Language Barrier

By fantaseeboy.

Blind dates have always been frightening, but I somehow let a friend of a friend set me up on one. According to that friend, the girl I’d be seeing, Carmen, liked my ‘type’ and preferred skinny, little white boys. From what I’d been told, we’d make the perfect couple.

Everything had been arranged through that friend. When I asked how I should dress for the date, I was told to wear something casual. After digging through my closet and dresser, I chose to wear little white tennis shoes, cute khaki shorts, and a loose-fitting white top. I have always thought I looked best in white. Being as pale as I am, white makes me look like I have a little color.

The knock on my door was very firm. So much so that I jumped when I heard it. As I opened my door, I looked up and immediately knew Carmen was a bad girl. She was very tall, looked strong, and confident. She was wearing black leather boots, jeans, and a sleeveless shirt. The muscles in her arms and across her shoulders were impossible to miss. I could see the definition of her muscles through her jeans. Her jet-black hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. Her face had strong features, which made her pretty, in a scary sort of way.

It took only a few seconds to learn we had a major language barrier. I spoke zero Spanish, and she spoke an equal amount of English. Grinning down at me, she acted out eating with her hands. Biting my lower lip, I quickly decided there was no reason not to join her for dinner. After nodding my head in reply, she offered me her hand, and I took it. We left my apartment hand-in-hand and made our way to the parking lot.

She guided me to the nicest car in the entire lot. Having never been a car-guy, I surprised myself when I recognized the hood ornament as being a Mercedes-Benz. I giggled and gave her two thumbs-up. She smiled at me while opening the passenger’s door. As I slipped into her car, she gently patted my bottom with hand. I shivered and felt my penis tingle from the unexpected contact.

We obviously didn’t talk during the drive. We sat together in her super nice car, and I tried not to look too impressed. But I was enjoying being seen in it. I felt like royalty!

Carmen took me to a Mexican restaurant I’d never been to before. After we’d been seated, she waved away the menus and ordered for both of us, in Spanish, of course. I sat beside her, feeling a little uncomfortable, not understanding anything that was being said around me. While we waited for our meal to be delivered, I got her attention and acted out washing my hands. She nodded her head and scooted out of the booth. Instead of pointing me in the direction of the restrooms, she took my hand and walked with me. The restrooms were down a short hallway, the boy’s room was at the far end of the hall, but Carmen stopped at the girl’s room. I bit my lower lip and pointed to the boy’s room. She had a flat expression on her face when she shook her head and opened the door to the girl’s room.

Nervously, I did as was expected of me and walked into the girl’s room. Thankfully there wasn’t anyone else in there. After washing my hands and drying them, I played with my hair a little. When I was finished, I stepped back into the hallway and found Carmen waiting for me with a satisfied grin on her face. She backed me against the wall near the door to the girl’s bathroom. Looking up into her deep brown eyes, I bit my lip while she leaned down. When her lips met mine, her tongue immediately slipped between my lips while her strong arms circled my waist and pulled me close to her. She really kissed me. My toes curled in my shoes, and I felt like I was floating right there in the restaurant!

The kiss ended as suddenly as it had begun. And all too soon, I found myself back in our booth sitting beside my date. While we waited for our waitress, Carmen took hold of my wrist and guided my hand to rest on her strong, thick thigh. Nervously looking up into her eyes, she leaned down and kissed me again while my hand continued to rest gingerly on her thigh.

The meal itself was a bit of a blur. My little penis was very stiff in my underpants. I’d never been treated in the way Carmen was treating me. And I loved it. I loved that she opened doors for me. I loved that she held my hand. I loved that she had me use the girl’s restroom! Everything she’d done since she’d picked me up made me feel delicate and special.

After Carmen had paid for our meal, she guided me back toward her car while holding my hand. Before opening my door, she backed me against her car and kissed me again. This time, she pressed her powerful leg between mine. With her arms holding me close and my arms looped around her neck, I ground and humped myself against her leg. Her kisses were quickly becoming addictive. The way her tongue slipped and slid against my tongue and teeth was extremely exciting and made me squirm!

All too suddenly, she broke the kiss off and stepped away from me. She whispered something I couldn’t understand. Having no idea what she said, I politely nodded my head and smiled. Carmen helped me into her car before climbing into the driver’s seat. We left the parking lot in the opposite direction of my apartment. I was happy she wasn’t going to take me home so soon. Even without being able to verbally communicate, I was enjoying my time with her. As we drove along, she reached out and took hold of my wrist, laying on my hand on her thigh once again. I scooted close the center console and left my hand where she had placed it, halfway between her knee and her hip.

She drove us to a rough-looking neighborhood, the sort of place I would never, ever dream of going on my own. But with Carmen, I somehow felt safe. I’d met her just a few hours before, and we’d been unable to understand a single word we said to each other, but I just knew she would protect me if the need arose.

When she stopped in front of a rundown looking house and turned off the car, I was a little nervous, and I’m sure she could tell. She said something in a calm voice before climbing out of the car and then helping me out onto the sidewalk. Holding my hand, she took me inside, and I found it was a small gathering of her friends. Everyone was Hispanic and looked just as tough as my date. I was the only white person, and I didn’t hear anyone speaking English. I’d never felt so out of place before!

Carmen laid her hand on my lower back, guided me through the room while greeting a few people. She sat down on a couch and pulled me onto her lap. People weren’t even trying to hide that they were staring at me, perched on her lap. Carmen’s hand wandered over my pale body while she spoke with an older man sitting next to us. Her fondling only seemed to attract more attention. The man we were sitting beside looked at me but never spoke to me, at least I didn’t think he did.

Carmen’s gentle touch and teasing worked me into a horny frenzy. I was soon squirming around on her lap. Before things got out of hand in front of all those people, I was rescued by a cute, younger, Latina girl. She was all smiles when she took my hand and led me to the kitchen. When we were alone, I learned she spoke English. She introduced herself as Esperanza and told me I was the first boy Carmen had ever brought to meet that group of people. She went on to tell me that Carmen has always liked feminine boys. Esperanza laid her fingers against my cheek and told me I was very cute and that I was perfect for Carmen.

I blushed and whispered, “Thank you.”

Esperanza looked around to be sure we were alone before speaking in a very soft voice, “Do you know who Carmen is?”

I shook my head, looking completely confused.

She continued to speak in that quiet tone, “Let’s just say she is a very important woman.”

I just looked at her, not understanding what she meant.

Esperanza looked around again to be sure no one was listening before whispering, “She has connections.”

A pair of loud women walked into the kitchen just then and stopped to stare at me. Feeling extremely uncomfortable under their scrutiny, Esperanza and I moved back to the living room. As we turned the corner, I saw the man sitting next to Carmen had a girl sitting on the floor between his legs. Letting go of Esperanza’s hand, I followed the other girl’s lead and sat on the floor between Carmen’s legs.

Looking over my shoulder at Carmen, she smiled and made a motion with her hand, she rotated her index finger. It was obvious she wanted me to turn around. I blushed while I rose on my knees and turned to face her. Reaching out, Carmen took my hands and laid them on the inside of her thighs. The room had fallen silent. Turning my head, I found everyone was looking at me. Carmen reached out and touched the underside of my chin with her finger, guiding my line of sight back to her. She was smiling proudly. Kneeling on the floor while sliding my hands up and down her thighs, I could feel the heat of her arousal beneath my fingers. Her breathing became heavier, and I couldn’t miss her nipples stiffening beneath her top.

Not knowing anyone in the room and being unable to understand anything that was being said around me, helped me to deal with the situation. My little penis was throbbing in my underpants. I know my face was flushed. Until that night, I’d never experienced a public display of affection. But she’d kissed me twice in the restaurant, again in the parking lot. Even more, I shamelessly humped myself against her leg. And now I knelt on the floor between my date’s legs caressing her thighs with a room full of people watching!

Carmen glanced at the man sitting next to her. She said something before taking hold of one of my hands and standing up. The room was quiet when she pulled me to my feet and led me down a hall with her hand on my lower back. As we left the room, it sounded like everyone started talking all at once.

She guided me into a bedroom. After closing the door behind us, she took me in her arms and kissed me. Backing me against the door, she pressed her leg between mine, and I began to shamelessly hump myself onto her powerful thigh again. She placed her hands on my hips and kissed me long and hard. I was squirming on her leg with my arms looped around her neck.

I was wildly aroused and hoped I wasn’t leaking so bad that it would show through to my shorts.

When she removed her leg from between mine, I was left gasping against the door. I watched as she crossed the room to the bed. While looking into my eyes, she kicked off her boots, undid her jeans, and lowered them down her legs with her panties. Her bushy, jet black pubic hair was a huge triangle above her sex. The definition of her leg muscles was even more apparent when not covered with denim. She left her jeans and panties on one leg while sitting on the very edge of the bed. She spread her legs wide, wagged her finger at me and pointed to the swollen and parted lips of her pussy while puckering her lips.

My little penis was terribly excited and throbbing in my shorts, but it was going to have to wait. Crossing the room on my tiptoes, I knelt between her thighs and was met by the unmistakable scent of her arousal. Leaning forward, I placed a gentle kiss on either side of her stiff, nub of a clit.

Leaning back on the one hand, she used the fingers of the other hand to slide through my hair. She kept my face pulled in close to her sex. After laying my hands on her thighs, I licked up and down along the insides of her lips. Not wanting to rush it, I took my time, kissing and licking her lips until she’d peeled open like a flower. Even then, I concentrated on the soft, warm flesh of her lips.

Using the tip of my tongue, I licked slow circles around her stiff little clit. She moaned softly and spoke words I couldn’t understand while her fingers caressed my scalp. Laying my tongue flat, I began lapping over her clit like a kitten at a bowl of milk. Still not rushing, taking my time, sliding my tongue over her stiff button. Feeling her legs flex and move closer to my head. When my jaw grew tired, I placed gentle kisses around her clit until I was ready to begin gently lapping at it once more.

Puckering my lips, I gently sucked her clit into my mouth and then let it slip out. Her body shivered, and I knew she was getting closer. She soon laid back on the bed, so she could hold my head in place with both hands. She crossed her legs over my shoulders and behind my back. I looped my arms over her legs and held on tight. With her thighs clamped against the sides of my head, I couldn’t hear anything, but I had a feeling she was moaning and trying to tell me something. I was repeatedly sucking her clit into my mouth, letting it slip out and then licking over it with my tongue before starting over again.

When her clit throbbed on my tongue, her thighs squeezed my head, and her hands pulled me in tight against her sex. Everything my tongue and lips touched began to spasm and twitch. I kept sucking, licking, and kissing again at the same pace, knowing that was what she needed. Her orgasm was long and intense. Her body was bucking on the bed, and even with my hearing muffled, I could hear and feel her moaning.

I never changed the pace of my actions until she released my head and fell back on the bed. Her legs relaxed and fell from my shoulders. She lay there mumbling something, and I knew I’d done well. I eased up and slowed down on my attentions. Completely avoiding her now sensitive clit, I placed gentle kisses along the sides of her lips while she recovered from her orgasm. While her breathing was returning to normal, I began kissing my way down the insides of her thighs toward her knees.

When she sat up and looked at me still kneeling on the floor between her thighs, the expression on her face was of sheer satisfaction and happiness. I smiled up at her before nibbling on my plump lower lip. Without saying a word, she had me scoot back so she could pull her panties and pants back up. I knelt on the floor with a very stiff penis throbbing in my little khaki shorts, watching her pull her boots back on. When she was done, she stood up from the bed and offered me her hands. After helping me to stand, she looked down at the petite bump my erection was making and grinned.

I pulled back on her hand when she reached for the door. My face was glistening with her juices, and my penis was so stiff! She smiled, leaned in, and kissed my forehead. She then opened the door and pulled me with her. I tried to wipe my face clean with my free hand, but I’m sure I wasn’t very successful. She led me down the hall into the room full of people we’d left behind earlier.

The room fell silent when we joined them. I covered the small bump of my erection with one hand while Carmen kept hold of my other. Everyone had to have known what we’d been up too! My date made an announcement, and the group all started talking loudly and smiling. She motioned with her hands for everyone to calm down. As the excitement of the moment passed, she squeezed my hand protectively, waved, and spoke to the crowd before guiding me to the door.

During the drive back to my apartment, she had me keep my hand on her thigh and rested her hand on top of mine. We drove along in silence. No words were needed. I’d eaten her to orgasm in a stranger’s house filled with strangers. Her flavor remained on my lips, and her scent filled my nose. My penis was desperate for attention, and I couldn’t remember ever being so horny!

When Carmen parked her car in the lot outside of my apartment, I waited until she walked around the car and let me out. Taking my hand in hers, I swung my legs out onto the pavement, and she helped me stand before walking me to my door. Before I slipped the key into the lock, she backed me against my door, whispered some Spanish words, and then kissed me. Another wildly passionate kiss that had me moaning into her mouth.

Her wide thigh found its way back between my skinny legs. While still kissing me, she raised her knee until I was balancing on my tiptoes while shamelessly grinding myself against her leg. Her arms circled my waist while mine looped around her neck. The kiss was so erotic, and I’d been so horny all night, my orgasm came on quickly. Right there in the hallway outside of my apartment, I ground myself against her firm leg and moaned loudly as my little penis squirted in my underpants.

Over and over, it squirted out more of my cream. My body spasmed and twitched. I made high-pitched squeaky noises each time my penis squirted. And the entire time, Carmen kissed me and held me in her strong arms. She continued to hold me and kiss me until my orgasm had finished, and I’d returned from cloud nine. The warm, gooey mess left in my underpants was oddly comforting.

She kissed my lips one last time before slowly lowering her knee so I could stand on my feet once again. There was a large moist spot on my shorts, and I’d left a damp spot on the leg of her jeans too. We both noticed it at the same time. She smiled at me and shook her head, indicating it didn’t matter. Taking the key from my hand, she opened my door before handing it back to me. Looking up into her brown eyes, I popped up on my tiptoes and kissed her quickly before spinning around. As I stepped into my apartment, she patted my bottom with her open palm.

When I turned, she was standing outside of the threshold. I waved my hand, trying to invite her inside. She shook her head and pointed over her shoulder with her thumb. Biting my lower lip, I was trying to think of a way to tell her I wanted to see her again. She leaned into my apartment and kissed my lips gently one last time before turning and walking down the hall.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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