Learning To Respect Women

By Jay.

As a teenager (around 14), I got to a stage where I was curious about girls, and my friend had a big stash of pornographic magazines at home courtesy of his older brother. I used to go to his house and flick through the mags observing the beautiful female bodies doing sexy poses showing all their assets. After a while, my friend would lend me magazines for weekends, so he would bring them to school on Friday and id give him back Monday, some magazines that his brother didn’t want any more he would give to me to keep for free.

Soon I had about 20 magazines stashed under my mattress, and they were my secret nightly jerking material. I came back from school one day and found the magazines piled on the dining room table. My mum and sister were furious, and I got a good telling off from both of them that I should have more respect for women and not be lusting over naked girls. It’s only the three of us that live in our house. My dad left years ago, so it’s been just me, my older sister (by three years), and mum in our home.

So, they were well angry that I was looking at these magazines. They felt I had disrespected them. They asked where I got the mags from. I just said I found them on the way from school, and I didn’t know how to dispose of them. Mum binned the magazines, and I got grounded for two weeks and got no pocket money for a month. She said if I’m ever caught with this filth again, I will be in deep trouble.


Several months later, my friend said to me he’d got a few magazines his brother wanted to get rid of and asked if I wanted them. I stupidly said yes. So, the next day he brought five magazines to school. I took them home and hid them under the bottom drawer of my clothes drawer. I thought no one would ever look there. I was so wrong.

About a month later, mum was cleaning the house, and she decided to move the drawer forward so she could vacuum behind it, and she found the magazines. I came home from school, and I walked in, and mum walked up to me and slapped me hard. I shouted, “What the hell!”

She called me a pervert and threw the magazines at me. One of them landed on the floor open and had photos of a woman with her legs wide open showing her vagina, making mum even angrier. She was calling me a pervert, and if I were older, she would have kicked me out and asked, “Do you perv on me and your sister? Is this how we raised you, to spend all your time looking at naked girls. You’re not scared of me. You ignored my warning the last time and brought more magazines home. So I’m sending you to your aunty to be dealt with.”

Everyone is scared of mum’s sister. She’s loud and always looking for an argument. I once saw her arguing with another parent at school, and she knocked him out. I said to mum, “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise.”

“That’s what you said the last time,” and picked up her phone to call her sister.

I said, “Please don’t call her. I promise I won’t do it again,” but she had already dialed, and aunty had answered. I was whispering, “Please, don’t tell her.”

Mum asked if my aunty was home and free. She then said, “I’m sending your nephew to you. Can you discipline him as he won’t listen to me?”

Mum told me to put the magazines in a bag and walk to her house. My aunt lives on the same street as us.

I was still pleading with mum, but my mum said, “I’m not listening. Do you want her to come over instead?”

Mum gave me the phone, and my aunty said, “Listen to your mum, don’t make me walk up to your place. You ain’t going to like it.”

So I put the magazines in my backpack and headed out. Mum followed me to the door and watched me walk down the road while telling her what she found in my bedroom.

As I walked down the road, I could see my aunty standing outside on the phone talking to my mum. Soon as I got close to her, she grabbed me by the collar and dragged me in. she was easy twice my size and very strong. She asked for the backpack. I handed it over, and she took out the magazines and shouted at me for looking at filthy mags.

She said that she would teach me a lesson in respecting women and told me to strip, and she left the room. I might have misheard her. A couple of minutes later, she returned with a belt and a slipper and said, “Why aren’t you undressed?” She ordered me to get naked, saying, “You like looking at naked girls. Let’s see how you like it being looked at.”

I slowly said, “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”

I had taken my t-shirt off she got angry I was taking too long she got up and pushed me to the ground and grabbed my feet and pulled off my shoes then grabbed my trouser legs and pulled them off I was surprised how easily they slid off, she then grabbed my underwear and pulled them down I tried my best to hold on to them. Still, she was too strong, and she had me fully naked in seconds. She sat back down, smirking at me. She told me to stand up, so I got up with a hand over my privates.

She told me to put my hands on my head. I reluctantly did it. She asked, “How does it feel to be looked at naked?”

I said, “It’s not nice.”

She picked up the magazines saying, “Do you think these girls enjoy doing these things? They are probably desperate for money that they have to sell their bodies to perverts like you to make money.”

She told me to bend over the armrest of the sofa. I was still apologizing, but she said, “If it had been one magazine, I could have been forgiven, but five mags are not forgivable.”

I got into position, and she said, “Ten slippers, ten belts for each magazine,” and she started hitting my bum.

It was pain like I had never felt before. There was a knock at the door, but she carried on till she completed her set and told me not to move. She left the room and opened the front door. It was two of her daughters coming back from school. She told them not to go in the room I was in, told them I was naked, and she was punishing me. They asked questions, and she told them she would tell them later and get changed while she finished dealing with me.

My aunty came back into the room and got right back into punishing me. She was on her third set, and my buttocks were on fire. And I was saved by the doorbell again. This time it was her oldest daughter back from college, so she went and let her in and told her I was naked and not to go in the room. She came back into the room and told me to stand up. She said, “I’m going to make food for the girls. I’m thinking of letting them watch the last two sets.”

I begged her, “Please, no.”

She said, “As it’s your first time, I might let you off, but I will think about it while making food.”

Meanwhile, I had to stand facing the wall naked until she returned. When she left the room, she told me not to move or I would get more sets of punishment if I moved, and she deliberately left the door open as she left.

About five minutes later, I heard someone approaching. I heard giggles. I didn’t dare look, but I knew it was one of my cousins or maybe all of them. I was fully naked with a red bruised bum on display. The girls kept coming and going and giggling. Finally, aunty returned and said she would not let the girls watch. “One, because they aren’t perverts, and two, you’ve got the tiniest cock I’ve ever seen. So there’s not much for them to see, but they will see you naked.”

I got back in position, and she finished giving me the last two sets, then told me to stand facing the wall while she spoke to my mum and see if she was happy with what I got or does she want more.

She came back after five minutes and told me to face her with my hands on my head. She said, “Your mum just said this was the second time she’s caught you with dirty magazines. She is distraught with you, so now, as this is your second offense, I will call the girls in to see you naked.”

I begged her not to call them.

“Shut up,” and she shouted for the girls and told me not to move.

I begged her not to do it, and I could hear the girls coming. As they got closer, aunty put her hand up and stopped them in the hallway. If they had taken another step or two, they would have seen my naked and my tiny one incher in all its pathetic state.

She said, “Tell me why I shouldn’t let them see you?”

I said, “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

She was enjoying herself. She then told the girls to go back to the other room as my tiny penis wasn’t worth seeing. The girls laughed and walked away. I was allowed to get dressed, and aunty warned me that it would be a lot worse punishment if it happened again.

“But it shouldn’t be an issue,” she said, “How much sexual urges could you be getting with a penis that small.”

I walked home and put the magazines in the bin, and my mum and sister didn’t talk to me for a few days.

You would think I had learned my lesson, and that was the end, but no. The desire to see naked women got me caught a third time.


Part 2

After that beating, every time I saw my cousins ( aged 19,15,13 ), they would laugh at me and make small penis signs. It was almost daily humiliation, and we all lived on the same road, so they would come over a lot to see my sister. I complained to mum many times about the name-calling, but she said it was my own doing. “If you degrade women, then karma gets you back,” Mum said.

Aunty was just as bad. She would say to me things like, “How’s your nub? Is it behaving itself?”

She would openly say things about how small I am to my sister and mum.

My sister loved that I got a naked beating from our aunty. She said I deserved it, and she didn’t understand why aunty was beating my ass. She should have been beating my tiny dick to stop me from looking at filthy magazines.


About a year later, things were almost back to normal. My friend came for a sleepover, and we were in my bedroom, and he said he’d got a surprise for me.

“What it is?” I asked, and he pulled out a couple of magazines.

Soon as I saw them, my tiny dick shot straight up in my trousers. It had been so long since I had seen a naked girl (my last sleepover at a friend’s house was two months ago). I got up in the middle of the night and jerked off while my mate was sleeping.

The next day he went home, and he texted saying the magazines were not in his bag. I remembered I took them out of his bag to jerk off, and I slipped them under my bed as he was stirring in his sleep from the noises I was making, so I thought I would put them back in his bag in the morning. I took out the magazines, and I couldn’t help myself. I knew I should bin them, but it had been ages, and I had a lot of sperm to release.


Two days later, my sister was snooping in my room, and she found the magazines, and she gave them to my mum. I was out at the time, but I came home, and I could hear aunty in the living room. I didn’t think anything of it as she is always coming over. I walked into the room, and I could tell just by their expressions I was in trouble. I quickly turned around. I tried to say I forgot something at the shop, but it was no use.

Aunty shouted for me to get back in the room. And she asked what she had said about respecting my mum and sister and not having those magazines in the house. My sister passed her the magazine, and aunty rolled it up and started hitting my face with it. She got me in a headlock and told my mum and sister to pull down my shorts. I don’t know which one did it, but one of them pulled down my shorts and underwear and slapped my bum. Aunty let go and, just like last time, wrestled my clothes off. It was even more accessible as my shorts were around my ankles, and I tripped and fell over.

My mum and sister were smirking at my treatment, the way I got forced naked. Aunty grabbed my hair and stood me up and stood in front of my mum and sister and said move your hands she pulled my hair hard till I moved my hands. My sister laughed at my tiny cock, and mum just looked angry. She slapped my face, pulled my hair, bent me over the dining table, and asked my sister to pass her my mum’s slipper, and she started beating my ass with it.

I must have got over a hundred hits. They were stingers, and my aunty started strong, but as it went on, her hits got softer, but they still hurt because my bum was red and sore. She told me to stand against the wall with my hands on my head, facing my mum and sister while she went to have some water. She then put me back over the table and told mum and my sister to hit me. They gave me some hard double hits simultaneously on both my ass cheeks.

My aunty said to them, “Beatings aren’t doing it. I gave him a good beating the last time, and he still got more magazines.”

So she got my toolbox and went up with my mum leaving me with my sister.

My sister said things like, “You’re such a loser,” and, “How does it feel to be naked for women. I hope you feel humiliated.”

I was thinking, ‘What are they doing upstairs.’ My sister hit my cock with a ruler asking me to present it forward and whacking it hard.

Aunty called from upstairs, saying, “Bring him up.”

I walked up the stairs while she was slapping my bum. I got upstairs, and they had taken my bedroom door off its hinges and turned my wardrobe and drawer around to face the wall so I couldn’t get any clothes. My bedding was all taken away.

Aunty said, “You’re not getting any clothes or privacy till I think you’ve learned my lesson.” Someone was knocking on the front door, and aunty said to my sister, “That will be the girls. Can you let them in and bring them up.”

Aunty got behind me, locked my arms behind me, and had me facing toward the direction of the stairs. I could hear the girls coming up, and the 13-year-old was first to reach the top. She burst out laughing, followed by the rest. I had to stand naked in front of them while aunty told me the rules.

“No clothes, no door on your room, bed stuff will be given at bedtime and removed in the morning, so you’ve got no place to hide, and you’re not allowed to cover up.”

I asked, “For how long?”

She replied, “Until I see you have learned your lesson. You can stay naked throughout all holidays.”

I was naked for the next four days, and mum and my sister laughed at me all day long. Sister was telling the cousins to come daily. By the fourth day, I was used to being naked around the house. I was allowed to get dressed again, but she said, “As a reminder, so I don’t forget, you have to be naked one hour every weekend until I think you have more respect for women ingrained into your brain.”

So every weekend, I would come down naked in the morning, and they would laugh at me, and when it started getting cold, the door was finally put back on. I didn’t bring any offensive material home after that.

Instead, I started spending more time at my friend’s house, whose parents were very relaxed about porn and nudity. This summer will be twenty years since that humiliating four-day course on respecting women. I still get reminded of it regularly, and news of my experience did become public knowledge amongst extended family. Probably my best and worst summer at the same time.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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