Mother-In-Law’s Tea Party

By partypat7880.

My mother-in-law holds tea parties every Sunday with her girlfriends, a small group of women in their late 50s. My mother-in-law, Anjali, her sister, Sue, and their coworkers Joanna and Janet. They’re all single teachers that love to gossip and tease me if they catch me helping my mother-in-law set up for the party. My mother-in-law has a decent bust and hides it pretty well, and her hands look like they’d give an amazing rough handjob, the kind of mature fingers that seem like they give more lectures than anything else.

Joanna has a slight German accent and loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, and farming, and her words are always semi-aggressive. Janet has the same rough/ gruff attitude, but in an Irish American body, black hair, and blue eyes, nothing overtly enticing about her.

However, my mother-in-law’s sister Sue is the best. She wears tight and form-fitting clothes, always outlining an excellent hourglass figure, with wide hips, a thick ass, and decent-sized boobs that she pushes into you for hugs. I usually work out before heading over because I secretly enjoy their looks and checking out Sue, but this time I made the mistake of wearing grey tech shorts.

The ladies had arrived earlier than usual and sat in the living room, snacking on finger sandwiches and cornichons, and I realized my shorts would expose my tiny bulge if I wasn’t quick and got out of there. In my panicked rush, I dashed to the kitchen, grabbed the huge tray with the cups, and put it on the living room table. I thought I was home free as I set it down, but my mother-in-law brushed against me as I turned around.

Now my tiny penis sits on top of my balls and pokes straight out, barely longer than the balls, and when it’s hard, it’s like a tiny peanut poking out. The skin doesn’t even slightly go back when it’s hard because I’m uncut, it just pokes out, and my balls get tight and look huge by comparison. My mother-in-law pushed right against me at the perfect angle for my tiny, semi-hard one-inch dick to drag right across her hip and into her hand, which was at her side.

It was like a dream/nightmare sequence all in one. I saw my mother-in-law’s face turn from the lady’s to meet mine in shock. It was a second, but it felt like minutes, as the tip of my tiny penis crossed her palm, and her finger and thumb grabbed it together in a pinch. Before I knew it, I stood in the living room with my mother-in-law, pinching the foreskin of my tiny penis through the thin fabric of my gym shorts in front of her sister and two older teachers.

My heart pounded in my chest, and I felt slightly nauseous as I realized within a moment of her accidental touch that she knew she was pinching my penis. She knew it was tiny, and her friends could see she was holding something in her grip.

As she exhaled, she whispered, “So tiny,” and met my panicked eyes.

I couldn’t hide that my tiny penis loved her rough hands, the nails pinching deep to grip the foreskin and keep the shrimp in place.

She coughed, looked around at her friends, and said, “Ladies, I think I caught something we should look at.”

She turned to face the seated women, and they could see my mother-in-law’s fingers pinching something in my shorts. The women took in the scene in awe. Janet was biting into the cornichon in her mouth, and as she finished her bite, it made my penis twitch, and my mother-in-law yanked on the foreskin as if trying to get more of my nonexistent penis length come out.

My mother-in-law looked at her sister, Sue, and said, “We’ll need a plate with a doily.”

Instantly Sue held up a saucer with a doily on it in front of my mother-in-law and me. I looked at her in disbelief and tried to say something. However, her grip on my foreskin was so controlling.

My mother-in-law looked at Sue and said, “Are you going to plate it, or am I?” as she pulled the front of my shorts out and looked down. She looked back up at me and exclaimed loudly, “Oh, I see, it’s micro. That’s what they call it, right? A micro?”

The other women edged closer and closer, trying to see and hold in their laughter. Joanna, with her slight German accent. She barked at me, “Hands behind your back!”

I instantly had my legs together tightly, hands behind my back, with my tiny penis bulge protruding from the gym shorts. Sue looked at my mother-in-law and said, “I want to take it out. I’ve seen him looking at me. Now’s his chance to impress me.”

Sue got up and stood on the other side of me, bent down a bit, and reached into my shorts that my mother-in-law held out.

Joanna barked again, “Smile!”

I saw Janet holding her phone as I felt Sue’s cold hands scoop under my balls and place my tiny penis and firm balls in a neat little package on the saucer with the Doily. There was complete silence for an eternity until Janet’s cornichon crunched again, and my penis twitched, causing Joanna to point and say, “Oh my God, his little peanut twitched!”

Pre-cum leaked from the tip of my foreskin, slowly rolling down my balls like a teardrop on a beanbag and absorbed on the Doily.

Anjali whipped the saucer out from under my balls, and my package bounced up a little she quickly placed her outstretched palm underneath and scolded me, pointing at my tiny penis. She spoke sternly but with curiosity.

“How dare you expose yourself in front of your mother-in-law and us! I’m old enough to be your mother, and you’re standing here showing off your penis? Exposing your penis in front of us, your tiny penis and huge balls like a tiny peanut and two big brown eggs. Are you proud of your tiny penis?”

I stood speechless while she spoke directly to my penis in her outstretched palm. Janet munched continuously on the sandwiches and snacks like she was enjoying a movie, holding her phone up and recording the entire interaction. Joanna had fallen silent, in pure awe of what my mother-in-law was saying to me.

My mother-in-law continued: “We’re going to test your tiny peanut penis right now. It shouldn’t be getting the slightest bit firm or even longer, if possible. Does it work? Do those big brown eggs serve a purpose?”

She sat me down with my penis out. Then she pinched the tip of my foreskin again and yanked it up and down. It was like she was jerking me off by the foreskin.

Sue said, “Look at Janet and Joanna. They want to see if your little peanut works. They haven’t seen a micro dick before. See how much your mother-in-law loves you? Exposing your tiny penis and playing with it before her friends because she knows you love it.”

My mother-in-law responded, “Nothing, no response at all. His micropenis is a firm peanut sitting on his tight beanbag balls.” She poked my tight balls with her slightly manicured nail. “Wow, they’re so firm. They must be full from not getting any use.”

My mother-in-law grabbed a ruler from the coffee table drawer and put the bottom against the base of my penis, keeping a firm pinch on my foreskin. My penis was throbbing and poking straight out, but it only measured just over one inch. She sucked her teeth and looked at the ladies.

“Just over one inch. His penis is just barely over one inch long.” She asked me, “Can we make it an inch? It’s easier to talk about a one-inch penis.”

I tried to speak, my face completely flushed, and a nervous sweat broke out on my forehead, but I couldn’t say anything.

My mother-in-law continued, “Well, it’s a micropenis. I have to test it.”

She pulled the foreskin harder and started twisting it quickly, pulling on it and the head of my nub, yanking, crushing. The roughest handjob ever, and it finally responded and got slightly harder but retained its tiny length.

My mother-in-law exclaimed, “Look, ladies, it’s getting firm. It feels harder, but still so tiny and not like a proper penis.”

Sue walked in front of me to sit down and enjoy the show. I felt my eyes following her full ass and thick thighs slightly jiggling as she walked. My penis reacted with a slight twitch, and my mother-in-law changed her grip. She released the pinch on my foreskin and then grabbed my penis and balls from the base in a crushing grip, slightly wringing it as she tightened.

She said, “Wait, Sue, wait! The peanut is responding to you! His peanut penis is growing and leaking some milk!”

Two drops of pre-cum had dribbled out and made it down the front of my eggs and onto my mother-in-law’s fingers, wrapped tightly around the base. She rubbed it into my balls and said, “Now your big useless balls are nice and shiny for the next test. Sue—walks back and forth in front of him. Janet—film from the side. Joanna—keep the ruler on his tiny peanut.”

My mother-in-law gripped my entire package in her fist. Her pinky and ring finger are over my balls. The middle finger is right at the base of my penis and balls. Her index against my one in her and her thumb over the tip of my foreskin, pushing it down. Joanna had the ruler against my penis, the foreskin tip adding to the inch mark. Sue walked back and forth in front of me slowly, her high heels digging into the carpet and her ass jiggling slightly with every step. My mother-in-law started pounding my penis up and down with a purposefully tight grip, her thumb slamming into my foreskin as if she wanted my penis smaller.

She looked at me and said, “We’re going to make it a one incher before we’re done here.”

My entire mother-in-law’s tea party of teachers was turned to shrinking my penis. Joanna gently rubbed my back as she kept the ruler at the base of my penis. Janet, my mother-in-law’s co-teacher, had used the prop on her ‘I’m a teacher, what’s your superpower’ phone case to get the perfect angle of the entire scene and was now sitting back, enjoying her tea and watching. My mother-in-law, Anjali, was intent on making my penis an incher and was pounding it with a hard grip while her sister, Sue, teased me just by walking back and forth across the room in her heels, my eyes glued to her wide hips and huge thighs.

Sue paused momentarily, and my mother-in-law stopped pounding my tiny penis. She looked at Anjali and said, “Sis, are you sure we can do this? Isn’t this like masturbation? You’re jerking him off basically, right?”

Anjali didn’t even look back at me but held my penis and balls in her outstretched palm again, like holding up a tiny toy, and spoke again to my penis and said, “Am I masturbating you?” She bounced my package up and down a little, making a little trail of pre-cum dribble out. “I’m testing the durability and qualities of a micropenis. This is for educational purposes only.”

She looked into the camera.“Class, this is my son-in-law. He has a penis that is 1.25 inches long, a micropenis, and my sister and I will help him shrink it to one inch.”

I squirmed and pulled away slightly, and Sue stopped in her tracks and wrapped her hand around Anjali’s, my penis, and balls. Together, the two women’s hands were strangling it: my balls were tight and glistening from precum and their grip, my penis, a tiny nub of the foreskin, and a little bulb right above. Sue drew her other hand back and rapidly slapped my penis and balls down like a buzzer on a game show.

As the stinging slaps flew, she spoke to my penis, “Keep your peanut penis still until it’s one inch. If you even think about getting an erection, I’ll ruin it immediately.”

She grabbed the tip of my penis and the foreskin bundle between her thumb and index and wrung it back and forth quickly, and said, “Get firm, get hard, you useless tiny peanut, so that I can crush you.”

My mother-in-law still had her grip around the base of my penis, and Joanna still had the ruler measuring the entire time.

Joanna said excitedly, “It grew, it grew! 1.5 inches, it’s 1.5 now!”

Sue turned around and slammed her heavy ass full force onto my penis and balls that my mother-in-law held tightly. The pain barely registered as Anjali’s grip made me go numb. Sue repeatedly slammed down on me.

“Make that tiny useless peanut smaller, not longer.”

My mother-in-law released her grip, and I felt the blood rushing back into my tiny nub of a penis as Sue bounced her full weight on it, slamming as hard as she could.

Anjali playfully slapped Sue on the shoulder. “Don’t slam too hard! We don’t want to break it. We want to shrink it!”

Sue sat on my penis and balls and went back and forth, the tiny nub of foreskin poking out from under her huge ass. Her outfit was bright blue, and the contrast made my tiny penis look like a little raisin poking out.

Anjali saw and flicked it repeatedly, saying, “What is this? Is this your penis? Are you proud of your tiny penis? Your micro?”

She flicked harder and harder before she took her fist and slammed it on the little exposed tip and foreskin poking out from under Sue’s ass.

“It’s so durable!” she exclaimed, repeatedly pounding it with her fist.

She pushed Sue off and helped me to my feet. Joanna put down the ruler, grabbed a lace tea doily, cut a hole through the middle, and grabbed my penis and pulled it. Anjali gave it a hard slap which ruined the firmness of the tiny erection from Sue’s punishment. Joanna grabbed her phone, took selfies with my lace doily penis, and pulled on the foreskin a little with fascination.

Before I could react, Anjali had a ceramic teapot under my penis and had a whole pot in her hand. She looked at the camera and poured hot tea over my penis and balls, catching all of it in the teapot below. Anjali grabbed a tea bag and tied the string around my foreskin, letting the bag lie in front, and grabbed a rubber band to keep it pressed together. She tapped my shoulder and motioned to the teapot. Without hesitation, I sat down, scooted forward in the chair, and put my tea bag penis nub into the pot on the coffee table.

Sue handed me a lid and said, “Steep it properly, or I’ll cut it off.”

I placed the lid on the pot and pressed the base of my package steaming against the ceramic rim.

Anjali started a timer, “Steep it, then I’m going to pour you a cup, and you’ll provide your own milk. After that, you’ll be part of our tea party every week.”

I nodded in agreement, and Anjali clapped her hands together.

“Well! We can return to it now that we have a fun new peanut penis toy. Does anybody need any more snacks?”

Joanna rubbed my back as she got up. “I’ll make sure you get all the pictures and videos. You’ll probably need to provide some evidence your penis is shrinking to Anjali, your mother-in-law is quite particular, but you’re doing wonderfully.”

Sue returned with a teacup, tray, a small ruler, rubber bands, hair ties, and a meat tenderizer.

“Here’s your setup for next week. If your micro grows, I will tenderize it back to size.” She kissed me on the cheek, and the teapot lid twitched. “Thank you for the fun new toy. I can’t wait to ruin your penis, maybe even crack some eggs.”


The End?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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