Oh Dad! Is That as big as it gets?

By TooSmallDave.

My wife Sharon had always teased me about my dick is too small.

Even in front of my family.

The size of my penis was no secret to my family and friends; it was just something I didn’t like to talk about.

The first time I took Sharon home to meet mum and dad and my sisters, she teased me and made jokes about my small dick.

My mum just laughed and joined in with her. They hit it off from that day. I was hurt and humiliated but also happy that mum had taken me to my girl.

It became a running joke, and soon, Sharon was teasing me in front of my sisters, my girl cousins, and my aunts. They all loved her. Sharon could do no wrong as far as they were concerned.

Our marriage was destined from that point.

Mum told me how lucky I was to find any girl and that Sharon was way more than I deserved with ‘the little I had to offer a woman.’

Even when Sharon had affairs, before and after we got married, mum took her side and told me that if I wanted to look where to blame for her cheating, I should look in my pants.

When we announced, we were getting married my parents put on a big garden party and invited all our family, neighbors and friends. Sharon got drunk and openly flirted with Jake, my younger, bigger brother, dancing provocatively with him and kissing him in front of everyone.

They went upstairs and fucked on my parent’s bed so loudly that everyone could hear.

Mum drew attention to it by announcing that the master bedroom was being used and turning down the stereo so everyone could hear the sound of the bed shaking and Sharon’s moaning coming from the bedroom.

When I became upset and tried to get some sympathy from mum, she got angry with me. She asked me why I had a hard-on if I was so upset. Then she told my aunts that I was getting turned on listening to my brother Fuel, my fiance. She even said I should be grateful to him for taking care of business when I couldn’t.

I was embarrassed and humiliated, but I wasn’t surprised.

When I was young, mum made fun of my dick being small. She would constantly compare me to my younger brother. I remember when she proudly announced to everyone in our family that Jake’s cock was already bigger than mine.

Whenever my aunts and cousins came to our house, mum would make a point of telling them that my willy hadn’t got any bigger since their last visit.

Mum knew how excited I got whenever her family called. I worshipped them. I would dress up in my favorite clothes and wait in my room. Mum would call me into the living room and let me sit between her and her sisters, and they would pay me lots of attention and make me feel special. They would get me to fetch them drinks and snacks. I basked in their praise and attention and enjoyed being a kind of servant to the women, including my sisters and cousins, when they were old enough. My aunts would let me lay my head on their laps and stroke my hair:

“Your David always does what he’s told. He is such a good little man.”

Mum would sigh:

“Yes. He is obedient. I wish he weren’t so little, though. You know…” and she would poke my crotch, make the little dick sign with her pinky finger, and my aunts would sigh, my sisters and cousins would giggle, and I would turn red.

“How long is it now, David?”

I measured my dick weekly and even pushed the ruler into my pubis to make it seem longer, to kid myself I was growing. So I knew exactly how long it was, to the millimeter. But I would always pretend I didn’t care:

“I don’t know, mum. I don’t measure it.”

Mum would look at her sisters and roll her eyes and tell me to try again.

“Okay, mum, I think it’s about 4 inches now. Just. Almost. Honest.”

I remember her frown and the sting of her hand as she slapped my face in rebuke for my dishonesty.

“Oh, David, you little fibber. Stop making things up why it wasn’t even 3 inches a week ago. I don’t imagine it’s grown since then. I’m sorry, ladies, I’m so ashamed of him. He’s such a show-off. Typical little dick syndrome, always showing off and overcompensating. You all know what I mean.”

And my aunts, sisters, and cousins would all nod and laugh.

Mum would ruffle my hair and smile at me condescendingly:

“Silly boy. I know you’re just jealous of your younger brother.”

She would turn to the guests and explain:

“He wishes he was like his little brother. He’ll make some girl very happy one day. The lucky bitch!”

Everyone would laugh along at mum’s naughty incestuous desire, and she would sigh:

“I know, naughty mummy. Still, I pity the poor cow who ends up with David’s little shrimp. That is if he ever manages to find a girl who likes tiny willies.”

Later in the evening, my parents, my aunts, uncles, and friends would party, and we would go upstairs and play in our bedrooms; I and Jake I with our sisters and cousins.

Upstairs the girls teased me just as mum had done. They would order me to show them my willy. They made me wear their knickers because I was ‘too small for boy pants.’

My brother Jake made the girls kneel at his feet and beg to be allowed to touch his cock while I was forced to wear dresses and make-up.

Mum would look in and laugh. Sometimes get her sisters to come and see or bring me down to the party to parade in front of the drunken adults.

This continued until I left home.

I admit I found it humiliating but hugely sexually arousing. In fact, I had my first orgasms while wearing girl knickers in front of my sisters and cousins.

As an adult, I had a series of humiliating sexual encounters with disappointed, angry, or shocked girls with the size of my dick.

Even the few relationships beyond that first night always ended in me being cheated on and dumped.

Not only was my dick too small to satisfy a woman, but I found I could only get really sexually aroused when girls were cruel to me, teased me, or dominated me. And I was young and too shy to understand or accept that this is how I was, that this was a sexual need.

I would paradoxically feel totally crushed by my regular humiliations and then spend each night wanking at the thought of those very same experiences.

Away from my family, I discovered that I couldn’t stop thinking about how my mum and my sisters, cousins, and aunts had teased me. Every night I remembered how they mocked my little dick and how they’d made my dress in their knickers. I longed for them to do it again. I asked girls who had dumped me if they would tease and belittle me, but none of them understood.

When I went home, I tried to talk about it with mum, half hoping she’d hug me and say sorry and half hoping she would make me drop my pants and sneer at my still tiny dick.

She just laughed and told me to grow up and stop being so pathetic.

“You’ve got a little dick. You’ll always have a little dick. Live with it.”

Mum told my sisters, who were both married by then and had kids. They invited me round to their houses, and we got drunk, and they told their husbands and friends about me.

They even gave me their knickers which I wore under my trousers at work and on dates. Since my dates were inevitable to end in humiliation and scorn anyway, I figured I might as well enjoy the feeling of my little hard-on in my sister’s silky knickers.

It seemed that I was destined to a life of lonely little dick humiliation.

Until I met Sharon.

Sharon was different from the start. She laughed when she saw my dick, but she was intrigued by how much this turned me on. And very quickly, to her surprise, she discovered just how much she enjoyed teasing and humiliating me.

Her previous relationships had all ended because of her constant cheating and wanting to fuck other men. She said she had always been made to feel guilty because she loved being unfaithful. She saw that with me as her husband. She could fuck as many men as she liked.

When I first met her girlfriends, she had already told them I was the boyfriend with the tiny dick.

She took every opportunity to tease and belittle me even when I begged her not to, even when it hurt me.

Despite or because of this, I fell in love with her. She had affairs and one-night stands and made me feel pathetic and useless and horny. And totally devoted to her.

Even after we were married, she used any excuse to embarrass and humiliate me.

Even after the birth of our daughters: Rosie and Sophie.

As our daughters grew up, they were used to this sort of talk from their mum, and when they were 18, they teased me as well.

Sharon encouraged it.

Of course, Sharon knew about my sisters and cousins teasing me and dressing me in their knickers. Mum and my sisters had told her all about it. And I had admitted that I still got aroused at the memory of that experience, that I still fantasized about strict dominant girls teasing me and making me wear their knickers.

So it was obvious to her that I was aroused when our daughters teased me about having a little willy. I tried to deny it, but she knew. And she thought it was hilarious.

One night she told me to go into the girls’ bedroom while they were asleep and take a pair of their knickers to wear. I wanted to but thought it was wrong and was scared they’d catch me.

“So what if they do? Go on. Don’t put the dressing gown on. Go as you are.”

My little dick was hard as I crept in and felt in the dark for their chest of drawers. I managed to get a pair of knickers and get out without waking them.

Sharon made me put them on. She laughed.

“God, your dick doesn’t even poke out of those tiny knickers.”

She let me wank while watching and told me to imagine that Rosie and Sophie were watching and teasing.

“You pervert. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? I’ve seen you look at their tits.”

I came in the knickers. She made me lick my cum off and then told me I was to wear them the next day.

I was aware of the knickers beneath my trousers, the tight lace against my small stiff dick all day long. I wanked in them beneath my desk and in the toilets till I was dry and sore. When I got home, the knickers were sticky and stiff. At bedtime, I took them off and took them into the bathroom to handwash. Sharon asked me what I was doing. I told her I was going to clean them so I could put them back in the morning.

“You can’t give them back to the girls. God. No way. No. Not even if you wash them. That’s gross. They’re yours now. Could you not wash them? Put them in your drawer and go into their bedroom and get another pair.”

So she made me do the same again. Naked, I felt my way around the room. I froze when I heard them almost wake but managed to get out with a pair of pants.

By the end of the week, I had 5 pairs of knickers in my bedside cabinet, all very stiff with my cum.

The girls began to notice, and after Friday night dinner, they asked their mum if she knew where their pants were disappearing.

Sharon just giggled and said

“You better ask your dad.”

Their look of confusion turned to disgust as they saw my face go red with shame.

“Have you been stealing our knickers, dad? Ugh. Gross.”

I mumbled and promised to buy new ones.

“Why are you stealing them, dad?”

“What are you doing with our knickers?”

I didn’t know what to say.

Sharon looked at me.

“It’s a reasonable question, David. Go on. Tell them.”

I looked at the girls feeling very ashamed and aroused. They had their arms folded and were glaring at me.

I muttered:

“To wear. I wear them.”

They laughed scornfully.


Sharon answered.

“He wears them because he’s got such a tiny willy that boy pants are too big. Your little knickers are just the right size.”

They giggled again.

“Are you wearing our knickers now, dad?”

I nodded.

“Oh my god. Weird. I have to see this. Show us, dad.”

Sharon told me to do as I was told and pull my trousers down.

I hesitated.

“But I… I’m…”

I couldn’t admit that I had an embarrassing erection.

“You’re what, Dave? Oh no. You’re not getting turned on, are you? Is that it? You’ve got a little hard on in front of your daughters? Pervert.”

She turned to the girls.

“What your father should have told you is that he gets sexually aroused when you tease him about how small his willy is. And that he likes wearing your knickers because it turns him on. It makes his little willy stiff. Isn’t that right, Dave?”

I looked at them and nodded. The scorn in their eyes made me more excited.

“Yes. Sorry.”

Rosie shook her head angrily:

“You’ll be more sorry if you don’t do what you’re told. Now.”

I pulled my trousers down. My little erection was poking under the satin fabric of my daughter’s pink lacy knickers. A spot of wet precum was visible on the material. The girls put their hands over their mouths and gasped.

“It’s so small, dad. Is that as big as it gets?”

I nodded.

“It’s like a little boy’s one.”

“Poor mum.”

They giggled.

It was too much for me, and without thinking, I found my hand on my dick, beginning to rub it in front of my wife and daughters.

Sharon slapped me and told me to stop.

They walked out in silence, and I was left to wash the dishes while they went to the living room to watch TV.

That was the end of that.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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