Mike Uncovered

By Demongooo

Kayla closed the door to the well lit bedroom as her and Mike continued to drunkenly make out. Kayla had short bleached white hair that went well with her pale skin. She was a lot shorter than the 6 foot 2 Mike. She wore a white shirt see-through shirt that showed off her black bra underneath and a pair of ripped jean shorts that were showing off more than enough leg. Mike, on the other hand, was tall and skinny. He was of Greek descent which gave him a skin tan that he never really had to work for. He had chosen to wear a white shirt with a black pair of jeans to the party.

Kayla broke away from the kiss and lifted Mike’s shirt up and over his head, showing off his tanned chest. She then kneeled, unbuckled his belt, and undid his jeans before pushing them down to Mike’s shoes. Mike looked stunned at how fast Kayla was moving as she pulled Mike’s shoes, socks, and finally his jeans off him. She then reached up to grab the waistband of Mike’s boxers, but Mike put his hand on them before she could. Mike looked down at the eager girl.

“Aren’t you going to lose some clothes too?” asked Mike.

Kayla looked up to meet his eyes, looking hurt. She placed her hand on top of his.

“Don’t you trust me?” Kayla responded.

Mike seemed taken aback by the question but eventually removed his hand from his waistband. The excited look came back to Kayla’s face as she pulled down his boxers as his 3-inch hard-on came into view. Kayla smiled a devilish grin.


One month ago…

“God, Mike is such a dick!” said Alicia.

Mike’s twin sister Melissa had just finished telling her and Mike’s friend group why Mike wasn’t out with them today. Mike had called Melissa a cunt after a dumb argument broke out between the two of them, their mom had heard, and just like that, Mike was grounded for the evening.

Kayla looked around at the rest of the group to see their reactions. It was a reasonably big group, had 4 guys and 4 girls including her and Mike. First, there was Melissa, Mike’s twin, who had a similar tan skin to Mike. Melissa was around Kayla’s size. Then there was the dark-skinned Alicia, who was the biggest of the girls. She was far from fat, but she easily had the biggest boobs of the girls. The last girl was the shy, small, and blonde Lindsay.

Then there were the guys. Devin was Mike’s best friend. Devin was on the shorter side, but he was charming and usually did well with the girls. Marshall was the brains of the group. He easily has the best grades without really struggling to get them. Marshall and Alicia had recently started dating. Then there was the dark-skinned Alvin, who was the funniest and richest of the guys.

As Kayla looked around, she noticed that no one really disagreed with Alicia’s statement about Mike. Mike had been pissing off most of the friend group for the past couple of weeks. The guys had a running joke for a bit where they would pants each other, but that quickly stopped after Alvin grabbed a bit too much of Marshall’s pants and wound up showing his manhood to the entire group. Most of them silently decided to drop it, but Mike, to this day, was still making fun of the size of Marshall’s penis, which had begun to anger more than just Marshall. Alicia also had a right to be mad at Mike after he pulled off her bikini top at a pool party and exposed her tits to the group.

“Come on, tell me I’m wrong!” said Alicia, but there was mostly silence murmuring in agreement.

“You’re his sister, right Melissa?” said Alicia. “You have to some dirt on him. He could stand to be taken down a peg.”

“Well…” said Melissa. “I promised him I wouldn’t say anything….”

“Oh, come on,” said Alvin. “After what he said to you, you’re going to keep his secret?”

“Yeah, you’re right,” said Melissa. “Fuck him. It’s just embarrassing to repeat. I caught him jerking off last week.”

Kayla and Lindsay giggled when they heard this while Alvin, Devin, Marshall, and Alicia let out huge laughs.

“And let’s just say he’s not packing much down there,” said Melissa.

The group started laughing harder upon hearing this.

“Wait…wait. How small are we talking here?” said Kayla as she pulled out her cell phone. “Like this size?”

Melissa shook her head and held out two fingers spaced about as far apart as the cell phone and then shrinking the space between them by about half an inch. The group broke out in laughter yet again.

“No fucking way!” said Devin. “Big Mike has a baby dick?”

“Wait… and he was hard, right?” said Marshall.

Melissa nodded while she grinned.

“That’s barely bigger than me when I’m soft!” said Marshall. “And that asshole was calling me small?”

“Okay, I have an idea of how to get back at him,” said Alicia. “You’re having a graduation party at your place, right Alvin?”

Alvin’s parent’s tended to go out of town a lot, leaving a big house and alcohol, alone to their son, who liked to throw his fair share of parties.

“Of course I am,” replied Alvin.

Alicia quickly went over her plan, which had the rest of the group laughing by the end.

“Oh, man. That’s really fucked up,” said Devin. “We have to do it.”

“What girl is going to agree to that, though?” said Marshall.

“I will,” said Kayla.

“I don’t know if that will work,” said Melissa. “I’m pretty sure Lindsay is the girl he’s into. She was the one he was jerking off to at least.”

“Ewwwwww,” said everyone.

“Yeah, he told me about that,” said Devin. “That he was into Lindsay, not the jerking-off thing.”

“Well, I’m definitely not into him,” said a disgusted-looking Lindsay.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Kayla. “You get enough alcohol in a guy, and any cute girl will do.”

“You sure?” said Melissa.

“Yeah, this plan is going to work.”


Back in the present

Kayla finished removing Mike’s boxers before standing up and kissing the naked guy again. She heard the music from the party in the background playing and smiled. The party was a lot bigger than the ones Alvin usually threw. The recent high school graduates wanted to go out with a bang, so they had invited many people this time. By Kayla’s guess, there were probably about 35 people there in total. She broke away from the kiss as she looked up at a lustful Mike.

“I need you to do something for me, okay?” said Kayla seductively.

“Yeah, of course, anything,” said Mike.

Kayla had him right where she wanted him.

“I have a little surprise for you. Can you close your eyes for 20 seconds?” said Kayla. “No fast counting, know, and definitely no peeking.”

“Sure,” said the butt-naked Mike. “A surprise from you sounds amazing.”

“Alright, countdown out loud for me,” said Kayla.

Mike closed his eyes and started counting as Kayla’s surprise sprung into action. She quickly but quietly started picking up every bit of Mike’s clothes. She then slipped a hand into his pants pocket and pulled out his wallet, keys, and phone before placing them on the bed beside Mike. Lastly, she took a full-frontal picture of the naked Mike before making sure her phone was on silent. Done with this part of the plan, she turned around and left the room, leaving Mike naked with his eyes closed.

The sound of the door closing was enough to make eyes shoot open. He seemed lost for a brief second, not really comprehending what had happened, before realizing that Kayla had left him there naked. Panic set in when he realized that his clothes were gone as well. Mike covered himself, and he’s all of a sudden embarrassed by his naked state. Before he could even think about what to do, his phone started ringing. It was Kayla. Mike quickly picked up the phone.

“Where the hell did you go?” said Mike.

“Oh, did you not like the surprise, Big Mike,” said Kayla.

Mike’s heart sank as he started to realize what was happening.

“Kayla, this isn’t funny. Bring my clothes back,” said Mike.

“Weirdly, you don’t think it’s funny after what you did to Marshall and Alicia,” said Kayla. “It’s almost like you’re not a fan of humiliation when you’re the one being humiliated.”

“Look, I’m sorry…” said Mike.

“Sorry, Mikie,” said Kayla. “I’m not the one you should be apologizing to. Now, how about you come outside and say sorry to them yourself.”

“I can’t fucking do that, Kayla,” said Mike. “I’m butt fucking naked.”

“I think you can,” said Kayla. “Either you do, or I send this picture to everyone from school that’s not at the party.”

Mike’s phone vibrated. He looked at the screen and was greeted by a picture of him naked with his eyes closed and his little erection sticking straight out.

“Kayla, please…” said Mike.

“You have one minute,” said Kayla. “You better not cover-up either. Let everyone see your little secret.”

Kayla quickly hung up the phone. Mike sat on the bed with his head in his hands as his little dick shrunk down to 1 inch soft. The music from the party had stopped. He knew he didn’t have much time to make a decision. Either walk out there, or everyone he ever knew was going to see him naked. He took a deep breath and stood up. He walked to the bedroom door and opened it up before walking back into the room of the party.

Mike quickly covered his eyes as the sight of flashes greeted him. Everyone from the party had gathered around the door and was waiting for Mike to come out, eager to capture the moment when Mike’s humiliation finally sunk in. There was a short pause as the crowd took in the sign of Mike’s lack of manhood. Then the laughter started.

“I’m pretty sure my baby cousin has a bigger penis!” said Alicia.

“Guess you’re the little brother now, Mikie,” said Melissa.

“You compensating for that prick explains a lot,” said Alvin.

Mike’s face glowed with humiliation as he took in the laughter and the comments about his lack of size. Then, he realized that it didn’t matter if he came out of the room or not. A picture of his tiny dick would have spread around no matter what. So all he did when he came out of the room was make sure there would be more pictures of him in the buff to be shared with the world.

“Shut the fuck up!” screamed Mike. “Give me my fucking clothes!”

The crowd hushed before Kayla spoke up.

“Mike, you were supposed to come out and apologize,” said Kayla.

“This is way worse than anything I did!” said Mike.

“If it weren’t this bad, you wouldn’t have learned your lesson,” said Kayla. “Do you even know what that lesson is?”

“What?” said Mike.

“Don’t act like a dick if you don’t have one!” Yelled Lindsey as the crowd cracked up at this.

Mike winced. That stung coming from her. He noticed Lindsey was standing closer to Devin than usual, but he couldn’t give that any attention right now.

“So here’s what you can do, Mike,” said Kayla, as she walked closer to him. “You can either apologize to Marshall and Alicia or get your clothes back, or you can walk home in your birthday suit, your choice. In fact, how about you apologize to everyone after that little outburst.”

Mike finally realized that he was in no control of this situation anymore. He had been completely humiliated. They had him by the balls. For some reason, he felt his dick twitch as the reality of everything hit him.

‘Not now!’ thought Mike, but it was too late as his tiny penis grew to full mast again in front of the entire party.

The laughter began again.

“Holy shit, Mike. You’re actually getting hard from this!” said Melissa.

“I think I would die if I got hard in front of everyone,” said Marshall.

“Does being humiliated turn baby Mike on,” said Alicia.

“Awww, little Mike has come to say hi,” said Lindsey.

Mike ignored the comments for the moment before speaking up.

“I’m sorry.” He said to the group. “I’m sorry for saying those mean to everyone, and I’m sorry for humiliating Marshall and Alicia.”

“And?” said Kayla, slyly.

Mike’s face burned again. He knew exactly what he wanted him to say.

“And I’m sorry for acting like a dick when I don’t have one,” said Mike.

The crowd applauded and laughed at this final line.

“Can I please just have my clothes back now,” said Mike.

“I don’t know,” said Alicia. “What do you think, Kayla?”

“Well, we were going to give them back after you said sorry,” said Kayla. “But it looks like your little dickey likes the attention it’s getting.”

“No … I … I don’t,” said Mike, but his penis twitching at Kayla’s words betrayed him.

“New deal, Mike,” said Kayla. “You get your clothes after the party.”

There was loud cheering. The original plan was to give Mike’s clothes back after he said sorry, but the combination of the alcohol and how much some of Mike’s friends enjoyed seeing him in this state made them go further than they thought.

“Wait, wait, wait,” said a frantic Mike. “Please, I did everything you asked. Don’t make me do this.”

“Sorry, everyone is so excited about the idea already,” said Kayla. “You’re going to do this, or you can walk home right now. Oh, and if you’re rude to anyone again, we’ll kick you out ourselves.”

Mike took a deep breath as he realized he was going to have to do this. Most of the party was a blur after that. He was subject to endless teasing by his friends and other partygoers from the rest of the night and was made to do pretty much anything they asked. No one got too weird with this. It was mostly just him getting drinks for people and posing for pictures. The most embarrassing thing he had to do was when Alicia asked him to dance for everyone. Throughout the night, Mike noticed that he hadn’t seen much of Devin or Lindsey. Eventually, the party waned down, and everyone had started to leave. Mike was now sitting on a couch naked with the rest of his friend group around him. Devin and Lindsey had finally rejoined the group as well.

“That was a hell of a party, Alvin,” said Alicia. “Surprised it got so big.”

“Well, I guess not everything could be small tonight,” said Devin, as he looked at Mike.

“Come on, guys,” said Mike. “The party is over. Let me get dressed.”

“What’s the rush, big guy?” said Lindsey. “Devin and I haven’t even got to spend time with you and your little friend yet.”

As she said this, she put her hand on Devin’s thigh.

“You two seem like you’re getting close,” said Marissa.

“Yeah,” said Lindsey as she looked at Devin. “I guess we have.”

She kissed Devin on the lips as Mike looked on, heartbroken. His best friend and his crush? How could he? Devin knew he liked Lindsey.

“So have you guys fucked yet?” said Alicia, jokingly.

Lindsey blushed when she heard this.

“Not tonight we haven’t,” said a smiling Devin.

Lindsey gave Devin a playful smack when she heard this.

“Devin, you…you knew I-” Said Mike.

“Knew you what?” said Devin. “Liked Lindsey? So what? She was never going to date you anyway. Especially when she heard about your little jerk off sessions.”

Mike was stunned.

“Melissa! You told them!”

“Don’t blame me,” said a shrugging Melissa. “You’re the one that did it.”

Mike looked around at the rest of his friends and found no sympathy from any of them.

“Aw, don’t get too upset, little guy,” said Lindsey. “Even if I did date you, I can’t imagine it would have lasted long with what you’re packing.”

Mike couldn’t even respond.

“Damn, look who became a little size queen,” said Alvin as Lindsey playfully stuck her tongue out.

“I guess we know Devin has a big one,” said Melissa as Devin just smiled.

“Guys can we stop,” said Mike.

“Why would you want us to stop, Mike?” said Kayla. “You can’t exactly hide how much this is turning you on.”

She pointed to his dick as everyone else stood up to get a better view of his baby boner.

“Ewww, is that pre-cum?” said Melissa.

Mike was in disbelief. Was this humiliation really turning him on? His crush and best friend talked about fucking while making fun of him, and he was actually getting off on it? Was this what he was actually into?

“Maybe, he wants to watch their bone?” said Kayla.

“Well, that’s sure as hell not going to happen,” said Lindsey.

“Well, either way, he clearly wants to cum,” said Alicia.

“How about it, little bro?” said Melissa. “You want to do that thing I caught you doing?”

The girls seemed all excited by this idea.

“Alright, hold on,” said Marshall. “I’m not exactly down for watching Mike jerk off.”

“Just let the girls have their fun and try to look away,” said Alvin.

Mike looked around the group. They couldn’t be serious.

“There’s no way I could do that right now!” said Mike

“Really?” said Lindsey. “You had no trouble jacking off to my picture, but you get cold feet when the real thing is in front of you?”

Mike squirmed.

“My sister-” Said Mike

“Your sister doesn’t mind, Mike,” said Kayla, as she started whispering in his ear. “Be honest with yourself Mike, it’s really clear how turned on this is getting you. Just grab that little dick and stroke it.”

Mike’s heart was pounding in his chest as he looked around the group at all the eager-looking girls. He couldn’t believe he was even considering doing this, but he couldn’t deny how good it would feel to cum. He slowly reached for his cock and started stroking. The girls cheered as they watched Mike jerk his tiny cock. He wasn’t to actually grip it with his whole hand, so he just used two fingers and his thumb to jack off.

“I need to get pictures of this shit,” said Alicia as she pulled out her phone.

The rest of the group followed not long after. Mike wanted to tell them to stop but knew they wouldn’t listen even if he did. In that moment of pleasure, Mike finally thought about what tonight would mean for him going forward. His reputation was completely ruined. Not his reputation from his friends, but almost everyone else that he had gone to school with. There’s no way people wouldn’t share those pictures. Everyone he had known was going to know about his little secret now.

Nothing was ever going to be the same between his so-called friends either. The person he knew as his best friend had started fucking the girl that he had liked for years. The girl that he liked thought he was a joke. His sister had lost any respect she still had for him. Mike finally snapped back to the reality of the 4 girls around him snapping pictures and realized the thoughts had made him jerk it faster. They were right. The complete humiliation that he endured tonight turned him on more than anything ever had. This finally sent Mike over the edge as the girls made to capture every angle of him as cum shot out from his tip.

A deep sense of shame washed over Mike as he looked at the puddle of jizz by his feet. The girls giggled as his penis shrank down again before finally putting their phones away.

“Well, that enough fun for me,” said Lindsey. “We can use one of the spare bedrooms, right, Alvin?”

“Yeah, sure,” said Alvin before turning to Alicia and Marshall. “You two need the other one?”

“Yeah, that would be cool,” said Marshall, as the two couples got up to go to the bedrooms.

“Wait!” said Mike. “Please, don’t let anyone see those pictures.”

“Well…” said a smiling Alicia. “Might be a little too late for that. I was posting them on Snapchat the entire time you were jerking off. Actually, I put all the pictures I took on Snapchat.”

The group laughed as Mike realized him jerking off was going to be public knowledge as well.

“I’m going, to be honest,” said Melissa. “I’m horny as hell. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but would you be down to hook up, Alvin?”

“What kind of question is that?” said Alvin as the two started heading to his bedroom.

“Guess that leaves just you and me, Mike,” said Kayla.

Kayla smiled at Mike before turning to Alvin and Melissa.

“You two got room for one more?” said Kayla.

Alvin gave Melissa a curious glance, and she just shrugged in response.

“I’m not going to turn down a threesome,” Alvin said.

Kayla stood up to join Alvin and Melissa, leaving a stunned Mike alone on the couch.

“What about my clothes?” said Mike.

“Your clothes are gone, Mike,” said Melissa. “Devin and Lindsey were giving them away as souvenirs to people when they were leaving.”

“Oh, I almost forgot. Here’s your house key, phone, and wallet,” said Kayla as she put the items down on a table in front of the couch.

“You can either walk home now, or you can wait for me to drive you home in the morning,” said Melissa. “But unless you want mom to see you like this, I would just try to sneak home now.”

“There’s no fucking way I can walk home naked,” said Mike.

“God, you’re such a baby,” said Kayla as she walked into Alvin’s room out of sight. She came back out not long after and threw Mike something. “There, you can put that on.”

The three then disappeared into Alvin’s room as Mike looked at the object. It was a white thong. Mike looked at the panties before glancing at his phone. He sat the underwear aside for now and looked at his phone for the first time in hours. The sight of numerous notifications greeted him. Texts with pictures, tags on Facebook and Twitter. Everything Mike could think of. Instantly knowing what the notifications would contain, Mike put the phone down. He didn’t want to deal with that right now. He then heard it.

The distinct sounds of sex coming from every bedroom. All of Mike’s friends were fucking just out of his view while he sat here naked with his baby penis. The thought of it was starting to get Mike hard again. He gulped as he realized what he wanted to do. He grabbed the thong and slid it on over his penis. He looked down at his panty-clad dick and realized that he might as well not be wearing anything at all. You could see the head of his cock clearly through the panties. He closed his eyes and listened to the moans from the people who had humiliated him before grabbing his tiny member and jerking off for the second time tonight.

The End.


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