Little Ricky: Little Dicky Part 2

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by goosebbv


Little Ricky: Little Dicky Part 1


Part 2 begins…

I got on my knees and looked at her pussy. Her little bit of hair was matted down. The spurt of cum I had just put on her belly was dripping down to her crotch and mixing with my dried cum from last night. Then she said it,

“Kiss it.”

All I could think of was pleasing this girl. I was in some kind of trance like state. Part of it was that I was so turned on by her, part of it was I was scared she knew my secret and did not want to make her mad. In my head I was thinking this was gross, I could not lick her pussy with my fresh cum dripping all around it, plus my dried cum from the night before. Time seemed to stand still as I stared straight between her legs. I was looking at her little landing strip with semen sliding down towards her pussy lips. I just followed the dripping with my eyes as it rolled down right in the middle of those lips. I could see her little clit was already hard as cum rolled over it.

In my head it took hours to make this decision. In reality it took seconds. I stuck my tongue out and licked her clit. I licked a large glob of cum as I did it. I did not care that I had just soiled this pussy moments ago. I had to taste her sweet pussy again. For a minute or two I was licking and then I felt her hands behind my head. She crammed my face right into her pussy. I could feel the mixture of wetness. Her warm pussy and my semen rubbing all over my lips, my mouth and face as she grinded her crotch into my face. I was alternating between licking and sucking. I would suck when she pulled me close and lick when she gave me the slightest room to breathe.

She purred like a kitten as I ate her delicious coochie. She had tasted sweeter then candy last night. This morning she was both sweet and salty. Between the salty taste of my cum and sweet aroma of her aroused pussy I was hard again. I could not believe it. I felt my balls tingle and dick grow. I was so turned on by this. Amber was starting to moan as I felt her body tense up. She had two hands behind my head pulling me tightly to her pussy. I could not breathe as I heard her cry out,

“Oh, I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

I stopped my oral work and struggled for some air. I got free from her hand for a moment and took three deep breaths, before she pulled me close again.

“Kiss it Ricky”

As if I needed to be told. I started licking her clit again. It was so hard and tender. I focused all my effort on that tiny little love button. I think Amber was as turned on as I was at this point. She began gyrating her hips around. It was a little game. As she squirmed I would aim my tongue right back at her clit and kept licking it. Her pussy was getting even wetter then before, then without any warning she lifted her ass off the bed. My nose was pushing on her clit and my tongue slipped into her hole. She was cumming again. A flood of fluid entered my mouth from her pussy. It was her cum and maybe some of mine. She collapsed on the bed and I climbed on the bed with her.

My raging hard on was starting to get the better of me. My dick was so hard it hurt. I moved up and started to kiss her. I had positioned my self between her legs. My soaking wet face meeting her soft lips. Her tongue danced in my mouth. I felt my body trembling slightly. Like a shiver of cold winter wind. Amber clearly felt it, because she stopped kissing me. I pulled my face back a bit. She looked me in the eyes.

“Is little Ricky hard again?”

I did not answer.

“I feel it poking my leg.”

I was still shy after all that happened, so I could not respond. Amber nudged me off of her. I lay on the bed next to her. She rolled towards me. She was on her side facing me and I was on my back. She reached down and rubbed my balls and slid her hand up to my hard on. She repeated this a few times rubbing my balls and dick.

“Baby you are hard for me again? Really? Am I your first?”

Between her rubbing my balls and just the feel of her naked breast pressed against my body I was hypnotized. I stuttered something, but did not really get any real words out.

“Ricky, Did I pop your cherry?”

I nodded yes. It was really embarrassed admitting that. Maybe I should have lied to look cool, but I could not think straight with her rubbing my junk. She started stroking my dick lightly as she kissed me on the cheek. She whispered in my ear,

“That’s hot cutie pie.”

Amber then got up on her knees on the bed. She moved her head down towards my dick, with her ass just to the side of my face. I felt her engulf my whole dick in her mouth. It felt like heaven. She pulled her mouth back and I could feel her tongue on the underside of my dick. Her mouth felt like silk around my throbbing member. She continued sucking up and down on my dick as I closed my eyes and enjoyed. I felt her hand rubbing my balls again. Then she took her mouth off my dick and started stroking it. It was lubed with her spit, and her hand slid with ease.

I felt my dick twitch a bit as if I was close to cumming. She must have known(,) and she stopped stoking. She then took my balls in her mouth and started to suck on them one by one. Then both were in her mouth. It felt so great. She then started sucking on me again. It was wonderful. My balls tightened up. I felt my whole body tense. She let my dick fall out of her mouth and started stroking me until me dick erupted cum yet again on my stomach. It was only a drop or two, but I still felt relief.

I was panting like a dog. I opened my eyes as Amber turned her cute little booty away from my head and brought her face up to mine. She was still rubbing my balls and cock. She kissed me softly and again took a position next to me on her side. My dick felt so great, it was so sensitive from cumming so many times. It shrunk back to its normal state but she just kept rubbing it and my balls lightly. My legs were actually shaking a little. Amber started licking my ear a little. It was so sexy. Then she broke the silence.

“I guess little Ricky is tired.” She curled her lip a little and made a bit of a baby voice, “Some one is all worn out.”

She gave me one more kiss on the cheek and got off the bed. I watch her naked body as she scanned the room for her clothes. She walked around the room completely naked with such confidence. She was completely comfortable. She found what she was looking for and gathered her top and pants. She slid her top and sat on the bed to pull her pants on. I was not sure what to do or say. All I knew was I had to see her again. All I could get out of my mouth was,


She stood up and turned towards me naked lying on the bed. I had grabbed a pillow to cover my naked privates.

“Can, Can I take you out sometime?”

Amber smiled and grabbed my pants. She went through my pockets and pulled out my cell. She played with it for a minute. Then she tossed it to me. She told me she had put her dorm number and cell on my phone. She gave me one last kiss on the forehead before heading for the door. I got one good look at her ass in those tight pants before she left. I was totally spent both physically and mentally from what had happened. I just laid there for hours. I did not move till I heard a key at the door. I scrambled franticly for my drawer and grabbed a pair of boxer shorts to put on. Mike walked in as I slid them on.

Mike was all smiles; he told me he had a great night. I told him, I also had a great time. He seemed happy for me. We decided to grab some breakfast at a diner just off campus. While we were there Mike was talking about the party and how he was going to pledge the frat. He had talked to a few members who thought he would get in with no trouble. Mike was excited since they threw some great parties, and while last night’s was open to everyone must of them were exclusive to frat members and girls. When Mike mentioned girls I asked him about Bryn, to which he replied he really was into her.

Then I asked what pledging involved, I had heard horrible hazing stories. Mike told me it was nothing much. Clean the frat house, wear stupid outfits for a week and stuff like that. No beatings, no crazy drinking stunts, and no degrading shit. It was all about brotherhood, frat brothers taking care of each other and stuff. He told me he would put a good word in for me if I wanted. I nodded yes. I wanted him to see if they would take me. I told him I got Amber’s number and was going to call her to set up a date. Mike thought that was great.

We left and headed back for the dorms. When we got there I grabbed my phone. Mike nearly slapped it out of my hand. I looked at him stunned.

“You are not calling Amber are you?”

I told him I was. Then Mike shook his head, like no, no, no. Mike told me I had to wait two days, so I would not look desperate. He also let me know there was a sorority and frat meeting she would be stuck going to today and tomorrow. It was something about a charity event that she had to plan and work on for next week. So I would be wasting my time calling today anyway.

I knew Mike knew more about girls then me so I made sure to listen. I was really looking forward to talking to Amber and seeing her again, that I started searching the internet for the best places to take her. I spent hours using Google to find the best restaurants in the area and most romantic date ideas. I was obsessed with impressing her. The two day waiting period seemed like forever, but I did make good use of the time. I settled on an idea.

I literally waited the required 48 hours from the time I last saw her before I grabbed my cell and called her. I was so nervous. I only had one girl friend that I had called before. Also Amber was not even my girlfriend. I started to wonder if she only had sex with me since she was drunk. I started to wonder about what she thought about my, situation. I was scared she would say no when I asked her out. I thought of all this shit in just the time for two rings on the phone.

I was breathing heavy and trying not to go into full panic mode. I waited another two rings and no answer. Her voice mail message kicked on. Her voice was so cute. I panicked and hung up as soon as I heard the beep for leaving a message. I punked out. Then I remember she left me the room number as well. I took two deep breaths and made the call. Bryn picked up. I told her who it was and that I was looking for Amber. She told me to hold and called out to Amber. I could swear I heard Bryn giggle. I was stunned thinking Amber told her.

“Hello, Hello, Hello?” Came Amber’s voice.

I finally responded. Amber seemed to be in a really good mood. I felt like I could hear her smile through the phone as we talked about nothing in particular. I was nervous and babbling a bit. Finally I just went for it and asked if she would go out with me the following Saturday. Amber did not reply at first. She said she wanted to, but had to do a charity car wash that day.

My heart sank. I was thinking this was the blow off. What girl would want to be with a puny dick loser like me? Amber then told me if I picked her up from the car wash we could go out. She would just need me to take her to the dorms to change. The birds started chirping, the angels starting singing and for once all was right with the world. She let me know what time to pick her up and what part of campus to meet her at. The date was on.

For the next few days all I could think of was my upcoming date with Amber. I called the restaurant twice to confirm our reservations. It was the nicest Italian restaurant in the area. It was the place to take girls to impress them. I had even set up a hot air balloon ride for after the dinner. Saturday could not come fast enough.

The big day arrived and I woke up at the crack of dawn. I went over all the plans in my head. I had to wait till noon to shower and shave. I needed to make sure all the guys that took morning showers had already done so. It was a ritual that I had to avoid being in the showers with any other guys there.

I learned my lesson after the first week of school. I used to shower in the morning. One time while I was in the shower, I do not know if it was a joke or if someone forgot their own towel and robe. As I finished my shower, I reached for mine and they were missing. I was buck naked standing in the shower. I had nothing put the curtain to hide my naked body. So there I was. Waiting for a chance to swipe some one else’s towel to get back to my room and get dressed.

Well, it took 4 hours for me to get that chance. The hot water was all gone by that time. So to make matters worse my tiny dick was shrinking from the freezing cold water. I took the chance while two other guys showered to swipe a towel. I had been there so long neither of them saw me come in. So they would not know I did it. My fingers were all wrinkled, and my dick and shrunk to nothing. I took my chance and was not seen.

After that I changed up the times I would use the shower. Most guys were either morning or night shower users. I waited till the crowd was gone to use it. Sure we had our own curtain to give some privacy, but guys were always screwing around snapping towels or throwing cold water on each other. With that to worry about, plus the missing towel incident I was careful. I did not want any the guys in the dorm to know about my dick size.

I sat in my boxer shorts most the day. I had ironed my clothes in preparation for tonight and wanted to look as sharp as possible. When it was time I got dressed and headed for my car. The car wash was being held in the campus’s far lot since it was closest to the public road ways. They would get more customers that way.

I drove over there with my heart pounding. My stomach churned a bit. I was really nervous again. I was hoping I would not start sweating. I did not want to embarrass myself by showing up all sweaty and gross. When I got to the car wash my jaw dropped. The sorority girls were all in skimpy bikinis. I saw the magic words sign as I approached, Bikini Car Wash.

Every where I looked I got an eye full of T and A. Flat tummies, tight bottoms and tits of all size were soaking wet and parading around. Now I see why this was going on all day. The line was halfway around the block. Every guy in school and half the local men were there getting their cars washed and an eye full of the hottest sorority girls at school.

I was looking for Amber through all the girls and finally spotted her and Bryn. What a pair they made. Bryn was wearing a pale pink bikini that showed of her fair skin and accented her cute perky tits. In contrast was Amber in a white bikini that really showed off her lovely tan. They looked like something out of a porno flick with their soaking wet tight bikinis clinging to their lovely frames.

They seemed to move in slow motion for a moment as I saw them spraying a car down with water. Bryn bent down with a soapy sponge and started scrubbing a black sedan. Her bikini bottoms had bunched up a bit exposing a little more of her butt cheeks then the girl must of intended. You could see a little bit of sun burn on her hind end compared to the newly exposed milky white skin.

I was not the only one to notice, because Amber took the chance to spray Bryn’s little butt with the hose. Bryn responded by throwing the soapy sponge at Amber’s lovely ample breasts. Amber’s nipples poked through the thin material of the thin bikini top. They both were laughing so hard and fighting over the hose. All the guys must have loved the show as well since they all blew their horns in approval of the girls little water fight. Both girls took a little bow.

I parked and headed over to them. It was like a mine field avoiding all the water the girls were splashing around. Bryn spotted me and slapped Amber’s ass really hard to get her attention. Amber jumped at the pain and loud crack of the butt slap. She whipped around giggling to get some revenge, but spotted me. She trotted over to me still laughing a little. She told me she just had to check with the sorority VP to make sure she could leave now. She walked away and I noticed her perfectly toned body sparkling from the water and bright sunshine. She spoke with some girl then ran back to me, half running half skipping. She told me she was ready. She grabbed a towel and we headed for my car.

I made sure I got the door for her, like all gentlemen should. She smiled and put the towel over the seat before she hopped in. I took her back to her door to change for our date. Her dorm was a short trip around the campus; however I was driving really slow since I was distracted looking at her well toned legs.

I parked and she told me to follow her. I tailed behind her like a puppy. I was admiring her cute butt as we head for her room. When we arrived at her room I was in awe. It was the first time for me entering a pretty girl’s bedroom. I know it was just a dorm room, but this was where she and Bryn slept, changed, had sex. This was their private area and I was seeing it. I looked around of course the décor was very girly. Both girls had pink satin sheets, several fluffy pillows on their bed and a Justin Timberlake poster on the wall.

I was so engrossed with looking around the room; I almost didn’t notice Amber had taken her top off. She was rubbing the towel over her boobs and the front of her body. She then turned toward me and told me to sit on her bed since she would be just a few minutes. I felt my eyes drift up from her breasts to her eyes when she spoke to me. She smiled noticing I was fixed on her erect nipples. I felt my pants begin to get tight. I was getting excited.

As I sat down she turned toward her little vanity set up. It was a chair facing a desk with a large mirror. There was makeup and brushes and other beauty products lined up on top of the desk. She pulled her wet bikini bottoms off, and her bare ass was now right in my line of sight. Of course this only made the stiffy in my pants harder. She rubbed the towel on her ass cheeks then picked up her two pieces of bikini and rolled them up in the towel. She sat at her vanity facing the mirror and away from me and began brushing her hair.

I had to adjust myself. I did not want her to see the small tent in pants. She was talking to me about something. I could not focus, all I could think about was she was naked and only a foot or less in front of me. I could see the crack of her ass between the chair seat and back support. I suppose my lack of response to Amber’s small talk was noticeable enough, because she stopped speaking and turned the chair to face me. I soaked in her naked breasts and lowered my gaze towards her legs. She had them tightly together as she brushed her hair. I could see the top of her pubic hair landing strip, but not her pussy. She spoke with a little laughter in her voice.

“Are you getting all hot and horny, bad boy?”

I did not respond. Amber then crooked her finger at me in a come here motion. I stood up and walked over to her. My erection was really easy to see when I stood up. I was a little ashamed, we had not touched and I was as hard as a rock. I was standing right in front of her when she put her hands on my pants and unbuttoned them. She unzipped them with out saying a word. Then she pulled my pants and boxers down in one move. My little dick was bouncing up and down inches from her face. I suppose if I was well equipped it would be touching her lips, but I was not. My pants and boxers were down to my ankles, but she did not let me step out of them. Instead she put her hands on my waste and turned me away from her. My ass now facing her, she spoke again.

“Put your hands on the bed.”

I went to step towards the bed, but she held my hips with her hands. I then felt her push the small of my back. I figured out she wanted me to bend over and touch the bed. So I did what she wanted. I felt so vulnerable and exposed being bent over with my ass facing Amber. She then told me.

“You are a bad boy getting all excited before giving me a chance.”

Then she spanked me with her hand. Not painfully hard, but not soft. It stung a little.

“Bad boys get punished,” she laughed.

Then she spanked me a few more times, slightly harder then the first swat. This only made my dick ache more. Five or six more swats on my cheeks and she stopped spanking me. She increased her power with each slap. Each cheek felt really hot. As she stopped I could feel the contrast of the cool air on my exposed bottom and the warm feeling of my freshly smack ass. She started rubbing my butt cheeks softly. They felt so warm from the spanking. My skin was highly sensitive from her little assault.

I felt really wimpy bent over with my ass facing this girl, but I did not dare stand up straight or tell her to stop. Then I felt her hand reach under my ass between my legs and start rubbing my balls and taint softly.

“Mmmmmm” she purred. “I am going to take care of you so later you can take care of me, bad boy.”

With that she reached around with her other hand and started stroking my dick. After a few nice strokes she pulled my dick to one side softly indicating for me to turn towards her. When I did my dick was line up with her face. She opened her mouth, I thought she was going too suck me, but she spoke in a baby voice.

“There’s my little Ricky.”

Her verbal taunted only excited me more(,) and my dick twitched when she said it. This caused her to giggle a little. My face was turning red. I had never been spanked before, especially not by a girl. Now she was again laughing at my little dick. Before I could say anything she swallowed me whole. She started sucking me hard and fast right away. She was really trying to make me cum fast. I felt her hands grab my butt cheeks and she started pulling my dick into her mouth as she blew me. The sensations were great.

She was really going at it then she took her mouth off and started using her hand to stroke me. Then she moved her hand down to rub my balls. Her hand was slick from the spit lubricant. Then I felt her slide that wet hand under my balls and on my taint. She sucked me a few more times with her mouth then sucked on her fingers to wet them. She started sucking me slowly and rubbing my taint with her wet fingers. Then, I felt another new sensation. She shoved her wet finger right up my ass. No prep, just pushed it right in. As soon as the finger penetrated me, I started cumming in her mouth. Amber just kept sucking and swallowed my load. She was not disgusted by it or mad I did not warn her.

When I finished cumming she removed her finger from my ass and mouth from my dick. She smacked my behind and told me now later on if I was good, and we fooled around I would not cum so fast. We could really take our time.

Amber got up and went to her closet. I was still standing there waiting for; well I do not know what I was waiting for. I was not sure if I was just stunned by the great blow job or if I was waiting on her cue or instructions. There I stood with my pants around my ankles and my dick softening. Amber chose a light peach sun dress from her closet and slipped herself into it. I figured I could get dressed since she did, so I pulled up my pants. I did notice Amber did not put on any underwear. Her dress was quite short. The dress came just below her ass. If she bent forward her cheeks would surely come into view. She was so hot and she was my date for the night.

We went to my car and headed out for the night. I was a true gentleman. I opened all the doors for her. I pulled her chair out for her at the restaurant. I found out what she wanted before our server came and I ordered for both of us. When she stood up from the table to go powder her nose I stood up as well while she left the table. While I was nervous making sure I used all the proper charming behavior kept me focused on the date.

We headed off to the surprise, the hot air balloon ride. Her face lit up when she saw it. She gave me the tightest hug and kissed me softly on the lips in front of the balloon operator. He was an older guy. I could swear I heard him mumble something like lucky prick when he witnessed her public display of affection. Amber held my hand like we were little kids through out the whole balloon ride over town. I felt as though with her by my side we were heading towards heaven.

On the ride home, Amber thanked me up and down for such a nice night. No one took her to such a nice restaurant or planned such a romantic night. She always wanted to try a hot air balloon ride, but no one ever took her. She was rubbing my thigh. Every time we stopped at a light she leaned over and kissed my cheek. Mission accomplished I had impressed her. I also got a nice view of her legs as we drove back. From her leaning in and kissing me it had bunched up a bit. Her pussy was almost flashing me. I knew I did well when we parked near her dorm and she invited me in.

Our school was pretty liberal and did not care about boys in the girls dorms or vice versa. We headed to her room holding hands. It had been a week since I lost my virginity to this girl and now we were surely heading towards a night of sex again. We headed in the room and Amber turned the lights on. She turned on some music and came back to me and put her arms around me. We were slow dancing like we were at the high school prom.

Despite all that happened I was still not able to make the first move. She had to lean in and kiss me. We dance a little during our kiss till it turned into full on making out. I reached down and slid my hands up the back of her dress and felt her soft skin of her firm ass cheeks. I had both hands on those cheeks and squeezed lightly. Her ass felt so great. I was getting hard. I started rubbing her buns a bit as we kissed passionately.

Then I felt her take control again. She took her arms around my neck, and placed her hands on my shoulders. She nudged me down. I moved slowly down to me knees in front of her. Her beautiful legs and the short hem of her dress were in my line of sight. I reached forward and pushed the dress up just bit revealing her pussy. Once it was in sight I was just staring at it. Like a little boy with his first Hustler. Then she said the magic words.

“Kiss it baby.”

I leaned my face in and started licking her soft pussy. She was slightly wet already from our making out. She rubbed the top of my head as I flicked my tongue on her pussy lips, looking for the magic spot. Amber pulled the dress up over her head and threw to the ground. She turned around and got on the bed on her hands and knees. Her little butt hole came in to view as well as her pussy and she spread her legs slight. I moved in and began licking her pussy. I was sticking my tongue in her love hole and then licking it up and down. Then she said something I did not expect.

“Kiss my ass baby.”

I had heard of rim jobs and I did lick her asshole last night, but I never heard a girl talk like this. I heard people say it, but not really mean it. She did. So I planted my two lips on her pert little brown eye and kissed it. I kissed it over and over making wet slapping noises. Then I started to lick it a little. I could feel the wrinkled flesh on my tongue. Amber squealed in delight.

I was licking and licking when I felt her wink her asshole on my tongue. She was clenching and unclenching her rectum. It felt like her asshole was trying to catch my tongue. Then as she did that winking I felt my tongue slide in her asshole just a bit. I pushed it in further and out and in. I was fucking her ass with my tongue. Then Amber instructed me again.

“Finger my pussy while you lick it.”

Of course I listened to her. My finger went in with ease; she was getting really wet and hot. I slide my finger slowly in and out as I licked her bottom. Then I felt her hand rubbing her pussy. She was rubbing her clit now as I worked on her pussy and ass. I took the chance and slid a second finger in her pussy. It only took a little time before her body jerked downward away from my tongue. I felt her pussy expand and contract on my finger. She was cumming. Her ass went downward and head arched up as she howled.

She took a moment to recover from her orgasm before she spun around. She was sitting on her butt looking at me on my knees. She told me to strip for her. I quickly followed her orders. I was down to my boxer shorts, when I stopped. I reached my hand for the light switch.

Then Amber said, “No, No, No.”

As she wagged her finger back and forth, like a school teacher telling a little kid no would do. I knew she had scene me naked before, but she also had laughed. Earlier today she had pulled my cloths off fast, I was not the one to remove them. I just stood there looking at her buck naked and waiting for me. I was still ashamed of my puny member. I hooked my thumbs in the top of my boxer shorts. I pulled them down slowly. My dick bounced up and down when my underwear past it. Once they were passed my knees I took them off quick. I was hoping to jump right into bed with her. As I stepped forward I heard the words again.

“No, No, No.” Then in a baby voice,” I want to see my little Ricky.”

My face started to turn red. I was standing there with my little hard on. Amber was just looking at it with a smile. She then planted a little kiss on the tip of it and then sat back and looked at my face. I was really feeling embarrassed and had trouble looking her in the eyes. She waited till I finally made eye contact. She still had a big grin on her face. I was hoping she was not holding back laughter. After an eternity, she laid back on the bad. I climbed up on top of her and kissed her. I got between her legs and pushed my dick in her wet pussy. The warmth was better then I remembered. It was nice and tight around my dick. Her pussy was softer then velvet, softer then a mink fur coat. It was better then I remembered it. Then, she said it.

“Are you in yet?”

I pushed with all me might and hips and thrust as deep as I could.

Amber moaned lightly, “There we go.”

I started pumping my dick in her missionary style. I was really picking up speed and getting close. Amber then would push her hand softly on my hip to slow my thrust to a stop and use her other hand to pull me in for a kiss. Once I calmed down a bit, she would grab my butt cheeks and guide my back to thrusting in and out. We did this a few times; she was showing me how to last longer. We were really getting into each other and having a good fuck when I heard a key in the door.

I panicked and fell off Amber and off the bed. It was Bryn; she had come back to her room. I was naked on the floor with the bed between me and the door that Bryn had already half opened. The lights were on. My clothes were on the other side of the bed by the door. I was frantic looking for something to hide me naked body.

Amber had pulled the sheet of the bed over her nude body. Her head was on the pillows and I had nothing to hide my little hard on. Bryn looked over, at us. I dropped to me knees hiding my lower half below the bed. It was clear I was nude since my clothes were right in front of her as were Amber’s. Bryn started laughing and so was Amber. I was so ashamed and must have been as red as a lobster. Bryn was first to speak.

“Smells like sex in here.”

This only made Amber and her laugh more at her joke. I was not laughing. I was closer to crying. I had no idea what to do. Bryn noticed this and said,

“Someone is shy, huh. What are you hiding back there?”

Amber answered for me, “Rick is a little shy. Can you give us a minute?”

“I just want a peak, “said Bryn. As she stood up on her tippy toes and craned her neck a bit. She was looking over the bed. This was only making things worse for me. My erection did not go down, it was now twitching. My balls were tensing up. I could not believe it; I was about to cum in front of Bryn. No one was touching me, and I was about to bust a nut. Bryn and Amber’s giggles were only making things worse. I was trying to stop myself when I reached the point of no return.

Thankfully just before my eyes squinted in pleasure Bryn turned towards the door and stepped out. My eyes closed and my dick started spurting cum all over the floor. There were three big bursts, followed by a fourth small one. Despite cumming earlier, I made quite a mess of semen on the floor. I felt it the tension releasing from my balls and the sweat relief as I spurt cum from my dick. I opened my eyes to see Amber looking directly into them. She was wide eyed. She had her hand over her mouth attempting to cover a big smile. I could tell she was trying to hold back laughing, but she failed. She spit a little and started laughing hard.

“Ricky, you really like girls laughing at you don’t you? That’s the second time you came from that in front of me.”

I was really humiliated. The perfect night, and this is what happens. I felt tears in my eyes, but did not want to wipe them for fear she would know I was about to cry. I was trying to will the tears back. I broke eye contract and looked away from her. I was trying to keep from breaking down. My breathing became erratic. I was taking big gulping breaths. Amber slid up to a sitting position with her legs off the bed. She pulled my head to her breasts and caressed me. She rocked back and forth slowly and softly like she had a baby in her bosom.

She made a soothing, “Shhhh” sound. Over and over till I calmed down.

Then she broke our embrace. She told me Bryn was waiting. So I got dress and Amber threw on some panties and a T shirt. Amber told me to do down stairs and tell Bryn to come up. As I left she kissed me on the cheek and then slapped my butt. I walked down the hall to the common area. Bryn was sitting there, and I mumbled she could go up. I was not sure what she saw. I thought I covered up before she got in the room. I was looking for any sign that she saw my lack of man hood. Would she smile or laugh. Would she tell anyone? Would she make fun of me to Amber? Bryn did not speak till she started to head back to her room then with a little giggle she said.

“See you later big guy.”

The drive and walk back to my dorm I could only think of what she said. Had she seen anything? Was she making fun of me? Was she teasing Amber about me right now? Were she and Amber making fun of my little dick? Calling me Little Ricky or shrimp dick? Were they comparing me to other guys? Would she tell Mike? Was she laughing at me when she walked away? Or had she seen nothing? Maybe she was just laughing at walking in on Amber and I having sex? Or laughing at my reaction?

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