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My First BBC in a Gloryhole Booth by nj_teen_4

A few months ago I decided to go to a sex shop in South Jersey that was 30 minutes from my beach house. I was driving by when I saw it and, intrigued, decided to stop and have a look around. As I looked at all of the movies and toys they had, I noticed a small corridor to the back of the shop. My curiosity killing me, I decided to walk back there, noticing a bunch of booths lined up next to each other, with a few playing naughty sounds that I guessed were porn videos that other men were watching.

I decided to go into one of the booths and watch, just to see what the store had to offer. I popped in a few quarters and saw some very hot man-on-man action, and pulled out my relatively small cock to rub it a bit.

A couple of minutes into the movie, a man walks into the vacant booth next to mine, which I notice because of a small hole on the opposite side of the booth. Having a peek, I noticed that he was black, athletic, and had rather large hands. As I peeked through at him entering a few quarters, he pulled out a MASSIVE cock that was at least twice the size of mine, and it wasn’t even erect! I was in awe and stopped watching my movie, moving my head closer to the hole just to get a better view of this man jerking his HUGE black cock. I’d never seen a big black cock in person before this, and the biggest I’d ever seen on another man was 7″ on my white fuck buddy at college, but that was nowhere near the size of what this guy had in his pants.

After a minute or so of him jerking, I noticed him looking down at the hole out of the corner of his eye, noticing that I was watching him. He appeared to be in his mid-to-late-30s, judging by his face, and, based on his sly smile, he seemed to be getting a kick out of a young white teenager watching him jack his cock. Shortly after noticing, he moved towards the hole and stuck his dick through it as I backed away in a bit of fear before realizing that he was asking me to suck it.

Shocked, I waited a second, thinking about what to do. I was turned on, but did I really wanna suck this stranger’s big black cock? As he wiggled his massive erection at me through the hole, I gave in, opened my mouth and began to slowly suck on my first big black cock. It was hard as can be, but I went up & down, sucking it gently to get a feel for it. I could hear him audibly moan through the wall as I got my mouth on it, and used my left hand to gently play with his massive balls while stroking him with my right.

I was somewhat stunned at the situation. I’d never been to a glory hole before, nor had I even seen one before, and here I was gargling on my first big black cock which is attached to a total stranger! After a minute or so of gently sucking and stroking him, I became mentally aware of the fact that this was really happening and became very aroused. As I got into it more, I started sucking & stroking him harder, almost delirious at the fact that this was happening. My tiny dick was rock hard as I sucked him, and after I few minutes I took my mouth off his dick and began sucking on his big balls while stroking him. Oh God, his balls were as salty as can be, but I was in cocksucker heaven.

He moaned heavily through the wall, and even began talking dirty while I sucked him. “That’s right, suck my huge black dick, white boy.” On cue, I took my mouth off his balls and started going down hard & deep on his big black cock, deep-throating it as far as I could before gagging. After that, the video on his side had stopped, and he abruptly left his booth.

Somewhat stunned and thinking it was over, I started jacking off my own throbbing dick, clearly in ecstasy at what had just happened. I thought to myself “Did I really just suck that black man’s dick through a glory hole? Oh God, what a slutty thing to do! I can’t believe how big that thing was. Will I ever do anything like thaโ€””

Just as I thought that, I heard a knock on my booth door. Startled, I pulled up my pants quickly and answered “occupied!”

A low voice responded “I know it’s occupied, but I wanna come in and deal with that white cocksucker in person!” Oh shit! It was him! Rock hard, I opened the booth, let him in and locked it up quickly. He was much taller than me, with black hair and a serious look on him. I was stunned as I sized up this man in front of me.

“I’m slightly embarrassed” I said shyly, in an honest admission that I was somewhat nervous now that he was in front of me. I mean, it’s one thing to suck off a random dick through a glory hole, but to have him in front of me? That added a little bit more pressure to the situation…

He laughed loudly, quickly responding “well, you’ve already sucked my dick, so hell what’s the worst that can happen?” I stood there frozen, in a slight daze. Did I really need to freeze considering I’ve already sucked this man’s dick and balls? I mean, he’s twice my age and standing in front of me, but they’re fucking huge and black I’d never been so turned on in my life.

Sheepishly, I responded “Well, I guess it’s not every day I suck a big black dick through a glory hole… I guess I just didn’t expect to see you in person.” My tiny erection was throbbing. “Iโ€””

Before I could get my thought out, he pulled down his pants to reveal his fully erect cock pointing directly at me. I stared at it silently, mesmerized. That cock was fucking huge. Suddenly, he was forcing me to my knees, holding the back of my head and forcing it down on his cock, making me suck it hard and deep. I moaned as my mouth was being shoved onto his cock, with him moaning in delight. My head bobbed on his dick for around a minute until I eventually gagged after it was forced almost all the way down my throat into my mouth.

After I gagged, he withdrew his gigantic black dick from my mouth and pulled me up by my shoulders, sticking a finger in mouth. “Suck it, bitchboy.” I obliged, fully lost in the moment as he rhythmically inserted his finger into my mouth for me to suck on while squeezing my ass with his other hand. “What a firm ass you have…” he said, spanking my left ass cheek while I sucked on his index finger. As I moaned in ecstasy, he pulled his finger out of my mouth and started pulling down my pants. “Let’s see what you have in there.”

He pulled down my pants, revealing my tiny, yet throbbing erect cock. He laughed, rubbed my nut sack with his left hand and said “I had a feeling that you were hung like a little girl. Only bitches suck dick that hard!” I blushed, letting him caress my nut sack and belittle me in the booth. He moved his right hand to my ass and squeezed my left cheek hard, making me jump. He kissed my neck, making me surrender as he moved his left hand off of my nut sack towards my other ass cheek and began squeezing them both.

I lowered my right arm towards his cock and began stroking it while he squeezed my ass. He moaned in approval. “What a good little bitch you are” he said, making me blush scarlet again. He moved his fingers towards my ass crack slowly as I stroked him and, without notice, stuck one large finger up my asshole as he began fingering me. This forced me to let out a very sudden, loud moan that anyone who’s had an object inserted into their asshole knows all too well.

“Calm down, slutty boy,” he said very smoothly. “You’re gonna have something bigger up there real soon.” He inserted another two fingers up my ass, finger-fucking me hard and quick, my moans getting louder with each new finger being inserted. His three fingers were thicker than my fuck buddy’s cock, and I’d never felt so submissive in my life. I moaned senselessly, letting him know how much I was enjoying his fingers up my ass as he fingered me harder and deeper… stretching out my tight little hole.

Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out and stuck them in my mouth. “Suck them, slut” he said, squeezing my ass to further enforce his dominance over me. I obeyed, sucking on his fingers that he had just used to stretch out my ass, moaning as I tasted my own anal juices. Without warning, he pulled them out of my mouth and, using his other arm, grabbed the back of my neck, turned me around and pushed my body forward, bending my naked body over the seat in the video booth.

“Pucker that ass up, buttercup,” he whispered commandingly into my ear, adding “because when I’m done, you’ll have trouble sitting down for quite a long time.” He spit on my asshole and rubbed around on it, making clear his intentions. I started breathing heavily, anticipating his long hard dick to be inserted into my asshole at any moment. He leaned over and, very slowly inserted his huge black cock into my little butthole, making me moan louder than ever.

He inserted more and more of his dick up my ass and made me moan louder and louder, making clear the joy I was getting from having his huge cock violate my tight white asshole. After thirty seconds of slowly inserting, he began thrusting and picking up the pace, groaning with each thrust, which was subsequently being matched by my moans, until he eventually started pounding my ass deeply at a slow tempo. I moaned louder than ever, overpowered by this man’s big black cock.

“That’s right, moan, bitch…” he said, picking up the pace, fucking my ass harder and faster, making me moan even louder. My little cock was on the verge of cumming, with the entire scene just overflowing into my brain. The glory hole booth… the stranger… the huge black cock in my asshole… and the now rhythmic sound of his cock pounding my ass was slowly but surely becoming all too much for me to handle, making my tiny erect dick spill cum all over the seat in the video booth, moaning in ecstasy as this built black stranger continued pumping his huge cock in my asshole.

“Typical little dick,” he said, fucking me harder and deeper, his thighs smacking rhythmically against my ass while I moaned from the penetration. “Always cumming early. Oh well, here’s a nice parting gift for you,” he continued, fucking my ass as hard as possible while I felt a warm liquid slowly begin to stream into my asshole, with him sighing heavily, as if almost relieved while his cum filled me. He slowly removed his massive cock from my asshole, making me moan in relief as my hole finally got air.

Wow, what a fuck that was. I stayed bent over after he pulled out of me, his load pumped into my ass, unsure of what to do as he stood over me. As I tried to pull my pants up to get ready to leave, he smacked my ass, making me shout in pain as he pulled my hair. “Where do you think you’re going, bitch?” he said, his huge erection pulsating against my ass.

I stumbled, unsure of what to say. “Um, I thought we were done since you came in my ass?” I quivered in fear, afraid that he wasn’t done fucking me.

He laughed loudly, gave me another smack on my bare ass, forcing my head closer to his by pulling my hair even more. He whispered in my ear “my pants are still down and my cock is covered in your ass juices. Don’t you think you should clean that up, pin dick?”

I rolled my eyes downward, getting a glance at the huge cock that just pounded me. It was still erect, and had the moistness of my anal juices all over it. I reluctantly return to my knees, my ass in pain from the fucking it just received, and begin licking my liquid rectal extract off of his semi-erect cock.

He moaned happily, pulling my hair as I cleaned my ass fluids off his cock, holding in my urge to gag at the taste of my own shithole. “That’s right, bitch. Clean your faggot ass juices off my cock!” I sucked on his huge black dick reluctantly, slurping my juices off of him like a terribly hot soup. He laughed happily as his cock got harder, making me realize my time as his whore was far from over…


  • dont worry

    That was a good one ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†

  • I have been forced to suck many Superior Black cocks until fed their
    hot cock juice. I have been wanting to give my cherry to one

    I,m still looking for one to breed my pussy/ass soon.

    I,m in the Cincinnati OHIO area

    I,m 3″ stiff

    • robin48

      Good story
      Love to be BBCed

      • Anonymous

        I have been sucking BBC since I was 12.

        Was sort of pushed into it by a white friend who
        had done it and talked me into sucking them.

        There were 6 Black guys, 4 in late teens and 2 in early 20’s.

        I was coaxed by my “friend” Jimmy to suck them as he had me suck him the week before in my tree house. He did suck mine first to show me how good it felt.

        All 6 fed me their sperm every day of the week I spent at Jimmy’s house. Why I didn’t spit out their sperm I don’t know. I guess my need to please them, I swallowed every wad after savoring the taste.

        I have been a honky slave for Black Cock ever since.

  • Paul

    Beautiful hot story would love to suck my ass juices off someone’s cock

  • Vince

    Years ago I was at a glory hole and up to that time I only sucked white cocks,too many to count but on that day a black man stuck his cock thru the hole and offered to me,I already sucked two whites and at first sight I thought that thing is not going to fit in my mouth and after few seconds I thought what the fuck might as well give it a try,I miss it and lick it then suck on the head and it felt different from a whites cock,it’s hard to describe but it’s different,I sucked and played with his balls till I felt it becoming harder and I knew he was about to cum I was ready but never expected the amount of cum he feed me,I consider my self a good cock sucker and better swallower but the amount of cum was overwhelming and I had a hard time trying to swallow and I almost gave but I manage to drink it all,it also taste different but good,anyway, it was already late and I decided to go home and on my way out of the booth there he was, a black man standing next to the wall he smiled at me and I smiled back then he said,you did good you and I understood and I said thanks,then he ask if I like his dick and I answer that it was good,then he ask me if I want it some more but I told him that I haven’t got anymore coins and I was on my way home then he ask me where I lived and I told him,back then I was living with my mom and that day my mom was out of the country and she wasn’t about to be back for another week I had thought to losing my cherry and that was my chance but at the same time I thought he was huge!!!But I went for it and told him to follow me home,we got home and went to my room,he was watching porn while I took a nice shower and got pretty,I got some of my mom underwater and put it on then I got some of her perfume and put it on too then I went to my bedroom he had his dick in his hand and was stroking it very slowly,when necessary me on my mom’s panties and babydoll his jaw drop and I thought I made a mistake but he noticed and got up and stood next to me and he said,no,no ,no baby you look amazing it’s just that I thought you weren’t a full sissy,and I said but am not! Then he ask why was I wearing woman’s clothes and I sincerely answer because I wanted to look pretty for my first time with my man,he led me to my bed and laid me down while he undressed,I think he was into sissys because he went full force a kissing me and caressing my body I never been kiss with such emotion,we kiss and make out for minutes or hours I really don’t know,I sucked his dick till he cummed again in my mouth and this time he watched me swallow his cum,I don’t know if he was lying or if he was trying to make feel good but he told me I sucked his dick so good like nobody before and I was the first one to swallow all his cum without missing a bit,I sucked for a little longer till he told it was time,he roll me over and went to work on my boipussy,he lick and fingered my hole till I was lose enough I got some of my mom’s baby lotion and he squirted a lot into my hole then he position himself behind me and with one hand he was holding himself and with the other he was holding me,then he pushed and the head went in,it felt like a hot iron jus penetrated me,I tried to stand and get out but he was stronger and he held me in place,then he pushed a little more and more went into me,I started to cry and I was bitten my blankets when I felt him pushing again,then he pull me up to him and told me to relax and take easy and that my body would get used to have him inside me after a few minutes,then he started pumping my ass very slowly,I could felt it going almost all the way out to all the way to my stomach,I think I was screaming or something because next thing I know he had his hand over my mouth telling me to shut the fuck up,I wanted his dick and I was going to get it one way or another,I wanted to end so I got silent and took his dick like a bitch and then realized some of what people say about blacks it’s true,they are bigger and stronger and can last longer than most then I think I passed out,next thing I notice was my alarm clock displaying 3:36 am! And I thought this motherfucker been in my ass fucking me like a bitch for over one fucking hour!!!My thoughts got interrupted by his mornings then I knew I just woke up in time to felt him cum in my boipussy,he was about to cum and he was pushing harder and deeper than before,he was pushing his whole dick into my ass and it hurt like never before I was trying to get away but he mistooke as me enjoying it and trying to making cum,telling me to move my ass like that and squizze my butt and to bounce back at him,then he cum,he pushed all of his dick inside of me making me scream while he cum,then I passed out that time for sure,I don’t recall anything till I he woke up by sticking his dick again in me,untried to tell him that I was sore and in pain but he told me it was for my own good I needed to have as much dick in my ass as possible,i ask why and he told me because the more I let men fuck me the sooner I would be able to take any dick,I couldn’t argue with that logic but he was being rough and I told him so,he took the point and started pumping slow then he ask me if that was better and I told him yes……Oh the memories

  • Jonathan

    I Want Too So Desperately Taste My AssJuices Mingled,Blended And Combined Together With A Masculine-Stud Jocks BabyMaking-BabyBatter-SpermSwimmers๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Ken

    Great story, I have been in a glory hole where I was sucking a black man when he told me to come over to his booth. He made me get on my knees in the cum covered floor and continue to suck his dick. He forced my head all the way down on him until I gagged. He shot a huge load in my mouth and made me swallow. Then said, “get out bitch”.


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