My Ex-Girlfriend and Her New Guy

By jordite.


My name is Jordan. I’m 19, and I’m from England. My girlfriend’s name was Stacey, and we probably weren’t right for each other (our relationship lasted eight months, but we used to split up every two weeks or so).

What kept bringing us back together was the sex. Stacey was incredible in bed (and on the floor and in the car and outside, anywhere really). She didn’t have any limits and would do absolutely anything. Whenever we split up, I couldn’t even think about fucking another girl because I knew she wouldn’t be anything like Stacey – big tits, great body, a goddess pussy, amazing ass she would do EVERY-THING.

She always said I was the best she ever had too. I have quite a well-built body. I’m not entirely ripped or anything, but I’m a little bit muscular, and I have a big dick. It’s 8.4 inches long and 6 inches round. Even when I’m not hard, my dick is over 5 inches long, and that’s something Stacey said she always loved about me. Plus the fact I could make her scream and I lasted a very long time in bed. Whatever the opposite of premature ejaculation is, that’s me, ha!

I don’t want to say she was dirty because that sounds like I’m calling her slutty, but she always had these tremendous kinky ideas. The best one she called “Naked Weekend,” and it’s probably quite obvious what that involves. Her parents would often go away to their holiday home for the weekend so that Stacey would invite me round, and the rules were always the same:

1: Arrive at her house on Friday night. She would answer the door naked except for a coat. I would have to walk through the door and strip naked right there in the hallway. She would take her jacket off, and we would both be naked until Sunday night.

2: The only exception to the ‘naked rule’ was whenever we ordered food to be delivered or if someone called at the door. Stacey could put her coat on and answer the door. Apart from that, she had to be naked at all times, and there was NEVER an exception for me to be naked.

3: We’d fuck as often as we could, but it wasn’t just that. We’d shower together, watch TV together, eat food together, etc. Naked the entire time.

I know she had “Naked Weekends” with her previous boyfriends, but she always said the ones with me were the best. She probably said that to everyone, but I don’t care. I had 4 Naked Weekends with her, and they were always fucking epic. They’re probably the reason I couldn’t even think about getting with another girl because they’d never match up to those weekends.



We used to split up all the time because we were always arguing. We’d have the best make-up sex ever, and then about two weeks later, we’d split up again. We didn’t go out together with friends and didn’t have much in common. We were both just addicted to sex.

So anyway, we broke up for the billionth time, but this time, she said it was for real. She said that before. I didn’t pay much attention to it, but a few weeks later, I heard a rumor she was meeting up with another guy. I didn’t say anything to her about what I’d heard, I just invited her round to mine for make-up sex as usual, but she said no and eventually told me she had met someone else and that we were finally finished.

I still expected her to change her mind, but the longer it went on, the more apparent there was no way back.



Probably about three weeks after I’d first heard the rumors about Stacey getting a new guy, I got a random message from a stranger on Facebook. I have copied and pasted his exact words: “Might want to think about moving the fuck on and leaving my girl alone or else.”

His name was Jamie. I clicked on his profile, and there were a few pictures of him with Stacey having drinks and having dinner, etc., so it was apparent he was the new guy. This is the conversation that unfolded between us on Facebook (copied and pasted word for word):

Me: And who the fuck are you? I’ve known her for times. Mate, so enjoy it while it lasts but get the fuck out of my inbox, ya skinny waste.

Him: Lolololol. Try not to be too jealous.

Me: Of you? Mate, you’re the one inboxing me, so you’re the one with the problem.

Him: yeah, my problem is you begging my girl to get back with her Lolololol suck your mum.

Me: Begging? I don’t have to beg. She always comes back. We both know she’s mine.

Him: Nah, well, “your girl,” says you’re old news now, leave her the fuck alone before I snap your jaw.

I didn’t reply to that because I was too busy trying to find out where he lived to see how brave he was to be dishing out threats like that. It turns out he lived something like 40 miles away, so it wasn’t like I could walk up to his door. I decided not to respond because I could end up saying something I’d regret, and he’d show it to Stacey.



A week later (on a Thursday), I get another Facebook message from him. Here it is word-for-word again:

“Try not to be too jealous of mine and Stacey’s naked weekend mate. I think you know what you’re missing out on but try having a wank while I’m banging your girl. Lololol.”

I tried my best not to reply, but about 3 hours later I couldn’t help it:

Me: Why are you even in my inbox again? You’re lucky you don’t live near here because you’d fucking regret every single word you’ve said to me.

Him: Lolololol. Oh, I’m sooooo scared.

Again, I didn’t reply because no matter what I said, it wouldn’t look good to Stacey.

The following day, I was at work, and during my break, I got a Facebook notification. It was a picture of Jamie and Stacey, and even though you couldn’t see anything, they were naked. It was just ahead and shoulders shot, but it was apparent. They had “checked into NW” (which meant Naked Weekend), and the post said:

“All set for the weekend of our lives. Try not to be too jealous, Jordan, and we’ll see you all on the other side.”

I flipped. I wanted to go round to her house and beat his ass in front of her. I think I would have done it if I wasn’t at work, but I did leave a comment:

“Why tag me? Why not just get the fuck on with your own sad lives.”

To which Jamie replied: “Enjoy your wank, mate.”

I’m not joking. If I didn’t have to finish my shift at work, I would have gone round there and dealt with him. I almost smashed my phone off the wall.



Six hours later (at 11 pm), I finished work, and when I picked up my phone, I had 16 missed calls from Stacey. Fucking sixteen! I wasn’t going to subject myself to the sound of them fucking down the phone, so I had zero intention of calling her back. Then my phone rang again. Again it was Stacey, and again, I ignored it.

As I was leaving work, I got a message from her. Here is an exact word-for-word copy and paste of the conversation we had. Sorry, it’s a bit long, but I don’t want to leave a single thing out of this story.

Stacey: answer

Me: Think I’ll pass.

(Within seconds of me sending that, she rang again, but I ignored it again. So she messaged again)

Stacey: Jordan answer I’m serious

Me: Why tell me here?

Stacey: Can you come round?

Me: Why?

Stacey: Can you just?

Me: No, tell me why.

Stacey: Because this is shit, I keep pretending to him I need to pee so I can ring you

Me: What are you on about?

(Another call from her which I again ignored)

Stacey: He has no cock

Me: What?

Stacey: His cock is tiny fucking tiny. Can you please just come round?

Me: And what the fuck do you expect me to do to make his dick bigger?

Stacey: Threesome.

Me: Fuck off, Stace.

Stacey: Please, Jordan, i’m serious. Just come round.

Me: Not interested. I’d fuck you but not with him there.

Stacey: There are no trains.


Stacey: For him to go home. There are no trains. He’s supposed to go home on Sunday, but I’ll tell him in the morning.

Me: Then I’ll call up when he’s gone.

Stacey: No, please just come now.

Me: I’m not doing anything with him involved, so stop asking.

Stacey: Please, Jordan, we can make it all just about us.

Me: What you mean?

Stacey: I’ll ignore him. It will just be us.

Me: You want me to fuck you while he watches? Not into that shit. I’ll come over tomorrow when he’s gone. Enjoy the rest of your night while I have my wank.

Stacey: Please, Jordan, he can’t do anything. His cock is so tiny. We did it when he arrived, and I didn’t feel it.

Me: Should have thought about that before inviting him down, then shouldn’t you?

Stacey: I didn’t know it was that small. This is our first time. If I knew it was that small, I wouldn’t have invited him.

Me: Unlucky for you then.

Stacey: Please, Jordan, his cock hard is smaller than yours soft. I cant it.

Me: Really?

Stacey: Yes, I swear.

At this point, I came around to the idea of the threesome. I had been so opposed to about a minute earlier. That little shit had tried playing the big man to me on Facebook, and this was the perfect opportunity to shut him the fuck up. So I replied to Stacey:

Me: Right, I’ll do it but don’t tell him.

Stacey: I think he might notice Jordan, hahaha.

Me: No, I mean, don’t tell him I’m coming round. Just answer the door to me, and I’ll come in and freak him the fuck out.

Stacey: Hahaha, that’s so cruel and evil. I love it

Me: Give me 20 mins

Stacey: OK, we’re watching a movie anyway.



Annoyingly most of that conversation happened when I was in a taxi home from work which meant I was further away from Stacey’s house than I was initially, so it took me about half an hour to walk to her house. I knocked on the door, and a few seconds later, she answered, naked except for the famous coat. Before I could start getting undressed, she walked me into the living room, where she and Jamie watched a film.

Jamie was sitting on the sofa naked. I don’t know who he was expecting to be at the door, but he certainly wasn’t expecting them to walk into the living room, and he wasn’t expecting it to be me! As soon as he saw me, he shifted his legs towards a cushion so I couldn’t see his dick. He was trying to play it cool, but it was obvious he didn’t want me to see his dick.

I just said, “Alright?”

But before he could reply, Stace announced, “This is Jordan. He’s here for a threesome,” and I saw a bit of panic on his face.

He knew he couldn’t make a big deal of it with me standing there in front of them, so he just sort of mumbled, “Right.”

Stace walked me out of the living room and down to the bedroom. As soon as we got in the door, she threw herself at me, and we kissed. She pulled away from the kiss and said, “Leave your clothes in here and then come into the living room.”

While I was getting undressed, I could hear a sort of murmur from the living room. I have since found out that Jamie had lost his cool and told Stacey to send me home, but she told him they were having a threesome, and that was that. When I was naked, I walked into the living room, and the first thing I noticed was his reaction to my dick. I saw in his eyes that he knew he was in trouble. I still couldn’t see him because of how he was sitting (legs crossed and body half turned away), but it was obvious he was intimidated by my 5 inches of dangling soft cock.

Stacey was sat on a one-seater sofa, so the only space for me was beside Jamie, and I was happy to sit there first to make sure he got a good look at my dick and so that I could get closer to see how small he was.

They watched The Wolf Of Wall Street, so I just sat beside him and started watching too. I swear I could hear Jamie’s heart beating, and he looked so fucking nervous about being sat there beside me. He had acted like the big man to me from the safety of Facebook. Then all of a sudden, he found himself naked beside me, helpless about the fact that (despite being a year older than me) I clearly had more muscle than his skinny body and had a much, much bigger dick even though the entire time we were there, he made sure he was never in view.

We were sat there for maybe 20 minutes or so until the film ended. Stacey got up from her seat and, casual as anything, just said, “OK, let’s do this,” and headed towards the door.

I purposely stayed in my seat. I wanted him to have to get up first because there was no way he could keep his dick hidden unless he walked to the bedroom with his hands covering it up. It took him a second or two, but he obviously realized he was going to have to move, so he lifted himself out of the seat, and for the very first time, I saw his dick.

That thing was fucking tiny. I’m not joking or exaggerating when I say my 8-year-old brothers were bigger. It was maybe an inch long and very, very skinny, like a little kid’s dick. He had tiny balls, too, but they were still bigger than his dick. As he got up and walked across my path of view, he didn’t make eye contact with me. He tried to point his body away from me, but he knew it was too late, I’d seen it, and he knew it.

So I got up and walked behind him as he followed Stacey out of the room. Apart from the ‘Alright’ when I’d first come in, I hadn’t said a single word to him the whole time I’d been there. Still, as we walked down the hallway towards the bedroom, I nudged him on the shoulder, and (without Stacey noticing) I motioned down towards his tiny, shriveled babydick and then down to my thick flopper. He broke off eye contact immediately. My dick swung as I walked. He didn’t move at all, just poking out at the top of his small balls.

The fact he had shaved his pubes made him look even more of a kid down there. I usually shave mine, but because it had been around five weeks since Stacey and I broke up, I hadn’t shaved in a while, so I had a bit of a bush going on, which again just made me look and feel more manly standing beside him.



When we got into the room, Stacey walked us both over to the bed and kissed us both. Him first, then me (which pissed me off a little bit). She then picked up a condom from the side of the bed, gave it to Jamie, and said, “you first.” Again I was annoyed because this isn’t what I’d been promised. She had specifically said she would ignore him, but it turned out she had a plan all along.

She played with his balls slightly and (using one finger and thumb) stroked his dick to get him hard. She wasn’t joking when she said he didn’t even measure up to me when my dick was soft. With an erection, his dick looked like a finger. He would be lucky if that shit was 3 inches and it was still very, very skinny. It was so thin that when he put the condom on, he didn’t fill it, and it was very clearly loose. This wasn’t an XL condom or anything like that, just a normal one, and his tiny dick was still too small for it.

Stacey kissed me, then lay down on the bed, ready for Jamie to fuck her. He got on top of her, poked around with his hand to get his dick inside her, and went at it.

I had been silent the whole time, but I decided this was where I was really going to wind him up. I put my dick across Stacey’s face so that he’d get a good close-up look at it every time he pushed forward. It would also prevent him from kissing her unless he wanted to tongue my soft dick in the process. So Stacey is licking my dick and playing with my balls, and then all of a sudden, that was it. He was done. He had cum inside about 45 seconds, and Stacey had been lying there completely silent the whole time. I could tell she hadn’t felt a fucking thing.

She just sorts of brushed him off and keeps sucking on my bellend and fingering my balls until I’m hard. Now all of a sudden, Jamie’s sitting there with his shriveled dick inside a loose condom while my 8+ inches are on show right in front of him. Obviously, I don’t remember the exact order of everything Stacey and I did, but we did many things in many positions. The one thing I do remember clearly was the scream of joy she gave when she felt my dick slide inside her. I’m guessing Jamie hears that sound in his nightmares.

He would try to get her attention now and then, but she’d either give him a quick kiss or ignore him completely. I was not keeping track of the time, but not long after I started fucking her, I noticed that the clock beside the bed said 1.05 am. I also know for a fact we were still fucking at 2.45 am. Slightly longer than he had managed. She had been screaming for so long, the sweat was pouring off both of us, and I soaked the sheets on the bed. Jamie had tried to get Stacey to suck his dick at one point, but again she just ignored him, which meant he basically spent nearly 2 hours watching “his” girl get fucked by me, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Eventually, Stacey told me she couldn’t take anymore and asked me to finish as quickly as possible. So I banged and banged and banged as hard as I could. When I knew I was about to cum, I made a split-second decision that I’m so, so happy with. I pulled out of Stacey and shot my load across her stomach, tits, and face as well as a bit of the bed. I then quickly turned her over and finished off on her ass and back.

I had never planned to do any of that, but at the moment, it just hit me that I wanted Jamie to see “his” girl drenched in my load. She loved it, and I could tell from the look on his face that he was pissed.



Probably the weirdest part of the story is that all three of us slept in the same bed together naked. I didn’t get much sleep because we didn’t finish until after 3 am, and I had to be up for work at 8 am. I got up, got dressed, and said goodbye to both of them, making sure Jamie saw me give a little nod towards his stubby 1 incher.

I’m actually annoyed with myself that I didn’t stay to hear Stacey explain to him that their Naked Weekend was over and that she was sending him home. I would have loved to have seen his face, and, even better, I would have loved to have been sat there with my dick on ‘show’ as he came to terms with what was happening.

So she sent him home, and after work, I went back round to her house, and we had a Naked 24 Hours together until her parents came back. Stacey and I stayed together for a month or two and then split up again but got back together again, and the cycle continues. At this exact minute in time, we’re together, but we’ll probably have split up by the time anyone reads this!

Jamie received no less than 5 Snapchat pictures/videos of Stacey and me together on Saturday night, and he didn’t reply to any of them. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I do, and let me promise again that every single word of it is true.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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