An Inch Long to a Scratch

By carlyle2.

Sitting on the couch in the waiting room, Mike fidgeted while glancing from his phone screen to the receptionist’s face. He’d been to this dermatologist before for a rash on his hand, so he knew Issa from his previous visits. She was tall-ish and cute in a way that screamed to him a country girl who’d just arrived from the farm, and she also spoke with a nice southern accent that he found very cute. It didn’t hurt that she wore dark, thick-rimmed glasses that very much accentuated her big, lovely brown eyes. She also always was wearing a white dress shirt, and always with just enough buttons open that you could catch a glance of cleavage. The white of her shirt also really accentuated how beautiful her dark skin was.

Mike was handsome by all measures — his green-blue eyes, sharp cheeks and jawline, and a permanent 3-day beard that he kept trimmed neatly made really fit with his casual, easygoing style. He was smart but not pushy with his intelligence, and his sense of quirky humor made him very popular with his coworkers and women he’d meet around town.

He, of course, had one big secret. Actually, it was a little secret. His penis was absolutely tiny. Flaccid, it was about an inch long. Even though it did grow when he was hard, it was only 3 inches long and didn’t get even slightly thicker when he had an erection. On his strong frame and compared to his muscular build, it looked even that much smaller.

OK, he had another secret. He dated a lot and had even had some girlfriends, but because of his small penis, he’d never gone all the way. He was now 26 and was pretty successful as a budding computer designer, but still, he’d never been able to get up the courage to even kiss a woman.

His mind had wandered a bit — I wonder what Issa looks like with that shirt off. He could feel the tip of his dick pushing into the fabric of his pants and was almost going to head to the restroom to cool down when he heard her call his name.

“Mike,” she said, “Dr. Khatri will see you now.”

“Thanks,” he replied, and for a second, you could see a flash of a smile on her face when she noticed he was blushing ever so slightly.

Mike didn’t realize it, but the way he tended to get shy around women was found to be quite attractive, and Issa was one of his secret admirers. She’d casually mentioned how cute she thought he was to Lalita — Dr. Khatri — in the past while they’d shared a coffee, and they’d both agreed he was definitely hot but had also felt maybe he was hiding something.

They were very right. And soon, they would both know what he was hiding.

Mike walked down the hall to Dr. Khatri’s room. He was more nervous this visit because he was pretty sure he wouldn’t get away from the office without his… little… secret being revealed.

Mike had had another one of his rashes, which wouldn’t have been a problem, except this time it was on the skin area between his right leg and his scrotum. So close, in fact, that it was only his fear of the rash spreading anywhere more important that had finally convinced him he had to go. He’d been tempted to see another doc instead, but he knew Dr. Khatri would be able to make it go away, and he was also convinced that he’d be less embarrassed to show his nakedness to her than someone he didn’t know at all.

“Hello there, Mike,” she said, “Itchy paw again?” she made a scratching gesture like she was a cat, and they both laughed.

“No, not the paw,” he replied. “I got it somewhere else.”

Dr. Khatri wore a purple dress shirt, dark beige slacks, and a white doctor’s coat over it. Her long black hair was pulled back into a pony tail. He noticed again just how beautiful she was — her skin was a dark brown, she had extremely beautiful dark brown eyes, and her intelligence and way of sliding oddball jokes into casual conversation had made him very attracted to her as well.

“Oh, that’s too bad.”

“Yeah…” he said, pausing. Suddenly Mike felt himself blushing again. He was going to ask her to see it, and just might see how small his penis was through his underwear.

“Don’t worry, Mikey, mama bear will make it all better. Now, let me see it.”

He paused, went to sit down, and then stayed standing.

“If you’re more comfortable standing, that’s OK. Now, where is it?” She asked, standing and crossing to him. Mike realized that while he’d known she was tall, he hadn’t realized just how tall she was — at 5’10” the beautiful doctor standing in front of him was in fact 2 inches taller than he was.

“It’s… uh…” He paused. “Down here,” Mike then said. He had to get it over with somehow. He pointed down towards his pants, and she glanced down.

“Oh!” She said, and Mike couldn’t help but notice her smile.

“No! Not there… I mean… it’s not my… I mean… it’s on my leg.” He finally finished.

“Ahh, OK,” she said, and for a second they both paused, and both realized that they were, in fact, both slightly blushing.

“Ok, let’s take a look, shall we?” She directed him over to the bed where he’d sat before while she’d applied the cream to his rash on his hand the last time. Mike sat up on the bed obediently. He looked like a lost puppy dog to her.

Mike undid his trousers, and let them fall to the ground as she sat on the stool she’d brought over. He stood, realizing there was no way she would be able to see his rash if he wasn’t standing, and slid his pants all the way off.

“It’s here,” he said, pointing out the rash. Lalita glanced down and leaned in to get a better view.

Suddenly, Mike felt very aware of his situation. There he was, standing in front of this insanely gorgeous woman. She was looking at what you could see of the rash, but just barely out of view under the thin, white fabric of his underwear, he could feel his penis. He knew from past experience that it shrank even further in the cold and when he was nervous, which added to his nervousness. He could feel his face getting bright red.

“Okay…” she said. Obviously, she was in work mode, so she wasn’t even noticing his underwear at all. “Alas, this isn’t going to do.” The rash was almost completely covered by his underwear.

She glanced up at him. He made eye contact. He knew what she meant. I guess I have to get it over with, he thought.

“Yeah,” he stammered. “I thought you might need to see more.”

“Don’t worry, Mike, I’ve seen a million men. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before.”

That was an unintentional lie.

Mike paused, then realized if he waited too long it would make it an even bigger deal. So he just did it. He pulled down his underwear.

There it was. Lalita could see his rash for sure (and it was no big deal at all).

More importantly, however, she could also see his penis.

Shrunk down, the shaft was completely covered by the trimmed black pubic hairs. It appeared at that moment that his penis must be less than an inch long. Maybe only half an inch at most. It sat atop his also tiny balls. She couldn’t help but let out a giggle.

He looked at her face, his face now blushing more. Oh my god! She thinks my cock is tiny! Now she was feeling it, too. Mike was so cute, and looked so innocent, and defenseless, and his penis… his penis was just so absolutely tiny… Lalita couldn’t help herself, she giggled again, but then a massive blush overtook her face as well.

She is so beautiful, he thought. And she knows. She knows how small it is. Lalita was now smiling back at him. Without even realizing it, she’d reached up to hold his hand. Oh my, he thought… uh oh… what’s this? Mike wondered, his mind racing, what am I feeling?

Little did he know, but Lalita had flipped a switch in his brain. Mike had had a few brushes with this before, when he’d gotten hard at an inappropriate time. Like when there’d been a discussion in a movie about a character with a small penis, or when female friends had been talking about their ex’s dicks at a bar. He’d gotten a raging hardon, but until now, no woman had ever really confirmed his secret fetish, a secret even he wasn’t aware of.

He loved to be teased about how small his penis was. He was also really into having his small size being revealed. He just wasn’t aware of it.

Lalita gave him as soothing of a smile as she could. It was hard not to giggle at the silliness of the situation — his penis, his shyness, her awkward and unprofessional response — she was able to fight another giggle. But she couldn’t help looking. So she did, again.

His penis was tiny, the smallest she’d ever seen. But he was so handsome. She glanced up at him again, and then at his penis. This couldn’t go on forever, so she got to work. She started examining his rash, but Mike’s mind was not focusing on the itch at all.

She knows, he thought. His dick was exposed before her. She knows. His tiny penis. She knows how small I am. His tiny cock. She is watching it.

Lalita was now applying the cream for his rash. She couldn’t help but glance from time to time at his penis. It was just there, and it was right by her face.

Just then Mike made a fatal mistake — or possibly the best mistake of his life. He glanced down perfectly in time to see her peek a glance at his cock. Oh my God, she’s looking at it, and it’s so small, he thought.

They both noticed it. Actually, it would’ve been impossible not to. One of the slight advantages of having a tiny penis is that it can go from nothing to complete hardon in an instant. And that’s just what happened.

Lalita glanced to the side — tiny cock. Then she applied some cream to the rash. Then she glanced again — still tiny cock, but fully hard.

Mike looked down just in time again to see his cock spring to life, fully hard at just 3 inches long (or so he thought — in fact, his cock if he’d measured accurately was closer to 2.75 inches) and incredibly thin. It was the smallest cock she’d ever seen fully erect. His cock was smaller hard than her last boyfriend had been soft.

“Is this…” she said, trying to think of a joke to diffuse the situation, “Are you… ” she stammered.

“I’m SO sorry!” Mike exclaimed, now able to come to his senses. He went to grab his underwear, stumbled a bit, and sat down on the bed. He was still so hard.

Oh my God, it feels so good, he thought, but he was also extremely embarrassed. He covered his penis easily with one hand.

“I… I didn’t mean to… I…” he stammered.

“Shhhh…” Lalita whispered.

“I’m so sorry… This is so embarrassing…”

“It’s Okay. I don’t mind, honey. I really don’t” Lalita said, looking at him. They made eye-contact now. Her face was so beautiful, and she had a look of kindness, gentleness.

“I’m sorry, Dr. Khatri…” he said.

“It’s Lalita. Please, call me Lalita, Mike,” she said. “I’ve had a lot of men have this happen to them. It’s perfectly normal.”

Then Lalita did something neither of them had expected. She pushed his hand away. Up sprang his cock again. He was sitting down, so it looked even smaller. Mike had also slightly lost his erection in his embarrassment. She and he both looked at his tiny penis again. Oh God, my cock is so tiny, and she sees it. She’s watching it! – is what went through his mind.

“It’s perfectly normal,” she said again.

Their eyes met again. She was so absolutely beautiful. And he was quite handsome, his blush, brilliant eyes, and ruffled hair ticked off many boxes on her list of handsome attributes. He got fully hard again. Lalita could visibly see now his cock pulse. It twitched, and she could see that the look on his face seemed to be more than just embarrassment.

“You are so cute,” she said, in a half-whisper.

He didn’t know if she was talking about him or his cock, but he could feel his cock twitching. Her looks, her glances, his exposed cock, her beautiful eyes. Lalita then took the next step. She reached out, and wrapped her long, dark-brown fingers around his cock.

“Stand,” she said, barely audible.

He did.

She adjusted her grip again. It was impossible to fit her whole hand on it, so she shifted to just wrap her thumb and two fingers around the thin shaft.

“Lalita…” he tried to say something, but she cut him off with another shhh.

“Don’t say anything,” she said again, a whisper.

“Is it…?” he started to ask.

“Is it what?” she said, now stroking his tiny cock gently.

“Is it big?” he asked.


“It’s not… I know…” he said. His heart raced. Her hand was sliding up and down his miniscule shaft now. Slightly faster than before.

God, this is the best I’ve ever felt in my life. My cock is so tiny. Does she know it? Does she like it? His thoughts were racing.

“Is it…?” he started again.

“Is it what?” Lalita asked again.

She had a playful smile on her face. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. And she knew. She knew what he wanted.

“Is it small?” he asked.

“No,” Lalita answered.

She flashed him a smile, and leaned in closer. Mike could see that with her other hand Lalita was caressing her breast. She had reached into her shirt and was in to her bra now as well. The dark green of her bra looked wonderful,l contrasting with the slightly lighter colored brown of her tits.

God, I’m so hard. This is so hot. I might cum… Ohh….

“It’s not?” he asked, somewhat puzzled.

“No, it’s not…” Lalita answered, playfully.

Her fingers were now clenched on his shaft, as her left hand played with her nipple furiously.

“It isn’t?” he asked again.

“No… it’s not small…” she said.

God, this is so wonderful. I’m so close. Mmmmm, oh….

Then she stopped stroking. He was so close to cumming. And she was whimpering a little.

She leaned in close to his face. Her breath hot in his ear. “It’s not small, Mikey… Your penis… your penis is absolutely, deliciously, wonderfully…” Lalita said, starting to stroke him now. She grabbed his hands and pulled them down to her.

She continued to stroke him, while she put his hands onto her now fully-exposed tits. And then she used her free hand to unzip her pants and slid her hand inside.

Goddd, this is fantastic. The doctor and I. Oh, and my cock. She loves it. Mmmm…

“It’s not small, Mikey…. your penis is so… so… so…” she said, stroking faster. His hands played with her lovely tits, while she furiously used her other hand on herself at the same time.

Mmmmm…. Yessss…. Say it!….

“It’s not small, Mikey…. your penis… your cock… your dick… is…”

“Yes?” he asked. Her hand was dripping with wetness you could see. And his cock was dribbling out pre-cum in a way he didn’t know was possible.

“Yes?” he asked again, begging to hear it.

Yesss…. Say it, please….

He begged for her to say the word he knew and she knew would make his ecstasy complete.

“Your cock, your wonderful, lovely, cute cock…” Lalita said.

Her pants were undone now and Mike could see her thrusting her finger in and out, and then switch to playing with herself, then thrust in again and again. Her pussy was drenched and she was watching herself now, while he did as well. Mike timed it so he squeezed her nipples just as she thrust her fingers inside. She whimpered again and said something he couldn’t make out, right as she shuddered from head to toe.

Ohhh, she’s going to… I’m going to… Ohhhhh…. he thought. He couldn’t hold out anymore.

“Your cock,” she said, slowing down. Her hand was now tight on him. She’d pulled her other hand out of her pants, and slid it up, so that her fingers were playing with the tip of his tiny dick, peeking out from her other hand.

Mmmmmmm, yessssss…

“Your cock, is absolutely tiny,” she said, now whispering it into his ears. Just as she said this, she clenched down on his penis, her two fingers and thumb just above his ballsack.

Mmmm…. Ohhh…. yessss…..

Mike shot out then, shot upwards and out over the floor. He hadn’t noticed, but she’d aimed him ever so slightly to avoid her, and his cum did so completely. “Oooh!” she said, as surprised as he was at the amount, and then she pointed his cock slightly further away. She gingerly pumped now, his tiny cock continued to shoot out cum.

Then she let go and leaned back. She was now kneeling before him, and Mike was fully standing. His tiny, under 3-inch cock pulsed again and again. He was out of cum, but his penis kept pulsing.


Mike and Dr. Khatri finished the check-up. He finished cleaning himself up. And she explained how to use the cream and how often, but he was in a daze and didn’t hear a word.

Just as he was about to leave the room, she slid a piece of paper to him and gave him another smile. The paper had a phone number on it.

“If you’d like, I’d love to check up on you again. To make sure. I know it’s very little…” she paused and gave him a smile again, “but we have to make sure the rash goes away this time. Call me at home in a few days and let’s discuss… further treatment.”

“Thanks, Dr… Lalita.” Mike smiled back.

He went to leave, but she called him over to her again with a gesture. Lalita leaned in, put her hand behind his neck, and pulled him up to her to give him a big kiss. She tasted wonderful.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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