On The Bathroom Floor (Gay SPH)

By akinkyboydreams.

It must have been the most enormous cock Finn had ever seen.

Finn stood at the urinal in the airport, unable to stop staring at the big, black cock that was pissing beside him. He was long done with his business, yet, he couldn’t force himself to move away or, at least, stop staring at it so blatantly.

In comparison to the beast of the black cock that was beside him, Finn’s cock, if you could call it that at all, seemed even tinier. Even when he was hard, he was barely noticeable. Not only was he relatively short, but his dick was skinny too! His wife encouraged him to keep himself smooth, not that it made him look any bigger.

The man next to him noticed Finn stare–his gaze now falling on Finn’s tiny little sissy cock.

He let out a loud laugh, turning towards him. “No wonder you’re staring,” the guy commented, shaking the droplets off his enormous cock.

They landed on Finn’s shoes and pants. He could see them. It made his cock harden for some reason, not that the size change was noticeable.

“Ha! If you want me to be honest, your cock looks more like an oversized clit to me.”

Finn wasn’t sure how to respond. He wanted to apologize to the guy for the inconvenience, but before he got a chance, the guy grabbed him by the throat, forcing Finn to his knees.

“Well, don’t just stare. Suck my cock, sissy,” he demanded, ramming his cock into Finn’s mouth.

Finn struggled to get the cock into his mouth, choking on it as it restricted his airflow, hitting the back of his throat almost instantly. The loud noise of Finn’s gagging echoed through the restroom. Finn wondered if there were other people in here. The guy wasn’t here to play around. He wanted his cock sucked properly, and he wanted it done now. Finn’s throat tightened around the massive cock that now resided in his mouth, his tongue rubbing against the prominent veins scattered over it and toying with the tip every time the guy would pull back.

“That’s right, sissy boy,” the guy moaned, fucking his mouth rougher, to the point where his jaw was starting to lock in pain. “Suck this big black cock of mine. I have a better idea. You don’t deserve it in your mouth.”

The guy grabbed him, tossing him on the dirty floor like he was nothing but meaningless trash. With Finn’s pants still undone after he pissed, all it took for the guy was to pull his pants down his thighs to get easy access to his ass. Finn heard the man spit, and his moist fingers rubbed on his tight little ass hole. Then pain shot through Finn as the guy slammed his cock into his ass, feeling almost as though he was going to tear his asshole apart. There was no prepping or lube available in this bathroom. The airport didn’t expect sissy boys to get raped on the floor, did they? He could feel the guy’s giant balls slapping against his ass as he fucked him while his little dicklet swung uselessly, following the motion of Finn’s body as he slammed further against the restroom floor. Pleasure mixed with pain, pumping through Finn’s body as his body lowered closer and closer to the floor with each thrust.

“Look what I found, boys,” the guy said, laughing, as more men came in. They seemed to be his friends. “Come, join me. Don’t just stand there and watch this little sissy get fucked.”

Before he knew it, cocks were all around Finn. One was shoved in his mouth with no prior warning, while another guy was jerking his off right above his head–his tip threatening to spill his cum all over Finn’s face at any point now. He could feel the change of sizing when it came to cocks that were fucking his boy pussy now; one after another, they rammed mercilessly inside him until he was filled with their cum. A pathetic little cum bucket was all he was with a tiny dick like that. He couldn’t have even been considered a man. At that point, his asshole was drenched in cum, to the point where he could feel it dripping down his leg and onto the dirty floor, as another guy came all over his face. Some of it got into his eye, and Finn went to wipe it off, but the guy slapped his hand away.

“The fuck do you think you’re doing?” the guy asked, grabbing him by his hair and forcing his face to the floor. “Open your mouth and lick,” he demanded, and Finn had no choice but to do so.

Allowing his tongue to leave his mouth, he licked the dirty floor, slurping the drops of cum scattered across it as he was dragged around–some originated from his face, while others dripped there from his stretched asshole. Finn was then dragged back to the urinal. The first guy removed his belt to tie him up to the urinal, where he found Finn staring at him.

“You wanna stare at other guys pissing? Then you can also get pissed on, bitch boy,” he said as he pulled his cock out, allowing his warm, yellow liquid to flow all over Finn’s cum-covered face. Three friends joined him, soaking Finn’s clothes with their golden shower.

Finn was slightly horrified at what was happening to him but utterly aroused, hoping that this would never end. At last, the door opened, and another person entered.

“Finn? Please let me know why you’re taking so long. Oh my fucking god! You little—”

Finn recognized the voice that trailed off, instantly breaking into loud laughter. It was Katy, his wife. She quickly approached, spitting in his face drenched with piss and cum. Yes, she knew her husband had some rather kinky fantasies but seeing them for real was genuinely shocking!

“What kind of excuse of a man are you?” she exclaimed, allowing her foot to kick him firmly in the balls.

Pain erupted through Finn, and he let out a loud groan.

“I let you out of my sight for five minutes, and I find you half-naked, licking the juices of men off the floor of a public toilet! Holy fuck, you’re more of a sissy than you let on!

She shook her head, a slight laugh of derision while staring at him as she stood beside the men. Her heart was racing, she was slightly mad, very amused, and a little turned on by men who could humiliate her husband like this.

“I can’t wait to see you try and walk out of here after what they’ve done to you. Our flight is boarding, but I don’t think I’ll be sitting next to you like this. No, no. I need space to figure out how I will humiliate you even more than these men have.” She pondered her words for a moment. “Fuck catching the flight. I want them to do the same to me, but the difference is I will get to change my clothes after this. You won’t, my dirty little bitch.”

With those words, Katy dropped to her knees so the men who had sodomized and humiliated her husband could provide her the pleasure his little cock never could. She reveled in her husband, pants around his ankles, shirt soaked from the bukkake and golden showers, his mediocre penis rock hard at just about 5 inches, and he was still tied to the urinal left to watch her receive the pleasure he could never provide her.

More men entered the bathroom. Those with a sadistic streak relieved themselves over the boy tied to the urinal before fucking his slut of a wife kneeling in the middle of the floor.

They were both bathroom sluts now.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story was submitted directly to this website.

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