Nudist Beach Humiliation

By TooSmallDave.

“Oh, don’t be silly, Dave. It’s just a nudist beach. Everybody goes, couples, old people, young people, families. It’s for everyone. All of the other women at the resort are allowed to go there with their husbands.”

My wife Emma was determined.

So were our daughters Rosie, 19, and her big sister Chelsea.

“Yes, dad, all our friends go with their families. It’s no big deal.” Scoffed Rosie.

Chelsea joined in: “Come on, dad. Don’t ruin our holiday. Mum’s always wanted to go to a nudist beach. Haven’t you, mum?”

Emma giggled. “God, yeah. Imagine! Everyone is looking at my naked body! Bliss.”

I disagreed.

It was alright for them.

Emma has a full figure, big tits, big pert bottom, broad thighs, and long legs.

Rosie takes after her mum; at 19, she’s only a teenager, but she has a beautiful curvy body.

Chelsea is 20 and a little more petite, but she has an athletic, muscular physique and pert breasts.

Anyway, it’s different for women.

People don’t judge women’s bodies by size. Not like the way they judge men by the size of our dicks. I’d always felt this was very unfair. I was shy and nervous about the small size of my dick. I certainly didn’t want to go to a nudist beach where I would be compared to other men, mocked, and laughed at. Especially not with my daughters, who were already dominant and quick to tease me with their mocking eyes.

I tried to explain: “It’s okay for you girls. Being nude is much more embarrassing for men.”

Emma smirked and rolled her eyes: “Oh, here we go. That old chestnut. Look, darling, the nudist beach is for all body shapes and sizes, including dicks. You’re obsessed with dick size.”

Rosie looked at me and shook her head.

“Oh, dad! For fucks sake! What is it with boys and dick size? Pathetic.”

Chelsea frowned at me.

“Is that what this is all about? Dad! Grow up. Get over it. Nobody’s going to be looking at your willy. Seriously!”

I felt rather silly, and so I caved in: “Okay. Perhaps you’re right. If going to a nudist beach is important to you, we will. Your happiness is all that counts to me.”

They cheered.

Rosie and Chelsea ran to the other side of the swimming pool to tell their girlfriends that we were going to the nudist beach. As I lay on the sunbed, I could hear them excitedly talking about the prospect of seeing fit guys with big dicks, which I thought somewhat hypocritical given the way they’d lectured me on my obsession with dick size.

Emma kissed me on the cheek. “Good boy.”

I was nervous but excited. We were on holiday, and we all needed to enjoy ourselves.


As soon as we’d arrived at the resort, our daughters had made friends with a girl called Saskia. Saskia was the same age as Rosie but appeared older. She was physically developed, sexually confident, and beautiful.

Saskia was observant. She had caught me looking. She and my daughters Rosie and Chelsea were sunbathing on the balcony. I hadn’t meant to look, and anyway, I didn’t think they would be able to see me in the shade. But Saskia had seen, and she seemed to know what I was thinking and had given me a very intimidating but provocative smile.

Afterward, she’d sat on my lounger and acted in a flirtatious and coquettish manner which made my tiny dick stiffen against the fabric of my trunks and my face redden. She had noticed the slight bulge and giggled.

Saskia was on holiday with her father, Leon. When she was young, her mother had left, and Leon had brought her up alone. Leon was strict but relied on his daughter; she was caring, thoughtful, and considerate toward her father in a way that belied her youth. They were very close.

Leon was a little older than Emma and me, but he was handsome, muscular, tall, and powerfully built. Rosie and Chelsea thought he was terrific.

Emma seemed rather taken with Leon too. He was confident, very polite, and respectful in an old-fashioned way, had good eye contact, and was a good listener. He never made a move on Emma, but I noticed her body language when they were together; she touched her hair, smiled, relaxed, and talked more animatedly with him than she usually did.

Leon was an excellent dancer, and he and Emma had danced together at the resort disco while I’d sat at the bar drinking.

Leon and Saskia went to the nudist beach regularly, so it was arranged that we would go with them the next day in the SUV he had hired for the holiday.

As soon as we got out of the car, Saskia told Rosie and Chelsea that it was best to be naked straight away; otherwise, we’d stand out. They stripped off nervously at first, then laughed and hugged one another.

I stared. Leon caught me looking.

He frowned at me, shook his head, then turned to Emma.

“Saskia’s right. Clothes off.”

He smiled and stepped out of his shorts. He had a huge thick brown cock. It dangled between his legs. He opened the boot and took out beach bags, towels, and cool bags. The girls took them.

Emma and I were still staring at Leon’s cock. He pretended not to notice, laughed, and clapped his hands at us:

“Come on, you two. Clothes off and lend a hand!”

Emma pulled her T-shirt over her head and took off her bikini. Leon looked at her body.

“Very nice. I mean, very good. Now you Dave.”

I took my shorts and shirt off. I stood there naked. My dick barely stuck out from my podgy crotch and pubic hair. Leon smiled at me.

“Brave man. Here, carry the cold bag.”

Rosie, Chelsea, and Saskia were staring at my dick. They looked at one another and burst into laughter. Leon told them not to be so childish, and they said sorry, addressing him rather than me.

As we walked onto the beach, everyone greeted Leon and seemed popular.

The three teenage girls attracted a lot of attention from young men.

As did Emma.

A couple of young tanned muscly guys ran over and offered to carry my wife’s bags. She smiled at them, thanked them, and walked between the guys like a queen.

She turned to me with eager eyes: “This is nice; I could get used to this.”

We found a place on the beach and put out our towels. I lay on my front and looked around. All the men had much bigger dicks than me. I wanted to lay like that, but Emma made me stand up to put up the parasol and layout the picnic. I was aware of people looking at me, exchanging glances at my penis. I began to enjoy the humiliation, and my dick twitched involuntarily.

As soon as I could, I lay on my front again. Emma wanted me to rub sunscreen on her, but I refused to move as I had a hard-on. So Leon offered. He was a masseur and very thorough. He started from her feet and worked up the back of her legs to her thighs. She moaned in pleasure as he kneaded the lotion into her bottom. Then he put a cushion over her bum and straddled her while he rubbed lotion into her back, shoulders, and neck. I could see her squirm with pleasure. Then she had to do him. It seemed to take a long time. I couldn’t bear to watch. I turned away and looked at men’s dicks as they ran and played ball games on the beach.

The girls had gone off, arm in arm, to check out the boys and show off. Leon and Emma went for a swim, then returned and dried in the sun. I lay on my front.

The three girls returned and drank a coke. Rosie and Chelsea told Emma and Leon to come and see something on the other side of the beach. They told me I didn’t have to move. Saskia said she’d stay with me.

When they’d gone, she looked at me. She slapped my bottom and giggled.

“Cheer up. You’re not having much fun, are you?”

I deliberately averted my eyes, so I didn’t stare at her tits.

“I’m okay.”

“Liar. You can’t lie on your front all day. Anyway, I want you to come with me. Get up.”

She pushed me over and looked at my dick.

“I think they’re all being mean about your penis being so small. Saying such horrible things.”

“Like what?”

She giggled: “I can’t say here with everyone listening. Let’s go for a walk in the dunes. It’s private there. Please.”

We walked together across the beach. People looked at my dick and giggled, but Saskia held my hand and put it around her waist.

When we got to a quiet spot, she faced me and touched my dick.

“I just want to see how big it gets.”

I became erect at her touch.

“Is that as big as it gets?”

I nodded.

“Oh, dear. It’s tiny. I’ve seen you looking at my tits. I want you to jerk your little dick for me while you look at my tits. Go on.”

I gripped my hard-on between my finger and thumb and began to wank.

Suddenly she squealed loudly.

“Oh no, you dirty fucking pervert. Stop it,”

Before I knew what was happening, Leon, Emma, Rosie, and Chelsea appeared.

They took a little while to take in the sight before them and draw the obvious conclusions. I tried to speak but couldn’t think what to say.

Rosie was the first to speak.

“Oh my god, dad, what the fuck.”

Leon wrapped his daughter in his arms. Saskia began to sob.

I tried to explain.

Chelsea slapped my face.

“Shut up, dad. I’m going to punish you so hard. Get on your knees.”

I dropped to the ground in shame. She pushed my head down and slapped me hard on my bottom. Rosie joined in. It hurt. I began to cry and beg for them to stop, sobbing that I was sorry.

Leon pushed the girls aside. He told me to stand up. I did.

“I could beat you up here and now, but I won’t. I’m going to call the police and let them deal with you. Then everyone will know what you are. You’ll go to prison and lose your reputation and your job. You’ll be ruined.”

Emma knelt before him.

“Please don’t, Leon. I know he deserves it, but it would also ruin my and my daughter’s lives. Please, for my sake and their sake, isn’t there another way we can repay the wrong he’s done?”

Rosie and Chelsea knelt by their mother, looking up at Leon pleading.

Saskia put her arms around her father and frowned at Emma.

“Okay bitch. Promise you’ll let my dad fuck you, and I’ll let your dirty pervert husband off.”

Emma hesitated. She was shocked at the idea. Her eyes went to Leon’s cock, then up at his face with a combination of fear and desire.

“No, that’s not fair. I’m respectable. I’m married. I’ve always been faithful. Please…”

Saskia started to dial 999 on her phone.

Emma scowled at me. She stood up, took Saskia’s phone then turned to Leon.

“Okay. Yes. I promise. If that’s what it takes, fuck me.”

Saskia smiled.

“Good. You let dad fuck you whenever, however, wherever he wants. Okay?”

Emma’s cheeks were flushed with anger, lust, and humiliation. She looked at Rosie and Chelsea with tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry, girls. Please don’t be ashamed of mummy.”

Rosie put her arms around her mother.

“It’s okay, mum. We’d never be ashamed of you, whatever you do.”

Chelsea took Emma’s hand and faced Saskia.

“Mum will do anything you want.”

Saskia looked up at her father.

“I only want what’s right. And what will make daddy happy.”

We walked back to the car in silence. Emma hung around with me and whispered at me in a fury.

“Twenty years of married loyalty and faithfulness, and you’ve turned me into another man’s fucktoy because you’re a dirty little pervert. And your sweet little daughters too. Your little dick has turned us into Leon’s sluts. We will never forgive you.”

Emma sat in the front passenger seat and drove back to the resort. She sobbed, and Leon put an arm around her. He pulled over into a layby.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

Emma turned her face up, and they kissed. Leon tickled her chin, and she giggled.

“Thank you. I appreciate your kindness, but I’ve made a promise, and I always keep my promises.”

Leon and Saskia went back to their apartment to shower and change, and we went to ours. I was made to stay in the kitchen while Emma, Rosie, and Chelsea showered and dressed. Occasionally they called me to bring drinks but otherwise acted as though I didn’t exist.

Emma was excited and nervous, our daughters encouraging and supportive.

“What if it’s too big? I’m not used to having anything that size in my pussy.”

The girls giggled. “You’ll soon get used to it, mum.”

“You might even have that orgasm you’ve been dreaming of!”

“Oh, girls. What’s wrong with me? I should be dreading this, but I’m so excited. Does that make me a total slut?”

“Yes, mummy. We’re both ashamed of you.” giggled Rosie.

Chelsea threw a cushion at her sister. “Stop being such a bitch. It’s what you deserve, mum. You’re a big sexy woman, and you need a real man to fuck you, not a small dick pervert like dad.”

“Thanks, darling. God, I need a drink. Tell daddy to make me a double gin and tonic now.”

As I brought the drinks in the sight of my wife in sexy underwear, make-up and heels took my breath away.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. I opened it to let Leon and Saskia in. They brushed past me, sat on the sofa with Emma, Rosie and Chelsea, and they all chatted while I fetched drinks.

Eventually, Saskia clapped her hands and announced it was time for business. Emma nodded and kissed Leon. We all watched. Saskia smiled at Rosie and Chelsea. “Okay, girls, I know it’s hot, but I think dad and your mum need a little privacy. Dad, take her to the bedroom.”

Emma jumped up and led Leon into our bedroom.

Soon I heard something I’d never heard before: the sound of my wife having an orgasm.

Saskia looked at me then at my daughters:

“Your dad’s enjoying this. That wasn’t the plan. We need to do something to make this into the punishment he deserves.”

Rosie and Chelsea looked at me and nodded.

“Yeah, but what?”

Saskia frowned at me with a look of scorn.

“I’m going to bend you over my knees, and I’m going to spank your bottom until it’s sore.”

I felt a surge of panic.

“Please don’t.”

I heard Rosie and Chelsea giggle.

“Do what she says, dad, or we’ll make you.”

I nodded. “Okay.”

Saskia smiled: “Good. Now, trousers down and over my lap now.”

I obeyed her. My daughters shrieked with scorn and delight.

Saskia was fierce, and I was soon in pain. I begged her to stop. After a while, the pounding stopped. I went to move, but Saskia gripped my head.

“I have not told you to move. My hand hurts. I need you, girls, to take over. Spank your dad.”

First Rosie, then Chelsea smacked my bottom.

When they’d finished, Saskia pushed me to the floor.

“That was so cool, Saskia.”

“Yeah, I never knew smacking my dad would feel so good.”

As my sobbing subsided, the sound of Leon fucking Emma filled the flat.

Saskia laughed: “It’s so good to hear dad getting a decent bit of pussy for once. My god, it sounds like your mum’s never been fucked properly before!”

Rosie prodded my crotch with her foot.

“We all know why that is, don’t we, dad.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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