Learnt A Valuable Lesson

By DangerousDomain.

The restaurant.

I’m having dinner with my mom and my new girlfriend in a feminist shop that has all women chefs and waitresses. My mom chose this place as she believed men had too many privileges in life and women needed a helping hand. Regardless I am glad she chose this place, it’s very beautiful with a marble interior and very professional setting. The general public agrees since it’s jam packed, mostly with other women who would love to see more female run businesses succeed.

As we eat as normal, the dreaded topic of politics springs up in conversation.

“I agree, the world would be such a better place, if the world was run by women. Men are too aggressive and stupid.” Mom responds to my girlfriend’s desire to see more women in public life.

“Your right, men have small dick energy, it’s just within their nature,” giggles my girlfriend, Beth in a cheeky laughter.

Mom responds with a slight chuckle herself, and I am secretly enraged. I just try to ignore them and look around, the waitresses in their professional attire and groups of women in differing tables around me enjoying their meals. Despite this I internally question why they think it’s acceptable to make fun of small penises? What have we done to them?

I believe that now is the best time to highlight that I was born with a micropenis. When it’s soft it’s just the head peeping out and when hard it’s a measly 2.5 inches. So yeah, I wish I was considered small instead of minuscule. Which is why as a result neither my girlfriend or my mom has seen my penis. I’ve been with Beth for about 2 months and I refuse every one of her advances and reject her even touching me down there, where I just tell her I’m waiting for a good moment, but in reality I am just hiding a thimble.

I decided to let the comment slide and try to ignore it and decide on eating my food, which I was really enjoying. Unfortunately my mom brings the topic up.

“Small dick energy sure is a funny phrase hahaha!” She exclaims a bit louder than I would’ve liked.

“Haha, I think small dicks are important for women! It’s good to empower us and laugh at men for once, when we know that’s all they do to us!” Asserts Beth

“Agreed! You know son, you really chose a good girlfriend here!” Cries mom in happiness giving Beth a quick wink.

“Oh go fuck your self, bitches!,” I say in seething anger, frustrated at the casual small penis shaming. My comment was louder than expected and the patrons in my immediate vicinity overheard and attempted to make sly glances at us. They seriously have no idea how hard it is to have a micropenis, girls always laugh and make jokes on it and even when you want to relax and watch T.V, bang small dick joke! It’s absurd!

Unfortunately for me, my mom is not a shy woman. She’s a broad, strong lady with large breasts and genuinely does not tolerate any back talk and everything goes her way.

“WHAT DID YOU SAY, YOUNG MAN?!” Mother loudly states, now there is a severing silence across the restaurant and all eyes focus on us.

In my regret I quickly muster up, “nothing mom,sorry” in a quick whisper hoping the ordeal is quickly finished.


Now the waitress comes over, and professionally asks my mom to calm down for the other patrons.

My mom turns to address the waitress and with genuine rage she loudly exclaims to the waitress loud enough for anyone to hear ” this MAN referred to us as bitches! Seriously! We giggle at small dicks once, when all men do is objectify us women and he has the gall to call us bitches!”

“Misogyny.little dick energy!” reverberated around the room. Meanwhile I slump in my seat in utter defeat hoping I disappear from this place as soon as possible.

The waitress and my girlfriend both look at me in stunned silence, with a mixture of shock and resentment.

“Right! I understand how everyone feels, as his mother I will discipline him like the old times.”

My eyes widen and my jaw unhinged in utter shock, I desperately cried out “please, please not In public!”

Growing up, I’ve been spanked consistently when I’ve acted out of line and my worst punishments are done completely naked without a stitch on when I’ve been deemed a misogynist, and unfortunately this is one of them.

The waitress steps aside to allow my mom to stand up. She creaks the chair as she ascends, which now literally every one of the 20 patrons and 6 waitresses are staring in anticipation.

“Right. You know the drill, everything off but the underpants.” states mom like it’s a normal thing to say.

After not moving a budge at those words she literally screams to “TAKE. THAT. FUCKING. SHIRT. OFF. OR SO GOD HELP YOU!”

I look around and see a group of black girls at the table in front of me laugh out loud while staring at my face, while the table to the right of me with two white women stare with mouth agape and to my humiliation, one of them, with ginger hair reaches for her phone.

I don’t wait long enough to see what she’s going to do with her phone, as I’m terrified of my moms words. I stand my and close my eyes and just take my shirt off in one deep breath. I feel utterly naked and objectified with around 30 women gazing at my nipples and stomach. The sense of shame is exacerbated when my mom takes my shirt and just throws it off into some random table of 4 teenage girls who laugh as it falls on their table. I then attempt to cover my chest with my arms until she slaps it out of me and tell me to put my hand on my head, which I disgracefully comply.

She then nonchalantly reaches out and pops down my zipper and sweeps my jeans off. My tight underwear is now on full display to the entire restaurant. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, since my penis is so small, there’s no bulge at the front, even though my underwear is tight. Now my big ass is highlighted from behind and with this, the table from behind lets out a couple wolf whistles and cheers.

“Right! Bend over, put your body on that table.” she states in a worryingly calm manner. That tone has genuinely made me anxious even more, so I comply with no backtalk and have my ass facing the audience behind me. Just my luck that the table I eat in happens to be in the middle of the fucking resturant!

The only thing I hear is hushed mummers and giggles surrounding me as I lay there anticipating for what is to come, with my head remaining on my head. That is until..


Repeated succession of an extremely loud thumbing noise reveberates across the room. I am astounded at how strong my mom is and dismayed at her level of ferociousness she is using, I realise I am really in for it, and it is going to be much worse for me. While my ass is getting absolutely pounded, I made the mistake of looking at my girlfriend and the waitress who are side by side. My girlfriend who is a cute toned woman, with average height with long black hair and brown eyes, is staring in utter amusement and contempt in her eyes at the sheer ignominy in front of her. She stares at my face with her mouth agape and a massive smile on her face. Similarly, the waitress is openly giggling while looking directly at me, making no uncertainty at where the amusement is coming from. Eventually the pain is becoming to much for me and I start to yell out..


After each smack you hear the wails of a man who is getting absolutely pulverised by his own mother with an audience of about 30 women openly laughing and recording the scene of what they view a misogynist getting what he deserves.

Thankfully, she stops. She stops just before the brink of me about to hightail my way out of here, my bum is absolutely sore and the ringing pain I feel makes me about to cry.

“I’m so sorry, miss! Would you like to have a turn, I know I caused a ruckus but misogynists need to feel humiliation like this once in a while.” My mom addresses to the waitress watching.

“Umm, I don’t know.. I don’t know where to start haha.” The waitress responds a little shyly with the proposition.

“Oh don’t you worry about a thing!” she says as she grabs the waitresses hand and pull her over to me.

My mom then uses her hand and slaps both my cheeks. Thankfully it didn’t hurt very much. She then tells her to keep going on her own.

Again, I am pleased to say that it didn’t hurt much on my tender ass, she is a very petite girl with small hands. Her lack of imposing stature made her not very intimidating, nor did her spanks amount to any additional pain.

My small victory is however completely usurped, when my mom without any hesitation just grabs my boxers and just pulls it down.The surprise I felt, made me yell out “wha-WHAT THE FUCK!” I instantly pushed my arms to my groin to avoid any women to see my penis that I’m so insecure of. The energy of the room is unanimous, wails of laughter and guffaws emerge, surrounding me like a pack of hungry hyenas. My girlfriend at this point is absolutely besides herself, she is openly laughing with genuine tears in her eyes at what she’s witnessing.


I already have accepted defeat at his point and do as I’m told, desperately hoping things don’t escalate and I can leave as soon as possible. The audience in front, with the group of black women I see literally look down the table and try to have a big peek. Also, the ginger to my right does the same and bends over, but unfortunately for me she’s right next to me and can clearly see what I’m lacking.

“Holy shit!” Shouts the ginger as she remains peering under the table. Her friend follows suit and soon around me women are kneeling craning their necks to see what the fuss is about. My girlfriend unfortunately copies the other women, and has a direct intimate view of my penis in all its glory. At this point, with the ringing pain in my ass and the humiliation I feel, my micropenis is literally just the head and only sits perched on top and does not hang down. I notice one of the teenagers whom my shirt landed on do the infamous pinching hand emoji to her friend, followed by a hearty laugh by them.

Mom meanwhile ignores the commotion and encourages the waitress to slap my behind. She starts again and this time without the shorts I feel a little bit of pain, but it’s much nicer than what my mom did. As mom is watching the petite waitress, she gives her tips.

“Here! Like this sweetheart” as she gives me her infamous whack, this time on my bare ass making me moan unceremoniously to the laughing audience, whom all of which have given up eating and even the chefs have come out to watch.

“Perfect, now do it with gusto!” Mom states.


To my utter shock, the cute tiny little waitress managed to slap my ass so loud it left an echo throughout the restaurant, the impact of which nearly rivals my own moms monstrous strength.

To the dismay of everyone involved, the slap surprised me so badly, it made me start peeing. Yep, I peed everywhere, the table, the floor. The beautiful interior now being marked by my debasement. The audience is absolutely disgusted and horrified by my antics and soon a flurry of cameras blast at me, capturing this moment for the whole world to witness forever!

My mom at this point has just given up and disappointingly just told me to go to the bathroom and get washed. I somehow feel even worse than when she felt angry. As I felt genuine remorse, I tried to make it up to her by maintain keeping my hands to my head. I figured there’s no reason to hide it since everybody’s already seen it and worse.

I muster up every drop of willpower I have and stand up, utterly bare naked, among a crowd of 30 gawking women who want to see me punished, if there was any doubt of a micropenis, it’s long gone now. That’s clear when I hear insults targeted at me as soon I stood upright.

“HAHAHA..YOU FEEL GOOD OBJECTIFYING WOMEN WITH A MICROPENIS.” Shouted a long haired black women, pointing at my penis.

“MISOGYNIST WITH A SMALL DICK.” Shouted a woman holding her pinky to the air.

All around me is a cackle of laughter, even the waitresses watching on the sideline aren’t putting a stop to this and are just pointing and laughing at me like the rest of them! I even made eye contact with my girlfriend who is obscenely laughing, like it’s the funniest thing in the world at my micropenis. Her mouth is gaped open and absolutely screeching at the hilarity in front of her. It’s so out of character for her, she’s always been quite calm in her manners I pondered. I mean seriously what is so funny!?

I walk with haste to the bathroom that’s in front of me, meaning I have to walk past my girlfriend and many of the patrons, including the black women who insulted me. As I walk past Beth, she helps herself to a slap on my ass. Thankfully it didn’t hurt as she was seated, but unfortunately the rest of the restaurant got some ideas. With my ‘walk of shame,’ I got so many slaps to my ass which made me scream with every slap, these women had no inhibitions on groping me.


*AAAH, OUCH…UUUU..AAUUUH..” I screamed with every jolt.

Finally one more patron, then the bathroom. I am face to face with the black woman. She’s that women that shouted at me, making fun of my micropenis. With nice long thick dreadlocks, cascading down her strong hourglass body, it really would’ve been a sight to behold given the right circumstances. I decide to head on past her, still with my hands on my head, thimble fully out for her gaze, which she gladly stares at. As I walk past her..

“Pin dick misogynistic men deserve shit like this.” She states while actually giving my short penis a little 2 finger job as I walk past. Her smooth finger and her hot breath touching my face gives me a rock hard erection. I hate to admit it but this is the first time any woman has touched my penis ever. Any man with a micropenis of course knows it’s so embarrassing to show any girl what we are packing. The giggling, disappointment and the immediate breakup, means me and my thimble are in hiding. Thankfully though I’ve reached the restroom and nobody’s seen my erection.

I clean up my leg that’s got wet and my penis. As I rub my eenie weenie, the pleasure I feel builds up, I’m standing here buck naked trapped in a restaurant with nearly 30 women out there. My cock and ass have been grabbed and groped for the first time in years. I start pondering if I should just let it happen and enjoy it, I mean they’ve seen and done everything at this point, so why shouldn’t I try to turn this terrible moment into a enjoyable one and even if I don’t enjoy it, I can hopefully at least be more brave showing girls my micropenis I reasoned. As I finish cleaning up, I look at a large mirror and am shocked to see my penis. It’s hard as rocks, but unfortunately it’s still smaller than most women’s pinkies, no doubt this is gonna humiliate me further. My ass also got a bright pink hue, I literally look like a baboon with a tiny dick.

I look at the mirror and guide my two fingers to my little cock. I haven’t given myself an orgasm in literal years as I just couldn’t stand even looking at a penis this

small. I tell myself that women are the superior sex and that the humiliation women get on a daily basis is so much worse than mine. At least in the movies and tv shows, it’s the male directors making the jokes, but for women it’s also men since they are the owners of these fashion magazines and everything else in society. I soon feel resentment against men with small dick energy, and this in combination with the oppression women face makes me determined I’m going to shame myself. I start to ponder my place in the world, men dominate women as women fight back the patriarchy, my place is to give women hope, they need to laugh and tease micropenises to empower them, it is exactly as Beth said. Upon my conclusion, I stop myself from orgasming just in time.

I open the door all the way out and am blinded by the phones, I’m pretty sure everyone had their phones out either recording or taking pictures of me. I did nothing to hide it, in fact I did the pinching hand small dick sign right above my little dick. My petite cock is throbbing at the sight of these cameras, I feel a little invigorated and free as I stand there for the audience who are all laughing at the obscenity in front of them.

I decide that’s enough of my posing and walk to my mommy. As I make my way to her with my hands on my head, sporting a full grin I watch as she stares unabashedly at my thimble which she probably has now seen for the first time, the entire audience watching the scene unfold in awe and excitement.

“Well, the pee is all cleaned up now!” She said, not making a comment on my penis, which I didn’t expect, I’d expect her to laugh or tease at least, but oh well.

“Oh, I was willing to clean it up myself, who cleaned it?” I asked both my mom and the audience.

She pointed to the group of waitresses and I made my way over to thank them.

“I’m sorry about the mess, the spank your colleague did on my ass really shocked me haha.” I laughed

“Well, can’t say it’s the highlight of my job but thank you for your appreciation, we don’t get it often here.”

“Wow, do you guys want a picture with me, I’m open for any poses we do?”

The group of 4 waitresses don’t respond and instead just pops out her phone, then proceeds to stand in front of me. Two of them go to the side of me while one goes on her knees. My penis is literally able to cut diamonds at the sight of this. They then turn to make shocked expressions and hold the pinkies out, the girl kneeling is holding a laughing pose. Meanwhile I decide to comically spread my legs and flex my biceps in the air, pretending to be an alpha man. This gets a laugh from everyone, including my girlfriend and even my mom who for the first time gave a smirk.

After 4 snaps of the camera were done I thank them and, apologize to my mom and girlfriend, still buck naked, telling them what’s I was thinking about in the bathroom. They were both extremely happy that I’ve learnt and we had a group hug. My baby penis being groped by their luxurious silk dresses felt great and I’m glad I can be free and not hide myself anymore. At this point the crowds making noise highlighting happiness that we’ve made up.

My girlfriend reacts to the crowd and begins kissing me with heated passion. My penis is throbbing in anticipation, in full view of the boisterous restaurant. She grips both my ass cheeks, with each hand and jiggles, spreads and gropes it, making me squeal in horniness and pain simultaneously. In between abated breaths,

she whispers “I’m so glad you know your place in our relationship and your worth.”

Not wanting to disappoint, I don’t touch her, as I’ve got no consent, and keep my arms locked on my head. I can feel the air coat on my body and sometimes go up my bum, as she spreads it wide, with my mom behind me.

My mom finally interrupts us and tells me to go with my weewee and fetch my clothes and we can finally leave. I remember the group of teens having my shirt, so I head on over to them taking my time giving the audience a new look at my uninhibited self.

I find the teenagers and they just gaze back at me in laughter while making glances at my peepee. The exposure I feel honestly makes me invigorated, is like I have nothing to hide and I found my place in the world, which is being a comedy relief for women’s oppression. I ask the teens for my clothes and they replied with one condition.

After much murmuring on themselves, while looking at my abs giggling, they finally replied “spread your ass and show us your asshole. I’m aware that my own mom has seen it and a big subsection of the restaurant as my girlfriend groped me earlier. With no inhibitions I just turned around, spread my legs as wide as it can go and bent over a full a full 90 degrees and spread. From this view I was able to see them from behind and the view did not disappoint. As I feel the cool air wash my asshole, the girls are mortified and screeching like harpies. They pretend to be absolutely disgusted at the scene, while continuing to make glances at my hole numerous times. The audience around me shocked that I can be so brazen at 18 year olds, start giggling or stare stunned with wide eyes.

One of the blonde teens who’s been making glances at my puckered hole, puts her nose to my ass and makes an exaggerated sniff, which shocks the girls and the restaurant audience. The crowd makes a quiet giggle after the display of that girl. I however am absolutely trying my hardest not to orgasm, all the attention and simulation from women is not something I have ever experienced in my life. With my view of the girls from the back, a ginger girl slaps me directly on my hole making me wince from the sudden intrusion, and to the hilarity of the crowd a loud smack echoes the restaurant. Next thing I see is my shirt flying off onto the floor in front of me. With a show of gratitude I yell out

“Thank you, my queens!” While jiggling my ass against the backdrop of a laughing audience.

I pick up the shirt and slowly walk across to my girlfriend and mom, I make no attempts at covering myself and just take in the casual scenery. Girls around me staring, wide eyed at the hilarity in front of them. A formal fine dining experience suddenly turned into small dick humiliation session!

I am right in front of my grinning girlfriend and mom, shirt in hand, with a flaming red ass illuminating me like a torch in a dark room. I don’t even bother to cover myself and put my T-shirt on, instead I give it to Beth, which she gladly accepts.

“Wow baby, it must be my birthday, this is my favorite gift ever!”she squeals giggling.

I am genuinely happy that I’m making her proud and my penis responds by twitching uncontrollably at her joy and laughing around me. Beth takes a step closer to me, my small naked cock touching her clothed vagina. It took everything from me to not start humping like a starved dog in front of everyone. She puts her arm around my ass and stares me in my eyes.

“You and that baby dick need those shorts back!” She whispers to me. Cupping my ass she guides me over to where I’m assuming my shorts are. On our walk there is a group of petite teens who walk in front of me and take a picture without even asking. Already understanding my place with women, me and Beth make a pose for the camera. I point to my penis with both fingers and make a funny face, while Beth makes a shocked face with the pinching hand gesture. The petite teen says her thanks, but as we walk past, one of them gives my dicklet a quick squeeze, which I moan loudly from the severe sexual arousal I feel.

“Look at that baby dick just throbbing about, you must really wanna cum” says Beth, enjoying my sexual frustration while holding onto my ass.

“You have no idea, this is the first time women have seen me naked, I’ve been touched up and humiliated. I am really enjoying it haha”

“Oh I can tell!”

We reach a thick woman with what are my shorts, I ask her if I can have it, which she smirks and looks at me up and down to just to say it depends.

“That is the smallest dick I’ve ever seen!”

“Hahaha yeah it is a micropenis!” Giving my stiff pecker a jiggle for the girls.

“What’s your relationship with him then?” The busty Latina asks inquisitively, directing the question to my girlfriend.

I gulp at this, she seems to enjoy embarrassing me and seems happy with me, but I’m not sure if she just wants to stay friends with me or not. I’m hoping she’ll say I’m her boyfriend, because I think she’s hot. Her nice toned body is to die for! Along with her dominant fiery personality.

“Well this is useless” she says, grabbing my chode, like it’s her personal property. “But I can make it work! There’s penis enlargers, toys and cuckolding” she states casually.

“Nice ideas hahaha, I wouldn’t say it’s completely useless, it’s a little funny looking to me, to be honest” she says while staring at my penis.

“Hahaha true it’s just so small, it’s empowering to just unwind and laugh at a small penis!”

With that they both set off laughing to each other, I meanwhile contemplate on what I just heard. I’m going to be a cuckold? I never tried it before, but I think it may be an exciting turn of events. Maybe I’ll enjoy it and just see it as an extension to my promise to appease women.

“Can I touch it?” Asks the sexy Latina with curiosity.

“Of course, just don’t make him cum.” States Beth like it’s her property.

“My name’s Angela by the way.” She says as she kneels in front of my penis. The sight of her and her shirt is magnificent. From this angle I can see that she’s unbuttoned a few buttons and I can see her nice caramel brown globes. Just a little more and I could see her areolas! With the sight in front of me, my dick is throbbing like it’s got a mind of its own.

“Oh my gosh, that Vienna sausage really wants to cum huh”

“Mmmpph.. it’s been about a year! I’m dying!”

She stares at my eyes and slowly inches her finger closer to my throbbing nub, the electricity on my dick feels insane, just the anticipation makes me feel like I’m going to orgasm. She gently caresses my tip, making me shiver in ecstasy. I feel a hand cup my ass cheek and realize it’s Beth. Angela sticks her two fingers out while smirking and slowly and very gently jerks me off.

“Ooooh yeh yeh yeh yeh” I moan instinctively while my ass flexes and unflexed at the pleasure.

She then go my surprise spits right at my cocklette, a swamp of spit encases my dick and drips around.

“I’m gonna fucking cum!” I scream to the entire restaurant as I feel the pressure build up and release. But, to my chagrin she just puts her hand away and scurries away like I’m a dirty pipe that’s gonna break. The restaurant giggles and records around me as they watch me start humping the air, begging for an orgasm. My 2 inch toy dagger pierced the air in vain.

“Phew that was close!” She says as she gets up off the floor, her breasts fully out there, I just wanna see the nipples! I think to myself I’m hopeless frustration. She stand up and picks up my shorts from the nearest table and tosses them to my girlfriend who wants to try cuckolding. I don’t mind this as I was going to give it to her anyway so I just wait for her commandment.

“Let’s walk back to your mom, she’s got the rest of your belongings”

We both head over to my mom and before we begin my trek of humiliation across the restaurant I decide to put my hands on my heads and stand upright. My tiny worm unabashedly throbbing to the whole restaurant along with my still flaming red ass. As I walk it’s just like I’m a model in the red carpet, phones blast capturing every one of my naughty bits. As I walk I can hear the audience makes comments.

“That’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen!”

“What the fuck is he doing”

“Tiny cock but a thick ass”

Finally I get to my mom as she eyes on my petite penis as I approach.

“Right, I think it’s time for us to go, I think we’ve caused enough trouble here..”

“Awww. Well it’s fun while it lasted” says Beth unexpectedly in a sad voice.

Not wanting to disappoint, I grab ‘her’ clothes and raise it in the air. In one swift motion I throw it to the audience, pretty much making my clothes I collected earlier a waste of time. The women swiftly pick it up and laugh amongst themselves, while some continue filming me like I’m a wild creature. My girlfriend and mom are in shock at what I just did.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU, STOP EXPOSING YOUR TINY FUCKING DICK TO THE LADIES” yells mom to me while giving my ass a tough spank.

“Hahafagagaoh oh my god” screams Beth in utter joy



“MY FINAL PUNISHMENT FOR RUINING YOUR EATERY IS I’M GOING TO STREAK TO MY CAR IN THE NUDE” I proclaim with my dick out on the open throbbing it’s 2.5inches to the applauding audience.

“Heh well that’s embarrassing for you haha” admits mom while glancing at my pindick.

“Wow that’s fucking funny” says Beth as she stares unabashedly at my baby carrot.

“Well let’s go!” I say to my two women amidst the applause around me and my shamelessness.

A few taps on the ass by women I walk past and we’re finally at the exit to the building. One deep breath and a new world awaits me, one where I accept my small cock and know my place as a nude jester for all the queens in a cruel world run by men. One step at a time and one humiliation at a time, I will empower women with my micropenis.


The End.


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