My best friend fucks my girlfriend while I’m in the shower jacking off

By Zac.

It had been a long hot day. My girlfriend Carol, sister Ellen, my roommate Adam, and I had all driven to Clearwater, Florida, to celebrate Carol’s birthday. She was turning 20. Fortunately, both I and Ellen, Carol’s sister, were old enough to buy booze. So quite predictably, we spent the day lounging on the beach, drinking too much, and enjoying the thrills of being young.

We decided to go out for dinner that night to a beachside restaurant. We were all sharing a double room, so we had only one shower. This meant essentially that while one of us was getting ready, the other three were in the main room getting drunk or drunker.

Adam had gotten ready first and was looking casual in khaki shorts and a t-shirt. Then Carol had taken a shower and put on a tight-fitting black tank top and short denim miniskirt. She was looking hot, and I was drunk and horny. I wanted to fuck her right there, but of course, we couldn’t because of Adam and Ellen being there too.

After that, Ellen, who was really drunk, went to shower and get ready. She took forever, and we drank heavily while she was getting ready. I was the last to get ready.

By the time it was my turn to shower, I had already looked up Carol’s skirt several times as Adam, Carol, and I played drinking card games. She was wearing thin black panties that covered up her little pussy, but just barely. I was so fucking turned on seeing her. I glanced over at Adam and had caught him looking up carol’s skirt too, but I didn’t mind. Besides, Carol was drunk and didn’t seem even to notice that she was giving us a little show.

By the time I got in the shower, I knew I was going to have to jerk my little dick. Seeing Carol’s upskirt panties gave me a boner, and I needed to shoot a huge cumload. After I turned on the shower, I climbed in and closed my eyes tightly. Feeling the warm water roll down my chest, I started stroking on my little 4-inch dick. Gripping it tightly with my right hand in my usual jerking pattern while playing with my little balls with my left hand. I squeezed my eyes tighter and pictured Carol’s perfect little pussy. Her trimmed brown hair, bright pink pussy lips, and wet, tight little fuck hole.

Damn, it felt good, imagining Carol’s little pussy wrapped around my cock, or her cute little mouth sucking on it. I tried to be as quiet as possible since everyone else was just outside the main room’s bathroom. I figured the shower water would be loud enough to cover up my moans, but we were staying in a cheap little beachside motel with thin walls. So little did I know, everyone was having a good laugh out in the main room, listening to me jerk off my pathetic little dick in the shower.

“Oh my god. You guys? Do you hear that?” Ellen asked.

“Hear what?” Carol answered.

“Shhhhh. Listen,” Ellen answered.

They all got quiet, right as I was letting out a series of moans in the shower.

“Oh, fuck Carol. It feels so good, baby. Suck that cock,” they heard me say as I stroked my little member.

“Bahahaha.” They all busted out laughing, including Carol.

“Ummm, I think Zac wants to put his little thingy in you,” Ellen said. “Although, at the sound of it, I think he’s taking care of it himself.”

More loud laughter, again.

Meanwhile, as I was jacking off, the alcohol was starting to catch up with me, and I couldn’t cum in my normal two minutes. It seemed like it was taking forever, but I just HAD to cum, so I kept on hammering my little dick and moaning about my hot little girlfriend’s pussy.

After a few minutes, I moved on to one of my favorite fantasies, which was fucking Carol from behind while she licked her sister’s pussy.

“Oh yeah, baby,” I moaned. “Take that dick. Lick Ellen’s pussy while I fuck you. Good girl,” I moaned.

More laughter. They heard everything. Carol was becoming more embarrassed as she, Ellen, and Adam kept drinking.

“I can’t really blame him, though,” Adam said. “You do look hot tonight, Carol.”

“I agree,” added Ellen. “at least he has good taste about women when he jacks off.”

Adam continued, “I almost started to get a boner earlier too, when you flashed us your panties, Carol.”

Carol feigned a blush before intentionally spreading her legs again. “You mean these?” she innocently cooed as she let her legs fall to the side again, giving Adam another view.

“Yeah!” cheered Adam. “That’s what I’m talking about. I want to see more. Let me see your tits too.”

Carol glanced at the bathroom door and listened, making sure she heard the shower water still running.

“Okay, but we have to be quick,” Carol replied. “Ellen, don’t say ANYTHING.” Ellen nodded her agreement.

Carol stood up and quickly lifted her shirt up over her tits, showing her little black bra covering her A-cup tits.

“Nice,” Adam said. He wasted no time, reaching up with both hands and gently cupping them.

Carol quickly lowered her shirt and pushed Adam’s hands away.

“Stop,” she whispered, “he could come out at any time.”

Adam just grinned. “I don’t think he’ll be out until he’s done cumming.”

Ha-ha. Another roar of laughter. I didn’t notice any of that because I was too busy trying to cum.

“Fuck, Carol. You’re hot.” Adam said again. “I’ve wanted to see you naked forever!”

Carol laughed. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” she cooed.

Adam wasted no time and stood right up. He undid his belt and lowered his shorts and underwear, exposing his 6-inch soft cock.

“OH my god,” Carol gasped. “it’s huge.”

Ellen just smiled. She already knew about Adam’s huge cock since she had fucked him several times. But Ellen also knew that Carol had never seen anyone’s cock other than mine since Carol was a virgin when we met. Ellen also knew about my tiny little dick since I had shown it to her once on a drunken dare.

“Can I touch it?” Carol asked

Adam stepped up towards Carol, sitting crossed-legged on the bed, exposing her little black panties again.

Carol reached out and gently started to stroke his enormous cock.

“Oh. It’s so heavy.” She stood up and continued to play with it. His big dick was getting more full with each stroke. After just a few seconds, Adam’s cock was rock hard at its full size of 9.5 length and 7 inches girth. Carol could hardly believe her eyes.

She stood up and began kissing Adam while she held his dick, stroking her newfound toy and sucking on his lips and tongue as they passionately made out. Ellen had walked outside discreetly to smoke a cigarette and give the two new lovebirds a little more privacy.

The kissing and stroking continued. Adam reached down and deftly raised the front of Carol’s skirt as he slid his hand down her underwear and began massaging her clit.

Carol let out an involuntary moan from Adam, fingering her as I continued stroking my puny little dick in the shower, completely unaware of the developments.

They continued with Adam beginning to feel Carol’s tight little hole with his middle finger poking in and out of her pussy. Carol alternated her hands between stroking Adam’s dick and playing with his balls. He reached up to pull off his shirt, his shorts having long since fallen to the floor. He stood totally naked in front of Carol.

Again, she glanced back towards the shower room door and continued to hear my jacking off and showering.

Carol stopped kissing Adam for a second and pulled back. “Oh, man. I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” she said, dropping to her knees.

She reached up with both hands, gripping the long shaft of Adam’s impressive dick. She guided his huge head over her lips and tongue and began sucking it as she jerked her hands up and down his long shaft. Adam was so big that she was getting a workout, practically using her whole body to stroke his huge cock. She was gasping for air through her nose as she continued sucking Adam’s dick hard. Spit was beginning to drool from the sides of her mouth down her chin.

Adam pulled his cock from Carol’s hot little mouth and grabbed her by the wrist, forcing her to stand.

“I want you naked,” Adam said.

Carol paused for a second. “No,” she whispered. “He could be coming out of the bathroom at any time. I don’t want him to catch us.”

Adam pulled Carol in for a kiss and fingered her pussy some more while he stood there with his hard dick sticking out. Carol melted and knew that all of her protests were for nothing. She was going to do whatever Adam wanted.

“Oh fuck it,” she thought. “If he catches us, I guess it will be worth it to get this big cock.”

Carol lifted her tank top off over her head. Adam kissed her neck and chest, reaching behind her to squeeze her tight little ass. They continued tongue fucking while she stripped down.

Then she lowered her skirt to the floor. Now standing there in her matching sheer black panties and bra, Carol continued jacking him off as they kissed.

Adam reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, and it was thrown to the floor. Finally, Carol let go of his big dick and hooked her thumbs into the side of her panties, lowering them to the floor.

There she stood, totally naked with her perfect little pussy on display for him.

“Just what you always wanted, right?” she asked.

Adam smiled and answered her question by picking her up and holding her as they continued to kiss. Carol’s arms were wrapped around his shoulders and legs around his waist. She could feel his thick cock rubbing against her eager pussy hole, and she knew what was coming next.

Adam lowered her to the bed and hovered on top of her, between her legs. She reached up with her left hand and guided the tip of Adam’s enormous dick to the entrance of her little fuck hole, arching her back to prepare. She gasped as he slid his dick into her wet little slit.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she called out as he slid deeper and deeper into her.

“Fuck, that’s right,” Adam said. “That’s the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt.

Carol was encouraged, and she began thrusting her hips in rhythm with Adam as he plunged his big dick into her tight little hole over and over.

Carol had never been filled like this before. She wasn’t used to such a big cock filling her up. Her only other sex partner was me, and I’m tiny.

She felt a familiar feeling growing deep in her pussy. Only this was way more intense. Carol had only ever cum from fingering her clit or when I licked her pussy in the past. She’d never experienced a vaginal orgasm…until now.

Carol bucked wildly and was full-on screaming now.

“Oh God, Adam, fuck,” she called out between gasps.

Her tight little pussy was quivering and began gushing with cum. She couldn’t control herself.

“Oh fuck. It feels so much better with a big dick!” she yelled.

As Adam fucked the cum out of her, he began to feel his balls surging with pleasure. Each stroke into Carol’s pussy was incredible, and after she gushed her cum onto his dick, Adam couldn’t contain it anymore. He bucked wildly as his huge cock let loose with wave after wave of hot cum into Carol’s little hole.

“Oh fuck. Carol, I’m cumming” he cried.

“Good baby, yes. Good!” she exclaimed in response. “Cum inside of me!”

And that’s exactly what he did. Adam filled her pussy with the biggest load of his life.

“Fuck,” he said, gently pulling his dick out and rolling off of her. “I’ve never cum like that before, Carol.”

Carol was in post-orgasm bliss, and she kissed him deep and hard with her tongue. After another minute of hard tonguing, she pulled away.

“We definitely have to do that again sometime,” Carol said. “That felt so much better with you than it does with Zac.”

Adam continued kissing her, both spent from the hard twenty-minute fuck fest they had just endured.

Carol repeated herself, “We HAVE to do that again. I can’t believe how big you are. Your soft dick is bigger than Zac’s hard dick. I think I’m addicted to big dick now.”

Carol rolled back onto her back as Adam’s cum dripped out of her pussy and down the inside of her leg.

“As much as I want to do it again, we’ve got to find our clothes and get dressed before he gets out of the shower,” Carol sighed.

Carol’s eyes widened as she looked across the room, locking eyes with me for the first time since I’d walked in on them.

“They’re right at the end of the bed on the floor,” I replied. “And since you two seem to have such a great time together, why don’t you just go fuck each other all you want!” I screamed at them as I stormed out of the room.

I can’t be 100% sure since I was so upset, but I’m fairly certain I heard them both bust out laughing again as the door slammed behind me.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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    I love this story. Especially how Adam cums inside of her.


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