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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets more than he bargained for when listening to other people’s conversations…

I woke up super late in the day (7:00 PM) from a nap, and I decided to go get something to drink from the kitchen. I suddenly heard voices, and I could hear my mom (52) and her two other friends (45-55) talking about me, I heard one of them say my name so I quietly crept up closer so I could listen better.

As I got closer I could tell they were already drunk from too much wine, they were giggling and one of them asked: “So you’re saying you think his last girlfriend Emily left him because his penis is too small?”

My mom laughs. “Well, let’s just say I saw his little penis the other week when he thought he was home alone on the security camera. He was masturbating on the couch, and his penis looked the same as it did when he was a boy. It’s [a Gold member of the small dick club] hard at the most and as thick as a baby carrot!” my mother replied.

My heart sank, and my dick started rapidly getting hard.

Laughter erupted from the kitchen, and they laughed hysterically for about 30 seconds. At this point, my cock was rock hard, and I wanted to start masturbating right then and there ten feet away around the corner. My mom then said, “She definitely made the right decision, I couldn’t imagine trying to work with a penis you couldn’t even feel.”

“I’m not going to lie, I looked at his bulge one day when he was wearing gym shorts, and I could see the outline of his little baby dick,” my mom’s hot Latina friend said.

My heart was pumping like crazy as they laughed even louder. My mother’s hot Latina friend suddenly decided to say, “Okay, chicas, I need to use the lady’s room,” and started to talk toward me and the bathroom.

I panicked. I had no time to react. I knew I couldn’t make it back to my room without my mom’s friend hearing me scurry down the hall, so for some odd reason, I decide to sneak into the closest bathroom. As I entered the bathroom, I went inside of a towel closet to try and hide, I closed the two doors and tried to stay still as possible. Isabella entered the bathroom and turned the lights on, dropped her red string thong, hiked her tight black dress up and squatted on the toilet. As she relieved herself, I felt my cock getting soft again, even though my heart was still pounding. ‘Alright,’ I thought. ‘This is almost over. Just a few more seconds, and she’s out of here.’

As Isabella flushed the toilet and put her panties back on, I suddenly remembered my mother mocking my penis, and I felt an odd sensation to sneeze. “Oh, god no. God no. No. No. ACHOO!”

I tried to contain the sneeze, but I just couldn’t. Isabella shrieked and threw open the cupboard doors. They were playing loud music in the kitchen area, so I guess they didn’t hear her scream. “You fucking sick fuck Daniel! You perverted weirdo! Why the fuck are you hiding in there? Are you filming me?” Isabella’s angry glare suddenly turned into a sadistic smirk. She took out her phone. “Take off your pants, or I will tell your mother and father, and I will tell my daughter, so the entire school knows about your pathetic baby dick and your peeping Tom creepiness.”

“Jesus Christ, Isabella, I’m so sorry I was just… I was hiding and listening to what my mom and you guys were talking about until you needed to use the washroom. I didn’t know where else to go.”

Isabella was still on her phone, setting it up to record. “I don’t care. Take your pants and underwear off, or I will walk out of this door right now and fuck your life up.”

I at once took my pants and underwear off and revealed my 2-inch tiny flaccid cock, and she filmed it on her phone while laughing and saying, “Minúsculo, minúsculo! hahaha!”

Isabella made mocking hand gestures in front of the camera and then locked it and put it on the bathroom counter. “Do you want to know a little secret about your mommy? She has been having an affair with a young black boy from your school, Clarence. Apparently, he has a 12-inch cock, and it’s as thick as a coke can. When she says she can barely walk from ‘yoga,’ she was just at Clarences’ house in the hood taking his big black cock every inch. She doesn’t even go to yoga.”

I winced and cringed as I heard that and felt horror as my mother and father are still married.

“She said your dad has a useless little dick just like you, and that’s why she needs a young black bull to satisfy her. My daughter told me your ex-girlfriend Emily has been hanging out with Clarence too. I wonder what they’re doing.”

With that, she walked out of the bathroom, leaving me stunned.


Another reader’s mom is a real dick…

I went to change my clothes in my room the other day. My mom was in the kitchen doing something when suddenly she remembered that she wanted to ask me something. By that time, I was completely naked in my room and, of course, didn’t hear her coming. The doors opened. She looked directly in my little dicklette. She said: “WTF IS THAT? Is that it? What’s wrong with it? I don’t know what happened, your father was big. I don’t understand how you can be so small. Wow, I really can’t believe it. My friends are gonna laugh really hard when I tell them about your little dick.”

I was left speechless, the only thing I could say was sorry mom. She started to laugh even more and just left. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. But I also liked it. I liked that feeling when you are out of control of the situation, it happened, she saw it, and she is gonna tell that to her friends, and you can’t do anything about it. At the same time, I was humiliated and the happiest person alive!


While this reader discovered absence makes the dick grow softer…

This happened a while ago, but I was in a long-distance relationship with a girl (chubby, Latina, huge tits, and an okay face)

I was a virgin at the time and was super excited to go see her and actually have sex for the first time. She lived about 800 miles away.

Well, of course, I was super insecure about my dick size, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, and it’s skinny too. She had asked me at one point to do the ‘toilet paper roll test’ and send her a Pic. Yeah, she was disappointed in the result, but it made me kinda horny thinking about it.

So I end up flying out to visit her for about a week, and I could not for my life get harder than barely a chubby, it was so fucking embarrassing, all this build-up to seeing her and I couldn’t even fuck her.

One night she was trying to blow me, and it was just not working. She ends up getting a fucking marker and drawing a frowny face on my dick. Oh my God, it was humiliating.

Well, to my surprise, about two days before I left, I finally got hard and could finally fuck her, woohoo! Nope, almost no reaction as I put it inside and fucked her, I think she felt bad and ended up faking an orgasm (she told me about this way later).

I ended up cumming and hopping in the shower, I walk into her room afterward to her fucking herself with her dildo (around 8 inches) and moaning and cumming while I stood there like a fucking loser.

The last night she took out a shoebox of random condoms that she said her friend gave her, and I saw a magnum sitting there. I ended up putting it on my dick, and we both laughed at how ridiculous it looked. She said it was her friend’s boyfriend’s condom.

Well, that ended up being a lie, because after I got home, her friend admitted to me that she had been fucking a guy that went to her school before I visited her. So, I literally put on a condom from a guy she was fucking while we laughed at how I didn’t fill it out. And it was a guy she had just been fucking less than a week before I came and visited. Obviously, we got into a fight about it, and she admitted it herself and that his cock was way bigger than mine, how I couldn’t make her cum at all and how she barely felt my dick.


This reader’s wife is starting to get into teasing him…

My wife and I have been together for 10 years, and I’m a bronze member of the small dick club and really thin. For the longest time, she would always say I have more than enough to satisfy her. I haven’t brought up the fact that I’m into SPH, just because life has had us so busy, we haven’t really had a lot of time to explore our sexuality lately. But I stopped getting so ‘offended’ when she would make comments, and I think it has driven her to step more boldly. She swears to me that she’s vanilla and doesn’t want to explore deep and dark fantasies, but I think she’s shifting into a more dominant role. It started with a few innocuous statements. She loves kielbasa (Polish heritage), and she held up a cooked sausage once and mentioned how nice it felt. I was surreptitiously aroused.

A few weeks later, she sent me a few TikTok’s of girls making fun of their significant other’s package. I brushed it off as her just being funny because we fuck around with each other a lot. Then the past week she’s really hammered it. She grew a garden this year, and she harvested her zucchini this week, and she walked into the kitchen where I was working on a fixture and said, “Look, even I can grow a bigger one,” and held up her zucchini to taunt me.

Unfortunately, our son was still awake and roaming around the house. Otherwise, I probably would have pounced her. Then tonight, she told me she was going to bed at exactly midnight. She told me this at 11:55 and said I had 5 minutes to get my little guy off. Well, I didn’t make it, she shoved me off her at exactly 12:00. I laid next to her, but she started to feel bad, so she finished me off.

I want to push the boundaries a bit, but every time in the past when I have, she shuts it down or ignores it. She is historically low libido, and I don’t want to ruin anything she may have found naturally on her own.


Another reader discovered his rock may never be climbed…

I’m 21 years old and a student at Colorado University, Denver. I’m involved with the rock-climbing club there, and one weekend a large group of people goes down to a climbing area in Southern Colorado to spend a night there. The first day we are there, we spend all day rock climbing. I am likely the best climber from the club. I am about 5’ 10” and 130 pounds, which makes me the perfect size for rock climbing. However, I’m also a silver member of the small dick club. Making me the perfect size to be wildly insecure and embarrassed. Eventually, we run into some people from CU Boulder. I start talking to some of the stronger climbers about climbing and such. They had a large alpine club trip this weekend. Eventually, the day ended, and we all went back to our campsites.

My group had maybe 15 or so people, and we all ate dinner, started a little fire, and started drinking. It was pretty mellow, we were just sitting around the fire talking, but we kept hearing CU boulder from across the road partying very loudly. Eventually, a few of the people from my group decided to head over to CU boulder and see what was up. The mellow (or insecure) people decided to stay around our humble campfire, and we talked politics, drank our beers slowly, and enjoyed the evening. However, the CU boulder group had only gotten louder, and our friends had yet to come back. So, we all decided that we would walk over to the campsite and see what was up.

From a distance, we could see that there were probably 40 or so people all standing around a massive bonfire. At first, I thought, ‘Wow, everyone has their shirts off,’ as I got closer, I realized, ‘Wow, everyone is only wearing underwear.’ Everyone was heavily drinking a massive bottle of Fireball was being passed around loud music was being played. There were even two guys completely naked. Both were very well endowed, easily 6 inches soft.

Our group, however, soberer and very stunned, decided that we couldn’t hang out with our clothes on, so we decided we would join the festivities and began to undress. I should preface, this was in February, so there was snow on the ground, and we were all wearing many layers. Seeing as it was winter, I did not expect to be seen in my underwear, so I did not plan accordingly. I was wearing a pair of Calvin Klein white briefs. A sexy pair of tight-fitting briefs that are meant to highlight my bulge (or lack there off). As many of you likely understand when wearing tight underwear, your bulge is just a little button poking straight out. When I’m soft at best, I’m about two inches. However, the temperatures were in the F20’s, snow was on the ground, and I was incredibly nervous that people would notice the tiny bulge. Consequently, I doubt it would measure much over an inch.

My group quickly intermingled with the group of our friends and the CU boulder friends. We had to catch up, so we drank a lot. The guys, I included starting jumping over the fire, or even wetting our shoes with mud and standing in the middle of it. Some of my close guy’s friends made comments on my underwear, and I played it off with a, “I like the support.”

There were quite a few attractive women around the campfire. The hottest one (in my opinion) came to my school. Her name was Lily, and she was probably 5’6, brunette, and very skinny. Her waist was super thin, and she had great abs, but holy shit did her hips pop. She may have the best ass I have ever seen, big and perky with a perfect shape. She was wearing a black thong that left just enough to the imagination that it was tantalizing. She had great perky tits, but her ass was really a gem.

The second hottest girl was from Boulder. Her name was Vail. She was probably around 5’3 and blond. She had a fantastic body with a perky c’s and a nice round ass. She was wearing black lacy panties and a Calvin Klein sports bra. There were several other hot girls there, but these are the only ones I really remember.

I kept staring at these two girls as it was hard not to, but I kept making eye contact with Vail. Eventually, I was checking her out, and when I made it up to her face, we locked eyes, and she smiled. This time I didn’t look away because she waved at me. Using some drunk confidence, I decide to go over and talk to her.

We start talking for a little while. I try to mention how good I am at climbing. Eventually, she says, “I think your undies are cute,” as she is eying up the tiny little nub.

I am hoping that she can’t tell how small it is, but of course, it was pretty obvious. Almost at once, after she said that, she comes really close to me and grabs my head and starts making out with me. I could not be more excited, but in not too long, her hand that was sitting on my hips starts playing with the waistband and getting closer and closer to my penis. Until she reaches all the way in and tries to grab my dick. Of course, she quickly had to change methods as she could only get two fingers around my barely one-inch nubbin.

Just as she grabs it, she yells out, “I knew it!”

Shocked, I say, “Knew what?” (Knowing the answer)

“I knew that you have the smallest dick in the whole world. How long is it? Take off your panties and show me.”

At first, I refused to take off my underwear and lied and said that it was six inches hard and that I am just a grower and its cold. But pretty quickly, other people started noticing what was going on. Two of Vail’s friends from Boulder had shown up. She was telling them how small it was. The three of them then circled me and started touching me all over while telling me to take off my underwear.

Eventually, one of them standing behind me yanks them down, exposing my little dick to the cold air. The girls started laughing as I try to pull my underwear back up but end up falling in the snow. Covering my dicklette in snow and making it shrivel even more. When I stood back up and got my underwear up, they were drenched, and you could see straight through them.

At this point, most people knew what was going on. The girl Lily with the amazing ass came over, saying, “Could tell your dick was small when I saw you in those little undies, but I didn’t realize how small.”

Vail and her friends eventually started chanting, “Take off your panties,” which quickly engulfed nearly everyone around the campfire.

The chant was intermingled with people yelling, “Show us your tiny dick, loser.”

I did not know what to do, so I pulled off my underwear to enormous applause and extreme laughter. I pleaded that it was just cold and that it got bigger, but no one believed me. Lily pulled one of the naked guys over to compare dicks, just to find out that my dick was smaller than the head of his penis alone.

Vail said, “He says it’s 6 inches when hard, so let’s see if he is telling the truth.”

She then continues to take off her shirt, exposing her perfect tits and reach down to tug on my little guy, as Lily is right next to us, stoking the guy’s big meaty dick. In doesn’t take long for me to get fully hard. She rubbed her ass against my dick. Some other girls even reach a finger in for assistance. In no time, I was at my full silver member length smaller than either of the guys while soft and less than half the other guy’s full eight-inch hard-on.

Vail compared all kinds of things to my dick, fingers, lighters, beer cans, phones, and brought the verdict back that I was lying about my size and that I indeed was not even close to 6 inches long. At this point, I was awfully close to cumming as my dick has not been touched in an awfully long time. I also was loving the humiliation. So, when Vail grabbed my dick to compare it to the fireball handle, I blew my load all over her and her hand and the handle. And quickly, it sunk back down to my pathetic soft size.

I never got my underwear back that night. I had to walk back to my tent, cold and humiliated. However, I was lucky that most of the people from my school were blackout drunk and hardly remember the events of that night. However, a few like Lily still giggles and looks down at my crotch every time I see her. Of course, then she whispers into everyone’s ear while looking at me until they start to giggle themselves.


While this reader Face Timed more than he wanted to…

One night I was Face Timing a friend. We’d been talking for an hour or so. It was getting late, I started getting ready for bed while still talking. I threw my phone on my bed, not taking notes to where it landed. I then started to get undressed. Once naked, I went to get clothes out of my closet. Unknown to me, I was in full view of my camera. My friend started to laugh and was confused but didn’t think much. Until she asked, “Is it cold in your room?”

I responded no, not knowing why she asked. Then I looked over at my phone to see she had a full view of me. We laughed, and I apologized. She was totally cool with it, so I went to make a joke saying it was like no dick she’s ever had before (she’s a major size queen).

To which she responded, “Yeah, I only take big dicks,” while laughing.


This reader is caught skinny dipping with his wife…

My wife and I went for a weekend by the see to get some rest. I swear to God, it was the hottest day of summer. We didn’t even bother to go out during the daytime. In the evening we went to a bar, but it was still hot. We had some drinks and had a great time. Before we even noticed it’s was after 3 AM, so we decided to take a long walk along with the see instead of taking an Uber to the hotel. There was a beach bar at the center outskirts, so we had a long island iced tea to fight the heat.

The way back was quite a walk. We’ve reached a nice unpopulated area and came across the construction site of the new hotel. It was almost finished and gated. I told my wife that we should just jump the fence instead of going back to the main road. This place was deserted anyway. We were pretty wasted. I remember that it took us like 10 min to get to the other side of the fence. It was really dark, but we continued to walk to get out of there.

In a pitch-black of the night, we found a brand-new swimming pool surprisingly with the water in it. My wife said that we should just jump in it. I really thought that it was a clever idea back then. The building was empty, quite far away. But then I realized that we were totally drunk and have no swimming suit. She just told me to not be a pussy. We’ll jump in naked and put the clothes back on when we’re done. It was so hot I couldn’t resist. Anyway, she was already undressing.

We had some fun in the water, and it was wild until it got really bad. We were screaming laughing, but a loud voice and a flashlight lights stopped our fun. There were two security guards standing right at the edge of the pool, telling us with quite an unfriendly tone to get out the water. I was trying to be polite, respectful, and apologetic. I said that we were really sorry for trespassing and we’ll be on our way as soon as they pass me my clothes.

One of them said something like, “Yeah, I’ll run and bring you a towel as well. I’m not touching your pants. Get out right now, or we’re calling the cops.”

We tried to protest, but there was no point. They weren’t taking any excuses. We knew we have to get out. I said, “Listen, guys, my wife is naked. I’ll pass her clothes.”

I had to man up and handle it. When I got out, they pointed their light at me and started laughing. They also made comments about freezing water. It took me 3 minutes to find her clothes, but I couldn’t find mine. I decided to take care of my wife first. As I helped her and pulled her up for the pool, I realized that she was completely drunk she could barely stand. I had to help her to put her clothes back on. All that time, they were pointing the flashlights at her.

Even though she had her dress on, it was all wet so they could see through it anyway. Surprisingly because of the alcohol, she wasn’t embarrassed at all. She was a little confused and shy, but I could tell it was more like a joke or funny station to her. I had to find my clothes and leave as soon as possible. I didn’t find this whole thing amusing at all. But the security guards were really amused. They had so much fun. I finally got dressed and helped my wife to leave.

One of them yelled, “Hey, leave her with us. She has no use for you, anyway.” When we were getting close to the fence, he yelled, “Wait, I’ll open the gate for you.”

They opened the gate, slowly looking at her wet dress. I don’t know, I should have been stressed but I on the other side it kind of turned me on. I called an Uber, and we got back to the hotel. The next day morning, my wife didn’t remember what happened, at least not entirely.

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