Older Woman Collects Virgin Pelt

By Redolph.

My office had a party where they reserved a private pool. There was alcohol and lots of horseplay. Trace was a coworker and maybe ten years older than me. I’m a young college student. She wasn’t the girl of my dreams, but she was still attractive and fun to be around.

So, with the alcohol and the pool, there was a lot of horseplay and stuff, and we were both enjoying the party.

The party ended, and everyone headed home. I was about to crash into bed when I heard a knock on my apartment door. It was Trace. She had a bottle of wine and said, “So, I was wondering if you would like to continue the party?”

So, I said, “Sure. Come on in.”

She poured us each a glass, and we began to talk. She said, “We were having a great time tonight, and we have had many Friday nights with postgame beers after our coed softball games…and not once have you put a serious move on me. You’ll flirt, and we’ll play around, but never more. What gives? You aren’t a virgin, are you?”

I gulped. Uh-oh, busted. Then mumbled, “uh, yeah.”

“Oh, why didn’t you say something,” she said, “I would gladly help you out on that! I can teach you and show you what to do, and you will have a good time too!”

I don’t know if I was more nervous, scared, or excited, but it hit me that this would be a special night!

She finished her glass of wine, then abruptly stood up and said, “I need a broom, a dustpan, and a baggy!”

I was perplexed, but who was I to question the person to give me my first time? She took them and immediately started sweeping the bathroom tile like she would eat off it. Once she had it clean, she said, “Now I need your hair clippers!”

“What? A haircut? Now?”

“Not what you might think,” she said. “I have a special tradition I like to do. I am a ‘collector’ of sorts. I am going to take your pubic hair! That way, I will have a souvenir from the evening, and since you are a virgin, it seems fitting that you be hairless your first time.”

Well, I was a late bloomer and was one of the last ones in the high school locker room to get a good bush, so the thought of starting over again seemed a little daunting. I finally felt like a man there, and I was ready to look like a boy again. So that crossed my mind, but again, I was getting lucky, if that is what it takes.

So, she escorted me to the freshly swept bathroom tile floor and said, “All right! Let’s see what you’ve got in your pants!”

Another gulp from me. I knew I wasn’t the biggest guy at all, and I wasn’t sure if I would get laughter or if she would say, “Never mind.”

I started the process, both reluctantly and excitedly. Shoes and socks first. Pretty harmless.

Then she said, “I will take it from there.”

She removed my shirt and dropped my shorts, leaving me in my underwear while she remained fully clothed. Then, she hooked her thumbs in my underwear waistband and said, “Alright! Moment of truth!” With that, she dropped my underwear, exposing me to my little package and my long-awaited bush.

“Ahh! Now I see why you weren’t eager to go straight to bed. You do have a little dick! But don’t worry. All’s good!”

She stood there evaluating my small set and said, “Alright! Let’s get to work!”

She plugged in the clippers, and row by row, my little bush fell to the floor. She got everything she could get with the clippers, as short as it would cut, on my bush. She then grabbed tightly on the head of my small penis and stretched it taut so she could harvest whatever hair she could find there. Same with my little balls. Pulling the skin tight and removing all she could with the clippers.

“Now we are getting somewhere!” She said, admiring her work. “You have a cute little dick and some cute little balls. They aren’t hiding behind your bush anymore. I like it!”

She then grabbed the broom again and started sweeping the floor relentlessly again. Only this time, the only thing the broom collected was the pubic hair that formerly belonged to me. She collected it all and swept it into the dustpan. Then, she dumped my former curls into the baggy and zipped it up.

“How do you like this!” She said. “Your pubic hair is mine now! This is going home with me tonight!”

I thought we were done with the pubic hair, thinking it won’t take forever to go from clipper-short to a bush again.

But she said, “So that you know, we aren’t done yet. Get a razor and some shaving cream! This stubble is coming off! I will make you smooth and completely hairless there.”

So, I reluctantly oblige, and she lathers me up. With every razor swipe, bare skin is exposed for the first time since puberty began.

“Look at that bare skin!” she said. “You will be smooth and hairless when I get done with you!”

Stroke after stroke, my stubble disappeared, and more bare skin was exposed. She was enjoying it. She kept reminding me how she was taking my hair from me and leaving me bald. Then she took another firm grip on the head of my little dick to stretch it taut and cleaned the shaft. Then she did the same with my little nut sack, pulling the skin tight to ensure all the hair came off.

I thought we were done, but she said, “One thing more. Lie down on the floor, on your back, and grab your knees!”

Yep! Sure enough! That hair was coming off too! She lathered up my little hole and removed my hair there too.

Finally done, she led me to the full-length mirror to admire her work and make sure that it sunk into me what I let her do to me.

“Look how smooth you are! Look at all that beautiful bare skin. Thank you for letting me remove your pubic hair! I love the way it looks now. Don’t you? Your little dick and balls are fully exposed. You can see how small, I mean cute, they are! You do know you have a little dick and balls, don’t you? And now you are bald too!”

“Uh-huh,” I mumbled reluctantly.

But that wasn’t enough for her. “Ahh, come on. You will still get some, but you have a little penis, and your nuts are little too. They are what they are. Let me hear you admit it! Come on! You know it. Now I know it. Let me hear you say it!”

“OK. I admit that I have a small penis and little balls, too,” hoping that works.

“Oh, you can do better than that! Loud and proud! And now you are hairless because of me!” she corrected.

Trying again, “Ok. I have a small penis. I admit it. I am glad that my penis is small. I also have little balls. They are just like a couple of grapes in my little sack. I am glad my nuts are small. And I feel more naked now that you have taken all my public hair. Thank you for making me hairless. The pubic hair was mine. Now it is yours.”

That completed my humiliation, or so I thought.

Then she said, “Hold out your hand, cupping your fingers.” She emptied the baggy with my pubic hair into my hand, saying, “Hold it down by your waist and don’t spill anything.”

So, there was my bald pubic area with the fur that was previously mine just inches away from where it formerly resided.

She went to the freezer and grabbed an ice cube. I was puzzled until I saw what she did with it. She took that ice cube and started icing my already little balls. My helpless little nuts ran for cover with every swipe of the cube. “Come on, little balls, tighten up! Let me see them pull up!”

Sure enough, involuntarily, my little nuts tightened and tightened under her control. The next thing I knew, I only had a tight little pouch. She also worked on my little dick, icing it as it shriveled up.

Before I knew it, I found out the purpose of the icing. “Picture time!” she said.

She grabbed her phone and started taking pictures of me. Full body pictures. So, I was, captured on her phone. Who knows where it would go? With full body, the picture told the story.

My face was in it, so there was no mystery about who it was. I was hairless, with my former pubic hair in the palm of my hand, clearly freshly shorn. And, thanks to the icing, however little I was before, I was EXTRA little now. Great! Who knows where those pictures will end up?

Well, she kept to her word and showed me the ropes. She was very patient and a great teacher. I learned a lot from her!


The following Monday at the office, I was puzzled that the other ladies at work struggled to stifle a giggle when they saw me. I didn’t understand. But then one of them made a “Kojak” comment. Uh oh! She didn’t! I pressed her as to what she meant by that.

She said, “I wasn’t going to say anything, but since you are asking, Trace has been showing the baggy around like a trophy. Oh, and the cute pictures!”

So, then it dawned on me that nearly all the ladies in the office had seen the pubic hair that Trace removed from me and that they further saw my whole body naked picture, documenting the authenticity of the baggy and further exaggerating my smallness!

Thanks to Trace, the whole office soon learned I had a small dick.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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  • Minime20

    Such a good story. Reminds me far too well of when my colleague took me home after a staff party, only there was only her seeing me completely naked, taking photos and having them shared around the office.


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