Alpha PSI XI (Gay SPH)

By DRobbie06.

“This is it,” I said to myself as I ascended the steps up to the Alpha Psi Xi house at my state’s university.

It was August, and I had only been on campus for two days. The first day involved moving into the dorm, and the second had been mapping out my classes and stocking my mini-refrigerator. I shared a room with another freshman who had yet to arrive on campus.

But let me introduce myself before I go on. My name is Jessie Treager, and I’m from a small conservative town on the west side of the state. I’ve been told I’m a good-looking young man, and at 6′ 195 lean pounds, I’m in excellent physical condition.

I’m hoping to attract some women around campus, but I’m anything but experienced with the ladies. All the girls back home are very conservative and prudish. I have had two girlfriends, but I felt their tits under the bra while kissing the farthest I went. Never had my dick stroked (other than me), sucked, or entered a vagina even with a finger. One girl rubbed my crotch over the jeans for about 4 minutes, and I blew a load in my pants.

So back to Alpha Psi Xi. The Alphas are known as the studs on campus here. All the handsome jocks or otherwise good-looking guys are members. Granted, the academic requirements are high as well, but the chapter photo looks like a GQ menagerie. Several celebrities that you’d recognize claim membership as well. This is a ticket to be a big man on campus and have a line in my resume that almost guarantees me a job at graduation.

I knocked on the Alpha’s door and straightened my tie in the reflection on the glass. I was dressed to impress and had my transcripts with commemorations under my arm.

“How can I help you?” The buff guy with the square jawline and messy but perfectly done hair asked. He was wearing a snug t-shirt that showed his physique and a pair of khaki shorts.

“I’m Jessie Treager. I tried to show my willingness to humble myself by calling him sir. Here for the pledge drive, sir.”.

“Enter.” He said as he stepped to the side and held the door open. “Drop your folder on the table straight ahead and go in the room to the left.”

I breached the doorway, set my documents on a console table in the entryway, and turned to the left, where I saw six other guys standing in a line shoulder to shoulder about one foot apart. All six were looking straight ahead in silence. I assumed they’d been instructed as such, so I joined them.

We stood in silence for about ten minutes as two more guys entered and assumed their position in line. We were soon addressed by the president of Alpha house, flanked by three of the chapter officers.

“‘Hello, gentlemen. I’m Tyler Ashton, president of this chapter of Alpha Psi Xi.” Tyler was about 6’3″ and a chiseled 225 pounds. He wore a salmon-colored polo shirt and khaki shorts. “These men with me are officers. Alpha House is the most prestigious fraternity on campus. Hell, on every campus.” He then went on to list the Senators, Congressmen, CEOs, and other masters of industry and technology that graduated with an Alpha Psi Xi sash.

“There are two types of members in Alpha Psi Xi both nationally and in this house. There are alpha Alphas, and there are beta Alphas. Should you be accepted into this house, the nine of you will be assigned one of those designations, and you will act accordingly.” Tyler vaguely explained. “Any questions?”

Tyler scanned the lineup for anyone brave enough to ask the first question. After about 30 seconds, a hand raised.

“Yes, pledge. What is it?” Tyler asked the handsome young man on the end with the movie star looks.

“I’m Ronald Gray, sir, and I’d like to know how we will be categorized into either alpha or beta.” He spoke with an east coast accent in his voice.

“Ah, Mr. Gray, as in the son of Vermont Senator Robert Gray. Welcome pledge.” Tyler began. “I’m glad you asked. In the next few minutes, you’ll begin to see how we will separate you as alphas and betas but bear in mind, and there are ways to move from one to the other.”

“How is that, sir?” I spoke up. “The movement from Alpha to beta or vice versa. How does that work?”

“And you are?” Tyler inquired.

“Sorry, sir. I’m Jessie Treager. I proudly proclaimed. My father was the CEO of a major cereal company and graduated Alpha Psi Xi 27 years previous. My father was an Alpha sir.”

“Oh yes, Mr. Treager. Along with Mr. Gray, you’re one of only two legacies this pledge class.” Tyler mentioned. “Better we just get started. You will all strip naked now.” Tyler added without any further instruction.

Two of the men starting disrobing without any hesitation, which prompted us all to began stripping off our clothes. Within 20 seconds, we all stood completely naked, other than the guy on the end that left his socks on for some reason and waited for an explanation.

“Okay, to eliminate any excuses, make your dicks hard,” Tyler instructed. “Hurry, please.”

Guys quickly started slapping, tugging, and pulling on their cocks. After an initial shock, I yanked on my balls and pumped my hand on my soft dick. This process took about 2 minutes until we all stood at attention if you know what I mean.

“Okay, men, and boys, those of you longer than 7″ are pledging to be alpha Alphas, and those of you under 7″ are pledging to be beta Alphas. You will accept this initial separation, or you may leave now and never pledge Alpha Psi Xi again.” Tyler explained. “If you’re too close to call, we will measure you and classify you accordingly.”

Knowing that my smaller penis wasn’t close to 7 inches, I began to look around at the other guys. Out of the nine of us, two others were in my length category of under 5″, two more asked for measurement as they were close to the 7″ mark, and the last four were clearly above 7″ with one thinner guy, probably surpassing the 10″ mark.

“You are 6 and 3/4 inches,” Tyler informed one of the guys being measured. “You will pledge beta.”

“Yes, sir.” He answered, slightly deflated.

“You are 7 and 1/16 inches, Grant.” Tyler patted him on the shoulder. “You will pledge alpha.”

“Yes, sir.” He answered with a huge smile.

“It has been studied many times over the last couple hundred years that men with larger penises tend to be the best leaders.” Tyler began and cited two significant scientific studies. “So we start with this basic distinction to separate you all. We understand that there are anomalies to the studies, and hence we allow for movement based on our assessment over the next two weeks. Obedience, discipline, conduct, and leadership potential can help one of you short dicks become alpha Alphas. Lack of these qualities could drop an alpha Alpha pledge down to beta level.”

“Treager, you are a beta pledge. You will now service alpha pledge Gray with your mouth.” Tyler announced aloud.

“Sir?” I asked.

“And Johnson, you will now service alpha pledge Grant with your mouth.” Tyler continued as if I had not said anything.

Johnson turned and walked down the line to alpha pledge Grant and kneeled in front of him. Grant looked surprised and hesitant but did nothing when the beta pledge began to suck his hard dick.

“Will you be leaving Alpha house for good, Treager?” Tyler asked me. “We require obedience.” He added.

Without a word, I turned and knelt in front of alpha pledge Gray and looked at his hard cock and low-hanging balls. His dick was about 8″ thick with a veiny shaft and exquisite circumcision. My nervousness caused my four 1/2″ dick to deflate to its inch-long soft state.

“Come on, man,” Gray told me, looking down at me. “Obedience beta pledge.” He said with a smile, clearly wanting his dick sucked and to show off for our assessors.

I leaned forward and took the head of his dick into my mouth. I had never even considered blowing a guy before this. His dick head tasted slightly salty, probably some light sweat. From the corner of my eye, I saw beta pledge Johnson’s head bobbing up and down on Grant’s dick like a pro. He may have done this before.

I was deaf to what was being spoken in the room at that point, but when I felt an elbow to my left, I realized one other beta had been instructed to service an alpha counterpart next to Gray. There were four betas and five alphas, and I wondered if one of us would have to suck two dicks. It seemed to me Johnson may want to be that guy.

“We don’t have all day, boys. Make your alphas cum. And you best swallow his load.” Tyler called out behind the kneeling betas. “And I expect our alpha pledges can allow themselves to get to an ejaculatory state somewhat quickly despite the surroundings.”

I knew this wasn’t going to end until my Alpha orgasmed, so I did what seemed to be logical, and I sucked slightly while bobbing on Gray’s dick and tried to avoid dragging my teeth along his shaft. I heard a loud moan in the room and a man announcing, “I’m cummimg, sir!” I assumed it was Grant shooting a load into Johnson’s mouth. That was quickly confirmed when Johnson was instructed to begin servicing the odd-numbered Alpha.

“Looks like Treager is enjoying himself!” I heard Tyler say as he leaned next to me and flicked my now rock-hard tiny dick. “Not much there, but it’s excited!” Several men laughed.

“I can’t see how it’s possible to ascend to an alpha Alpha with a dick that small!” One of the officers said.

“Odd because I believe his file showed that his father was an alpha Alpha.” Another officer added.

“Treager could be our smallest beta yet.” Tyler pointed out. “And he’s starting to work that dick pretty good too!”

I’d been naked briefly in front of other guys in the locker room during high school, but it was taboo to look around at others back then. I hated to admit it, but the humiliation of being on my knees sucking a man’s dick in front of several men that were laughing and making fun of my tiny dick was quite exhilarating. My heart was rapid, and my dick was pulsating. I was feeling dirty, which was a turn-on and attempting to do a good job.

“I’m gonna shoot my load, Treager!” Ronald Gray yelled out and instinctively grabbed the sides of my head. “Swallow my cum like a bitch!”

I felt his cock head pulsate, and a hot splash of spunk hit the back of my throat. I swallowed while trying to pull back, but his strength and leverage didn’t allow me to. Shot after shot of salty man juice was pumped into my mouth and swallowed down quickly. When he finished cumming Tyler told me to stand online again.

Johnson was still sucking the fifth Alpha as the rest of us stood naked in a line. I couldn’t help but look over out of the corner of my eye to watch him work over the ten-inch meat stick. Soon alpha pledge Daryl was blasting a load of hot cum into Johnson’s mouth. Johnson had some saliva and possibly a bit of cum on his chin as he joined us online.

“Okay. That was some excellent data for us to start with. You are all accepted into the house to live while you pledge. Alphas, you may pick your rooms first. Betas, you will choose from what remains.” Tyler applauded us. “You will sleep here beginning tonight. Any questions?”

“No, sir.” The nine of us answered in unison.

“Oh. We have a formal with the Alpha Eta Pi sorority this Saturday. You will each escort a Pi. Alphas, you get to choose your Pi. Betas, you will be assigned a Pi. There are two levels of AEP’s as well. All attractive but not all equally talented.” Tyler told us. “You will respect the boundaries that your data sets. If you’re an alpha and come home with needs, you can use a beta’s mouth. If you’re a beta and come home with needs, you may pull on your little pud. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” We all answered. As a beta, I wasn’t exactly happy that we were expected to be the cock suckers for the alphas. However, I planned to move up to the alpha level as soon as possible despite my shortcomings.

“Something wrong, Treager?” Tyler asked me, sensing my animosity. “Makes you want to assert yourself as an alpha, doesn’t it?”

“Yes sir!” I chanted.

That night I had dreams all night of the dick I had sucked earlier. It was one of those recurring dreams that replayed the same scene over and over. I was on my knees sucking pledge Gray’s dick while all the other guys huddled around laughing and making fun of my small penis. At one point in the middle of the night, I woke up with cum soaked sheets. I was feeling very confused that it excited me so much.

At least I knew I’d have a chance to get my mind right with some heterosexual action on Saturday.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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  • bambiegirl

    Dear DRobbie06 Sir, as a beta myself (gold member) I would love to read a second part.
    I enjoyed your story. Thank you, Sir


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