My Girlfriend Needs a Larger Man

By Luv4hotwives.

“Dude, those must be the baggiest swim trunks I’ve ever seen. Are you planning on swimming in those or using them as a parachute?” Thomas teased.

My girlfriend Madison and I were hanging out at our friend Thomas’s pool. Well, it was his parents’ pool, but they usually traveled. So even though Thomas had his place, he’d often entertain our circle of friends at their house. I didn’t want to call attention to it, but I wore shorts instead of swim trunks for a reason. I picked them because they looked like trunks, and the fabric was thick. The thing was, I was shy about the size of my penis.

“Yeah, it’s just more comfortable, is all. I needed extra room if you know what I mean.”

Might as well lie. They’d never know. Unfortunately, my ruse was short-lived. As I walked by her, another friend, Becky, tugged my shorts. My penis bobbed into view of everyone. I tried pulling the shorts back up, but Becky held them down. By the time I pulled my shorts back up, everyone had seen everything. They all roared with laughter.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Christian. So what if you have a small penis?” Olivia said as her laugh finally subsided. “We all know now, anyway.”

“Yeah, dude. No one cares,” Benjamin tried reassuring me.

“I’ll be honest, I would have guessed you had a big dick or at least average,” Brianna added.

“I’m just surprised it doesn’t hang down. I’ve never seen a penis like that before. Does it always just point out like that?” Becky asked.

“Um, I guess..” I replied.

“Yeah, that is weird. It’s like a kid or something. I don’t mean to be rude. I’m genuinely curious. Did you.. have puberty?” Becky inquired further.

“Of course,” I replied tersely, offended at the suggestion. I’m a full-grown 28-year-old man, dammit.

“Well, I didn’t know.” Becky shrugged her shoulders. “That would just be one explanation. And you don’t have any pubic hair, so I figured you either shaved or didn’t grow any.”

“I thought it would make it look bigger,” I replied sheepishly. Everyone chuckled. If I hadn’t shaved, my penis would’ve barely been visible, so I suppose it would’ve looked pathetic.

“Maybe he’s a grower?”

Madison, my girlfriend, shook her head. “No, it gets a tiny bit bigger, but it’s still tiny.”

I instantly felt even smaller. I had always known I was below average, but this was the first time I had heard Madison acknowledge it. Could they please just talk about something else, I thought?

“It’s not a problem for you?” Thomas asked Madison.

“I don’t know.” Madison shrugged. “Truthfully, I am curious what a normal-sized or bigger would be like.”

Brianna looked at me. “You haven’t considered letting her experience something bigger?”

“What? No!” I replied defensively.

“Come on. It’s the least you could do for her.” Olivia said.

“Yeah, man, don’t be selfish,” Benjamin added.

Brianna put her hand on mine, almost like she was trying to reassure me. She gave my hand a slight squeeze. “It’s not your fault you have a small penis, but you should let Madison have a satisfying sex life.”

“It’s not like it’s that much smaller than normal,” I argued.

Brianna shook her head and smiled to herself. “You know what? Jeremy, show them yours.”

“What? Really? You sure?” Jeremy asked.

“Yeah, I’m your girlfriend, and it’s ok with me if they see it come here.”

Jeremy stood up next to Brianna, and she pulled his swim trunks to his ankles! This entire experience was so surreal. Having everyone see my small penis was embarrassing enough. Now here was Jeremey’s much bigger dick just dangling there to highlight further how small I am.

“Now, look. You can see this is what a normal penis looks like. See, it’s hanging down, reaching the bottom of his balls.” Madison locked her eyes on Jeremy’s penis while Brianna took it in hand and stroked it to an erection. My girlfriend gasped when it reached its full size. “And this is fully erect. Madison, you want to touch it? Sorry, I won’t let you sleep with him, but you can at least feel the difference.”

My utter shock prevented me from stepping in. I was powerless as I watched my girlfriend wrapping her small soft hand around another man’s penis. Her delicate touch felt every facet of it. She had never shown this level of interest in my privates.

Finally, Madison turned to me. “Christian, do you mind pulling yours out again?”

I hesitated. There was no way I wanted to show everyone my penis again! Especially since, for some reason that I couldn’t fathom, watching Madison grope Jeremy had given me an erection. The group encouraged me to comply until, at last, I just gave in.

“Oh my goodness, Christian, look how much bigger Jeremy is than you!” She took hold of my erect penis while holding Jeremy in her other hand. “You know what’s funny is that your hard is about the same size as Jeremy’s was soft.”

I can’t explain, but Madison’s last comment sent me over the edge. I had an orgasm, and my cum shot to the ground in front of me.

All my friends almost fell over laughing. “Whoa, what’s going on here?” A familiar voice asked. It was Logan, Thomas’s little brother. He still lived at their parents’ house and must have just walked outside. I pulled my shorts back up as quickly as I could. Even though Logan was 18 now, I still looked at him as this punk kid. Now he walked out just in time to see my girlfriend with another guy’s cock in her hand, me cumming from it, and that I have a small penis. I was so embarrassed. I felt so emasculated.

“Well, I’d say today was informative. Don’t you agree, sweetie?” Madison said, looking up at me with her sweet eyes, still holding Jeremy’s cock.

Madison and I left shortly after. I hoped to pretend nothing happened, but Madison wouldn’t let that happen. “I was thinking about it, and I think our friends are right. You really should let me try sex with a larger man.”

“You can’t be fucking serious,” I replied.

“I am serious. Just listen. I’m sorry that you’re the only man I’ve slept with, but I feel I’ve missed out on an experience. Who knows, maybe I’ll find out I only like little penises like yours. Maybe big ones will hurt. I won’t know until I try. And not to hurt your feelings. Sex is fun, but it feels like something is missing. It’s like I feel like I’m still a virgin. You’re just so small that it’s almost like until I’ve had a real man in me, I’ll still be a virgin.” Madison paused momentarily. “I’m sorry that came out wrong. You are a man, but it’s more like… for example, if a girl were fingered, she would still consider herself a virgin. It’s like that.”

Putting aside for a moment that my girlfriend just argued that my penis was so small that sleeping with me doesn’t count as sex, I started to accept that I might be unable to stop this. “Do I have a choice?” I asked.

Shaking her head, Madison answered, “no, not really. I never knew how to say it, but something has been missing with sex for a while. For our relationship to work, I need to experiment a little.”

I sighed. “Where do you even plan on finding a guy anyway.”

“I already have one in mind. There is someone I used to work with. Remember Zach? He always flirts with me and even sent me a dick pic once. So I know he’s average, a couple of inches longer than you, and thicker. I think I’ll drop you off at our apartment, then head to his place.”

“Right now?” I asked in shock.

“I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s going to happen, anyway. Might as well start now. He was sending me flirty texts just this morning. I’m sure he’ll be willing. I’ll call him right now to put your mind to ease, ok, baby?”

Madison pulled out her phone and immediately called and put it on speaker. She seemed to misunderstand that my lack of ease had way more to do with her having sex with another guy than the possibility he might say no.

“Hey, girl,” Zach answered.

“Hi Zach, can I ask you for a favor?” Madison asked.

“Yeah, sure. What do you need?”

“This will sound crazy, but I need your dick,” Madison told Zach.

“For real? Did you and Christian break up?” Zach asked.

“No, we are still very much together. I have his blessing, though.” Madison assured Zach.

“Really? He’s letting you have sex with me?”

“Yeah, it’s kind of an important experiment. We agreed I needed to try sleeping with a guy with a bigger penis. Christian is on the smaller side.” Madison said.

I heard Zach laugh hysterically through the phone. “Wow, um. Yeah, of course, I’ll help you out.”

“Yay! I’ll be there in half an hour!”

Madison hung up. I closed my eyes and sighed. “You at least need to use a condom, ok?”

Madison nodded. “I’m sure Zach has some.” We pulled up to our apartment, and Madison parked her car. She kissed me and said. “I’ll be back later and tell you every detail, ok?”

Madison barely waited long enough for me to close the car door before she sped off. I strolled into our apartment, unable to reconcile the day’s events. First, my humiliation, my small penis being exposed to all our friends, and now my girlfriend was heading to another guy’s house to have sex. My mind raced with images of Madison’s encounter with Zach, him pulling off her clothes, her small hands pulling his erect cock from his pants. Maybe she tells him it’s so much bigger than mine. My stomach feels tight; I’m embarrassed and stressed, but also an unexpected reaction. Without realizing it, I had pulled out my penis and was masturbating. I envisioned Madison taking Zach into her mouth, straddling him, and lowering himself down. My fantasy had barely started when I came. I closed my eyes, wondering why I had just masturbated to thoughts of Madison cheating. I zoned out. The day’s events kept playing in my head. I wasn’t even aware of the passing of time.

I was pulled from my trance later by the sound of our apartment door opening. Madison bounced in and started speaking to me, excited when she saw me. “I have so much to tell you. That was so much fun. Zach was only average, maybe 6 inches, but I know I prefer larger over smaller. I had an orgasm during intercourse! I never had that with you, babe!” The excitement in her voice was evident. Madison sounded like a kid who had just visited Disneyland. “It will still be necessary to try an actual big one, but at least we know now I need bigger than yours. Before returning, I’m going to need new panties, though. I’m still leaking into these.”

“I don’t understand. I thought you were going to use a condom?” I asked.

“No. Sorry, I was too excited. And I didn’t want to diminish the experience. It would kind of defeat the whole point of what I’m trying to do. I don’t like condoms anyway.”

“If you don’t like them, why do I have to wear them?” I was angry. Madison and I had never, even once, had sex without a condom.

“That’s different, babe. I have you wear those so that you’ll last longer. You tend to cum too fast. Zach doesn’t have that problem, so it wasn’t needed. He lasted longer than you do, even with your condoms.”

I sighed. I was annoyed, but no amount of complaining would change what had already happened. “Do you at least have this out of your system now?” I asked.

“Um, no.” Madison laughed. “As I said, I discovered size does matter. I’ll need to experiment more, but it’s obvious now that we’ll need to keep our relationship open. I already have another guy in mind anyway.”

“How can you already have someone in mind?”

“Becky has an ex that she’s still friends with. She texted me while I was at Zach’s place, knowing I might want to know after our earlier talk. Becky is still friends with him, and she said he’s got a big one, and he thinks I’m cute, so I figured, why not?”

“I can’t believe you just cheated on me, and you are already talking about doing it again the very same day,” I complained.

“Um, baby, this isn’t cheating. We’ve been over this. You don’t satisfy me. Thanks to our friends, we’ve established you have a small penis. That means trying sex with bigger men is the only option. So, when you think about it, it’s not cheating as long as the other guy has a bigger dick than you.” Madison took my hand into hers. “Honestly, I think this saved our relationship. I want to be your girlfriend, but I was starting to feel like there was no solution to your disappointing performance. I was considering the possibility we might need to end things. But now we found a way I can get satisfied. I think you’ll feel better if I tell you how amazing everything was, then you can be as excited as I was! Come on. I’ll tell you while I get changed.”

I followed Madison to our room as she began stripping down.

“So I get there, and Zach asks me if I’m sure about what we are about to do. I answer by kissing him. He kisses me back, and we make out hard. Hands are roaming all over each other’s bodies. From there, Zach led the way. He got my top off and began feeling my breasts. He was so confident and dominant that I was completely turned on instantly. I think Zach picked up on it because he wasted no time yanking my bottoms off and getting a finger inside of me.”

Madison now dropped her panties to her ankles and was completely naked.

“At this point, I reached in and grabbed his dick. It was so hot, feeling it in my hand. It was a lot like Jeremy’s, so you know, average-sized. But way larger than you. I wanted him in me so badly. I was so horny. That was when I decided that I had to feel him and experience Zach without a barrier and that I wouldn’t make him wear a condom. It was a strange feeling. I’ve never had that desire with your small penis.”

There it was again, Madison reminding me how small my penis was.

Madison began to put on her change of clothes. “The moment he went inside me, I knew it was better. Just the fullness and the pleasure. I’m sorry, honey, but it was obvious from the moment his penis was inside my vagina that I needed bigger than you.”

“If you’re so sure, why do you need to go out and do it again?” I asked.

“As I said, I need bigger than what you have, but now it’s just a matter of figuring out how much bigger. So I’m going to need to continue experimenting with other men. So I will keep sleeping with bigger guys until we figure this out, so don’t worry, ok?” With that last comment, Madison kissed me and headed back out.

After Madison left, I returned to our room. I saw her panties on the floor. She had just stripped off and picked them up. There was dampness I could feel on my hand. Inspecting the panties more closely, I saw the crotch had a wet spot. Looking at it from the inside, it glistened, and I felt it with my finger. It was Zach’s cum mixed with Madison’s juices. I couldn’t believe I was looking at cum that had been inside of my girlfriend’s pussy. Cum that wasn’t mine. My cum had never been inside my girlfriend because I’d never fucked her without a condom.

Not knowing what to do with me, I played video games to pass the time while I waited for Madison to come back. Eventually, I couldn’t wait up any longer. I walked to our room, collapsed on our bed, and fell asleep.

I woke later, hearing Madison return. She walked to the side of our bed and squeezed my shoulder to get my attention. “Bigger is for sure better! Look how much he came in me!” Madison dropped her pants and pulled down the front of her panties. They were filled with cum. It was sticking to her pussy and the crotch of her panties.

Madison looked down and grinned. “Is that a little tent, I see? Christian, I didn’t realize this would turn you on so much.” It did. It had gotten hard seeing the aftermath of Madison’s night. She rested her hand on my crotch and squeezed me.

“No, it doesn’t.” I protested.

Madison freed my erection from my underwear and stroked it with her thumb and forefinger. “Oh, you like it. You’ve never been this hard before. Let me tell you about all the details.”

I would have objected, but I was too focused on not cumming.

“You know, after he came in my pussy and pulled out, I sucked his cock clean. His soft was bigger than you are now.” She held a finger an inch past the end of my penis. “That much longer.” Then wrapped her hand around me, leaving space around my penis. “And that much thicker. That was him, soft honey!”

I closed my eyes, focusing harder to not cum and prove Madison right.

“Then he got hard again and well. Let’s just say, size-wise, you aren’t even close. I was shocked at first at his second erection because you never get hard again. That’s one of the reasons there is so much cum. He finished inside of me twice.”

I couldn’t stop it anymore, despite fighting it as hard as I could, cum dribbling out of my cock and on Madison’s fingers. She wiped her fingers off my shirt. “Yeah, babe, you don’t like it.” Madison laughed to herself and walked to the bathroom to clean up.

The following morning, Madison left and did not return until the afternoon. When she came back home, she was not alone. Thomas’s younger brother Lucas, the same one who had seen my humiliation the day before, walked in behind her.

“Hi honey, you remember Lucas? He texted me out of the blue this morning!”

“Yeah, Tommy told me about everything that went down. I knew I’d be able to help out.” Lucas smiled. “Let’s just say I’m blessed.”

“So I decided to go pick him up! And well, I couldn’t wait, so Lucas and I played a little in my car. Let me tell you. He wasn’t lying. He’s huge, more than twice your size! Anyway, we’ll be in the bedroom. Just give us some privacy for this first round, ok?”

Madison led Lucas by the hand into our bedroom and closed the door behind them. I sat on the couch and did the only thing I could do, wait. Turns out I did not need to wait very long. I heard Madison through the door.

“You are so fucking big.” Then silence. The quiet continued for over a minute until I heard Madison quietly moaning. It gradually got louder until Madison’s moans had given way to literal screams of pleasure. She had never made sounds like this with me.

After an eternity of hearing my girlfriend get fucked by another guy, Madison came out of our room. “Lucas was the biggest yet. I didn’t even bother putting my panties back on. Here, give me your hand.” She grabbed my wrist and forced my hand under her skirt and between her legs. Madison’s pussy was a wet and sticky mess. “Isn’t there so much cum?”

I pulled my hand back and looked at Lucas’s cum sticking to my fingers, trying to wrap my head around this.

Madison continued. “Well, sweetie. Now that I’ve been able to try various sized penises, I can confidently say that I’m a size queen. The result is clear comparing the smallest, yours, with the biggest. It’s not just that they feel better or that I have a preference. I have a kink for big dicks. Seeing a big one turns me on.” As though there had been any doubt since this entire thing began. Since Madison admitted my penis was too small for her, she does not attempt to hide that she liked the big ones more. “Now, I’m not going to start fucking many guys left and right. I know I recently have been doing just that, but that was for experimentation. However, going forward, you won’t be my primary sexual partner, and I will need to have a friend with benefits.” Madison sat down and put an arm around me. “And I realize this is embarrassing for you, but I want that to be your best friend’s little brother. I know Lucas is only 18, but he’s mature for his age. And even though he’s younger, his penis is much bigger than yours.”

I felt so defeated. “So what now?” I asked.

Madison laughed. “Well, I’d think that’s obvious! I’m going to keep on having amazing sex with Lucas. Of course, I haven’t forgotten about you. We will need to find a way to keep you included in the sexual aspect of our relationship. We’ll need to experiment to find out exactly what that will be. It will be something that lets you be included without us having actual sex. I’m not saying it’ll never happen again, but we’ll figure it out. Let’s head into our room together, have some fun and figure out your place, ok, sweetie?”

I followed Madison into our room. Lucas was lying naked on his back on my bed. He’s now spent cock lying on his lower abdomen. It was still shiny from being inside my girlfriend’s pussy.

“Have a seat, Christian. I have some work to do.” I sat down to watch. Madison moved between Lucas’s legs and took hold of his cock. “Took a look, babe. Pretty obvious why I love it so much, right? He’s totally soft and way bigger than you are hard. Go ahead. I want you to get naked and play with yourself while you watch. I want you to see and feel how much smaller you are.”

I silently complied, and I was already hard. Yes, I was embarrassed, but I was again confusingly turned on. Madison was right. Lucas’s flaccid dick was significantly larger than I was fully hard.

Madison wrapped her lips around Lucas’s large cock. She had only gone down on me a couple of times and never with the enthusiasm she had now shown Lucas’s cock. Once he was fully hard, Madison took her mouth away and stroked it. “Christian, Lucas is easily twice as thick and more than twice your length. Isn’t he incredible?”

I could not muster a response, though my silence did nothing to prevent my girlfriend from eagerly returning her mouth to Lucas’s cock. There I was. Just a couple of days ago, I was a guy with a hot girlfriend with whom I had regular sex. And I was the only one she had sex with. Now, I sat pathetically stroking my small manhood while watching my girlfriend struggle to stretch her lips around another guy’s massive dick.

Lucas gently stroked Madison’s hair. “Ok, I’m ready. Want to get fucked?” Madison looked up and nodded with his cock still in her mouth. He pulled his cock away and picked Madison up like a rag-doll, tossing her on our bed. She got up on all fours, and Lucas knelt on the bed behind her. He aimed his large cock right at Madison’s wet pussy.

For a moment, I stopped stroking myself and watched with bated breath. I know that Madison had already had sex with a few other guys these last few days, including Lucas, but this was the first time I watched it. Made it seem so much more real. I hadn’t had sex with Madison since before this all had started, but I was now staring at Lucas’s bare cock slowly approaching her unprotected pussy. I had yet to experience her bare. She’s always insisted I wear condoms.

Then it happened, Lucas pressed his hips forward. The massive head of his cock touched the lips of her pussy, then pushed between them. Finally, the tip of Lucas’s cock disappeared from view as it entered my girlfriend. Her pussy seemed to strain to stretch enough to accommodate him, and Madison made a small yelp in response to the massive intruder. His cock sank deeper, less than half his total length before he pulled out and pushed back in. I could hear Madison mumble quietly between heavy breathing, “oh my god, Lucas… You’re so fucking big. You are so much bigger than my boyfriend.” That comment hit me. Lucas was fucking my girlfriend with less than half his dick, and I still couldn’t even compete.

Now Lucas began to fuck deeper. “Oh.. yes, yes, yes. Fuck me deeper, baby.” Madison told him. He didn’t need any extra encouragement. Lucas forced himself in entirely, hitting spots I would never be able to reach. He fucked her hard. Madison had an orgasm like I had never seen, “fuck fuck fuck fuuuuck!” It wasn’t her last orgasm. I noticed at least four more orgasms over the next 10 minutes.

Madison was nearing another orgasm when she said, “you going to give me your cum, baby? I want to feel it inside of me… Please give me your cum!”

Lucas pushed in deep, and his balls twitched. He was cumming inside my girlfriend’s pussy. Then he pulled halfway out. His body indicated another spurt. Then Lucas pulled out and aimed his cock head right at Madison’s clit. Two more large spurts of cum erupted onto my girlfriend’s pussy.

Lucas backed away, and Madison flipped over onto her back and said. “Ok, Christian. Your turn is here. Come eat me out.”

I knelt, and the devastation from Lucas’s cock became clear. Whenever I had sex with her, Madison’s pussy looked the same after. I don’t know if it was from being stretched or her ultra-aroused state, but her pussy looked different. Her pussy lips, typically tight together, were parted. Everything had a swollen look to it. Lucas’s massive load of cum both leaked from her vagina and painted the outside, especially over her clit. The parts that weren’t cum covered were shiny with her apparent wetness.

Licking Madison’s cum covered clit. I couldn’t help but wonder if Lucas pulled out in the middle of cumming to purposely cover the parts I’d be licking with his cum.

When Madison finally came, it forced the last of Lucas’s cum to shoot from her vagina into my mouth. I had to swallow it to avoid choking on it. Still totally naked, we both stood up, and Madison hugged me. “Thank you, sweetie. I think we’ve finally found our new normal for our relationship.” She kissed me, then laughed. “Your mouth completely tastes like Lucas’s cum. I think you might want to brush your teeth.” Madison looked down, smiled, and gently patted the tip of my erect penis. “I’ll give you a minute to play with your little guy while I clean up with Lucas in the shower. Then maybe you can take me out for dinner or something, ok?”

I listened to my girlfriend getting fucked in the other room while I masturbated. As I got closer to cumming I knew Madison was right. We had found our new normal.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed. The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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