Massage Swap (Gay SPH)

By Exhibition1st.

Dani had arrived early at her clinic this morning. It was a hot summer Saturday, and she was excited about her new venture. Dani opened her beauty salon a couple of years ago and built a good clientele base, offering manicures, pedicures, facials, and makeup sessions. She had also recently started offering massages.

After a year of evening classes at a local college, she was finally awarded her diploma six weeks ago. She had started her new venture a couple of weeks later. Her business plan was to offer a massage. At the same time, clients had one of her personalized facial packs, leaving them feeling good physically and looking great.

So far, it was going well. A few of Dani’s regulars had tried it out and been impressed. It also made great money for her as she could charge for two treatments simultaneously.

She looked at her schedule for the day and smiled at how busy she was. After enjoying the experience last weekend, one of her regulars, Mrs. Winters, had booked her twin sons in for a facial and massage package each this afternoon as a treat for their graduations. She’d said she was proud of them for studying so hard and wanted them to relax after the stress of waiting for their exam results.

They would be the first male clients that Dani had massaged. She was a little apprehensive about it, especially as she was only a few years older than the boys at 26, but she felt sure it would all be fine.

She looked up as the door opened. It was Alex, her part-time receptionist, “Morning Alex!” she beamed, “How are you doing today?”

“Hey, Dani,” he replied as he breezed in. “Yeah, really good, thanks. I placed third in my swimming competition yesterday, so super pleased about that! How are you? Do we have a busy day?”

“Oh, well done! Yeah, definitely, super busy today. Glad you’re in, as I’m back to back all day. Are you OK to prepare everything for me in therapy room two?”

Alex had worked for Dani since she opened. In the early days, he’d been a part-time receptionist while he studied for his A-levels. Still, Alex had gradually taken on more responsibility and recently had started as her apprentice. He loved the way the clients enjoyed their treatments and always left feeling great about themselves. He had decided he wanted a career in beauty himself.

He could already do some of the nail treatments after shadowing Dani and had completed a week-long taster course at the start of the summer, which included a mixture of waxing, massage, and other treatments. He would start structured learning again in the autumn. In the meantime, he was keen to get as much practical experience as possible.

Dani was delighted with Alex. He was a natural with her clients and had a real passion for beauty therapy. It was also great to have a man on board as she felt there was a huge untapped market for men in the town and that many would feel more comfortable with a male therapist.

He came in and quickly scanned Dani’s appointment schedule. Then, he set to prepare the oils, waxes, and other materials she would need and make them a cup of coffee.

By lunchtime, they both needed a break after a steady stream of ladies had been in and been plucked, waxed, manicured, and threaded.

At 12:45, Mrs. Sykes came in, loaded with shopping bags, and smiled at Alex. “Hi Alex dear, I’m here for my one o’clock with Dani. I’ve been looking forward to this all week! Mr. S is away, and I’m treating myself!”

“Ah, morning, Mrs. Sykes!” smiled Alex. “Lovely to see you. Looks like you’ve been shopping! Sit, and I’ll get you a drink while you wait.”

You wouldn’t have known it, but Alex had panicked when she walked in. She was one of their best customers, wealthy and a big spender with them… the issue was there wasn’t any booking for her today. Somehow, they must have double booked.

He engaged in some detective work, “What are you seeing Dani for today?” he asked as he brought over her usual cup of chamomile tea.

“Well, I thought you’d know that, dear,” she said. “I’m treating myself to a facial rejuvenation package, a manicure, and a full makeup session. I’m going to the theatre this evening with my girlfriends and want to impress. I’m doing my hair next door at three, so it’s all tight.”

“Oh yes, of course,” Alex laughed. “Lovely, what are you seeing at the theatre?”

“It’s that new one,” she said. “Some sort of comedy, I forget the name, though.” She frowned in mock concentration as she picked up a magazine to read while she waited.

“I’m sure it’s good,” Alex replied. “I’ll just go and let Dani know you’re here.”

Alex quickly walked down the hallway to the first treatment room, where, luckily, Dani was stepping out. “Dani!” he said in a panicked whisper. “We have a problem. You’re double booked! Mrs. Sykes is here and has at least a few hours of stuff she expects! I’ve no idea how this happened. I’m so sorry.” Poor Alex looked almost like he was going to cry.

“Oh no,” Breathed Dani, putting her hand to her mouth.

Both Mrs. Sykes and Mrs. Winters were key clients and very gossipy. She couldn’t afford to annoy either of them.

“Give me five minutes,” she said to Alex. “I’m just finishing up in here. I’ll think of a plan. You’ll need to help me, though!”

“Sure, sure, whatever you need,” answered Alex, desperate to make up for his booking error.

Alex returned to reception and looked up who was scheduled to be in at one. It was blocked out for Mrs. Winters and had ‘Tom and Justin – massage/facial’ written against her name.

Tom and Justin Winters, those names were familiar to him. They were twin brothers who had been three years above him at school. They’d always been popular, good-looking, and sporty. They’d also been a bit arrogant. They had bullied him a bit, he remembered. It must be them. Otherwise, too much of a coincidence? ‘On the plus side,’ he thought. ‘They probably wouldn’t recognize me now.’ He’d changed a lot in the last three years, toned up with his swimming, and lost all the boyish puppy fat he used to have.

He wondered about Dani’s plan as he heard the door to the first treatment room open and saw her walk out with her client. “Thanks so much, Liz,” Dani said. “Lovely to see you.”

Dani waved at Mrs. Sykes. “I’ll be with you in just a moment,” she said as she casually sidled up and stood next to Alex.

“Right. Here’s the plan. As far as I can see, it’s the only option, and you’ll have to help me. I’ll take Mrs. Sykes through now and get her started. I’ll have a fifteen-minute window almost straight away once I’ve applied her facial pack. I’ll leave her with this on and some music playing and come out to start the first massage. I’ll put a face pack on the first of the twins, Tom. I can put cucumber slices over his eyes and a special compress mask on so he won’t see who is massaging him. When I need to go back and see Mrs. Sykes, you’ll have to pretend you’re me and take over the massage.”

“What?” Alex almost shouted. “That’s crazy! I have never done a full massage before, and what if he talks to me?”

“Look, you’re naturally good at this, and they’re young. It’s probably their first massage, so that they will notice everything the same. To relax fully for the massage, we must be silent. I’ll tell them that I’ll tap him twice on the shoulder when I want them to turn over. We even have similar-sized hands so they won’t notice…also…my perfume is in my bag. Can you spray yourself before you come in so we smell alike?”

“You’re crazy!” Alex replied.

“It’ll work, I’m sure, and it will be good practice for you! I’ll return five minutes before the end, allowing you to return to reception and welcome his brother. We’ll do the same thing for him. I can find fifteen minutes where Mrs. Sykes will just be waiting.”

“Oh god. OK, it can work,” said Alex, his heart beating fast.

Dani could see his pulse beating in his neck. She knew this was a sign he was nervous.

“OK, OK, it’s a plan, let’s do it,” he said, palms sweating.

“Come through, Mrs. Sykes. We’re all ready for you.” Dani smiled, her arm gesturing towards the hallway. “You can leave your shopping behind the counter with Alex if you’d like.”

“Oh, thank you, dear,” said the older lady.

Alex could hear them chatting as they walked from him down the hallway to the first therapy room, closing the door behind them. Alex checked the clock at 12:50. He started to plan his massage routine in his head and breathe deeply to calm himself. A few minutes later, the door opened, and a young guy walked in from the street.

“Hi,” the boy said nervously. “I have an appointment for a massage and a facial at one. It’s in the name of Winters.”

He looked a little sheepish as he checked out the salon. This was different from the sort of place he was used to. It was also obvious he didn’t recognize Alex from their time together at school. ‘That was a relief, at least,’ thought Alex.

“Hi Tom, yes we have you booked for one,” said Alex, “Dani is your therapist. She’ll be a few minutes. Can I get you a drink while you wait?”

“No…uh…thank you,” he said, taking a seat.

Alex saw him take a deep breath as he sat down, clearly nervous. He looked good, thought Alex, hotter than he remembered. Tom had also changed physically in the last three years. He studied the boy as he flicked through a magazine. Tom was tall, with shortish hair, freshly cut and styled to one side. He had fair skin with freckles and a gorgeous white smile. He looked lean but strong, his polo shirt clinging to his muscular biceps.

After a few minutes, Dani closed the treatment room door softly behind her. She walked straight to the waiting area. “Hi, you must be Tom,” she smiled. “Lovely to meet you. Come through, please.”

Alex saw Tom’s eyes widen and his jaw drop slightly when he saw Dani. He knew she was strikingly beautiful, and Tom was slightly attracted.

Dani sensed that Tom was a bit nervous. “Is this your first massage?” she asked. Tom nodded. “Well, it’s nothing to be nervous about.” She explained how the treatment would work. “I’ll let you undress down to your underwear and then ask you to lie down, and we’ll apply the facial. You’ll have a compress over your eyes, which will feel lovely and cool, and then we’ll start the massage. Is there any pain or discomfort I should know about? Or any questions you have?”

Tom replied that there wasn’t, and Dani left him to undress.

When she returned, he was sitting on the side of the bed wearing just his loose-fitting boxer shorts. His cheeks were flushed a little, but his body was incredible. “Wow,” she said to herself under her breath.

“Perfect, thanks, Tom. If you lie on your back, please, I’ll cover you in a towel to keep you warm, and we’ll apply your facial.”

Tom obliged and lay down. He lay flat on his back with his hands cupping the front of his boxers.

“If you place your hands by your side, please,” Dani asked as she held the towel up, ready to place it over him.

She couldn’t help but glance down and noticed that the fly on his boxers had stretched slightly to open, revealing just a hint of his manhood. She saw him blush further as she carefully placed the warm, fluffy towel over him. Once this was on and with the spa music softly playing in the background, she felt him begin to relax. She covered his face with the charcoal and avocado pack she had made. She gave him a small facial massage as she did so, finally covering his eyes with fresh cucumber slices and a cool compression mask.

She wiped her hands once his eyes were covered and quickly texted Alex: ‘Come through now.’

Alex saw his phone flash and the message pop up. He sprayed on Dani’s perfume, hurried to the treatment room, silently opened the door, and stepped in. Alex and Dani stood side by side as Tom lay in front of them, covered in a towel and visibly relaxed as he waited for his massage to start.

“OK, Tom, I’ll start your massage now,” Dani said. “I prefer to work in silence to allow you to relax fully and me to concentrate. If you can turn on to your front now, I’ll tap you gently on your shoulder twice when it’s time for you to return to your front.”

“OK, that’s fine with me,” Tom replied and smiled.

Alex stepped up and lifted the towel to allow Tom to turn and marveled at his lean, muscled body as he did so. He placed the towel back over him and his legs only, exposing his back this time. He gave a quick thumbs-up to Dani, who exited the door quietly, slipping back to her other patient.

Alex had to breathe deeply. He was alone now with one of the hottest guys he’d known, three years his senior, straight and wearing just his underwear. Even more crazy was that the guy thought Alex’s attractive female boss was massaging him.

Alex stood by Tom’s head, leaning over as he started with the guy’s shoulders and back. First, he covered him in warm scented oil, lightly rubbing all over his back to loosen him up, then he began his massage. Alex deftly moved his thumbs down Tom’s spine and circled back to his shoulders, squeezing and circling his knuckles. He could hear Tom moaning gently when he worked a tight muscle and knew he was enjoying it. Because Tom was so tall, as Alex stretched forward to reach for the lower back, his groin pressed the older boy’s head, which aroused him.

He stepped round to each side in turn to work his arms, using both hands to target his biceps, triceps, down to his forearm and wrists. As he lifted his first wrist, he pulled it towards him for a stretch, allowing Tom’s fingers to press gently into his crotch. He thought, ‘I may as well enjoy this, and Tom won’t know.’ He finished each arm with a hand massage down to every last finger. Then he covered his back with the towel, smoothed it over firmly, and moved to stand by his legs. He moved the towel away and took a few seconds to appreciate his ass. It was incredible, pert, and firm, like a bubble butt. His underwear was loose, thin white cotton boxer shorts wedged between his butt cheeks to show off his perfect curves.

Alex realized his cock was throbbing as he oiled each leg in turn. Tom’s legs were muscled and lightly hairy. He was lying with his legs together. Alex needed more of a gap to massage properly, so he gently lifted each leg, moving them apart. Tom understood what was needed and helped by moving them wider apart himself.

“Fuck,” breathed Alex softly.

As Tom had opened his legs up, he could see his balls hanging down inside the left leg of his loose boxers. His heart beat like a drum as he began the lower body massage. He started with his right foot, applying gentle pressure all over the sole before working his way up the ankle and calf to his upper thigh.

Alex was applying strong strokes from the back of the knee high up the thigh, his fingertips reaching inside Tom’s boxer shorts as he did so. He’d started with the right leg to allow Tom to move his balls, hanging down on the left, perhaps to tuck them under his body. But when Alex started on Tom’s left foot, he could see they were still there. ‘Surely he must realize,’ Alex thought.

He slowly worked his way up the older boy’s left leg, enjoying the feel of his strong muscles in his hands until he was finally working his inner thigh. Alex could stop his massage stroke further down the leg or carry on a little higher. He decided on the latter.

His thumbs firmly pressed into Tom’s leg as they traced high up his hamstring and thigh. They slipped easily under the loose material of his boxers, and his fingers gently brushed past Tom’s balls. Almost imperceptibly, Alex felt Tom react a little as he made contact. The second time, though he had relaxed, Alex worked his thigh more, enjoying the sensation of contact with his testicles. They were big, smooth, and hung close to his leg, meaning every massage stroke brought his fingers into contact. He wondered what Tom was thinking.

Alex checked the clock, half-past. He was on schedule but needed Tom to turn over. He tapped him gently on his shoulder, lifted the towel off to allow him to turn, and stepped back to watch.

Tom was so relaxed took a couple of seconds to respond but then mumbled, “Uh, OK,” and hoisted himself up on his forearms, his muscles tensing and bulging as he did so, and spun himself over to lie on his back.

He cupped his privates in his hands as he lay there waiting for the towel to cover him again. Alex was enjoying this too much, though now, he reached forward to move Tom’s arms away from his groin to place them down by his side. He was enjoying his quiet authority over his former bully. He wanted to see his bulge before he had to cover it with a towel once again.

Tom resisted Alex’s attempt to move his arms, but only briefly, as if he realized he had no choice. His boxers sprung up into a tent as his second hand was moved. His cock looked semi-erect and was pushing open his fly, which gave Alex a tantalizing glimpse of his cock. He could see a little wet patch where the tip of his cock pressed against the fabric, precum leaking out and turning the cotton slightly transparent.

Alex quickly covered Tom with the towel. He pressed it down gently across his body and legs before taking a quick sip from his bottle of Evian water and starting on the next stage of the massage. Alex was feeling confident now. He was in control and enjoying himself as he looked down at Tom, lying there relaxed and with his eyes covered.

He proceeded to massage both of his feet in turn, from the center of his sole outwards. His feet were big, neatly trimmed toenails and soft skin. Next, Alex folded his towel to allow him to massage his legs. Alex knew he should fold this up to just below his underwear, but he wanted to see more. He also knew that Tom wouldn’t know what the appropriate etiquette was, so he folded the towel above his boxers this time, leaving his white tent and semi-erect cock exposed.

As Alex started work on the right leg, he lifted it straight and rested it on his shoulder as he worked his hands up his calf. This gave him a great view of Tom’s boxers; he could now see more of his balls through his fly. They looked big and were hanging down to his right side. Alex placed his leg back on the massage table and moved further up with his hands to the thigh.

Again, Alex could easily slide his fingers underneath the fabric of the boxer shorts. The only difference now, though, was that he could see the effect it was having on Tom’s cock. It grew from semi-erect to fully hard and increased rapidly in size. Pulsating each time Alex’s hands brushed past his balls, Alex teased him, going closer than he needed to for his massage while continuing in an otherwise professional manner.

He gently placed his right leg down and moved on to the left, repeating the procedure until his hands reached into his boxer shorts, the tips of his fingers lightly caressing the sensitive skin around his pubic bone. He could see the wet patch of precum had grown now, and Tom’s erect cock was swaying around as he worked, tantalizingly close to slipping out of the fly of his boxers altogether.

Alex placed his second leg on the table again and covered it with the towel. Squeezing all down the leg to take off any excess oil as he did so. While his body was fully covered, Alex saw Tom quickly move one hand up to his cock to adjust himself, clearly embarrassed at the idea that Dani would have noticed he was hard.

Alex now needed to move the towel off of Tom’s torso. Still, instead of stopping at the waistband of his boxers, he went a little further and folded the towel down to just below the bottom of his underwear. Tom had adjusted his cock to sit flat against his body. He’d tucked it at an angle into the waistband of his boxers.

Alex carried on with the massage, now working on Tom’s top half, starting with his shoulders and moving on to his chest. As he innocently massaged over his nipples, though he realized Tom was very sensitive here, his nipples stood up. He could see Tom gritting his teeth and pursuing his lips involuntarily. Noticing this, Alex cheekily spent extra time here, gently ensuring his massage strokes brushed past each nipple. In turn, he could see Tom’s cock throbbing and growing harder still.

It gradually pushed its way out of the loose waistband of his boxers to point directly up at his belly button, about two inches of cock visible above the fabric. His cock was so big, and his boxer shorts were so light and loose that they did a bad job of containing it.

Tom moved his hand to try and adjust his cock, “Uh, s-s-sorry about this,” he stuttered.

Alex smiled as he caught Tom’s hand and set it back down by his side before he could adjust himself. He touched a finger to the boy’s lips to still him. “Shhhh,” he said quietly.

Tom lay there, face covered, cock poking out of his boxers as Alex carried on with the massage. He gently pressed on his ribs, working down and out and then pulling back in from under the small of his back. Once he reached below the ribs to Tom’s belly, he gently rubbed from side to side, gradually getting lower until his hand brushed against the tip of his penis.

Tom arched his hips up slightly at the sensation of Alex’s fingers brushing the tip of his cock. As Alex moved on, his hands slid fully underneath his cock each time they passed. His pre-cum was mixing in with the massage oil now as Alex’s hands slid across his toned belly.

Alex was horny and, checking the clock, quickly figured he had ten minutes before Dani would return. He slipped his finger just inside the tip of Tom’s foreskin and gently explored using his pre-cum as a lubricant. Tom’s back arched again at this, and Alex quickly took the opportunity to slide his boxer shorts down and expose him.

Both boys shared a quick intake of breath, Tom from the shock of being fully exposed by (so he thought) this beautiful, slightly older masseuse and Alex from the size of Tom’s thick cock. Seeing it fully exposed, he guessed it was probably nine inches. And thick, like a can of Redbull. His balls were huge. They hung down deliciously while his cock strained upwards, his head pulling out from his foreskin.

“No… Dani…please…” Tom said quietly, but he didn’t resist.

Alex couldn’t help himself. He was so horny now – his head went down and took as much of Tom’s cock as he could fit into his mouth. He gagged initially but persisted, urgently gripping the shaft and rubbing it with his oiled right hand. It was so thick the tips of his fingers didn’t touch his thumb when he held it in his grip.

Tom moaned and went to reach his left hand up to take his mask off, but Alex caught it just in time and set it back down by his side for the second time.

Alex was in charge now. He slid his tongue inside Tom’s foreskin, sending a shudder through him as he explored the sensitive head of his cock, the taste of his precum salty in Alex’s mouth. His left hand was teasing his nipples; he knew how sensitive they were for the older boy, and he could tell this was driving him crazy. Tom was now so horny he thrust his swollen cock into Alex’s mouth with gentle but powerful motions from his hips.

Alex pulled his head back to admire Tom’s cock as he continued to wank him with his right hand and tease his nipples with his left.

Tom tensed his abs and pubic muscles for a second, holding himself still, not breathing. The next second, a massive jet of cum shot out like a volcano erupting. It covered Alex. It went in his hair and his mouth, all over his face.

“Nnnnnnggghhhh fuuuuuuuckkkk,” moaned Tom as he shot ropes of cum across his chest. Alex moved his head out of the firing line but admired the volume and velocity of his cum.

Tom shuddered as the last drops dribbled out, and his orgasm subsided. Alex softly placed his big cock down on his abdomen. The tip now reached his belly button and lay on his neatly trimmed pubes. He lay there glistening with oil and cum, breathing deeply, a few beads of sweat on his forehead.

Alex glanced at the clock, quickly reaching for paper towels and wiping his face and then Tom’s body and cock before pulling up his boxers and tucking his manhood away, which was now shrinking back to its soft state.

A minute or so after he placed the towel over him, the door opened silently, and he saw Dani’s head peek through. “OK?” she mouthed.

Alex gave her a double thumbs-up and nodded as he smoothed his hands over the towels covering their shared client. He quickly slipped past her and back to reception.

“OK, Tom, that’s all we have time for today,” Dani said warmly. “I’ll just remove your mask and the facial for you. Open your eyes when you’re ready. How did you find that?” she asked.

“That was uh…amazing, wow,” Tom replied. “Umm, that was my first massage…was that…normal?”

“Ah, I’m so glad you enjoyed it,” Dani replied. “Yeah, that was our relaxing massage, but we also offer sports or a Thai-inspired massage, which are all a bit different. Right, let me give you a few minutes to get dressed. Just sit up slowly and come through to reception when you’re ready. There’s a glass of water on the side for you,” Dani said as she stepped out.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she shut the door. Alex’s massage had gone well. She thought, ‘One down and one to go.’

Tom dressed himself in a sort of daze. This had been different from what he expected. Had he just imagined it, or did that happen? How could Dani be so ‘matter of fact’ after what they’d just experienced together? He walked through to reception in a post-ejaculation euphoria.

“How was your treatment?” Alex asked, smiling.

“It was really good, thanks,” Tom replied, emphasizing the word ‘really.’ “Dani gave a great massage…um…yeah… I’ll book again…” he said, blushing. “Is my brother here yet?”

“He is. If you want to wait and see him, he’s just using the bathroom?”

“OK, no, I need to head off. I’ll catch him later. Thanks very much. Oh, you have something in your hair, maybe gel? Hope you don’t mind me saying.”

“Really?” Alex replied. He reached up to his fringe. Fuck! He felt a big glob of Tom’s cold spunk between his fingers. “Ah, thanks for letting me know. Yeah, it’s wax, I think,” he said, styling it back through his hair and wiping the excess on his white salon uniform. “Glad you liked the massage. Just give us a call when you’d like to book again.”

As Tom left the salon, Alex heard the toilet flush, the bathroom door unbolted, and Justin returned to sit. His eyes were fixed on his phone even as he walked, so he didn’t notice Alex checking him out.

He was shorter than his brother, slim and more athletic than muscular, with floppy blond hair loosely styled back but fell forward as he leaned over to look at his phone. He was tanned, more so than his brother. They were very different physically, Alex thought. He could see similarities in their eyes and mouth, but otherwise, you’d be forgiven for thinking they were unrelated.

‘I wonder how they compare downstairs,’ Alex thought. ‘A cock like Tom’s on this smaller guy would look unbelievable.’

Justin looked up as Dani came through from the treatment rooms, “Hi, you must be Justin? Lovely to meet you. I know your mum well – would you like to come through?”

Alex watched them go. Justin’s small ass looked amazing in his skinny jeans. He felt the anticipation of his second massage building up inside him, his cock swelling.

A few minutes later, the phone pulsed as the text came from Dani, ‘He’s ready, come through. He’s nervous, though, so be gentle with him. He’s also embarrassed as he isn’t wearing any underwear, apparently told by his mates that we would provide it, and thinks they wound him up. No peeking!’ She signed off with a winking emoji.

Alex’s heart surged in anticipation as he read this and quickly slipped into the treatment room. Again, he gave Dani a thumbs up as she walked past him in the doorway on her way back to Mrs. Sykes. He looked at the neatly folded clothes on the chair: blue jeans, gray polo shirt, socks, and red basketball pumps placed side by side underneath.

Justin was already lying on his chest, draping two towels over his back. His face had a hardened beauty pack applied to it, and Dani’s eye mask was fitted so he couldn’t see anything. She’d also tied a band over his hair to keep it from getting stuck to his face pack. Gentle spa music and scented candles completed the ambiance.

Alex admired his client and gently pressed down with his hands and forearms over Justin’s back before removing the top towel. He peeled it back lower to just below Justin’s butt so he could see his cheeks fully. They were smooth and pert and showed off the most amazing tanlines. He must have been on holiday recently, and Alex loved that he could help himself to see the private parts of his body that Justin had covered up from others on the beach. This was going to be a fun massage.

He gave Justin the same treatment as his brother had enjoyed. As he was a little shorter than Tom, Alex’s hands could reach further down his body from the same position standing behind his head. He stretched his hands down and over his butt, enjoying the sensation of tracing his hands along the tanlines and slightly, subtly, just teasing the top of his crack a little.

He waited until Justin relaxed before covering his top half with the towel and moving onto his feet. He had smaller feet than Tom, petite almost with soft skin and tanlines just between the toe where his holiday flip-flops must have fitted.

After his feet, Alex folded the towel off his legs and over his butt slowly, like he was unwrapping an expensive gift and savoring every minute.

Justin lay there face down, his legs slightly spread and pale bum on display. His tanlines showed like he’d been wearing shorts to tan in, and his butt cheeks had fine soft hair that got thicker as it got closer to his crack.

He coughed to himself and shifted his legs slightly closer in a vain attempt to salvage some modesty. Alex gently but firmly took his right leg, eased it further from the left, and continued his massage. He had a perfect view of his balls. They looked smaller than his brothers and sat tight up underneath his butt. The hairs visible from between his cheeks looked manly and tantalizingly delicious.

Alex worked steadily up Justin’s leg until his fingertips slightly kissed his balls. This would feel almost like it could be accidental to Justin, and Alex noticed his balls seemed to retract further up like they were trying to escape.

He completed the second leg, but instead of asking him to turn over straight away, he thought he’d have some fun and try a butt massage… He took each cheek and held it in both hands, his thumbs central and pressing firmly in outward circles. As he did this, he let the fingers of one hand drift into his butt and just brushed gently past his hole. It felt warm, hairy, and masculine, moist from a combination of nervous sweat and massage oil.

To finish, he pushed down with one hand on each cheek and let his hands slide outwards. This pulled open his butt cheeks and gave Alex an incredible view of his hole, tight and pink amongst his hair. Alex leaned in to get a close-up and inhaled the scent of his young client. He’d showered before he arrived and smelt some sweet coconut shower gel and massage oil beautifully.

Alex finished Justin’s back professionally, covering him with the towel and pressing down gently all over his body before tapping him on the shoulder, the agreed signal for him to turn over.

He stepped back and watched Justin roll over and wiggle himself flat and comfortably under his towels. He lay on his back, his chest gently rising with his breath. Alex could see that he’d also cupped his hands over his groin for modesty, the same as his brother had done, and he couldn’t wait to see what he was packing.

Alex peeled the towel back from his legs and left it just above his groin. His tanned hands protectively closed over his pale genitals. Alex gently took his top hand and massaged his fingers as he set the arm down by his side, only one hand now protecting his modesty.

As Alex reached to take the hand, he heard Justin’s breathing intensifying, “Oh…uh…no, n-n-no…sorry, Dani,” he said quietly but imploringly. He raised his head and shoulders off the couch a little in protest.

“Shhhh…” Alex soothed softly and touched a hand gently to Justin’s shoulder lips to soothe him and set him back down flat on the table.

He could see now the boy’s heart visibly beating. He flushed so red that his tanned skin turned beetroot, and Alex could see the color extend down his neck, his face brightening even under the beauty mask.

“Oh no…” Justin said, almost to himself. He took a breath and held it, waiting for what he knew was coming.

Alex reached down and took Justin’s second hand, massaging his fingers again as he moved it gently away from his groin, leaving him fully exposed. He placed his arm by his side and paused briefly to admire his client’s nakedness and vulnerability.

Justin took quick, shallow breaths, and Alex noticed he had gritted his teeth. He could see now why he was so keen to protect his modesty.

His cock was small, probably about four inches, and fully hard. It had leaped up, pointing towards the ceiling; as soon as it was released from his hand, a droplet of pre-cum sat on top of his long foreskin like a jewel, glistening in the soft flickering light of the massage room.

Alex’s eyes widened. ‘Wow, so different to his bigger twin brother! It suits him, though,’ he thought, and even though his dick was very small, it was beautiful. As Alex massaged his way up Justin’s legs, his eyes were fixed on his little cock, bobbing from side to side as his body moved with strong massage strokes.

Justin was leaking pre-cum like a tap. Alex had never seen anything like it – it had dribbled the short distance down the shaft of his cock. It pooled around the base, adding a little river to his bellybutton. Unlike his brother, Justin had shaved his pubes.

‘Presumably, he does this to make it look bigger, but it makes his little dick look even more boyish,’ Alex thought.

Whenever the opportunity presented itself, Alex brushed past his dick and balls, which sent Justin into a little spasm of silent ecstasy. The poor boy still thought he was being massaged by Dani and had no idea whether she was offended, excited, or professionally indifferent to his erection. Alex had spread pre-cum all over him as part of the massage. By the time he’d finished his lower body, he was covered in his dick liquid.

Alex covered his legs and then, in turn, folded back the towel on his upper body, again just that bit lower than he really should, leaving his cock and balls fully exposed once more. He could see that Justin was still hugely embarrassed. He had flushed crimson all down his neck and onto his chest. His sweet face, beautiful boyish shaved cock, and his helpless embarrassment at his exposure were driving Alex crazy.

While his dick was maybe half the size of his brother’s (‘Probably smaller than half,’ Alex thought), his nipples were equally sensitive, Alex realized, and by the time he had reached down to his dick Justin was whimpering and gripping the table, his knuckles almost white with the pressure and his lips pursed as he controlled his breathing.

Alex touched his dick fully for the first time, tracing his fingers down the length of his shaft and leaning in to get a closer look. At just this touch alone, Justin exploded. His cum arced up into the air with such power it was like someone had shot it out of a high-powered water pistol. Alex, who wasn’t expecting him to cum so soon, took the full force of impact for the second time that afternoon. Squirt after squirt of hot cum rained on him until it gradually subsided, the final splashes landing on Justin’s heaving chest.

Justin lay there, exhausted and mortified by what had just happened. He couldn’t believe this beautiful girl had just made him cum with a single touch. ‘If only he knew whose magic hands it had been,’ thought Alex as he toweled first himself and then Justin, taking care not to miss any cum this time.

He had a few minutes before Dani returned and used this time to ensure Justin was fully respectable, covered, and relaxed. He looked up as the door opened. Dani gave him a questioning look, and Alex replied with a thumbs-up and a grin. He slipped past her and back to reception.

When Justin walked out a few minutes later, Alex asked him how he’d enjoyed his treatment as he walked past reception.

“Oh gosh, that was amazing,” he replied. “I feel relaxed. Need to treat myself to this again.”

“That’s great,” said Alex. “Enjoy your afternoon, and hopefully you’ll cum again quickly, I mean soon, I mean…sorry…uh, h-h-hopefully we’ll see you again soon.” he stammered, blushing himself now at his clumsy innuendo.

By the end of the afternoon, they’d had no less than five appointments made for the following couple of weeks from friends of Tom and Justin.

“That’s amazing,” said Dani. “Well done, Alex. Your massage techniques must have been good to get so much new business through word of mouth quickly!”

“How did you get on with Justin not wearing any underwear? Hope that didn’t make you feel uncomfortable?”

“Oh no, it was all very respectable,” Alex answered, his mind racing back to the explosion of cum a short while earlier.

“I wonder if we should keep with today’s approach of you setting the clients up but me doing the massaging?” Alex suggested.

“Well, it did seem to go very well today,” Dani answered, “I think that could be a great idea.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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