Justice: Part 1

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by southwind (edited)


Chief of Police Jack Olson stood in uniform with his arms crossed just above his protruding belly, gazing down onto the masses of people walking the city streets below. Pitiful people, he mused from his 5th story office window. Just a bunch of worthless clock punchers and unemployed lazy asses living off the government.

Jack had come to power as Police Chief due mostly to the good ol’ boy network. Sure, he worked hard, but developing strategic relationships was a big part of his rise to the top. He had always been very successful in his work and his investigations. Successful to the point where the legitimacy of his efforts often came into question. To put it bluntly, he was suspected by many to be a crooked cop who planted evidence. Blacks, and more recently, Hispanics were often on the receiving end of his, shall we say, resourceful methods. In Jack’s mind, this was a necessary part of preserving the traditional way of life in this Midwestern town of 150,000 mostly white people.

The brass at the top were all too happy when he produced timely evidence needed to put the bad guys behind bars. Never mind if it was fabricated. The people who were guilty, or at least fit the profile of being guilty, were conveniently and efficiently removed from the population. Promotions quickly followed and soon Jack found himself at the top of the law enforcement food chain.

When he put on the uniform and badge, Jack felt truly invincible. The feeling of power over complete strangers was a thrill that never became tiresome. Whether he walked into a coffee shop, department store or simply drove down the street, Jack knew that all eyes were on him. Was he loathed by some? Certainly. Was he feared by most? Absolutely. But power was his drug and Jack was a full-fledged addict. The sunglasses, uniform, badge, boots and leather duty belt meant he was in charge, untouchable and supreme.

Having his name frequently in the paper or being in front of a television camera only solidified his carefully crafted tough-guy persona. Councilmen and women never confronted him or his department when it came to internal investigative matters. The mayor, a 30-something year old Hispanic woman, always caved in to his demands for more money or special privileges he frequently insisted upon. Standing at 6’3″ and about 100 lbs overweight, the 45-year-old Chief was an imposing figure who held the city in the palm of his corrupted hand.

This insatiable thirst for power and authority extended to his home life as well. Mrs. Jack Olson, Annette, was his wife of 21 years. Once an outgoing, vivacious and the sexually adventurous soul, years of living with a controlling husband had slowly worn her down. Though still attractive, the 42-year-old woman had been gradually transformed into a demure, submissive shell of her former self.

The Chief was an insanely jealous man and insisted on modest clothes for his wife when she went out in public. Always one to succumb to her husband’s demands, she rarely left the house without her protective layers on.

On the rare occasions she was allowed to dress up, however, she could light up the room with her beauty and charm. Big blue eyes, dark hair that went down to the middle of her back and a beautiful smile with perfect teeth. The years had been mostly kind to her body. She was neither thin nor thick. A perfect combination of curves and shapes topped off by a large pair of 38DD breasts, a feature her husband both loved (when he played with them) and loathed (when men gawked at them).


The Chief walked away from his window, sat down at his large oak desk and began shuffling through the bios of his newest group of recruits. He couldn’t wait to get home tonight though. It was, after all, Monday. And with the beginning of football season, he looked forward to cracking open a beer and watching his favourite team do battle. Annette would dutifully cook his favourite dinner while he sat back and enjoyed a night of sports, beer, food and maybe a little sex if he felt like it.

First, though, he had to officially welcome the new police officers fresh out of the training academy. As they stood in formation in the conference room outside his office, Jack looked over the diverse group of young rookies. A bunch of punks, he concluded.

Then again, Jack considered most people with darker skin or different accents to be punks. Although he rarely went on patrol these days, the thrill and excitement of harassing young Blacks and Hispanics never got old. He suppressed his thoughts and rambled through his speech. “Welcome to the Springdale Police Department…”

It was the usual spiel, one he had given many times throughout his career. When the public comments were over, Jack met privately with each new recruit in his office. This of course gave him another opportunity to exercise his dominance and superiority. He occasionally used this moment to his advantage. A quick blow job from a rookie female officer was always a nice perk. In Jack’s opinion, that’s pretty much all the female cops were good for anyway. They sure the hell couldn’t handle the physical or mental aspects of being on the beat.

Unfortunately, there were no females in this group worthy of such honours. In fact, it was a rather mundane group. An afternoon filled with ‘yes sir,’ ‘thank you, sir,’ and ‘right away sir’ was quickly becoming a bore.

Get this last one done and I’m outta here, Jack thought. He looked forward to the cold beer that awaited him at home.

Terrell Jackson was the last rookie officer to visit with the Chief. A young black man, Terrell stood 5’8″ tall and had a thin but strong frame. Not too muscular, Jack observed, early 20’s and probably as lazy as the day is long. Affirmative action strikes again, he thought to himself.

Despite being a rookie and standing a good seven inches shorter than the Chief, Terrell displayed an unusual amount of confidence as he strode confidently into the office. Never breaking eye contact, he beat the Chief to the punch in starting the conversation.

“Pleasure meeting you Chief. Have a seat,” Terrell said as he pointed to the Jack’s chair.

An awkward silence followed as Jack was momentarily taken aback by the young black man’s assertive entrance. An intense stare ensued, each measuring the other closely. Jack stroked his moustache and adjusted his duty belt around his large waistline.

This one is going to be a pain in the ass, Jack thought as the stare-down continued. He made a mental note to call the Personnel Manager and rip her ass for hiring so many minorities. All these Blacks, Mexicans and women were ruining his department.

Silence still hung in the air and it was the Chief who broke first. Looking down, then out the window, he back peddled to his chair and had a seat. For a moment, he found himself looking up at the young officer.

“Welcome to the force,” Jack said.

“Thanks,” replied Terrell.

The word ‘sir’ was noticeably absent from his response. He took a seat in front of the desk. With a slouched posture, legs spread wide and his left hand coming to rest over his crotch, Terrell was anything but courteous in the presence of his new boss.

“So tell me…” Jack paused, shuffled some papers in front of him, then put on his glasses. “Tell me TARL. Did I say that right? TARL? TREL? TRAIL?” He was having fun with the name. “You people have the dumbest names.”

“It’s pronounced ter-ELL,” he slowly enunciated for the Chief. “But call me Mr. Jackson.”

Asshole. It’ll be a cold day in hell when I address you as Mister, the Chief thought. “Ok TOROLL,” mispronouncing it on purpose. “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

“I’ll be sitting in your chair running this department,” came the quick and confidant reply.

Terrell knew the reputation of the Chief. He couldn’t stand the racist asshole who was responsible for planting DNA evidence that put his cousin in prison for 10 years.

Maybe it was the opportunity to bring fairness to the city streets that motivated him to apply for this position. Perhaps it was the chance for revenge on behalf of so many others who had been wronged by the Chief over the years. Terrell didn’t really have a reason or plan. He was simply following his instincts which, at the moment, had him sitting in front of the man he loathed.

Jack was momentarily frozen after Terrell’s unexpected response. Rookies never challenged him. Looking absently into the eyes of the young black officer in front of him, the Chief was at a rare loss for words.

Terrell broke the silence by picking up a picture on the Chief’s desk. In it, a middle-aged dark-haired woman was smiling at the camera while perched on a big rock overlooking the ocean. Nice boobs, Terrell thought.

“This your wife?”

Yanking the picture from Terrell’s hands, Jack slammed it back on his desk. Time to get this black bastard out of my office. “You better watch your step Jackson. The start time is 7 am tomorrow. I suggest you come in with a better attitude.”

“Anything else?” Terrell responded with a fair amount of indifference.

The Chief’s face reddened and his large frame shifted uncomfortably in the chair.

“Look!” The Chief’s voice rose in anger as his large fist pounded the desk, “You need to….Uh-huh.” He was stammering his words. “I won’t….Uh. Dammit! Get the hell out of my office, Jackson!”

Terrell had rattled the Chief in less than five minutes. He knew from experience that the best way to deal with a bully was to hit him in the mouth. The initial blow had just been delivered and the Chief was rocked backwards. Terrell thought about going for a knockout punch, but he decided a slow and painful beat-down would be more entertaining.

“Suit yourself, boss, see you around.” And with that, Terrell strutted out of the office.

Dumbass Motherfucker, Jack thought as he watched Terrell walk out the door. He needed to tie up a few loose ends before finishing the day, but his brief encounter with Terrell had sent him into a tailspin. It was time to go home and regroup.

Thoughts of his encounter with the brash young officer and his abrasive demeanour caused him to slam his office door with unusual force. On regular days when his favourite football team was playing, Jack would be fired up and anticipating how they’d do against the competition. This time, however, other thoughts dominated his mind. Specifically Terrell and his disrespectful attitude.

He would have to be disciplined, Jack contemplated on his drive home. But for what? Did he really need a reason? Or proof for that matter? Countless times in Jack’s career, he had figured out a way to toss dirt on a rival to get ahead. And that’s exactly what he would do. He was, after all, Jack Olson, Chief of Police. And no one fucked with the Chief. The fact that Terrell was a young black punk would make it even more fun.


With full confidence back in tow, Jack arrived home, retreated into his plush brown recliner and called for his wife. Annette dutifully walked in with a beer in hand, kissing him on the cheek before slipping back into the kitchen to prepare his dinner.

Jack sat in silence as he popped the top of his beer. It wasn’t unusual for him to keep the uniform on long after arriving home. Being Chief of Police, he wasn’t expected to wear it all the time, but the uniform was his identity. The black leather boots, black pressed pants and button-up shirt adorned with various stripes and symbols of achievement. His duty belt hung on the wall near the door. The service revolver, handcuffs and assortment of devices attached to it was a constant and welcome reminder of his supremacy.

Then there was the badge. Jack sipped his beer as he gazed down at the gold shield pinned to his chest. The badge was the ultimate symbol of authority. The badge meant power. It meant he was more important than anyone in this pathetic town. Smarter, sexier and better. Better than the mayor. Better than all those whiny councilmen and women, and sure the hell better than Terrell Fucking Jackson.

Jack continued to admire the badge and soon enough, began to feel a stirring sensation in his pants.

“Annette,” he called.

He leaned the recliner back as Annette dutifully strode into the room. He began unbuttoning his pants and she knew immediately what she had been summoned to do. She kneeled by the chair and lowered her head onto Jack’s soft but slowly hardening cock. With her hand gently cradling his balls, she began kissing him, slowly taking him into her mouth.

Jack usually had no trouble getting hard. When he was slow in attaining an erection, Annette knew from experience that something from work was likely on his mind. And because he was only semi-hard after five minutes of sucking, she accurately surmised that today must have been challenging in some way.

She knew how to fix this. Jack had two obsessions when it came to sexual arousal. One was lingerie, the other was being reminded of his importance.

So, Annette stood in front of the recliner and removed her shirt. Although not the sexiest piece of lingerie she owned, the lacy red bra had an immediate effect. Jack’s cock began to rise as Annette straddled him.

“Jack, you look so sexy in your uniform,” she said as she settled into his lap.

The bra was tight against her large boobs. Jack loved the way it squeezed them together and formed a deep valley of cleavage. She arched her back, causing them to appear even larger as they hovered over him. She could feel his cock pressing against her as Jack reached up and caressed them. He loved the feel of her breasts and the satin material that barely held them in. Soon her large nipples were poking against the material.

“Oh Chief, you have such a nice cock,” she said as she lowered herself onto him. “I love the way you feel right now.”

She had to admit, she sounded pretty convincing! And as always, the lingerie and self-confidence builders worked. Jack’s cock was fully hard now, all 4 inches lodged inside her.

It was one of the oddities about the Chief of Police. A tall, well-built man with big feet and hands, one would think these large features would extend elsewhere. It just wasn’t meant to be, however. His small, thin cock was unusually out of proportion compared to the rest of his body.

Annette certainly noticed this inadequacy long ago, although she was too beaten down and intimidated to complain. She had accurately concluded that his lust for power, the endless grooming of his tough-guy reputation and his need to control all those around him came from a deeply seeded feeling of insecurity.

She knew how to keep his ego up, though. She was conditioned to do whatever she could to please her man. Years of experience had taught her to how to be very skilled at faking orgasms and pretending to be sexually fulfilled by his alpha male persona.

But Annette had a secret when it came to finding true pleasure. It was a dildo. A long, thick black device that provided her with countless orgasms after her husband had fallen asleep. It was a gag gift given to her by a friend, never really intended for actual use. But oh, how it pleased her! Endless nights were spent swirling the tip of the bulbous head over her quivering pussy lips. Once sufficiently wet, she would slip it deep inside and feel her body shake with intense orgasms.

The black toy filled and stretched her like Jack never could, reaching places that she’d never experienced with a real cock. She often fantasized about being with another man while it was inside her. It was a nameless, faceless person in her imagination. She never gave much thought to the details, but one thing has been always constant: a large, thick cock pounding her pussy into sexual submission.

These were her thoughts as she rode the Chief on his recliner. It wasn’t unusual for her to have such fantasies during their love-making sessions. As Jack thrust his incredibly average-sized cock into her, she would often resort to fantasy to get herself off.

A moan from below signalled the impending orgasm of her husband and shook her senses back to reality. As usual, she reciprocated his sounds with those of her own. Always the pleaser, Annette tried hard to make him think that she, too, was on the verge of an orgasm. She felt the dribble of his cum inside her as his small cock began to soften. Her own ‘orgasm’ was accompanied by deep breaths and a kiss on his cheek.

“Oh Chief, that felt really good!”

She climbed off the recliner and smiled inwardly, knowing she would use her secret toy later to finish the job.


The next morning Annette headed to the police station to have lunch with Jack before he headed out-of-town for an overnight trip. He was busy as usual taking phone calls, barking out orders to his secretary and generally being a bully around the office. Consequently, the lunch never happened. But Jack, in a rush to get to another meeting, told her to go home and have lunch ready for him at 1:00.

Disappointed, Annette walked out of the Chief’s office and went to the break room for a coffee before heading home. Adding to her frustration, the coffee machine swallowed her last dollar. She lowered her head and let out a defeated sigh when a large hand was suddenly planted on her shoulder. Spinning around, she found herself face to face with a handsome black patrol officer. His smile quickly puts her at ease.

“This machine has stolen more money than most of the people we got locked up here,” Terrell joked. “Don’t worry though, I’m going to make it right for you.”

Terrell eased into the opening between Annette and the coffee machine. And in the process of doing so, the left side of his arm grazed her large, soft breasts. It was a subtle touch, but very noticeable to Annette. Her nipples responded immediately as she felt them hardening against her bra.

Terrell slid a dollar into the machine and the coffee began flowing into the cup. Once filled, he again turned to Annette. Taking her hands into his, he delicately placed the warm cup in her hands.

She was taken by the level of boldness he displayed. Being the wife of the highest ranking law enforcement official in the town, it was highly unusual for anyone, much less a police officer, to flirt with her. The Chief’s fits of jealousy were legendary. And with the power he wielded, it wasn’t hard to exact revenge on those who crossed the line.

“I’m Terrell Jackson. And you are…?”

Terrell knew who she was. And he was well aware of the dangerous ground, he was treading onto. But what little fear he may have had was paled in comparison to the level of animosity he harboured towards his bullying boss. He was going to get even. Check that. Getting even was too small of a goal. He was going to administer his own brand of justice to the Chief. Bring him to his knees and strip him of the power he wielded so abusively. And the first step was to emasculate him by fucking his wife.

Blushing and struggling to find a response to the simple question posed to her, she smiled nervously. “I’m Annette. Annette Olson”

Gazing into her blue eyes and still holding her hands, Terrell detected the weakness. “It’s a pleasure meeting such a beautiful woman, Mrs. Olson”

Looking down now, Mrs. Olson smiled passively. “Thank you for getting me coffee Terrell. It’s just been one of those mornings I guess.”

“It’s no problem, Mrs. Olson. We all have them.”

“Oh, and I hope you like it black, Mrs. Olson. That seems to be the only flavour you can count on around here.” Terrell winked at her after he delivered this line.

The subtle reference didn’t register in Annette’s mind. Their hands still touching, she was frozen, mentally and physically. The intimacy of the moment caught her off guard and she actually found herself enjoying the attention. She could feel her body heating up. In addition to her hardening nipples, she began to feel a bit of dampness developing in her pussy.

Terrell made no attempt to release the hands of Annette as he saw the Chief walk through the break room.

“Terrell what the hell are you doing here?” The Chief was in his face now. “I want to see you in my office in 5 minutes. Now get the hell out of here!”

Grabbing Annette’s arm, the Chief escorted her out of the break room. “What the hell are you doing flirting with that black boy? Are you out of your fucking mind?” His grip on her arm tightened, causing her to flinch.

“I’m sorry, Jack, really I am. He just, uh, got me a coffee. That machine took my money and…”

“Just shut up will you? Now get out of here. I’ll be home in 30 minutes.” With that, he pushed her away and stormed towards his office.

Bastard,Annette thought, as she drove home. What an insecure asshole!

The 20 minute drive back to their posh subdivision helped temper her anger. Pulling into the driveway, her thoughts turned to Terrell. The way he held her hands, the level of boldness he showed in talking to her. The sensation she felt when his arm brushed against her breasts. Her body had reacted in a way she could neither explain nor control.

She was aroused, no doubt. Aroused and desiring more from this man. Annette knew it was wrong, but she now had an identity of the nameless, faceless figure in her sexual fantasies. When she used her dildo the next time, she would be thinking about Terrell Jackson.


When he sat down in the Chief’s plush office, Terrell wasn’t in awe or intimidated as others usually were. His slouched posture and relaxed demeanour reflected this as he calmly waited for Jack to arrive. His eyes locked again on the picture sitting on the Chief’s desk, the one of Annette smiling on the beach. Only a matter of time, Terrell thought.

The door swung open and the Chief, in all his obnoxious glory, stormed in.

“Change of plans,” he barked as he took a standing position in front of Terrell, his thumbs looped into his duty belt underneath his large stomach. “I’m reassigning you. I’m putting you on night shift patrol duty. East side! Think you can handle that boy?” This last word was spoken louder to add emphasis.

The subtle reference wasn’t lost on Terrell. Instead of countering with anger, as the Chief expected, he coolly responded, “Anything else?”

The Chief continued baiting Terrell.

“You’re not getting it are you? This is my department. My show. My rules. You need to learn your place. And you need to show me some respect! You got it boy?” Again, the Chief made a point to emphasize the last word as he jammed his finger into Terrell’s chest.

Terrell stood up calmly. Although much shorter than the Chief, confidence oozed from his expression as he looked Jack in the eyes.

“Let me tell you something. I don’t like all the other cops around here. I don’t like you. I don’t respect you and I sure the hell ain’t afraid of you. You want me to patrol the east side? Fine. But don’t go thinking all this macho bullshit you trying to pull is working on me!”

Rattled for the second time, the Chief was back peddling as Terrell turned the tables and was now poking him in the chest.

“Now if you got a problem with that, I suggest we take it outside. I’ll whip your ass in no time.”

With that, Terrell turned around and began walking towards the door. But he paused and looked back to face the stunned Chief.

“And another thing,” he said with a smirk.

“You got a nice looking wife. I don’t know what the fuck she sees in you, but give me an hour with her…” His voice trailed off as he walked out the door.

The Chief was left speechless, confused and, for the moment, defeated. He had just been challenged and found himself unable to respond. Frustrated and angry, he retreated to his chair, snapped a pencil in half and contemplated his options.

He would trump something up and put that thug-punk-son-of-a-bitch out on the streets when he got back from his trip. He had the power to do that. He’d done it before and no one would stop him from doing it again!


Annette knew she’d be in trouble for talking to Terrell. Anticipating Jack’s anger upon his return home, she decided she would once again play the part of the devoted, loving wife. Give him the reassurance he needs and let him know how much he means to me, she game-planned to herself.

She dawned a pair of black thigh high stockings and a low plunging black lace bra just in case sex was on his agenda. Over that she wore a loose-fitting blue dress. She was actually hoping he would want some intimate time before leaving town. She felt horny and, oddly enough, a genuine anticipation of feeling him inside her. But it wasn’t the thought of her husband’s cock that aroused her. It was Terrell’s.

Annette was upstairs in the bedroom when the Chief came home. He had calmed down considerably since storming out of the office 20 minutes ago. It was important to keep his cool and not let rage get the best of him. His retaliation against the young officer would require careful planning. It must be a calculated effort.

Terrell had stepped way over the line today. To challenge his authority like he did yesterday was one thing. But to question his masculinity, as he did today, was unforgivable. The young black man had even trespassed on his most sacred possession: his wife.

He would pay. Oh would he pay! Jack would use the next day and a half to figure out a plan on how to deal with that disrespectful piece of shit.

Perhaps in a subconscious effort to ‘reclaim’ his wife from the Terrell’s vulgar reference, the Chief stormed upstairs and found Annette in the bedroom. Laying her on the bed, he remained standing while removing his duty belt and unzipping his pants. As was his custom, he kept his uniform on as he lowered himself onto her body. The leather boots were clunky and his badge dug uncomfortably into her chest as he lay on top of her.

Oh, how she hated that fucking badge!

As Jack slid her dress up and inserted his semi-hard cock inside her pussy, Annette’s thoughts were elsewhere. Specifically, in the break room of the police station. Reliving the softness of Terrell’s hands on her, the way he gazed warmly into her eyes and the sensation she felt when her breasts pressed against his arm. Annette was wet and felt herself on the verge of an orgasm with her husband.

This would be the first time in recent memory that she actually had one while he was inside her. Little did he know that the source of her arousal was not the limp cock awkwardly sliding in and out of her. And it certainly wasn’t his uniform or that stupid badge. It was the young, bold, black police officer that was driving Annette to the brink.

She wrapped her stocking-clad legs around the Chief as he thrust in and out. His hands massaging her boobs, pulling them out of the bra. She could feel him losing steam though. His cock was going soft, shrinking inside of her. He had something on his mind, she knew; she just hoped he could last long enough for her to have the orgasm she so desperately craved.

Thoughts of Terrell were driving the Chief crazy as he tried to concentrate on his orgasm. The little son of a bitch. No one treats me like that… black punk… bastard is going to get his, I’m sending his black ass back to the ghetto when I get back.

Pumping furiously into his wife, Jack realized it was a losing battle. He wasn’t going to cum. The little bastard Terrell had gotten to him. Gotten inside his head and, as a result, rendered him sexually ineffective. He pulled out, much to the bitter disappointment of his wife, who was very close to an orgasm.

The Chief got up, tucked his shirt into his pants and gathered the overnight bag Annette had prepared for him. Giving her a peck on the cheek, he said his goodbyes and grumbled something as he stormed out the door. Annette knew something was on his mind. She had seen him distracted before, but nothing like this. Better to let it be, she surmised. Besides, she had more pressing matters on her mind.

After seeing his car disappear out of sight, Annette shut the door and made a beeline to her secret hiding place. Lifting the black dildo out of its container, she held it too close to her face and admired its beauty. It suddenly had a deeper meaning now that she had associated it with Terrell, and she was anticipating a very satisfying orgasm as she held it in her hands.

Removing her dress and laying on the bed, she slid the thick cock between her legs, her moist pussy easily accepting the head. She thought of Terrell and wondered if his cock matched the one partially inside her now. Slowly sliding it deeper, fingers pinching her hard nipples, Annette was nearing climax already.

The black cock was halfway inside when the doorbell rang. At first, it didn’t register, but a second ring shook her senses to reality.

“Seriously?” She said aloud as she tried to slow her breathing. Tossing the toy under her bed, she ran into the bathroom, tucked her boobs back inside her bra and wrapped a large robe around her body.

Opening the door, her expression went from irritated to shock in a matter of seconds when she saw Terrell standing on her front porch. Wearing a t-shirt and grey sweat instead of the police uniform she saw him in earlier, he looked kind of thuggish. And if she hadn’t met him before, she likely would have slammed the door and locked it.

“Hello Mrs. Olson. I had some papers I forgot to turn in and I was hoping to catch the Chief. Is he around?”

Terrell’s eyes roamed downwards to see the Annette’s large boobs pressing against the terry clothed robe.

“I’m, um, sorry. I wasn’t expecting anyone. Please, uh… Come in.”

Annette was in a daze. Her emotions drifting somewhere between aroused and unsure, she stepped to the side to allow Terrell in. Immediately she could feel her body heating up, her pussy moistening even more.

Whether it was intentional or not, Annette couldn’t be sure, but she didn’t leave much space between herself and the open door, so when Terrell slid by, his chest brushed against her boobs. Unbeknownst to her, the robe came partially open, exposing a large portion of her breasts. Annette was too preoccupied by the touch to notice. Much like the one that occurred in the break room today, the brief contact sent a wave of arousal throughout her body. She felt her knees weaken.

As Terrell walked confidently into the living room, Annette silently grappled with her conflicting emotions. His sudden presence seemed like an answered prayer. Just moments before, she was sliding a thick black dildo inside her wet pussy fantasizing about the man who was now in her house.

But I’m married. I can’t be unfaithful to my husband.

“Mrs. Olson…” The voice coming from across the room didn’t register.

I’m a 42-year-old housewife. My husband is the Chief of Police, this man’s boss! And he’s so young. So black. Oh, so black. Black like the toy that I crave so much. Oh the black cock that makes me feel so good.

“Mrs. Olson!” The booming voice shook her from her thoughts this time.

“He’s… He’s not here…” Annette managed to say. “But I, uh… I can make sure he gets them when he comes back tomorrow.”

What is happening, she wondered. Annette looked out the door and tried to collect her thoughts. Terrell, on the other hand, was very focused on his intentions. The dishevelled appearance of Annette, along with the hard nipples pressing against her exposed bra told him all he needed to know about her state of mind.

“Come over here, Mrs. Olson,” Terrell demanded.

Annette looked back at Terrell. He was standing with one hand on his hip and the other holding onto the large bulge that protruded obscenely from beneath his sweatpants. In a singular moment of uncertainty, lust overcame logic and Annette made a decision that would change her life forever.

Obediently, she walked to the young black man and stood in front of him. By this time, her robe had come completely undone, revealing not only the tight black bra that barely contained her boobs, but also the pair of black thigh high stockings she had worn for her husband only moments earlier.

The seduction would be quick and complete. Terrell wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her into his body. Her heaving breasts smashed into his chest as he leaned down to kiss her. A soft moan escaped her, signalling to Terrell the first sign of submission. Still embraced in a kiss, he dismissed the robe entirely to reveal her plump breasts.

Terrell stepped back to enjoy the view. Her nipples were standing erect, straining against the silk material of her bra, breasts rising up and down as she took deep breaths. Terrell caressed them with his large black hands and pinched her nipples. Annette’s eyes closed as she began to breathe heavily.

He then placed his hand on her shoulder and applied gentle pressure. Annette succumbed and slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of her young black seducer.

The large bulge in front of her made her head dizzy with anticipation.

How big is it, she wondered? What would it look like? How will it taste?

“Take them off,” he commanded.

Slowly sliding the sweat pants down, Terrell’s cock sprang out, fully hard. Annette was in disbelief as the black weapon dangled before her. At least twice as large as her husband’s and much, much thicker. It was even larger than the secret toy she hid from him.

Breaking her marriage vows and just about everything else she held sacred, the white wife of the Police Chief leaned forward and took the young man’s thick black cock in her mouth.

Terrell slid his hands to the back of her head and, with a gentle push, forced more of his cock inside her mouth.

“That’s it, baby. Take that black cock in your mouth. You like that, Mrs. Olson?”

A nod of her head, signalled the answer. But Terrell wasn’t finished tormenting the older woman. Now holding a ball of her hair in his hands, Terrell continued. “Look at me Mrs. Olson. Look up at me and tell me how much you like my big black dick in your mouth.”

He kept his cock in her mouth as she looked up and tried to answer.

“ah loh errrr ig ack ick ih ey owf.”

“Keep sucking it Mrs. Olson.” And with that, Terrell gripped her hair tighter and began pushing and pulling her mouth onto his cock. Faster and faster, face fucking her as she knelt submissively in front of him.

A low, guttural moan signalled his oncoming orgasm. Terrell held her mouth onto his cock and exploded inside. Annette could feel the powerful stream of cum hit the back of her throat, causing her to gag. Terrell let go of her hair as she leaned away to catch her breath.

He began stroking his own cock to release even more cum onto her face and breasts. Several more spurts hit the targets. Holding his thick black cock, he looked down to admire his conquest. The wife of the Chief of Police knelt before him, spent and trying to catch her breath. His cum splattered in her hair, across her forehead, cheeks and mouth. More cum was absorbing into her black bra and dripping down her ample cleavage.

But the young black officer wasn’t finished. Gently pulling her up by her dark hair, he led the bewildered woman up the stairs and onto her marital bed. This is where he would stake his claim on the wife of his arrogant boss.

Terrell eased her onto her back while he stood on the floor at the edge of the mattress. Taking her ankles in his hands, he parted her nylon clad legs, lifted them up and spread them wide. Annette’s limp body offered no resistance. Instead, she moaned in anticipation as his thick black cock pressed against her swollen lips.

Slowly sliding in, Annette groaned in ecstasy. Just a few inches in and already Annette realized she would be filled like never before. The large black cock expanded her pussy and touched places inside that had never been touched by a real cock before. Terrell continued holding her legs apart and eased his cock in further. Annette writhed in submission under him.

“Ohhhhhh. Ohhhhhh. Yessss! Oh yes! Ohhhhhhhhhh yes!!!!”

“You like that? Tell me how much, baby.”

“Oh fuck….yessss….I love it. So big! Please let me have it!”

“You want me to stop so you can save yourself for your husband?”

“No….No….No…..Please! Please don’t stop! Please, Terrell, don’t stop!” She was panting now.

Sinking his cock all the way in now, Terrell paused and took in the sight below him. His

long black cock was fully impaled in the older white woman. Her back arched and her large boobs heaved up and down with the deep breaths she was taking. If only the Chief could see this scene, Terrell thought, In due time.

With a slight flex of his hips, his cock sent Annette into a small convulsion. Her outstretched arms clutched the white bed spread as the first orgasm shook her body.

“Ohhhhh yes! Yesssss! Yesssssss!!!!”

Her body flailed beneath him for several minutes as Terrell held his cock in place. She had never, ever in her life experienced such a thundering orgasm. Her body shook and tingled from head to toe. Moans of passion seemed to come from another person as she was completely awash in the pleasure his big cock was giving her.

Her moaning began to subside to quiet whimpers as she attempted to regain her breath and composure. Terrell, for his part, simply stood stoic, his thick cock still lodged deep in her wet pussy, looking down and admiring the quivering body beneath him.

“Oh, that felt so good,” she whimpered, still trying to catch her breath.

He had been with many white women in his young life and all of them responded favourably to his sexual prowess, but she seemed the most sensitive to his large cock. He hadn’t even technically fucked her, at least as far as he was concerned, and she just had the most powerful orgasm of her life. He was going to have fun with this one.

He slid his cock out halfway and paused, still holding her legs wide apart. Her pleading eyes looked up at him, not wanting any more of his big black power, perhaps fearing the journey into a realm from which she could never return.

“Terrell…..Please,” she pleaded between deep breaths.

She wasn’t sure her body could endure another powerful orgasm like the one she just experienced. She could barely put her thoughts into a coherent sentence. Her voice was begging now.

“Nooooo…..No more…..Please! I…..Can’t…..Take it. Please no more!”

He tightened his grip on her ankles and dug his heels into the carpet. His eyes were those of a predator, waiting for the right moment to pounce on its prey and go for the kill. She looked up at him, eyes pleading and arms outstretched weakly in a feeble attempt to protect herself.


And then it came. A forceful thrust back into her pussy. So hard, her body moved back a foot. Like a swordsman delivering the fatal pierce into his enemy, he saw her body crumple.

Terrell watched as her arms collapsed over her head, eyes rolling back in her head and wailing loudly. He backed his cock out and slammed it in again. And again. And again. Fucking her hard, the pitch of her passionate cries rising each time his black cock bottomed out in her white pussy.

One orgasm followed another. Annette was in no mental condition to count how many she had. All she was able to process in her mind was that this was the absolute fucking of her life. Never before had she thought it was remotely possible to be so used, so dominated, so taken, and yet so thoroughly pleasured.

The long, thick black cock continued its assault on her pussy as his powerful hands held her legs open. Terrell groaned in anticipation of his own orgasm.

“Gonna cum in your married white pussy baby…..Gonna shoot my load all inside you now.”

Giving in to her tormenter, Annette pleaded, “Yesssss, please cum inside me. Please give me your cum!”

She felt the powerful eruption inside her, his cum shooting deep within her womb. Her pussy tightened around his thick shaft as he emptied himself inside her. Eyes closed, arms outstretched above her head, her body began to quiver from the aftershock of her last orgasm.

Terrell pulled out and released his grip on her ankles. Her marital bed had been defiled with a large pool of cum that had absorbed into the sheets near her gaping pussy. He gazed down at her limp and used body, satisfied at his sexual dominance over her. It was only the beginning.

Annette was in a daze and barely noticed Terrell quietly leaving the room. She vaguely heard the sound of a car engine outside, but was too exhausted to give it a second thought. It was 2:30 in the afternoon, yet she felt as if she’d been up for days. Her vision was blurring. She needed sleep.

The last image she saw before fading off into a deep, sex-induced coma was the picture on her nightstand. A picture of her husband, Chief of Police Jack Olson.

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