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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is caught short in a co-ed bathroom…

Long story short, we had a very disorganized high school. One department never knew what the other department was doing. I was a fairly normal kid, I guess. Not super popular, but definitely not unpopular either. I really liked acting, though, and got a decent role in the Highschool play (considering it was a musical and I couldn’t sing yet, that was considered impressive.

But back to the lack of organization, the girls changing room was in use by the women’s softball team, so boys and girls had to take turns in the men’s changing room (both changing rooms were probably even a little bigger than the classrooms) and just be in and out by certain times. Anyways, I am notorious for losing things, so when all the other guys had changed and were headed backstage, I was still in my underwear, looking for my costume, which I had stupidly put on the ground somewhere.

Anyways, I finally find my clothes in a corner by the door. I walk over to get them, thinking I’m all right now, but just as I’m about to pick them up, the door swings open, and my crush enters. Now mind you, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, so not great, but soft I am maybe an inch and a half. I guess she got curious because she took a quick glance down at my underwear, covered up a laugh, said, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” and ran out of the room as fast as she could.

The next day I passed two of her friends in the hallway and waved hello. One of them whispered in the other’s ear, the second girl said, “Oh my God,” and they both giggled.

About 5 years later, I actually had a pretty good afternoon with one of my crush’s friends when we met again through a mutual family friend. Nothing sexual, but we had a ton of fun together. When I headed home for the night, she made sure she was out of earshot of the others there and said, “For a guy with such a little dick, you’re really not that irritating.”

Somehow, I was able to get to a chair and sit down before I got too hard.


Another reader is told he doesn’t measure up…

So, this girl I’ve seen for a while and I were just hanging out and talking. She was on Instagram and showed me her best friends’ Instagram. She was incredibly hot, and the girl I was seeing mentioned that she’s always down for anything. I jokingly suggested that we should have a threesome then. She burst out laughing and said that her friend would laugh if she had to sleep with me. I asked her why and she looked at me with a ‘are you serious’ look and said, “She only fucks huge cocks, and yours is … like … small.”

Best day ever


This reader realizes his truth during sex-ed…

My realization moment came when I was in what barely passed for sex ed in my high school. Going to a quite conservative public school, sex-ed was something that was mandated to be taught. None of the teachers wanted anything to do with it, though. As such, whoever drew the short straw ended up showing a lot of videos. Some were roughly modern. Others were not. The particular segment that stuck with me was from a video played on the trope of ‘Your Changing Body, and You.’ In the radio narrator’s voice. The things that were addressed in the video were very straightforward, seemed to be things that both the boys and the girls in the class already had experienced. We all swiftly understood that this was an educational tool intended for a younger audience

My family was strict on internet use, and so the only porn I had ever encountered was an old stash of dirty magazines; as such, I had seen my share of naked women, but the only penis I had ever seen up to that point was my own. I never really got into discussions with my peers about these topics, either. The closest I had gotten to such a topic was when it was when the bigger sizes were used in a joking sense.

And then the video switched to a rough drawing of the male body. The voice-over talked about how ‘a boy grows to a man,’ and I mostly ignored it. But then it pulled in tight to a more detailed anatomical drawing of a penis. At that point, I thought it all looked fine. But then it started demonstrating the changes that would happen. It hit me: my normal was before any of these changes had happened. The voice talked about how the penis will grow. And I was sat in this dark room, realizing that mine never really did that. It only got worse when the visual aids were used to show an erection. It looked massive. I was almost surprised at how far the erection protruded from the body of the drawn model. And then, the video produced the measure and demonstrated the average length by measuring the demonstration penis.

I had never measured myself before, but I had a rough idea of what those dimensions looked like. I was floored at just how below average I was. I spent the rest of that class fixated on my penis. As soon as the class ended, I went to the bathroom to check. I realized while I was walking that all of this focus down there had gotten me hard. I looked down and realized that I could not tell through the uniform pants. That still did not stop me from hiding in a stall to investigate. At the time, I had no idea what I was expecting. I had never assumed that I was big, but I also never assumed that I was small until now. When I took my erection out, it confirmed that dread. I just could not shake the mental image of the ‘average’ from the video and how there was clearly a difference.

I spent the entire rest of the day, mentally comparing myself to everyone I saw. It did feel a little odd to be so fixated on such a private subject, but I could not help myself. Everyone was bigger than me, and now I knew it. I spent the rest of the day going around comparing myself to everyone I saw and always coming up ‘short.’ This went on for a few days.

I avoided actually measuring myself for a little while after that. I think that I did not want the actual number on the matter just to avoid that last little sense of it being real. Eventually, my curiosity did get the better of me, and I broke out the ruler. As it turns out, I am on the smaller size of being a silver member a little thin. But, knowing that there were people smaller than me gave me some relief in a dark schadenfreude. It was just nice to know that I was not totally alone. This also helped reframe my obsessive distraction at the time. I was still comparing myself to my peers, but they’re always was the little, “But maybe they are smaller than me…” that gave me a much-needed ego boost at the time.

It has been a few years since that experience. At that time, I feel that I have come to terms with my body. After a lot of thinking, I just had to decide that being small is not the end of the word. Part of this self-acceptance is due in no small part to the concept behind ‘what other choice do I have?’ I was not going to be getting any bigger, so I better make the most of it! I will say that I do not have any of the small penis horror stories that I have seen here. I am also glad that I did not.

I feel I would have turned out to be far harsher to myself if I had during that time of discovery and realization. In fact, my limited experience concerning tends to be neutral or even positive. So that might mean that my overall experience is a bit rose-tinted by comparison. I do have fantasies about those more embarrassing experience. Especially now that I have come to terms with myself and can safely explore them.


Another reader is caught with his pants down…

I spent a few years working a convention circuit when I was about 20. It involved a lot of travel and staying in a lot of hotel rooms all over the US. Unless you were traveling with your spouse (which was fairly uncommon), you were sharing a room with a same-sex coworker. At this particular stop, I was sharing a room with a man named Kyle, who I learned later had recently started dating a woman I worked with named Jackie.

Jackie was a rail-thin woman in her late 40s with long red hair down to her ass, and was essentially our ‘team mom.’ She always made sure everybody got their breaks, had plenty of water, double-checked all the inventory, etc. It was the end of a long week, and we were meeting up for a staff dinner at 8 PM. Kyle had left to go meet up with the others (and most likely get in a few early drinks), so I was left to my own devices.

I needed a shower after loading up the truck at the end of the weekend, so I stripped down and took a shower. I hadn’t bothered to close the bathroom door completely as far as I knew, Kyle wasn’t coming back anytime soon, and no one else had a room key. I finished taking my shower, threw my towel on the counter, and began styling my hair when the door suddenly opened. On reflex, I turned to face the door, and Jackie was standing in the doorway.

I froze for a second (it felt much longer) before I grabbed my towel and covered up my flaccid little penis. I could tell by the smirk on her face that she had gotten an eyeful. “Oh! I’m sorry! I thought you were Kyle.”

I told her that Kyle had already gone down to the hotel bar to meet someone else we worked with for drinks before dinner.

“Okay, thanks. I’ll see you at dinner,” she said as she pulled the door closed.

I later found out that Kyle had given her a copy of our room key (as they were more than likely sneaking away during the day to have sex in the hotel room). I don’t know if she ever told anybody, but Jackie wasn’t the type of woman who would share about seeing anybody naked.


While this reader’s mom catches him in a state of undress…

For context, my penis is barely an inch soft, and I don’t trim my pubes, meaning it kind of gets lost in the jungle.

When she walked in on me, getting changed, she apologized and left. I noticed a slight smirk appear on her lips. After I pulled my pants up, I told her she could come in.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t see anything. The little fella was well hidden, I’ll give him that…”


This reader bumps into his ex at the pool…

As I rounded the corner in the pool changerooms dressed in nothing but a towel, I bumped into somebody and dropped my towel! I noticed that they dropped theirs too, and soon after that, I realized it was my ex-girlfriend Kaylie! Why would she be at the pool? I hadn’t seen her since she dumped me for a basketball player earlier this year.

Anyways, Immediately I stared at her body and became erect within milliseconds. I stared at her large, perky tits that I had once lost my dick in between, I saw her narrow waist, her sexy legs and her clean-shaven pussy. I remembered the few times we had sex, and those few seconds at a time, my tiny penis could last inside of it. I remember her laughing at me as I prematurely came inside of her, or on her tits.

“Oh my God,” she exclaimed, taking me out of my fantasies with her tits fully on display, she drew me right back in with her next words.

The next events happened for me in slow motion:

She pointed at my cock with her right hand and covered her mouth with her left, although she didn’t try to suppress her laughter at all. She looked down at my throbbing erection, as hard as it had ever been, and between laughter asked me, “Did it get SMALLER?”

She continued to laugh as my knees buckled, and I started breathing faster. I was overwhelmed by seeing my ex naked, her laughter, and her comment about my penis. The shame and eroticism of disappointing the shit out of her in bed began to overtake my brain, and before I knew it, I had reached the point of no return. Hands-free. In front of my ex-girlfriend.

I looked up from her tits and made eye contact with her right before I started cumming. I could tell by the recognition in her face that she knew what was about to happen. I heard her laughter continue as wave after wave of my premature cum was spilled all over the co-ed locker room.


SDC member bambiegirl tells us…

I was in the US Navy in my mid-twenties. I came home on a month’s leave changing duty stations. One day sitting on my stoop, I saw an old neighbor girl walking down the street. She saw me and came over, and we started to chat. It’s been over ten years since I saw her, and she looked really great. We talked for over two hours, and she missed her appointment. She had to go, and we said we will surely meet again before the end of the month. That didn’t happen.

So, I wrote to her while I was at sea. Our letters were getting more and more personal, and we actually fell in love through our writing. A year went by, and we planned on seeing each other by her flying down to my home base. As we were making out, she felt my crotch and knew I was hard. We were in different stages of undress. She in bra and panties and me in white briefs, navy issue. As we laid in each other arms, we talked, and I found out she was a virgin, although she had two boyfriends, she never had intercourse but did give blowjobs. Of course, she knew I had five dates with females, never had sex with them, nor a second date with any of them. I did not tell her why, just that it did not work out.

She started pulling down my undies, and I was very nervous. My dick popped over the waistband, and she looked and said, “Wow. That must be seven inches.”

I laughed and said, “No, it’s not.”

She said, “Oh, I think it is. It’s smaller than my last boyfriend, and he was nine inches.”

I insisted it was not even close to seven inches, so she told me to get a ruler. All I had was a six-inch ruler, which was more than enough anyway. I handed the ruler to her, and by this time, I went completely soft. She measured it and said, “Oh, it’s soft; it barely measures an inch. Let’s get it hard.”

In fact, it started that on its own, but she played with it until it got fully hard. “That can’t be right,” she said. “It’s [a gold member of the small dick club].”

I said, “That is the right measurement. I told you it wasn’t seven inches.”

She frowned, “I always wanted to lose my virginity with a big cock. Guess it is not going to happen. Does your little thing even work?”

I got a funny thrill in my body from her humiliating question. I liked it. We were about to start, and the doorbell rang. I put on shorts and went to the door. It was friends who wanted to say goodbye to Rose since this was her last night. They stayed late, she was too tired when they left and went to bed. I ended up jerking off in the shower. Early the next morning, I took her to the airport.

We planned to elope before I went back to the sea. So, two months later she came back, I took her to the JP, we eloped and then went to the Poconos for our short honeymoon. Finally, we’re going to fuck. I was so excited to finally touch a real pussy. As I laid on top of her, ready to insert, I came early. I was so surprised; I didn’t know what to say. She was pissed.

She told me that we are going to fuck one way or another. She took out some toys from her suitcase. She compared her vibrator to my cock. “This is the size I wanted on my husband. Not that little thing you got. Now get hard again and fuck me. This time you cum when I say.”

I was so nervous and excited. I got on top of her, and we fucked. I kept slipping out, and she told me to keep putting it back in. She was wild under me as long as I held on and kept my dick inside of her. I didn’t want to thrust as I would slip out. So, I held on as if riding a bronco. She was cumming and bucking and screaming, and I couldn’t hold back anymore that I shot my load.

A few minutes later, she yelled, “Now, you can cum.”

So, I pretended I was cumming, but I already did. She was happy. I rolled off and told her it was great. Then she had me eat her pussy. I was eager to do that. The first time I ate a pussy and filled with my load. I’ve actually eaten cum before; mine and friends of mine. So, I’m used to the taste. Eating pussy was all new to me and lots of fun. She had three orgasms on my face.

She said, “Good thing, at least you’re good with your tongue. It’s funny that your tongue is longer than your cock.”

I got hard all over again.

Life continued like this for our first year together, except she continued coming more and more orally, and we had less and less intercourse. My orgasms were controlled by her jerking me off once in a while. I did jerk off in the shower until she caught me one time. And I got yelled at and belittled for being selfish. She made fun of my little dick that doesn’t please her, and yet I want to please myself. She won’t allow it. I can only enjoy sex when I am with her, so I never jerked off again without her present.

We are now at the restaurant celebrating our first-year anniversary. My parents, her parents, my three sisters and their husbands, Rose’s two sisters, were all present. We sat at a long table: I was at the end facing my mother in law, Rose next to me, facing my mother. Next to my mom were my three sisters, and they were facing Rose’s sisters. The men were at the end of the table, watching the various sports TVs and talking manly talks. Since I don’t hunt, fish, camp, or play sports, my dad prefers I sit with the ladies as he considers me one of them.

Right after the toast, which my dad gave, saying congratulations and hoping that it is time for a grandbaby to come from us, we all drank. The girls laughed after my dad’s toast; they know the sex troubles we are having. My mother in law said, “So what about a baby? Are you two trying to get pregnant?

Me: yes, we are.

MIL: So, what is the problem?

Rose: Well, we just went to the OB/GYN two weeks ago to find out what the problem could be. One thing I know is that (and she said this out loud, I could have sworn the whole restaurant heard) his equipment is so small I don’t think it reaches.

My sisters and her sisters are laughing since they already heard this before. My mom puts her head down, shaking it in disappointment.

Rose: The doctor had him take a sperm test, and he does have strong sperm. When she checked me out, she said that my hymen is still intact and asked if we were having sex. I told her we were having sex several times a week, but I believe he is NOT long enough. So, she checked him out.

Doctor: As I was sitting there after that physical exam, she measured me, she said, “your husband is unusually small in length. I took measurements, soft and hard, and he is on the very end of the small scale. Well, bellow normal. She classified him with a micropenis.

Mom groaned, the girls laughed out loud, Mother in law apologized to her daughter, the men stopped watching TV and saw them laughing.

Dad: Maybe you need some help with a real man.

Rose: Yells to dad: He falls out all the time, he shoots even before he is in, he didn’t even reach my hymen.

Mom: The doctor told me this at one of his baby checkups. He did say it might grow at puberty but not probable.

Dad: Yes, it was definitely a baby checkup. The guys roared with laughter.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I got up and went to the men’s room, sat on the toilet and jerked off. I didn’t realize that two of my brothers-in-law were at the urinals. I heard them talking, saying that my sisters told them a long time ago, my dad knew I was a cocksucker faggot and not a man. The girls think he should have been raised as a girl. One of them said I wouldn’t mind fucking Rose, she is hot. Without the folks knowing, I can get her pregnant, and everyone will be happy except the poor sissy boy.

They left, and I just sat there, not knowing what to do. Finally, I went back to the table. Everyone was quiet and eating. I sat down, and there was a fruity salad at my spot. Rose said, “we ordered you a healthy meal since you weren’t here to order. I ate the salad. Then entrees came out. The men all got steaks, even some of the girls. Rose got her favorite eggplant parma, I got a quiche slice with some fruit. I looked at her. She smiled.

DAD: Hey, real men don’t eat quiche. So, there you go.

Lots more laughter. When it was time for after-dinner drinks, Dad ordered everyone wine, but said, except the one all the way down. Give her a Shirley temple. The waitress asked, “the last person at the end?

DAD: Yes, her, thank you. The waitress looked at me, and I waved acknowledgment that he meant me.

On the way home, Rose talked about the dinner saying she really enjoyed the whole event. I asked her, “even the parts where I was humiliated.

Rose: Oh, honey, why be humiliated? Before you met me, you sucked lots of cock, girls didn’t go out with you on second dates after they realized you have no dick, your sisters and their husbands, including your parents, all know you are a sissy girl. Heck, your sisters used to dress you up as a girl. They showed me pictures. So, it’s all true. No one was surprised. Even my sisters know you are small because I told them after our honeymoon and that you are quickdraw.

Rose: Oh, and Frankie asked me if we want to use his services to get pregnant.

Me: what services?

Rose: His 9-inch cock.

Me: Rose, really, you would let another man fuck you?

Rose: Well, it WOULD be the first time to be fucked by a MAN!

Me: What are you saying?

Rose: Honey, I love you, but I need to get satisfied sometimes with more than your tongue and toys. I want to feel what a real man feels like in me. If you don’t want Frankie, we can find someone else. But you know Frankie and your sister have an open marriage, so they are okay with it. In fact, your sister likes it better, knowing he is fucking in the family.

And I’m not asking your permission, I’m telling you that I already said yes. He is coming over next week while you are on the night shift, right after you leave at 5 PM. If things go well, he’ll probably be in bed when you get home at 7 AM. If he is, make us breakfast.

Me: But… but….

Rose: Frankie and Tom told me that when you were in the bathroom, they heard you jerking off in the toilet. You know you are not allowed to cum without me present. And you know that if I caught you again, you would be punished. Consider this your punishment. Not that I’m just fucking him; your punishment is that you are now my cuckold, and I’ll fuck anyone I want.

Next week:

As I’m getting ready to leave for work, the doorbell rings. I open it, and it’s Frankie.

Frankie: Hey, Hi. I figured I come early like you always do. (Laughs!)

Me: Very funny, come on in. I’m getting ready to leave for work. Hope this all works out.

Frankie: Well, I know we will enjoy it. Thanks for letting me in, so to speak. (Laughs again.)

I let him in. Rose comes out, and she embraces Frankie. They are already kissing and swapping tongue. I said, I guess I’ll leave.

Rose: Okay, have a good night. Don’t bother calling because we will be busy. I didn’t pack your lunch. Figure that should be your new job. In fact, you will be getting more jobs around here to do. We will discuss that tomorrow. Bye

And she goes back to making out with Frankie. Her hands are on his crotch and his on her ass. I left with my hardon.


This reader has a moment to remember…

We were drunk, and I told her I was small. She didn’t believe me, so I offered to prove it.

When she saw it, she burst out laughing.

Best experience of my life!

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