First Time With Hannah

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By twiddershins

Subject: Hannah
Age: 28
Hair: Black
Cup: C
Hips: 40″
Location: Her parents’ house, basement

* * *

“I think they really like you,” she said.

Hannah was right. Everything had gone so well. We were staying out at her parents’ place for a while, and had just eaten an incredible dinner. Neither Hannah or I had been intimate yet before, though we’d made out, even kissed a little passionately once in front of her parents. We knew they wanted her to stay a virgin until marriage, and often made dirty jokes with each other about “other” ways she could still technically stay a virgin, but her parents seemed only to approve of our intimacy.

It was late at night now, and Hannah and I retreated to our bedroom in the basement where we were lying together on the bed, on our sides, facing each other. Her parents were upstairs, but probably asleep. I was a little dressed up in a button-down shirt and slacks, but I didn’t have a tie on. I’d felt dumb about that, but everyone was more than forgiving. Hannah had on a little black dress that fit her a little snugly, accentuating the curve of her waspy hips and booty. A push-up bra accentuated her cleavage, squeezing her boobs together into a tight crevice. Before we’d gone out she’d given me a peek of her simple, but sexy black thong. Her hips stretched it out, her firm butt cheeks stuck out gloriously, and I had trouble thinking of much else. I was rock hard, I’d been waiting for it all night!

“I wanna show you how *I* really like you…” she purred, reaching for my zipper.

I don’t know why I asked, but I did. I was feeling nervous. “Do you… think-it’s-big?”

My pants’ button clicked free and she looked into my eyes, whispering slowly, breathily. “You’re such a MAN… I think… you’re gonna be… huge!”

She unzipped my pants pulled them all the way down in one tug. Hooking fingers into the waistband of my boxers with both hands, she pulled them out and peeked into my underwear. My eyes were still stuck on her tightly-pressed cleavage. She giggled and looked up at me. “Are you hard?”

“Y-yes…” I stammered, before I got my sexy face on. “What do you think, baby?”

She reached in, grabbed my shaft with two fingers, pulled at it, and whispered, confused, “It’s, like, not even five.”

“… five…?”


“I thought you’ve never been with another guy!”

“Sh! I haven’t,” she said. She started stroking back and forth, full, slow strokes along my short shaft with just her fingers. “It doesn’t matter, it’s nice and thick,” Hannah said, and she turned out the light so it was totally dark and we had nothing to go by but the feel of each other’s bodies.

Well, she wasn’t an engineer for nothing. I trusted her measurements. Still, even with the lights out, I futilely tried to save myself.

“Aw, I… I think I have five.” I couldn’t even bring myself to say six.

I felt her shoulders trembling as she started to giggle. I think she was as nervous as I was. “You’re fine, honey, fine.”

We kissed.

“Unzip me?” she asked. I reached and slid the zipper down on the back of her dress, then she stood up from the bed and I heard her shimmy out of her dress, out of her bra…

With a sudden tug, she put my boxers around my knees. “I’ve been waiting for this,” she whispered. “Have you been waiting for this?”

“Yes,” was all I could say back, like my brain was stuck. Still lying there on my side, my legs squirmed in anticipation. “Yes, yes…”

She laid down beside me again, put one hand on my shoulder, and started to undo my shirt buttons, throwing the shirt open a little more as she undid each one. I felt her hot breath trailing down, down, across my chest and stomach until my shirt was totally open, her hands now at my hips, and she kept going, slowly, trailing kisses. Her kisses became more and more wet the closer she came to my exposed, throbbing groin until she went down on me, grabbing my ass and eagerly taking me full in her mouth, completely deepthroating me in one go.

“Nngh! Ah, ffff– yes…” I grabbed for her hair, missed it, threw my head back and dug my palms into my forehead.

She stayed down, all the way down where her lips kissed the base of my cock, and she sucked hard. Then she flicked her tongue out to lick at my testicles. I thought I would die of pleasure. She finally let up, slowly backing off of my short shaft with a loud, wet POP as the vacuum of her mouth left my cockhead.

“It’s so nice.” She sighed quietly, happily. “You’re such an easy blow, I love it!”

I felt so humiliated, but turned on that I thought I would lose it and cum right then. I could think of almost nothing as she went back at it, bobbing her head in tiny motions on my erect, little dick. I felt mindblowingly miniscule in the same way as I would thinking about my body in relation to the galaxy… galaxies… insignificant, weightlessly spinning…

“I, I’m gonna–”

She popped her mouth off me again and grabbed my saliva-slick cock tightly in her fist like a tourniquet. “Hold it,” she commanded me. Her grip contained almost my whole cock, just part of the head poking past the top of her hand. “Hold it.”

“I… rrrmmmm…”

“Can you hold it?”

I groaned again, sucked air through clenched teeth, exhaled, took a proper deep breath. Then another. “I can… I can hold it.”

“Good,” Hannah said. She gave my erection a firm squeeze, then let go, rolled me onto my back and climbed on top. “Because I have something else in mind…”


She ran her fingertips along my arms until she came to my hands and gently guided them to her ample, naked butt cheeks. I gripped them eagerly, rubbing and squeezing for the sheer pleasure of feeling her incredible, bouncy butt. Hannah grabbed onto my short, hard erection again, completely enveloping it in her hand. She kissed my neck and lifted her chin to whisper, “Spank me.”

Not wanting to wake her parents upstairs, I gripped her passionately, then gave her butt a soft, playful slap on one cheek. Her soft hand returned the favor with an equally weak pulse of tightness around my dick. “Harder,” she moaned.

I spanked her. She gripped me harder and longer and urged, “Fucking spank me!”

So I lifted both palms from her ass, hauled off and slammed them down onto her with a loud SMACK!

Before I could react, she moaned aloud and started stroking vigorously at my hard, saliva-slick length in her hand. “Fuck, yes,” she whispered.

So I did it again, and again. Now she was rubbing like berserk the short room she had available on my dick, quarter of an inch up, quarter of an inch down, but fast as possible, tugging like a madwoman, barely moving her wrist, but pumping like a lustful she-demon.

“Nngh, does this little guy want my ass?” She wasn’t whispering anymore. It almost wasn’t even a question. I said nothing, just spanked her again in response.

She lifted herself up, lined my cock up with her crack, and slipped it in. I thrust my hips up eagerly, into her, pistoning in and out of the clenching of her sweet ass muscles while she bumped and rubbed down onto me until I couldn’t take it anymore. I threw her off of me onto her stomach and climbed on top of her back, holding myself up so I could loom over her with just my erection pressed against the bareness of her hot bottom.

“You want this in you?” I asked, and I turned myself into an arch, leaning down to make out with the back of her ear.

“Nngh, yeah…”

I lifted up again, snaked my hardness up and down her ass crack. “You want this all the way in you?”

“Mm hm…”

“In your ass?” I thrust playfully, lustfully at her behind.

“In my fucking ass,” she purred urgently, already reaching back to grab me and put it in. “Give it to me.”

Hannah slipped my dick between her butt cheeks and I went nuts with lust, but she was even quicker and hornier, and flexed her bountiful behind tight around my cock. I hadn’t expected it at all, and started trying to hump away, but her booty practically held me in place while I made pitiful, crazed humping motions. I never fully realized how powerful a woman’s butt could be until that moment, or how really muscular they were! She unflexed and contracted again, then again, letting my penis gasp for air and then grabbing it, holding it fast again with her strongly muscled, beautiful ass and I couldn’t take it any more. When she let go next, I instinctively pulled out before I shot gobs of my milky seed all over her back in throbbing blasts.

She just laid there making some muffled, rhythmic noises into a pillow that made her body tremble, and I was still on my knees on the bed, steadying myself with a hand on each of her incredible ass cheeks, just breathing. When she clicked the light on, the first thing I saw when I looked down at her back hit me like an electric shock.

“Uh, heh, you…” I was both nervously rationalizing and still catching my breath to some extent. “You pulled your thong back up pretty quick, huh?”

“*Back* up?” There was an odd quiver in her voice.

“Yeah, um…” If the sight was like an electric shock, the confusion was like being pushed into water afterwards. Hannah kept her thong on.

“Why would I take it off?” she turned her head to look back at me, and she was grinning so widely. She clamped her hand over her mouth.

“I… but didn’t we just…”

The full and final realization was like sinking in the lightlesss, deep sea. She’d been laughing into her pillow.

“Honey,” she whispered. “You didn’t even reach.”


“Inside me.” She giggled. She was back to trying to be quiet again. “Did you think you were inside me?”

“Well, it’s… it was so tight, you… you’re so hot…!” I was quickly running out of both words and thoughts.

“Well, I can tell you one thing for sure, Mister I-Think-I-Have-Five,” she goaded with an all-too-knowing smirk. “That didn’t *feel* like five inches.”

I tried to say something, but just gulped air instead.

“Oh, relax.” She shifted underneath me, arching her back a bit and wiggling her bottom. “It was fun, babe. We’ll have to do it again… and maybe your little guy can hold it even longer next time.”

From somewhere on the bottom of the ocean, I sat there blushing until she commanded me to “Get some Kleenex before this starts dripping all over.” I did so, and wiped her clean. We fell asleep tangled with each other, saying nothing the rest of the night except eventually, “Sweet dreams.”

But despite my humiliation– perhaps even because of it– I was in such inexplicable bliss that I needed no dreams at all.

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