My Stepdad (Gay SPH)

By Anonymous.


My stepdad and I have a very tight relationship. He raised me since the age of 13, I have stayed living with him after he, and my mom divorced. It was more convenient this way because my mom moved out of state while I was still going to graduate school. It wasn’t a big change from when it was he, mom, other than the fact that we got a little more comfortable with being naked in front of each other and me. Well, he was more comfortable because he has a long and thick cock with big balls, but I was a little anxious because I have a small penis and tight little balls.

When I am very anxious or in cold water, it gets so small that it looks like an uncircumcised and just has an inch of skin. However, sometimes it’s a bit more respectable like 1.5-2 inches soft. Either way, it doesn’t compare to his. The head of his cock is often bigger than my whole penis. He has actually commented on the size difference and told me to be comfortable with it. For example, one time, he saw me covering up after he walked on me in the shower and said, “It’s OK, little buddy, I’ve seen your tiny winky before.”

I was speechless.

He quickly realized what he had said and tried to fix it by saying, “Oh, no, what I meant was that you shouldn’t be embarrassed.” That didn’t help, and I started tearing up. So he said, “No, no, no, what I meant was it’s OK to be smaller.” He pulled down his pants, whipped out his cock, and said, “Look we’re guys, and it’s the same.”

Nevertheless, it wasn’t the same. He was 5-6 inches soft, bigger than I am hard, and I just had an inch of shriveled skin and tight balls. I am embarrassed to say this, but I started crying like a baby! It was so bad I even forgot to keep covering up. To my surprise, that made him get angry.

He grabbed my face and said, “Hey, no crying, OK? You have to be tough if you’re going to get through life with that little thing, OK. You understand. Tell me, you understand?”

I nodded and said, “I understand, sir.”

I don’t even know why I said ‘sir,’ I just felt like a little kid, not a 28-year-old man. He then began searching the bathroom cabinets. Eventually, he found what he was looking for, the trimmer. Without asking for my permission, he pinched my little cock between his fingers with one hand and started trimming off my hair with the other!

Then he said, “See… If we get rid of the hair, it’ll look bigger or at least not as small.”

I couldn’t say anything. I was too ashamed. When he was done, it did not look bigger, it looked worse because I was small and didn’t have any hair. However, he didn’t admit that it was a mistake to trim me and after that made me trim in front of him once a month. At least I could do it myself, and he only watched.

He was usually very nice but sometimes cracked the joke, “Well, we know who the man of the house is.” When I looked upset by the joke he would say, “Oh, relax, it’s just a ‘tiny little’ joke, not a big deal.”

I was helpless.

The experience of getting rid of my pubic hair every month was utterly humiliating, but I grew to expect it and thought it was nice he cared about my appearance. It did not prepare me for what was to come. Sometime during my 4th year of graduate school, I started having some GI issues, which I told him. He immediately made an appointment with his doctor (Dr. Monroe) and took me. When they called me, I thought he was going to wait for me in the waiting room. However, he followed me into the appointment. He and the doctor talked because they were friends. Both tall men with burly physiques and I was very intimidated because I could make out the size of the doctor’s cock from his scrubs.

When they were done, the doctor asked me some questions. After I answered all his questions, he told me he had to examine me. He asked me to drop my pants. I looked at my stepdad, thinking he was going to leave, but he just said, “Hurry up and do as you’re told.”

I dropped my pants, and I covered my cock. The doctor made me get on all fours for the exam, which meant I couldn’t cover up. He actually did a rectal exam in front of my stepfather! The whole time they kept talking like nothing. At some point, he said he was having trouble feeling me, so he made me turn around, grab my knee, and spread my legs for better access. I wanted to cry. My stepdad could see my small penis, which had now inverted into my body, they both could.

The doctor then said, “Everything looks fine. I think it was probably just some inflammation related to food sensitivities or stress. You don’t have any major risk factors.”

However, he still had his finger up my asshole feeling me up, which caused me to moan every now and again. Before he pulled out, my stepfather said to him with a smirk, “Doesn’t he look a little small for his age?”

The doc didn’t get it, and said, “No, he’s of average height.”

My stepdad said, “No, what I mean is that little winky, and he had no sac.”

I wanted to get up and leave but couldn’t move because the doctor still had his finger in me. The doctor looked at me, puzzled. Then, my stepfather said, “His penis is very small, and his testicles are even smaller, they look like they haven’t descended!”

I thought the whole exam room must’ve heard him. I quickly covered up, even though I was supposed to be holding up my legs. The doctor chuckled and pulled my hands out. With his free hand, he started touching my balls and pinching my dick. He grinned and said, “Well, I wouldn’t want to have this, but some guys are just tiny. It doesn’t mean they have a ‘micropenis.’ I think his testicles are down, does this hurt?”

He flicked my little nuts, causing me to move up and down and say, “YES!”

My stepdad made a face as if he wasn’t buying it so Dr. Monroe said, “You know, this isn’t really my area, but I can give you a referral just to be sure.”

When the exam was done, and I had gotten dressed, I felt like I was watching myself from outside my body. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t process the doctor’s recommendations. It only dawned on me in the car that he ordered me to put in a suppository three times a day. He asked me if I’d be OK with my stepdad helping me, and because I was out of it, I just said, “OK.”

When we got home, the first thing my dad did was order me to take off my clothes, to put in the suppository. It was a humiliating experience all over, but he managed to stick in the thing very quickly. I was going to put on my pants, but daddy said I shouldn’t because the suppository could fall and we needed to know. I didn’t want to think he was enjoying this, but he was grinning the whole time. Then, there was a knock on the door.

“Oh, it’s my friend Mr. Alvarez, come down with me to say hi,” my stepdad said.

To be continued?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.



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