didn’t want to make fun of me, but that out of 22 guys she had slept with, I was the smallest.

The hottest part of the conversation was when she told me that she had seen guys flaccid bigger and more impressive than me hard.


This reader is the butt of the joke…

So until a few weeks ago, I had only really experienced SPH on the internet. That changed when I decided to book an escort for a night of fun. I was in a BBW type of mood when I stumbled upon pictures of a girl I had never seen in my city before. She was the perfect description of what I was looking for.

I met her at her place. We chatted for a bit, then she stripped for me and laid face d55-inch butt (I had another escort with a 50 inch before). Cute face, incredible curves. I massaged her body with coconut oil, taking my time to enjoy those fabulous curves. I proceeded to pull my boxers down, exposing my erect dick. The girl looked at it, smiled, and said, “What’s that?”

I looked up at her, and we both giggled. It was like we both were thinking: ‘What the hell are you gonna do with that?’

The sex was cool, and for the first time in my life, I experienced what it was like to try and have sex with a woman who has “too much” ass for you. I put her and her 55-inch butt in Doggystyle, and I could feel that her cheeks were making it hard to thrust. I honestly could not penetrate her pussy or her asshole. My cock was just too small. Her big ass was stopping me from getting anywhere close. I was essentially humping her butt cheeks.

I finished trying desperately to fuck her in about a minute, but it was a good experience. The girl ended up being sweet too.


Another reader gets groped…

A girl in my class at high school with a fat ass and big tits just grabbed my crotch in the hallway during class. No one was around. She grabbed my crotch through my gym shorts while I was in commando. I was flaccid and couldn’t have been more than an inch. She made a face, giggled, and said, “Ew, baby dick,” and walked away.


Meanwhile, this reader’s experiences are cartoonish…

I was at a swim party where everyone was changing clothes, and though most of the guys went down only to their underwear, I could see they had big bulges that were completely outlined by their tighty-whities, which hid nothing when it comes down to it. That’s when I first realized my dick was smaller than everyone else. A couple of years later, as a mean joke, a girl drew a group of us, eight guys and gals in comic form, and she wrote the words, “NO BULGE,” and pointed it at my crotch on her drawing of me within the group. I found that embarrassing, and it caused me to be ridiculed by some of my peers as the “No Bulge Boy.”


While this reader’s wife also shows she’s a good sport…

So my wife is aware that I’m into SPH though it’s not part of your sex life. Not exactly her cup of tea. Anyway, several days ago, I was hugging her, and she commented that I felt tall. I share this as back-story because just last night, I was giving her another hug, and she said: “You don’t feel that tall anymore.”

So naturally, I reply sarcastically, “Oh babe, tell me again how not tall I am!”

She immediately connects the dots and playfully says, “You’re so short. You’re not tall enough for me. And you have a tiny penis. It’s so small!”

It was over as quickly as it began, but I naturally got rock hard instantly. Baby steps for my baby penis. Lol


This reader’s wife, however, is embarrassed about her husband’s shortcomings…

My wife lied to her friends at dinner the other night. She said I lasted forever during sex and suggested I had a big cock. The truth is I’m a silver member of the small dick club hard My uncut soft dick is like an inchworm. It made me wonder, ‘Do wives get embarrassed if their husbands have small dicks?’ I felt so bad for her that she thought she had to lie about my dick size to save face with her friends. It made her look somewhat pathetic and made me feel embarrassed because I knew the truth. I’m a small dick man who can’t last longer than a minute. My wife is ashamed of me.


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