Husband and Lover are Introduced

By Midnightowl19.

Today is a super important day!

If all goes well, it’ll be a turning point in my life!

And I intend to make it perfect – totally perfect!

Today my boyfriend meets my husband!

This is so exciting! I cannot begin to count the times I’ve had to change panty liners because they were so drenched with my wetness flowing incessantly. For the past week, despite the constant throbbing and pulsation of my baby clitty, I’ve held back on pleasuring myself. I need to save myself for today.

Both my husband and my boyfriend know about today. We’ve been talking about it for the longest time. They’ve never met, yet they know about each other very well. My husband has watched me countless times pleasure myself to the most powerful orgasms with my boyfriend. My boyfriend knows very well that I love to watch my husband masturbate while I compare him to other men.

A small detail – no pun intended: both my boyfriend and my husband have been blessed with a lovely little tiny penis. I’ve talked it over with each of them, with Mother and my sisters, with my girlfriends and a few teammates. We’re all in agreement that it’s time they met. Only when I get them together, then I can start their proper small penis humiliation (SPH) ‘treatment.’ This is all so exciting!

Both my boyfriend and my husband have been prepared for the day. Each received a lengthy and detailed questionnaire specifically intended for men with a severe small penis complex. Both have confided in me their deepest fears, their most intimate inhibitions, their most secret fetishes. I will bring them all out into the open with their SPH treatment, take them public, show, and share them with other women that share the same: husbands with lovely little tiny penises.

Today my boyfriend meets my husband!

It is important that they do not meet until both have been prepared, and both are ready. My boyfriend has been assigned to my bedroom, my husband, to the guest room. Each will undress in the respective room. Completely. Nothing on. Clothes folded neatly. Await my call.

When I say so, each will walk out of the respective room and into my dressing closet. They will see each other for the first time. Totally naked. Both will immediately face the full-length mirrors in front—hands over their heads and legs slightly apart.

Both my boyfriend and my husband have been trained to look carefully every time they walk by a mirror. They’ve both been trained to stare in the mirror and notice time and again how really tiny each one’s penis really is.

Today my boyfriend meets my husband and sees that each has a lovely little tiny penis!

Both are throbbing in vain in midair. My husband’s pre-cum flow is incessant. Soon, my boyfriend, too, is dripping golden pre-cum.

I walk around them, admiring their bodies, their skin, and musculature, their poise in the face of what’s happening to them.

There will be no touching, of course, on their part. My boyfriend and my husband may not touch each other. Needless to say, they may not touch their own penises, either. Nothing. Just stand and let me watch. Let me savor the moment.

Let it last an eternity!

I pull up a chair and sit between them, facing them. My boyfriend is on my right – as he always is – and my husband to my left. Both their lovely little tiny penises are within easy reach, throbbing incessantly, engorged, veins bulging even for such a small size.

Lest I forget to mention, I will NOT be touching either one’s lovely little tiny penises.

The purpose of today is for my boyfriend and my husband to meet. Each to see the other firsthand. Each to see how happy they make me.

I want to see which of the two will show me first how much he loves me.

Who will be the first to show me?

My pussy lips are sloshing wet, my baby clitty is pounding away, my nipples are rock-hard and afire, seeing my boyfriend and my husband standing totally naked, side by side, their lovely little tiny penises throbbing in thin air in vain, for me!

I smile really pretty to them.

Gently, slowly, carefully living the moment I’ve been craving ever since my boyfriend started flirting with me, sending my husband into ballistic rages of jealousy.

Gently, slowly, carefully, I place my hands on their testicles—one hand on my boyfriend’s; the other on my husband’s.

Both moan.

There is no stopping now. I must continue. Without pause. Relentless. Deliberate.

Who will be the first to show me his love for me?

My hands fall into a rhythm. Fondling their testicles, one set in each hand. Fondling and rolling them in my hands. Separating and feeling each one. Spreading them and slamming them back together again.

My boyfriend winces: he’s never had the pleasures of intense testicle stimulation.

My husband winces, knowing what is yet to come.

Both sets of testicles feeling fuller, firmer, less mobile as they stretch out their scrotal sacs.

All along, I am admiring each one’s lovely little tiny penis, throbbing in vain, flowing pre-cum. Comparing, comparing, comparing each one to the other: small size, small diameter, foreskin or not, equally tiny pee holes so accessible and so vulnerable, boyfriend a tad bigger than my husband. Comparing and staring and admiring each one!

My boyfriend and my husband standing, legs slightly parted so I can reach well, hands over their heads. Their eyes are darting all over the place. They strain to peer into my cleavage. They stare at the mirror to see their lovely little tiny penises throbbing in thin air in vain, they see each other’s penis, just as lovely and little and tiny and desperate for my mouth.

My boyfriend and my husband are meeting for the first time.

I am making the most of their testicular desires.

Who will be the first to show me his love for me?

I know how to pace them. Every time I see one or the other’s tiny pee hole start to dilate a bit more, I change tempo and technique. Their testicles hold the key to their expression of joy.

My index finger slides a bit further back. My husband knows what may happen—a moan. My boyfriend doesn’t know. My husband’s moan gives him a hint. He too squirms a bit on his feet. My hands grip their testicles harder. Each tries to step back. My grip is firm. They have nowhere to go.

I look up and smile at them. So handsome, so virile, so erotic. Each so very ready to show me how he loves me.

I look past them. They do not know. They cannot see it. Standing at the doorway – and they do not know this – is my boyfriend’s cute wife. Straight and prim and proper (virgin when they got married), and with whom I’ve been having secret email conversations, she’s joined us today.

The boyfriend and husband do not know.

They do not know that she and I have been chatting.

They do not know that she’s known all along about his extra-marital affair with me.

They do not know that she’s here today.

They do not know that she’s watched everything.

They do not know that she’ll decide when their moment of truth will arrive.

They only know that a few more seconds of my intense testicular stimulation will certainly make their overloaded balls explode!

Who will be the first to show me his love for me?

I look at her.

She nods.

I smile.

She smiles and nods.

The moment of joy has arrived.

A firm, hard, unrelenting squeeze of each’s testicles, rolling and fondling them in my hands with no mercy whatsoever.

Within a split-second difference, both are showing me over and over and over and over again, how much he loves me!

My husband’s ejaculations are normally huge. Today, he’s overflowing like I’ve never seen any man of any size ejaculate!

My boyfriend, normally not a huge ejaculator, is actually putting on an admirable performance.

Both men show desperate signs of desire that I finish them off with my hands. Or in my mouth.

Not today.

Not for the first time they meet.

I let them continue until the last droplet drips out.

My hands moving softly on their testicles.

Patiently, I wait for them to go flaccid.

It was a superb performance.

Who would have known, who could have possibly guessed that such tiny penises could show such abundant, rich, thick, creamy love for me?

I am so proud of my boyfriend and my husband!

We will start their respective SPH treatments next month.

For now, I want to leave them together for a while. Let them talk and get to know each other better.

And now, I must excuse myself.

My boyfriend’s cute wife has never been with a woman before. Long ago, I had promised her I’d deflower her bisexually the day our husbands ejaculated together.

The day has finally arrived.

I will award her what a husband with a tiny penis is INCAPABLE of giving his very own wife: a massive, deep, whole-body orgasm!

We kiss lightly and walk away into my bedroom, arm in arm, laughing and kissing and laughing. Our husbands each let out one more, a tiny drop of ejaculate as we lock the bedroom door behind us.

A husband with a lovely little tiny penis is a treasure to enjoy.

Boyfriend-AND-husband: priceless!

Today my boyfriend and my husband met.

Today both of you tied in, showing me how much you love me!

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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