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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader played Lord of the Rings…

I fall within the gold member measurements nowadays, but I didn’t finish puberty until I turned 19. Meaning, my dick was the last part to grow. At 18, I was still struggling to hit the 2-inch mark by almost a half-inch. And it was skinny. one day while home alone, one of the odd things I liked seeing what I could fit it into. I went into my mom’s room and looked through her closet, and I found her old wedding ring. I knew it would fit by looking at it, but it may be tight. I slid it on with no problem all the way to the base. I jerked off while wearing it. Then I was going to take it off, but every time I tried to slide it off about halfway up, it would start bunching up the skin, and I couldn’t get it off. I tried getting it off for another 20 minutes, then I stopped touching it and thought that since I was still rock hard, it would come off if I get soft.

But through the panic, I was still turned on because my boner fit in my mom’s old ring. So it stayed hard. about 10 minutes later, my mom pulled in. I didn’t know what to do, so I immediately went to her and asked her to take me to the hospital. She kept asking why so I finally told her I had her wedding ring stuck on my penis. She laughed and said I was funny and that she can’t even get it past her second knuckle now that she had gained some weight. She thought I was joking, so I had no choice but to pull down my pants and show her. Her mouth dropped open, and she put her hand to her mouth, then she burst out laughing and immediately started apologizing but still laughing.

She said she would try to get it off, so I closed my eyes and let her. she was basically trying the same way I did. When she couldn’t, she said she would call my aunt to see if she could help. She told me to wait on the couch until she got there from 2 doors down. Well, she didn’t tell her why apparently, so when the door opened, in walked my aunt and her daughter, who was 19, and another girl that hung out with her and I was sitting on the couch naked with a 1.6-inch boner and a wedding ring on it. They saw me and were shocked for about 5 seconds, then burst out laughing. When my mom explained that it was stuck, without thinking, my aunt sent and got dish soap squirted it on me, and slid it right off.

They all continued to laugh, and her daughter and the other girl, even both, took turns trying on the ring and found out apparently before my mom gained weight, she had skinny fingers. The ring wouldn’t go on either of their ring fingers but did fit their pinkies. The final nail in the most humiliating event ever was when my aunt got the ring back from them and said, here, little guy, with the soap on, you should be able to slide it on and off, then she proceeded to slide it on me to the base and right back off. They all burst out laughing again as I walked back to my room.


Another reader’s wife got him into SPH…

When we met, we were upfront in saying that we had both slept around quite a bit. Over the months, I got more and more details about her hot past. She told me the biggest dick she fucked was as thick as her wrist, so I knew early on that I was nowhere near the biggest for her.

Based on my experience with other women and comparing with friends, I believed I was average or slightly below (A Bronze Member). Never been called small. Though her pussy has always felt looser than average to me, which I liked right away.

She never called my dick big or small. However, she told me my dick is the same size as her first boyfriend.

Later on, she referred to her first boyfriend as “pretty small,” and “definitely below average,” and “Too small for sex, really.”

I realized that she unknowingly told me she thinks my dick is too small. I was suddenly rock hard.

The next time we had sex, I asked her if I was filling her pussy, and she flat out giggled and said, “It would take a lot more than this to fill me,” as she grabbed my shaft. Needless to say, I came within seconds.

This all led to fantasies of sharing her with studs and buying a big dildo for role play.

Since then, I’ve become obsessed with SPH during sex, and she is happy to play along.


While this reader has a perfect night with his wife…

We looked for porn where a wife cheats on her husband. My wife is starting to like that theme which makes me super aroused.

My wife teased me about my small penis. She laughed at how the whole thing fits in her hand. She thought the guy in the video’s dick was at least twice as big as mine. She told me she would be concentrated on his huge cock while she came.

Then she told me to fuck her. She said I could even though she knew I couldn’t make her come. I was so excited to enter her. It took a few thrusts to work my four inches into her fully. She wasn’t very wet since she doesn’t get very aroused by my penis. After those initial thrusts, I pumped in and out another 6 or 7 times, kind of on instinct.

At that point, I settled down, just enjoying the soft wet glove-like embrace of my beautiful wife’s pussy. I nudged back and forth, barely moving. At some point, I heard her say, “oh, you are about to come, aren’t you” and I knew she was right.

I had not come in a week. I had been feverishly masturbating, edging, those first few days, anticipating this moment. On days 6 and 7, I had not touched myself at all but obsessively flexed my dick muscles. Waiting. For this.

Reluctantly I slid my tiny penis from her loving slit. I knew I couldn’t afford to wait another moment. My dainty, frustrated prejac penis erupted over the expanse of my wife’s fat wide ass.

In total, I was inside her for maybe 30 seconds? It felt like an eternity. I have been living in that beautiful stretch of time ever since.


Meanwhile, this reader showed his little crush on the teacher…

I was in year10 when this happened, so I was probably 15 at the time. We were at our weekly swimming trip at the same place we went every week. After the swimming lesson, we would be forced to take a shower. We would place a towel outside and then walk through the top of the changing rooms past our teacher so she could make sure we’d all taken a shower. This week, I already put my trunks in my bag and just had my towels with me. So I placed my towels outside on the little handle thing. After I finished showering, I realized someone had stolen my towels. I didn’t know what to do. I was standing in the showers for ages until I was the last one out. I heard the teacher calling my name and had no idea what I would do.

Bear in mind in year 10, I was very early into my puberty cycle and had probably about 2.5 inches erect. And at the worst time of all, I had a boner. So I walked out naked into the hallway in front of my 30-year-old female teacher, who lost of the boys at the time fancied. She looked down at me, shocked, and quickly put her hands over her mouth but couldn’t stop herself from laughing. To make things worse, I then had to walk into the changing room with boys and girls in now because everyone had finished changing a d we’re getting ready to leave. I think this is where I started to enjoy humiliation and even know at 19 I enjoy it.


This reader gets some too honest feedback from his girl…

Two years ago, my girlfriend introduced me to a couple at a party, and a while later, she said to me, “Kurt and I went on a couple of dates a year ago, and we hooked up. And, by the way, he has like twice your size.”

I asked her, “Did you feel him deeper inside of you?”

She said, “Ooooooh Yeah!”

And she said it in a way that I would know she meant it.

A few nights later, when I was pile driving her, and her legs were bent, I asked her in between breathing, “Did you and Kurt share this, and did he really ring your bell?”

She said, “Better than you ever could.”

And she meant it. She said she has no idea whether Kurt told his current gf that she and he had gone to bed with one another, but she said she did enjoy standing next to the two of them and knowing Kurt was thinking to himself, ‘I’ve fucked both of these women. Fuck yeah!’ Now, of course, my gf knows about my SPH fetish, and she has brought up that moment, and she now knows I loved every bit of what she said.


SDC reader Jacksonstephens tells us…

I am 35 my wife is 24. We have been married for 5 years. I had been discussing my fantasies with her since we were dating, and the boy that took her virginity was very hung. She would play along, but she never would commit to anything. I had been working a lot, and she was spending most of her time at home with our kid. One particular day I had worked all day into the night. My wife had told me that afternoon that she had invited her coworker and her husband over for a movie. I had finished up a little early and texted her that I was on the way home. She asked me to wait. She said she didn’t want them to feel they needed to leave when I got there. So I pulled into a truck stop and waited what ended up being a couple of hours. I pulled out my 4inch cock and jerked on it to the thought of them having a threesome. Her friend’s husband was a handsome ex-football player.

I soon got a text from her telling me I could come home. When I arrived, we went to bed. There she confessed to me that it had only been the husband that had come over, but they just watched a movie, and nothing happened. I instantly got hard. I started sucking on her nipples and playing with her pussy. I started asking her questions, trying to get her to open up. She then confessed that they had fooled around but stopped. At this point, I was between her legs, eating her out. I could tell she smelled and tasted different. I asked her if they had sex and promised I wouldn’t be mad. She finally fussed up that she had taken his big black cock in her pussy bare. She had told him they needed to stop, but he insisted. She was literally ovulating that weekend. I got on top of her and added my spunk to his in less than a minute. She did get pregnant, but somehow the kid ended up being mine. I encouraged her to keep seeing him and got to watch them fuck bareback on several occasions while she was pregnant. He also began using my ass as well, but that’s another story.


Another reader has a close encounter with his mom…

So I was in my room getting undressed ready to take a shower. Since my hamper stays in my room, I get undressed in there, wrap a towel around myself, and walk to the bathroom for a shower. Well, today I forgot to grab a towel and thought to myself: ‘Meh, it’s fine, the bathroom is right outside my room if I hurry, I’ll be fine, and No one will see me.’ So I open my door, walk out, and my mother happens to be standing right there…fuck. I just froze and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even think to cover myself because I was just in shock. We make eye contact, and then she looks down. IDK if it was out of curiosity or what, but she sees my small penis and starts busting out laughing like it’s the funniest thing ever.

I covered my penis up and got upset with her and very embarrassed, and I start walking toward the bathroom, and she says, “Ahhhh, honey. I’m sorry for laughing. It just caught me off guard since so are so tall.”

I walk Into my bathroom, close the door and lock it, and she knocks on the door and says, “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I gave birth to you, for christ’s sake. Having a tiny penis isn’t your fault. If anything, it’s mine and your father’s.”

She walked away, and the situation hit me, and I got a huge rush of euphoria since I am Into SPH, but this time it was different since my mother was laughing at me. I’m sitting on my toilet while typing this, and I’m kind of nervous about going out and see her and hear anything she has to say.


While this reader’s load doesn’t impress…

It’s not often my girlfriend lets me cum. Last night was one of the lucky nights. The only way I’m allowed to cum is with her sat on my face wanking me off with 2 fingers whilst I eat her pussy.

It wasn’t long before I was on the edge. She could tell and smothered my face with her ass and took all of my cock in her mouth with ease. That was it. I came straight away; her mouth is irresistible, that partnered with her taste and smell is a sensory overload that made my little dick erupt – or so I thought.

“Did you even cum?” She asked. I confirmed that I did, feeling quite offended. I had a pretty big orgasm.

“Huh, little load for a little dick, I guess.” She laughed as she slowly lowered her ass onto my face again.


Meanwhile, this reader gets an app-vantage…

So this is a short story which happened this week. I work at a quarry, and I have the mobile number of one of my female coworkers. She is a blonde, married, slim, rather short, but a real cutie. I‘m 6‘4 and have an innie. Some of you might know the messenger WhatsApp where you can post stories like on IG or SC. This Monday, I posted a full nude on there which was only visible for her. She saw it but didn‘t message or call me the next day at work. Today I called her because I needed something work-related from her. She then asked me what happened on Monday. I told her I don‘t know what she‘s talking about. She told me that she saw something on WhatsApp, and it was weird. I played dumb and told her that I lost a bet, and one of my friends had my phone for 10 minutes. Hysterical laughter was what followed. She explained to me what she saw and joked about it. I was rock hard the entire conversation and kept acting like I was embarrassed and stuff. I‘m really looking forward to Monday so I can call her again and get some teasing about my truly tiny pee-pee.


This reader gets some indirect SPH…

Last night I had dinner with two old friends, both women, that I had not seen since before the pandemic. We all had a lot of news to update each other on, but the biggest news of the night was one of them is getting divorced. One of the major reasons is she is sick of the dead bedroom situation she’s been in with her husband. I don’t know his deal because I think she’s really hot, but he’s not interested in sex with her. After a few drinks, she started to share more, and it turns out she’s has plans to hook up with a guy she’s interested in as soon as the divorce is final. He insists on waiting until the marriage is over, and she’s cool with that, but she is more than ready since it’s been so long with her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Anyway… She told us another friend of hers joked that he wants to wait because he might have a micropenis and is nervous. As soon as she mentioned the micropenis, both girls burst out laughing. Joking about how disappointing it would be if the guy had a small dick the first time she hooks up after a sexless marriage. She said that would really suck, but she would be ok with it… But also not really ok with it. But girls kept laughing and talking about how bad that would suck.

It was pretty awkward for me sitting there as a guy with a 4-inch dick. It’s not micro, but I know they both would be disappointed to hook up with a guy that small. Hopefully, her new guy has more than 4 inches. It was kind of interesting because it felt like I was allowed to be part of a typical girl talk conversation, and I guess they do talk about size.

When we were leaving and saying our goodbyes, I told her good luck with her new relationship. As I turned to walk away, I said, “I hope he doesn’t have a micropenis!” and both women laughed.


Another reader finds out his girl is a size queen…

I went clubbing last night with my gf and her friends, and pretty soon into the night, my gf was already dancing with some guy. Pretty average looking, and not a whole lot was happening until that popular Saweetie song came on (for those that don’t know, it says “8 inches big, that’s my type” in the chorus), and she started grinding on this guy. It was pretty hot.

This whole time I’m standing around with her friends who are watching her dance. One of them said the guy’s not that cute, and another friend came in saying, “well, he’s black, so…”.

I said, “So what?”

She looked at me and smiled and made a gesture with her hands, demonstrating a big size. I asked her if that stereotype was true, and she said yes and laughed. During this, my gf had pulled out her phone and exchanged numbers with the guy. He kissed her on the neck and left, and she rejoined us. The same friend as earlier told her she could do better, but now this time, she responded, saying, “Yeah, but he has other talents.”

And to this, they all just went wide-eyed and laughed, even though it was embarrassing for me.

Later on in the night, we got back home, and I started eating her pussy as usual (I rarely get to fuck her), but this time she got on her phone while I was doing it and started texting a lot. At one point, she took a picture of me going down on her (I know because she left the flash on) which I presume she sent as a text to whoever. I asked her what’s up, and she said, “Nothing, keep going, little shrimp.”

Which I’ve never heard her say before but turned me on a lot. A couple of minutes later, she pushed my head away and got up to change, and said she had to leave. She said she was going to her friend’s place for a bit, but that’s all. This morning, she’s still gone, and I think I’m now a cuckold.

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  • FrankGeorg

    The wedding ring-story was so hot, especially when it didn’t even fit on the young girls’ midfinger. Though I actually don’t believe that this was for real. However, great idea and a big turn-on.


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