Men vs Women Strip Trivia

By Whiskeyandbeer5754.

“Well, that was disappointing.”

“Oh, come on! You really hated that?” My girlfriend at the time, Christine, had never seen Star Wars. I felt that needed to be rectified immediately.

“Yes, it was stupid! I didn’t understand half of what was going on!”

I wanted to tell her that it was probably because she had her face buried in her phone the entire time. We’d had a number of fights about her texting and social media when we were together. I had given up trying to argue the point.

The truth was we weren’t compatible, and not just by a small amount. She hated sports, most of my favorite movies, and had crazy religious beliefs I didn’t share.

I mean, she had already tried to get me to convert to Catholicism. I’m Jewish. Not happening.

So why was I still with her? It was a great question. I guess it was because Christine was the first girl I had been with, in any way, and I mean ‘any’ way. I couldn’t get girls to go out with me in high school to save my life. I joked with my friends that I could have been carrying wads of cash, and it still wouldn’t happen.

I never had a good answer for why this was. It certainly wasn’t for lack of effort. I guess I was too much the nice guy. I either had a knack for asking out girls who were already taken or who were more interested in party types. I would much rather watch a ballgame or play Madden than go to a bar, either at that time or today.

Frankly, Christine was the first girl that didn’t tell me, no, and I clung to her because of that for way too long.

Of course, if I hadn’t, I would never have met my wonderful wife, Andrea, but we’ll get to that.

I was a sophomore at the University, and Christine was a freshman. We met by happenstance in the cafeteria. She was waiting in front of us in line, and my friend Chris overheard her make a comment that was she was looking for a “nice guy” after dumping her “borderline abuser” boyfriend. He had elbowed me and indicated in front of us. We then heard her tell her friend about her plans to Disney World with her family later that month. It so happened that Chris and I had just gone that summer with a few of our other friends.

“You know you should make sure to catch the illuminations show at Epcot. It’s spectacular,” I blurted out.

We spent the next two hours talking all things, Disney. She was flirty with me in a way girls never had been before. I was hooked. She wasn’t exactly a 10, but she wasn’t unattractive either by any means, and that was more than good for me given my history or lack thereof.

Things were great for a month or two. She wouldn’t let me go very far with her for religious reasons, but she was always happy to take care of me, which I greatly appreciated. It was the first time anyone besides me had touched my penis, and I simply loved that a girl was doing it. I did love playing with her terrific 34C breasts, but that’s as far as she ever let me go.

I actually realized fairly quickly that there wasn’t going to be a future, but what can I say, I was a college guy who didn’t want to give up access I’d spent my entire life to that point looking for.

My friends thought I should move on. They kept telling me so. I almost let them convince me a week prior.

I am forever grateful that I ignored their advice.

Getting back to the aftermath of when we saw Star Wars, I was about to throw her a bone and offer up “Sweet Home Alabama” or something similar when she showed me an email on her phone.

“Ooh, check this out! We can still make it!”

I looked at the screen and couldn’t believe what I was looking at.



Admission: $35/person

One man and one woman will be randomly selected to face off in strip trivia. Contestants will rotate questions from audience selected categories. For every 500 points, the opponent loses an article of clothing. Questions will vary in difficulty with different point values.

The contestants aren’t just playing for themselves, they’re playing for their entire sex! The first one who gets naked, all men or women, depending on the contestant, must also get naked and remain so for the evening! We will lock the doors, and no one leaves until 2 AM!

Rules: Students only, no faculty. No touching allowed without permission. No one leaves early. We will make sure the contestants’ articles of clothing are even. This is supposed to be light and fun!

“What do you think? I think we should do it!” Christine said enthusiastically.

A million thoughts went through my head. What if the guy lost? Would I have to be naked in front of any girls from my classes?

I had, of course, been naked for Christine, but I was always aroused when I was. She’d told me she’d had two boyfriends prior to me and said while I didn’t compare favorably to them, my size was still ‘good,’ though I thought she might be humoring me.

She had never seen my regular state. Not that I ever paid any attention in the locker room, but I was sure I had nothing to write home about there.

I won’t lie, the idea of being naked in front of a bunch of girls without arousal terrified me. I had always fantasied about it, but it suddenly seemed very different in reality.

Then again, I was in college, and once I thought about what might happen if the guy won, I couldn’t stop picturing an evening with numerous sexy college coeds. Maybe I would get to see some of the hotties from my classes!

Once I thought about that, there was no way we weren’t going.

“Sounds great, let’s do it!” I remember hoping I had shown a proper amount of enthusiasm.

“Great because I already texted Tracy and Mary. They’re going to join us.”

I didn’t really get along with either of them, but I couldn’t say I wouldn’t be interested in seeing them naked, Mary especially.

I was surprised at how packed the place was when we got there. There had to be several hundred people. We met Christine’s friends and all signed in. Until then, it hadn’t really occurred to me that we could be contestants, but it seemed the odds were slim.

We were each given a buzzer type device that had six buttons. “Everything will be explained,” we were told.

There was some early mingling, but I was never one for really engaging people I didn’t know. I certainly noticed there were a number of very pretty women. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to imagine possibilities.

“All right, everyone gather around, please!”

In the center of the room, there was a guy who looked big enough to play an offensive line and a girl who couldn’t be more than 5’0″ and 100 pounds. Her big rack looked out of proportion to her size. It was the girl who was speaking.

“Welcome to our annual event!” She shouted to applause. “This is always our biggest joint fundraiser between our two organizations.”

She continued talking, but I hadn’t realized this was an annual event. It showed the lack of circles I ran in, I suppose.

“Girls, if you’re selected items are socks, shirt, pants, bra, and panties. Socks count as one item.” That got my attention for sure.

“And for our gentleman who is selected,” the guy spoke for the first time. “We’ll count your belt, or if you don’t have one, socks can count as two. No over-layers.”

“We’ll have six categories,” the girl spoke again. “Five questions each ranging between 100 to 500 points and increasing in difficulty. 500 points lose a piece of clothing for your opponent.”

“You’ve each been given a device,” the guy said. “Every question YOU vote for the category. The highest vote wins. But choose wisely. People have been burned before. You never know what someone might be an expert in, and that goes both ways. Not every guy knows football, and not every chick knows art.”

“The contestant chooses the point value,” the girl said.

“Of course you are up there playing for all the men or women in this room,” the guy said. “And that includes us, by the way.” He pointed to the girl and then himself.

There were some murmurs from the crowd, from both men and women.

“We’ve rotated winners every year for the past five,” the girl said.

“Which means it’s our turn to win this year!” The guy roared. The men in the room joined in.

“Not if our lady has anything to say about it!” The women hooted and hollered.

“Time to pick our contestants!” The guy said.

The girl reached back and took a pink hat from the table on stage.

“Drumroll, please!”

The guy pretended to drumroll on this thighs.

“Our female contestant is Stacy Hackett! Come on up!”

There was applause as a roughly 5’5″ blonde walked up to the stage. She had shoulder-length hair and looked very girl next door in her red t-shirt and jeans. She had a gorgeous body.

“Drumroll again, please!”

The big guy let his co-host pretend to a drumroll as he grabbed the blue hat. “Our male contestant is, Rick French!”

I froze as I heard my name called. I couldn’t believe it. My heart started pounding, and it suddenly felt like I was sweating buckets. I looked over at Christine and her friends, who were all howling with laughter. Christine made to push me forward.

“Rick French come on up, buddy! Don’t be shy!”

It seemed like the stage was a mile away as I walked toward it. I suddenly felt very conspicuous. As I got to the stage, I looked out and realized there were a ton of people. I walked across and shook Stacy’s hand and those of the two hosts.

“OK, good, you’re wearing a belt, so your socks count as one item,” the guy said to me.

I looked down as if to verify what he said. Indeed I was. I was also in a black t-shirt and khaki shorts. It had been a hot day.

Stacy and I were asked to remove our shoes and take our places at our podiums.

“All right, are we ready to play?”

The crowd roared.

“OK our categories are:

“Tools of the Writer’s Trade”

“Quarterback U – Match the quarterback to his college.”

‘Phew,’ I thought to myself.

“The “N” crowd – Names that begin with the letter N.”

“Flaming Foods”


“Books and Movies”

I remember thinking the categories didn’t sound bad.

“All right, a coin toss will determine who goes first!”

I won the toss, which, as it turned out, didn’t mean a lot.

“All right, everyone, the categories are on the board 1-6. Pick Rick’s category!”

I looked behind us to see the categories on the wall behind me using a projector.

The pause seemed lengthy. This held true every time a category was selected during the game.

“All right, flaming foods!”

I cursed under my breath.

“What point value would you like Mr. French? You can pick between 100 and 500.”

“Um, 200, please.”

“OK, here’s your question. Henri Carpenter is said to have created this dessert crepe dish by accident. What is this flaming dish? All right, you have 15 seconds to answer. Go!”

I froze. I had no idea. I’m not much of a dessert person. “Um, fried ice cream?”

Laughter rang out from the audience as the buzzer sounded. “I’m sorry, no. Stacy, you can steal it and get the points.” He repeated the question. “Do you know the answer?”

“Crepe Suzette!” She said right away.

“Correct! 200 points for Stacy!”

I wouldn’t have got that in a million years. I looked at Christine, who was doubled over with laughter. At least I now had a handle on how the game would be played.

The game actually had a good back and forth as I settled in. Stacy actually lost her socks first as I answered “Miami” for Jim Kelly on the 500 point football question. I then lost my socks when she got Ollie North as the host of some cable show I don’t watch.

My belt went next. I missed two straight questions, and she got the Rhine river.

The first real loss of an item was Stacy’s shirt when I knew the movie, Turner & Hooch. The hosts made her step in front of her podium to remove it. I felt my cock stir in my pants as she lifted her shirt over her head and looked quite sexy doing it. Her red bra matched her shirt and what I guessed were B cups looked lovely in it.

I started to get on a roll. Stacy lost her jeans next when I correctly got the Colorado River, which I’m very familiar with having gone rafting in it frequently near my hometown. She slid them off, revealing a matching set of red panties. The feeling in my pants intensified, and the guys in the crowd made a lot of noise.

I then hit a massive cold streak, losing my shirt and shorts in pretty quick fashion. I couldn’t get baked Alaskan in the flaming foods category, and I missed someone named Pablo Neruda in the N people category. I happened to be wearing a pretty nondescript pair of boxers with a plaid pattern, and they were pretty loose, so even though I was a little aroused, it wasn’t evident when I had to step out from behind the podium.

I was definitely feeling the pressure. Now the women were making noise, and I kept looking at Christine and her friends. They all had their phones out, taking pictures, and were sharing immense laughter.

Stacy got a football question. I crossed my fingers. With 200 points, I could get her bra off, but if she got it right, I would really be behind the eight-ball.

“What college did Vince Young play for?” It was the 200 point question. Now, I knew and pretty much any college football fan is well aware of Vince Young’s national title game performance against USC in one the most famous games of all-time, but I wasn’t sure how much she knew. That game was almost 15 years before, after all.

The clock was ticking. She wasn’t answering. Maybe she didn’t know!

“Ohio State?” She asked tentatively.

“Incorrect!” I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Rick, would you like to steal?”

“Texas!” I bellowed.

The guys in the room roared. I saw Christine drop her head in the crowd. She really seemed to be taking it seriously. “That puts Rick at 2,000 total points!”

Stacy looked tentative as she stepped out from behind her podium. “You know the rules, Stacy,” the male host said. Stacy’s hands appeared to be shaking as she reached back and unhooked her bra. My eyes went wide, as I’m sure the eyes of all the guys in the audience did as well, as it fell, and her boobs appeared. They looked phenomenal. She did appear to have B cups, but they looked like they could have been D nipples. She looked very nervous as she stepped behind her podium.

The element of possibly not just getting ourselves naked but also half the audience added even more pressure than would have normally been evident. There was a real feeling of not wanting to let teammates down, much like in the sports I love. I was almost fully hard in my boxers, and it would have been very evident had I not been behind my podium.

“All right, we’re all tied! Both players are 500 points away from victory! Let’s choose Rick’s category!”

I was hoping I wouldn’t get flaming foods. I had been bombing that all night.

“Tools of the writer’s trade!”

Well, here goes, I remember thinking.

“I’ll go for the 500,” I said. I was feeling confident. The crowd (men and women) gasped.

“Steinbeck was obsessed with these. The Mongol 2 3/8 model came razor close to a perfect point. What is it?

I was frozen. I couldn’t think straight. Everyone was screaming. It had to be a writing utensil, but which one?

“I need an answer!”

My heart was pounding.

” PEN!” I shouted right as the female host yelled, “Time!”

“Cil,” I blurted out after a seconds hesitation.

There was confusion. The two hosts looked at each other. The female host had the card with the answer. She looked at it, then back to her co-host and to the card again. The audience was holding its breath. Both men and women were simultaneously celebrating and acting nervous. The two hosts huddled. I could hear them whispering vigorously. They seemed to be arguing under the breath. When they broke their huddle, the male host threw his arms in the air.

“I’m sorry, that has to be marked incorrect,” the female host said. “The full answer didn’t come in time!”

There was an uproar where everyone was screaming. The men couldn’t believe it and were incredulous. The women were jumping up and down.

Because of the way the female host phrased things with the phrase “full answer,” everyone knew what was about to happen next.

“Would Stacy like to steal for 500 points and the win?” The host asked with a wicked smile.

“PENCIL!” She shouted as she jumped up and down, her boobs so firm they didn’t move.

I dropped my head and grabbed my knees. I’ve often wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t blurted out “Cil” after the host yelled time. (I’m glad I did, but I sure wasn’t at the time). Maybe Stacy would have still had the answer, and maybe she wouldn’t have.

The noise was deafening in the room. The guys were furious. The women were shouting with glee. I remember looking back up and seeing the male host, who remember is as big as an offensive lineman, shoot me a look that was daggers. I stood there, frozen for an eternity.

“All right, everyone, let’s settle down,” the female host said. Apparently, she had given Stacy her clothes back, for she was putting her shirt back on. The room got quiet, and I felt all the eyes in the room turn to me. I couldn’t bear to look at my then-girlfriend in the crowd.

“I think it’s only appropriate that our contestant kicks things off before we bring all the other men on stage!”

Of course, this would have to happen. I was so frustrated and nervous as I stepped out from behind my podium that I hadn’t realized I was no longer hard. I was no longer aroused at all.

The female host was all smiles and shrugged her shoulders as she looked at me, glancing down at my boxers. I felt like I was moving in slow motion as I moved my thumbs to the waistband of my boxers and pulled them down.

Before I even got them all the way off, the entire room rang out with laughter. I was still moving in slow motion as I saw the female host point at me with one hand while covering the laughter from her mouth with the other. The male host even appeared to have a slight smirk. Stacy’s face showed a look of shock.

I looked out at the audience and saw several people doubled over with laughter. I noticed a woman who had her thumb and index finger very close together as she held up her hand.

I noticed Christine sheepishly looking at the floor, her head in her hand. Tracy was elbowing her with a sly looking smile, and Mary was among those doubled over laughing.

I looked down. In my non-arousal state, my dick is only one inch long. It dawned on me why they were laughing.

I heard a female voice shout, “Where’s the rest of it?”

“My two-year-old nephew’s bigger!” shouted another.

I’m sure my face was beet red. I literally wanted to be anywhere else.

“And no covering up!” Shouted the female host. “That goes for all the men! Let’s have all males on stage, please.”

The woman in the audience roared as the men in the audience came up, some getting nudged along by girlfriends.

As the men shuffled up to the stage, several gave me looks of absolute fury. One big, muscled guy with tattoos all over made a fist and moved like he was going to punch me before his friend intervened and grabbed him. Everyone gathered around, leaving me in the center. The male host stood next to me.

“I can’t believe you’re such a moron,” he told me in a tone that while in a whisper made it clear he was pissed. “You handed her that answer.”

“I think it’s time for the big reveal!” the female host said to cheers. “Well, maybe not so big in some cases,” she said to more laughter as she looked down at my penis.

The guys around me started undressing at various speeds. I hung my head down and stared at the floor. After what seemed like another eternity, I became aware of cheers from the females in the crowd. As I looked back up, I saw several flashes go off on people’s phones, including Mary’s. I noticed Christine was now staring straight ahead, and she had a hint of a smile on her face.

I looked left and right quickly. I’m definitely not one to look at other guy’s junk, but I could easily tell no one else seemed to be in quite the boat I was in. More than a few guys appeared to be in quite an aroused state. I was much too mad and embarrassed for that to happen.

“All right, ladies, this what you get to feast your eyes on tonight!” the host yelled to loud cheers. We all know the rules. No one leaves until 2 AM! Snacks and drinks are over there. Have fun!”

I remained frozen on stage as the men went back into the audience, and people started to mingle. I stared straight ahead without really looking at anything. To say I was in a state of shock was putting it mildly. Eventually, I started to feel like I could move and made my way to find Christine and her friends.

“Well, I know I’m not missing anything!” The voice came from a girl from my broadcasting class whom I had to try to ask out the previous year. I looked over at her as she and her friend we’re both pointing and laughing.

“You moron!” I heard a guy yell at me as I kept walking.

“Come on, Mike, you definitely don’t have anything to worry about like he does,” I heard a female voice say.

I felt like I had a spotlight on me as I walked around the room looking for Christine. Between my fumbling of the last question and well, my physical state, I got several more comments directed at me, none of them flattering. It also became evident as I walked around that many of the now naked guys were more than happy to waive the no-touching rule.

I cursed to myself as I walked the entire room, not seeing Christine or her friends. I knew they couldn’t have left. After what seemed like another 15 minutes circling, I saw Mary standing in front of the tattooed guy who looked like he was going to punch me. She was stroking his cock and looking quite delighted with herself. I saw Tracy was standing next to her, watching but still no Christine.

I then noticed what appeared to be the back of Christine’s head crouched in front of the male host. She was on her knees. My heart sank as I turned to get a better look and verified it was my then, very soon to be former-girlfriend. I happened to round the corner in time to see her stroking him. He was huge, which I guess wasn’t surprising since he’s!a big dude. I stared at the scene for a moment before I cleared my throat.

Both she and he turned to look at me.

“What?” she asked me innocently.

“Sorry, you don’t measure up, dude. She wants to be with a real man,” he said to me.

Christine shrugged. “Yeah, I don’t think you and I are going to work out. Take care of yourself.” She then continued stroking the host’s dick.

I wanted to simultaneously punch someone and cry. I hung my head and started walking toward the food. I heard an “Ooh, he’s cumming!” as I walked past another group. I ultimately wasn’t interested in anything to eat, and I sat at a table in the corner of the room.

I have no idea how long I sat there, only that I stared at the floor the entire time. I’m pretty sure I cried, but I don’t remember. I had never felt so humiliated in my life. Gradually I heard noise dissipate as it seemed they opened the doors and were allowing people to leave. I remember looking up a couple times and seeing the room get more and more empty. I thought about leaving, but I was too stunned to move. Eventually, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Are you OK?” I didn’t recognize the female voice, but it sounded kind. I looked up and saw the other contestant, Stacy. I kinda shrugged my shoulders at her. I noticed the room appeared empty now.

“You want some company? My car wouldn’t start, and I have to wait for my ride.” I shrugged my shoulders again and indicated the chair next to me. I put my head back down.

“That was really unfair what happened to you,” she said. “Frankly, I thought they should have given you the answer. You did have it.”

I shrugged again. “I don’t blame you,” I said back. “But yeah, it pretty much sucks.”

“Was that your girlfriend?” I looked up again.

“Huh?” I asked.

“You know, was that your girlfriend who told you it wouldn’t work out?”

You saw that?” I asked.

“I was standing right behind you,” she said. “You have a nice butt.” She giggled a little.

“Oh, well, she was, but I guess she’s not anymore,” I replied.

“I really am sorry things went down the way they did,” she said kindly.

“Uh-huh,” I mumbled.

“Look,” she said. “I know it’s none of my business, but if she dumped you because of tonight, that’s on her. She’s not worth it.”

Easy for her to say, I thought to myself.

“Is it?” I asked. “You saw everyone’s reaction to me. Obviously, I have nothing to offer,” I pointed to the lower half of my body that was obscured by the table.

“I don’t think you can base anything off of an event like this,” she said. “It’s set up for people to be a little crazier, mob mentality and the like. In real life, at the end of the day, in a real intimate situation, that stuff doesn’t matter. Honestly, it doesn’t.”

I could tell she was trying to be kind and helpful, but it was ringing hollow.

“And what did you think, I mean personally when you were up there?” I pointed again at my lower half.

“Well,” she said. “Honestly, I didn’t think much at all. If anything, I was probably surprised at the reaction you were getting. It’s never been like that, and this is my third year in a row coming to this.”

I wanted to believe her, but she frankly wasn’t helping.

“I’m going to tell you something most guys don’t know,” she said. “Guys always obsess about the length, but that’s not the important part for us, or at least for me and anyone else I know.”

I looked at her skeptically. “Oh, and what is then?” I remember being highly irritated while asking the question.

“It’s the girth,” she replied. “At least that’s true for me anyone else I’ve talked to about it. We all agree. That’s the part that feels good.”

I said nothing, so she continued.

“Did you know that only the first three inches of the vagina even have nerve endings?” She asked me. “Any length beyond that is irrelevant.”

“Really?” I asked. “Is that true?”

“Yup,” she said. “Besides, my absolute favorite is what happens before that. I really get a lot more stimulation when my outside gets attention. There are a lot more nerves there. You make a girl happy with that in mind, and your partner won’t be going anywhere.”

“Also, The normal state of your penis, the one you’re in right now, is irrelevant. What we really want is to know when you’re like when you’re really excited.” She paused. “Fully hard,” she added.

“Look,” she said. “I can prove it to you.”

I looked her in the eye. “And how is that?” I asked.

“Well,” she started. “I’m sure you’re boob man like every other guy. What did you think of mine?”

I was startled by the question. “Well, uh, I definitely liked them.”

“Don’t be shy. What did you think?”

I hesitated. “They were very nice.”

“Here,” she said. Without another word, she lifted up her shirt and unhooked her red bra. With the shirt still around her neckline, she let the bra fall. “Does this help refresh your memory?”

They were glorious. I was so entranced I was staring. Her nipples were poking straight out. I wanted to squeeze them and play with them.

“I think that answers my question,” she said with a smile as she peaked her head down to look under the table.

Between the conversation and view of her boobs, I hadn’t noticed I was getting hard. I looked down at myself.

“That’s quite the transformation, sir,” she said with a grin as she looked back up at me, then back under the table. Her gaze never left my cock as it continued to grow. She continued to stare, and I loved every second of it as my dick reached full height, which in spite of my size of five inches when hard. However, I’m very thick.

“Now, I don’t have D or even C cups, but I’d say you’re still really fond of my boobs,” she said, her head still looking under the table. “It’s the same thing with girls, there’s a lot more to it than just ‘size’ as people say. But I promise bigger is not always better.”

I was processing what she was telling me. “I’d like a better view if you don’t mind,” she told me. “Swing that chair out.”

I did as she instructed, her gaze never leaving my dick the entire time. “Now, if I say so myself, I think I’m looking at a really nice penis here,” she told me.

“You’re just saying that,” I said.

“No, I’m not. I can tell. You’re thick.”

She reached over and ran her finger along it. I shuddered as she did. My hand started to go toward her breasts.

“Well, this sure looks interesting. You didn’t tell me the party was still going!”

We both looked up. Standing to my left was a very beautiful woman with shoulder-length black hair and looking hot in a black dress. She was smiling and, in doing so, looked really sexy.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration that I thought at that moment she was the sexiest woman I had ever seen.

Stacy’s finger was still on my penis. “Sorry..” she started.

“No, don’t be, i’m just sorry I walked in on the fun,” the other girl replied. “I’ll wait in the car until you’re ready.”

“No, it’s OK,” Stacy said. I was disappointed as she lowered her hand. “This is my roommate Andrea, she’s my ride,” she indicated to me.

“And what is your name?” Andrea asked me. She was staring at my five-inch hard cock, and I thought maybe she wasn’t displeased with what she saw.

“Uh, I’m Rick,” I said.

“Rick had a rough night,” Stacy said. “But I think he’s doing better,” she said with a smile as she gave me a playful punch.

I had to admit my spirits were definitely lifted, among other things.

“It doesn’t look like you’re having a rough night to me,” Andrea said as she continued staring with a smile.

“Well, it’s true I was,” I said. “Thank you,” I said to Stacy. “Your advice was helpful.”

“You know what’s tonight’s event was?” Stacy asked Andrea. “Well, Rick, here was the contestant, and he lost on a crazy ending. To boot, the girls made fun of him.” She pointed at my dick, and it seemed Andrea understood what she was getting at. “I wanted to prove to him that length isn’t everything.”

“She’s right, you know,” Andrea said. “I couldn’t care less about length.” She paused. “Besides what I can see, while your length isn’t huge, your girth is amazing. Give me a thick cock any day over a long one.”

I swore she actually licked her lips a little.

“How did your date go, by the way?” Stacy asked her.

“Terrible. He was rude to the waiter and bar staff. I won’t be going out with him again.”

Andrea looked at my eyes for the first time.

I noticed that I was now staring at her chest, which looked impressive. I thought maybe she had Ds, but I wasn’t sure. She really had a beautiful body. I looked up at her eyes, and she smiled at me. I smiled back.

Stacy looked between Andrea and me. She and Andrea seemed to exchange a look of understanding. “You know why don’t I head out to the car. I’m in no rush.”

Stacy grabbed her bra without putting it back on, pulled her shirt down, stood up, leaned into me, and whispered, “I have a boyfriend, but did you see how she was staring at your cock?” before she walked out.

“Is this seat taken?” Andrea, with a smile.

Before I really knew what was happening, Andrea sat down, pulled her chair close, and started running her fingers along my cock. She wrapped her hand around it and nodded with a smile.

“This would definitely work for me,” she said as she looked up at me. She looked back down as she continued to trace her fingers along it. I definitely saw her lick her lips with her tongue as she got to the head of my penis. I moaned a little as she moved to the underside. She explored every inch of me, and I enjoyed every second of it. “I really like your balls,” she said. “You have something in there for me?”

She continued running her finger along them and stared to move back up to my dick. I let out something like a howl when she ran her finger along my underside again. She had found my sweet spot.

“I really like this head too,” she said as she rubbed it. What she did felt so good. I couldn’t explain why but it felt better than anything Christine ever did.

She then took me into her mouth. “Mmmmmm,” she said.

In seemingly no time, I felt like I was close. I mumbled something to that effect. I was beyond shocked at what she said next.

“I want you inside me. I want to feel that thing,” she said.

I was flabbergasted as she stood up, removed her black panties from under her dress, and grabbed my hand.

“Here feel this,” she lifted her dress and moved my hand onto her pussy. It was really wet. “That’s what I think of your cock.”

She directed my hand onto her clit. She let out a moan as she moved my hand on it in a circle. I took her lead and explored the area, relishing in how wet she was and the noises she was making.

“Just like that,” she said. She was stroking my penis at the same time. “Put your fingers inside me,” she said.

I moved my fingers into her wet pussy. “Oohhhh!”

“OK, I can’t wait any longer.”

At that, she straddled my legs, grabbed my dick, and positioned herself over it. Before I knew it, she had slid it in, and to say it felt amazing is an understatement.

I relished every second as she moved up and down on my cock. It might sound strange, but there was something really sexy about her still having her dress on. It was like she was so impatient she couldn’t take the time to undress.

“I want to feel you explode inside me,” she said. “I have an IUD, so we’re covered.”

I could feel her wet pussy pressing against my cock from the sides. “I want to feel you explode.”

I could feel it was about to happen. “Fill me up,” she moaned.

I had feelings of immense bliss as I felt wave after wave leave my cock into her pussy. “OOOOOHHHH!” she yelled.



After I finished, I collapsed in my chair. We were both breathing hard. It was a few moments before anyone spoke.

“I’m not exaggerating,” she said. “That’s the best I’ve ever felt,” she said through deep breaths. “It’s like you’re sized perfectly for me.”

After a few minutes, Andrea stood up, grabbed her panties, and stuffed them in her purse. She then dug in the purse and pulled out a paper and pen. “Here’s my number,” she said. “I expect to be hearing from you.”

She then leaned in gave me a big, wet kiss, which I returned enthusiastically. She then smiled. I smiled back and said, “Dinner tomorrow?”

“You bet, mister.”

After she left, I finally had enough stamina to stand up. I walked around the room and couldn’t find my clothes anywhere. I finally gave up and was fortunate to find some towels in the bathroom. I wrapped myself in one to walk home. I later found out that Christine ran off with my clothes thinking it would be hilarious. I never saw her again, and she ended up keeping them.

Years later, I saw a news story that showed Christine getting arrested for trying to rob a bank. Needless to say, I wasn’t sorry that it didn’t work out.

Andrea and I not only became an immediate item, but my college experience completely turned around for the better between our charged relationship and gaining a whole new circle of friends from her. We got married two years later, and our life together has been nothing short of amazing.

I felt a particularly gratifying moment one night when Andrea and I saw Mary and Tracy at a game on campus. Their mouths hung open when they saw the knockout on my arm.

I can only describe that night as a humiliation that turned out to be exactly what I needed.

Had I followed my friends’ advice and broke up with Christine on my own, I wouldn’t have gone to that event. Had I not been the contestant in the spotlight, I wouldn’t have experienced the humiliation, which means Stacy would never have come up to me, and I would never have met Andrea.

Sometimes things just work out the way they’re supposed to.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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