Livestream Humiliation

By TooSmallDave.

Teased and humiliated by my twenty-year-old daughter.

May was sitting on my lap, showing me a game on her phone. She seemed unaware of anything but the game.

I tried to concentrate on what she was showing me, but there was too much to distract me: her sweet frown, her plump pert lips, her cheeks against my face, her breath on my neck. Her young, firm, round tits pressed against me. The view down her top to her tits. Her skirt was riding up to show a glimpse of her cotton knickers swelling with her smooth pudenda. Shuffling her bum to accommodate my little hard-on pressing into her bum without acknowledging it. She placed my hand back onto her thigh whenever I tried to move it away. The naughty knowing frowning smile she gave me when she saw my eyes were focused on her tits and not on her device.

“Daddy! Naughty. You haven’t been listening!”

My wife Fay saw everything. She reminded our daughter that she had lectures in the morning and needed an early night.

May jumped off my lap, gave me a kiss on the lips, another look down her top, and pouted at her mother. “Please let daddy come up and tuck me in.”

I stood up, but Fay told me to stay where I was.

“Your father’s far too busy. He hasn’t washed the dishes or taken the bins out yet. Now go to bed before I lose my temper!”

May frowned, bad-tempered, and rolled her eyes but did as her mother told her.

She gave her mother and me a daughterly kiss on the cheek, bade us goodnight, and flounced out of the room.

I finished my chores and went up to the bedroom, where my wife was waiting to scold me.

“She’s twenty years old, for goodness sake. She’s not a little girl anymore. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Gives you a good look down her top to see her tits, squirming on your little hard-on, putting your hands between her legs. ‘oh, daddy, please tuck me in like she wants you to fuck her. I bet you would too. Pervert.”

I denied it, of course. Fay kept teasing, touching my tiny erect dick but not letting me cum until I was so aroused that I admitted my submissive incestuous lust. She came as she rubbed her pussy on my face, squeezing my balls and slapping my dick to prevent my orgasm.

Fay always became cruel when she was horny. “At least if you stuck that little dick in your daughter’s tight pussy you might even feel the sides of a fanny for the first time in your life. Good luck, pervert. Don’t let me stop you. It’s too funny.”


May sat on my lap the next night and showed me her Instagram pictures. Some of them were very revealing. She asked me which one I liked best and if I thought she was sexy.

Fay ignored us both, which made May go further.

She guided my hand to her pert breast as she looked at her mum. I moved it away, but she snatched it back bossily.

“What, mum?”

Fay laughed. “I didn’t say anything. It’s late. Go on up. Both of you. Dave, take May’s clean laundry up and put it away while she’s getting ready for bed. Then Daddy can tuck you in. Take as long as you like.”

May kissed her mother goodnight and thanked her. Then she skipped up the stairs while I hurried after her with the laundry basket: “Chop chop, daddy!”

Upstairs, May became very bossy. She let me in her bedroom while she got undressed, instructing me to undo her bra and pull off her boots and socks. Then she made me wait outside in the hall. She spent ages in the bathroom. When I put her clothes away, she got cross with me for doing it all wrong.

She was on the phone with her friends telling them her dad was being a total idiot.

Eventually, she put on a short baby doll nightie and got into bed, pulling the duvet back and patting the bed for me to get in beside her.

She was still chatting on the phone. “It’s just my dad getting into my bed to tell me a bedtime story.” Giggles. “Not like that naughty.” She slapped me angrily as I got in next to her. “For fucks sake! Not with your clothes on, daddy, yeeuch. My nice clean sheets. Stand up and undress. Now!”

I stood up. She giggled, still on the phone.

“Yes, he’s doing it. He does what I say. He is such a good daddy. Look, I’ll put it on camera so you can all see.” She turned the phone to point at me. “Say Hi to my friends, daddy.”

I waved. “Hi”

“Daddy, I said get undressed. Undies off as well.”

I hesitated, and she stood up and slapped my face hard. She was ferocious, and I was frightened. I pulled my pants down and stood there naked. To my shame, my tiny dick was erect.

She was still on a video call, pointing the phone at me. “Good daddy. That wasn’t so hard, was it. If you’re good, I might give you a special treat.” She pulled down the top of her nightie and flashed her tits at me. “Would you like to touch my titties, daddy?”

I nodded. She giggled.

She addressed the phone. “You see? Such a pervert.” She pointed the phone back to me. “You have got such a small willy daddy. Tell all my friends how big it is.”

I said I didn’t know.

“Well, we’d better find out, hadn’t we.”

She opened her bag and took out a six-inch ruler. Placing the phone on her bedside cabinet, still filming me, she knelt beside my dick and held the ruler against it. I felt her tiny fingers and sharp painted nails on my dick. She faced the cameraphone and held up the ruler.

“Three inches. That’s very small. Have any of you seen one that small?”

She picked up the phone to listen and giggled. “No, Poppy, your baby brother doesn’t count. I mean on a grown man. OMG Chelsea! No way. That means your little ten-year-old brother’s dick is bigger than my daddy’s?” She turned to me. “Did you hear that, daddy?” She turned to the camera again. “Okay, guys, you know I said daddy could touch my titties if he were good? Well, it’s up to you. Hands up if you think he’s been good enough?” She looked at the screen. “Okay, that’s ten for and nine against. Close but…” She looked at me. “Daddy, you’re lucky. Say thank you to my friends.”

I said thank you and heard them giggle. May told me to sit on her bedroom chair. She sat on my lap, facing away from me and holding the phone to view us.

“Okay, daddy. Touch my little titties.”

I reached around her and held them in my hands. I squeezed, fondled, and rubbed them in my trembling fingers. My dick was pressed against her bum. I tried to push it between her legs.

She jumped off. “That’s enough, dad.”

I touched my raging little hard-on, gripped it in my finger and thumb, and began to jerk. I couldn’t help it.

May sneered at me. “Oh my God, dad, are you jerking your little dick over me.” She turned to address her phone. “Okay, shall we let him wank his little dick while we watch?” I heard a roar from the telephone, and May nodded at me. “Yes. Daddy, jerk your little stiffy for us. Now. Pervert. Fancy getting off on wanking while your daughter and her friends watch.”

I held my tiny dick between my forefinger and thumb and wanked. I looked at her young body and then at her scornful eyes, her sneering pouting lips, and I grunted and gasped as I shot my dribble of spunk onto my hand and my daughter’s pink bedroom carpet. I heard a faint cheer and laughter from the phone and smiled at May. She returned my smile with a frown of fury and contempt:

“Now lick it up, daddy. You’ve made a mess on my carpet.”

I bent down and licked my cum from my daughter’s floor while she filmed and chatted on her phone.

Eventually, she told me to stop.

“It’s time to say goodnight to my friends, daddy.”

I did.

She addressed the camera. “Night. Hope you all enjoyed the show. Tune in tomorrow night for more live stream pervert daddy fun.”

I was confused. “I thought that was just your friends. What is a live stream?”

May frowned at me. “It’s just my friends now. But once they’ve shared it and put it on the internet, we’ll get a lot more viewers. Just think, daddy, your naughty little dick will be famous! Now go to bed before mummy comes to look for you. I don’t think she’d be pleased with your behavior tonight. We can do it all again tomorrow. Goodnight! Don’t tell mum!”


Fay was already in bed by the time I’d washed and cleaned my teeth.

“So, pervert. Did you get to fuck her? I didn’t hear any orgasms!”

I was nervous. I’m not good at keeping secrets from my wife. “No. I didn’t. Not really.”

“What does ‘Not really’ mean? What did you do?”

“Um, it’s complicated.”

“Try me.”

“She just sort of teased me. She made me take my clothes off and made fun of me. To all her friends. She said my willy was too small.”

Fay laughed. “Well, she’s not wrong there! Hang on? What friends?”

“She was on the phone, video call with her friends. The whole time. She measured my willy with her ruler in front of them. She said if I was good, I could touch her tits, and they had a vote, and ten said I could, so she let me feel them. But only for a minute.”

“Oh, dear. So you didn’t even get to cum?”

“I did. She asked them if they wanted me to wank in front of them, and they all said yes, so I did. She told me I was a pervert and made me lick it off the carpet. She said we’re doing it again tomorrow, and it’ll be live-streamed. She said her friends would share it on social media, and many people would see it. She said my dick would be famous. I wasn’t going to tell you.”

Fay thought it was hilarious. “Oh, I’m so glad you have. I can’t wait to watch it. And I’ll be watching you live tomorrow night. So will all my friends. Don’t let her know that you’ve told me, though.”


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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