My Husband Is A Short Dicked Sissy!

By Unknown.

I met Doug while checking out a chat room for adults wanting sex. His picture told me he was cute enough, and the way he talked made me want to get to know him better. When he asked out, I agreed, and we had a great time. Before long, we saw each other regularly. Sure, he was older, but he gave me anything I wanted and seemed not to expect a lot back.

I took that for being old-fashioned and enjoyed how he would get such a thrill from just a kiss or a little making out. When he proposed, I said yes immediately, and we set the date. Our wedding was a beautiful but straightforward affair, and I knew we were about to begin an exciting life together. Little did I know exactly what form that excitement would take.

On our wedding night, I found out why my rich new husband had not been pushing me into the sack. Doug has the smallest dick I have ever seen. When he is soft, you can barely see his little cock. Even hard, Doug has no more than four inches. Imagine how I felt when he showed me what he had.

He fucked me, but he was so short and narrow that I barely knew anything had happened. Fortunately for me, Doug is one of those guys who will not hesitate to go down on a warm pussy. As soon as he had come, he immediately started using his tongue to get me going. His licking and flicking were enough to get me genuinely wet, and in no time, I was convulsed with waves of pleasure. I have to say that Doug is one of the best pussy eaters I have ever known.

I also found out another of Doug’s secrets on our honeymoon. He loves to wear lacy panties and sexy lingerie. That is the only way to get his tiny dick hard and keep it that way. He likes to wear lingerie and then strip off the panties just before he has sex. It may be a little disconcerting to find that your husband wants to wear your sexy nightclothes, but you get used to it. In fact, after a while, you start looking for lingerie that both of you can use.

While my husband has not become the stud I wanted, he has plenty of money and doesn’t mind me spending it. That helped make up for a lot. His oral prowess also helped to take off some of the edge. But the real bonus to the situation is that he doesn’t mind having some extra dick in the house from time to time. The main thing is that he likes to be involved somehow, which works fine for me. So while our situation is hardly the traditional one, at least in the bedroom, we have settled into a position that works out pretty well for both of us.

Most of my friends know exactly what is going on. A couple of months after we married, I had an adult toy party and invited a dozen of my closest girlfriends. Doug got into the spirit of things and slipped into a see-through black lace nightie, conveniently leaving off the panties.

Everybody got a good look at the combination of his hairy chest and tiny dick. My girlfriends could not believe it! None of them had ever seen a cock that small before. They all had to feel it, which Doug enjoyed. One of my best girls, Angie, decided that Doug would be ideal for demonstrating how to use a butt plug.

She had him bend over the coffee table, lubing up a hot pink plug, and shoved it inside Doug’s ass. He used his ass muscles to hold it in the rest of the party. We all had a good laugh when he started jumping up and down with the plug inside his ass, and all of a sudden, his tiny cock stood straight up, and he shot a stream of cum that splashed right into the punch bowl!

After seeing how Doug got worked up by having his ass filled, it got me thinking. We had men come over to the house ever since we returned from our honeymoon. Usually, we would place a discreet ad online and try to hook up with a lonely horny man from out of town.

At first, we would have the guy over, and Doug would dress up in his favorite teddy, stand by the bed and work his dick while watching a hung guy get me wet and then finally fuck me with a long thick cock. Then I started having Doug stand outside the bedroom while I had one or two men tag team.

I would let myself go, screaming out what they were doing to me and how it felt. This would drive Doug crazy, and he would start banging on the door, demanding to be let in. Finally, one of the guys would open the door and lead Doug just in time to pull off their condoms and beat off until they shot their cum all over my tits and into my open mouth.

After a while, Doug got assigned clean-up duty. His first job would be to lick and suck on the cock of my partner of the moment. Now, some men hesitate to let another guy touch his cock, even if he just fucked the guy’s wife and is still dripping cum. But you would be surprised how many men start to get hard again, having their cock sucked while a woman is watching and beginning to play with her clit. For his part, Doug found out he had a real knack for sucking cock.

Recently, we had two visiting businessmen over for some fun. After working out the details via email, we arranged for a time for the two men to come over to the house. Doug answered the door wearing a long sheer nightie that he left open. He led the guys back to the bedroom, where I was lying spread-eagled on the bed, slowly using one finger to flick at my clitoris and the other to slide in and out of my vagina gently.

Doug approached the first guy, undid his pants, and pulled his cock out of his underwear. His cock was seven inches long and already starting to thicken. To help him get ready for my hot wet hole, my loving husband took the entire cock into his waiting mouth and sucked on him until the veins on the man’s cock were protruding. All primed and ready, Doug backed off and told the guy to enjoy my waiting pussy.

The excitement of hard cock recently in my husband’s mouth-filling my hole and stretching my walls had me get into the swing of things quickly. The guy was enjoying himself as he moved in and out of me. At the same time, his hands found my erect nipples and began to squeeze them, gradually becoming more aggressive gently. I felt wave after wave of pleasure rush over me as he stretched my hole and the action pulled on my clit.

While all this is going on, my mate has turned his attention to the second guy. Getting him undressed, he hungrily descended on the guy’s cock and had him at attention in no time. Rather than waiting until the first guy was done with me, he broke away from my husband and moved around to straddle me on the bed with his cock right in my face.

I took him into my mouth and kept doing what Doug had started. Now I had two hard and thick cocks filling me at both ends. As both my cunt and my mouth were fucked, I kept cumming. Each new wave of orgasm made my bed partners harder, and they kept pumping me.

In the meantime, Doug is beating off his little meat, moving around the bed to reach under and play with the ball sacks of my two lovers. Before long, one guy began to get close to coming. Doug, aware of this because he felt the way the guy’s balls were pulling in close, pulled him back and wrapped his mouth around the man’s dick. As the guy cut loose with a yowl, Doug drank in his cum mixed with my pussy juices and made sure he got every drop. At the same time, Doug also reached his climax and shot his load across my stomach.

I was still having a great time sucking the other guy, so Doug and our now satisfied friend took turns using their tongues to work my clit back and forth. Doug may not have enough meat to please me, but he knows how to lick me the right way. He had my lips quivering with each pass of his tongue in no time. I came again, sending even more juices flowing out of my pussy.

As our other visitor got close to coming, Doug also pulled him back so that his cum could shoot all over my stomach and my tits. From there, Doug licked our new buddy clean, then proceeded to lick the cum off my now fully satisfied body. With us exhausted, we all collapsed on the bed and enjoyed some quiet time until our visitors needed to get back to their hotel.

We have had men get hard again on a few occasions after Doug finishes his cleaning duties. Depending on how satisfied I am feeling, Doug sometimes gets the chance to be a real woman and have the man plow his ass.

You’d be surprised how many straight guys find that having a little bit of man pussy after enjoying a warm wet cunt can be pretty good. For Doug’s part, he has found that a hot hard cock is a lot better than a butt plug or even a dildo. Of course, I could have told him that a long time ago.

Some may wonder why I stay with a man who has such a short cock. People tell me I am too young and too sexy not to have a man who can drive me wild in bed. Of course, there are other things to consider, including that Doug is wealthy and gives a pretty good head.

The bottom line is that he takes excellent care of me and treats me like a queen other than in the sack. So what do I care if I have to share my lingerie drawer with my sissy husband? As long as he is happy having other men come in and take care of our needs, we will stay together and have fun being a couple.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.


  • keith slater

    Great story to read

  • Anonymous

    I would love to be Doug he is truely a lucky grl. kisses steph

  • Paul

    Yeah such a dream to be treated like the small dicked sissy I am

  • vici

    oh yes. love the story.. and as little limp dic sisi boi i certainly have lived it… love to suck real mens dic

    • Paul

      Oh yes vici small dicked boys like us who can’t get it up deserve to be treated in this way imagine everyone’s disappointment in me not only is my dick small it rarely if ever gets hard I’m just a pathetic sissy and deserve the scorn and humiliation of all women and of course real men

  • Anthony

    Im a tiny dick husband i hope for my wife to do this to me.

  • Steve Miers

    I have begged my wife to do this to me. I have not been able to actually keep my erection long enough to make love to my wife in years. As soon as I get close to her pussy, my thin, 4 inch, penis just goes limp. The only time I can get it up and keep it hard for her is when we have gay porn playing. i desperately need a REAL MAN in my wife’s life so I can serve them both.

  • Bobby

    The trick is to really pamper your wife or girl friend 24/7 so she enjoys it so much that she dont care how you dress as long as she is happy. My sisters dressed me like a girl when I was young and had me serve them and do their chores. I was happy and so sere they.

  • lilsissy Dick

    my little pee pee is 3.9″ and quite thin and now I have ED so what little there is wont get hard. I also wear panties 24/7 and nighties but go no further with ladies pretties. My wife has cuckolded me ever since we got back from honey moo. Unfortunately she isn’t keen on me watching as she worries that the reaction she gets with a real man upsets me. And it does but is worth it for cleaning them up. Both her and her lover much like in the story, but its had its effect on me that I so love the taste of cum is so good I am now bisexual. My wife isnt worried though as I dont worry her so much now

  • I so wish my lovely wife would read this site; and treat me accordingly.

  • Donnagirl

    Wow Doug is one lucky guy. I need to find a woman I can do this with. I also have a small limp dick that only gets hard in panties.

  • John

    This was cool

  • Ya I’ve had this happen with all 4 women I’ve been with my whole life.
    All ended up Cucking me for BBC.
    Having a 2 inch hard penis is rough if you try to be with women so just realize like I did we’re meant to serve our holes.

    • Ya Robert b. Weaver is actually
      Evansville Indiana’s local Scooterlady is a little Dick Sissy

      Gets passed around by BBC ♠️🐓


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