Josh and the Bodybuilder (Gay SPH)

By Anonymous


I’m attracted to big guys. I always have been. Three types really get my dick rock hard. My first and favorite type is a bodybuilder. I’m not talking about your everyday run-of-the-mill gym bunny. I’m talking about a huge bloated bodybuilder. You know the type. He’s the guy that uses every performance enhancer he can find, whether legal or not. He struts around like he owns the gym.

My second favorite is very tall guys. I’m talking guys that 6’9” and taller. And the final type for me is the ex-college jock. You know the one. He was BMOC and was a big beefy jock. Now he’s in his mid to late 20s, and his metabolism has slowed down, and he hits the gym a couple of times a week. He still eats and drinks like he is in college. Still hot looking but carrying an extra 20 or 30 pounds around the middle. And still a very big guy with a big beefy chest, broad shoulders, and big meaty arms.

I almost forgot my favorite thing that ties them all together. I go wild over these big guys if they are packing or, should I say, not packing a small cock. The smaller, the better. I like seeing these big guys sporting 4” or less. It is so hot watching those big guys with those big meaty hands playing with their little dicks with two fingers.

Let me tell you a little about me and why these turn me on so much. I’m probably what most people would call average looks. I’m 5’9” and weigh 175 pounds. I weighed 175 when I graduated and still weigh 175 today at 28. I don’t have a twink body, and I’m not really muscular. I hit the gym several times a week. I have dark hair and eyes. I tan easily. What really attracts people to me is the monster cock swinging between my legs. When you have a cock this big, it’s hard to hide. I don’t really try to hide it either. When I’m soft, my dick hangs 8”. I have a foreskin that covers most of my cock head. Plus, my dick is very thick, even when soft. When hard, my cock blows up to 12” and as fat as a beer can. I love public restrooms. And I really love the ones without dividers. I just pull it all out and stand there with my hands on my hips and let the piss fly. All guys look. They can’t help themselves.

I frequently travel for work. When I’m out of town, I like to find a neighborhood gym instead of working out in the hotel. On a recent trip, I went to work out at a neighborhood gym with a gym bag in tow. I went in and knew this was the type of place I liked. It was kind of grimy with the smell of sweat and testosterone. I paid my guest fee and headed to the locker room to change. I found a locker in the middle so I could see everything. I pulled out my workout clothes and pulled off my work clothes. I stuffed my monster cock and balls into a jockstrap. Then I put on my tight shorts and shirt. I headed to work out.

I scoped out the weight room. Just what I figured, there were several muscle heads there working out. I went over and started working out closest to the biggest one of them. I just needed to get close. The dude was ripe. He’d been sweating like a stuffed pig. And he looked like a stuffed pig. He was so roided out, which made him hot as hell. He wore spandex shorts and a string top. From the spandex, I could tell there was no basket at all. It made my big boy stir a little. I sat down to do preacher bench curls next to him and said hi. He grunted back, and I complimented him on his size. That kind of broke the ice. He flexed his bi’s in the mirror in front of me and made sure I could see his size.

I proceeded to work out for a while. I made sure the dude was on my site. When he caught me looking, he gave me a big flex. After about 30 minutes, I saw him pick up his stuff and head off to the locker room. I waited a couple of minutes and then I went in too. He was sitting on the bench staring at his open locker. I nodded as I walked by him to my locker. Sitting there, his muscle gut looked amazing. It was big and bloated. I wanted to get my tape measure out and measure his girth. I got out of my clothes, wrapped a towel around my waist, and headed off to the showers. First, I had to stop and piss. I put the towel around my neck and put my hands on my hips, as usual, then just let it rip. As soon as the solid stream started, I saw my buddy out of the corner of my eye. He went to the urinal next to me.

I nodded at him when he got there. He couldn’t help but stare at my cock. I get that a lot, but I wasn’t ready for it this time. I just kept pissing and got a smile on my face. He kept on staring at my cock. Mind you, and this dude was probably 6’2” and over 300 pounds. He’s totally hairless and shaved from the neck down. Then I glanced over at him. There it was. The one thing that makes me smirk was his puny little cock. Not only is it puny, but it was also hard as a rock now. That’s it. I knew that I had him now. I shook the last drops of piss off my cock and looked at him.

I looked straight into his face and said, “Do you like this?”

He just nodded. I walked off and got on the scale. He followed me like a puppy dog. I weighed 175 like always. I got off and nodded for him to get on. And there it was. He did what he was told. I loved watching his girth waddle over to the scales. He weighed in at 330. I was in heaven.

I looked at him and said, “You wanna get out of here and go to my hotel?”

He nodded and grunted, yes. I sauntered back to my locker and got dressed. His little dick was still had when he went back and put on his street clothes, which amounted to sweats and another string muscle shirt. I loved watching his big fucking hot body move. The size of that ass and those tree-trunk legs. I will enjoy owning him tonight. I told him which hotel, and we met in the parking lot.

When we got in the elevator, you could feel the sexual tension and the heat and testosterone. The dude took up so much space; it was awesome. I could still smell the sweat on him. I knew his armpits were just ripe and hot. I’m so glad that I have great control over my cock. Otherwise, it would be hard as a rock. I want him to be begging me for it. I don’t want to show him just how interested I am.

I leaned into him and whispered, “Kiss me now.”

He pulled me in closer and leaned down, and met my lips. That was the hottest and wettest kiss I’ve had in a long time. It lasted until the doors opened on my floor. Since I travel a lot, they gave me a suite. We opened the doors, and you could tell he was taking it all in.

As soon as we got in, I said, “Strip for me. I want to see that pathetic little dick of yours.”

He ripped off those clothes with those big meaty hands. I just watched. The puny little dick was hard as a rock.

When he was naked, I said, “Damn, that is one puny dick, especially for someone as big as you.”

He looked down with an ashamed look on his face, but he was still hard.

Therefore, I pressed on, “What is that, like 4 inches? Hold on, let me get my tape measure.”

I came back with the tape and put it on top of his dick. It was 3 ½ inches. Damn, that is hot.

I looked up at him and showed him the tape and said, “Damn. You are puny. That dick is little boy size. You must work out to try to compensate. If so, it’s not working. Your dick is still puny as hell. You are going to be my pussy boy tonight.”

With that, he flexed his arms for me.

I said, “Keep flexing. Put on a show while I get these clothes off.”

I pulled off my shoes, then my socks, then my shirt. I pulled down my pants. I was wearing briefs. My bulge is obscene in my briefs. You try stuffing 8 inches of soft meat inside briefs. His eyes go straight to my crotch. That’s a normal reaction to everyone. I’m used to it. I watched him flex as he stared directly at my crotch. Those arms, that check, and that fucking hot roidgut. I put on a show for him and slowly pulled off my briefs until he could see my full soft cock. Then, I pulled them completely off. There it was, hanging to its full glory.

“On your knees,” I commanded.

He replied, “Yes, sir,” and proceeds to get on his knees in front of me.

“A good place for a pussy boi like you,” I said. Then, “You can touch it.”

It felt good when he started to play with it with those huge fucking beefy hands. I looked down and started counting in my head. I knew it would be only a matter of a few seconds before he blew a load from his tiny dick. It took all of 15 seconds, and he blew his load without touching his own dick.

“Damn, you are a pussy boi. You blew your load in 15 seconds by just touching my man-sized cock,” I commanded.

His eyes were hungry and eager. I told him to lick the head only and play with my foreskin.

“Now, this is what a real man’s cock is like. Not the little pussy cock you have,” I said.

He looked up at me with those big blue puppy dog eyes. It was a remarkable sight. There is this man who weighs almost twice as much as me, slurping on my fat head. His little dick was hard again.

“You better get it in your mouth before it gets too big for you to handle,” I commanded.

With that, he opened as wide as he could and went for it. He struggled, wheezed, and worked at it to get as much in as he could. I could tell he had serviced big cocks before, but this was really going to test him.

I stood there and looked down while he struggled with my girth and length. I was in heaven. I looked down at those monster biceps and that chest that was like a giant ledge. Then to my favorite part, I just love muscle guts. He was distended and bloated as hell. It makes him look super sexy on top of those tree-trunk legs. I put both hands behind his head and pushed. Gently, but firm at first. Just so, he knew who was in control. Those big eyes looked up at me, and I pushed a little more. I wanted to get more in soft before I got hard. I need to let it expand deep in his throat. This will show him just how much I own him. He pretty much got the entire soft 8” down his throat, and I just sort of let him rock it around a little to get used to it.

I held his head and slowly let my dick get hard. Slowly it started to expand. Then suddenly, he realized what was happening. He looked up at me with a panicked look on his face. I held his head in place. My dick was getting longer and longer and fatter. I held him there as long as I could. He took a lot, but no one can suck my entire cock when hard. It’s 12” long and as fat as a beer can. Plus, when it’s hard, it’s hard as a rock. He choked, and I let him off my cock. My cock is huge. Damn, I’m impressed by its size all the time. The look on his face was pure hunger. He wanted it bad. I mean really bad. I held it in my hand and looked down at him. Then I hit him in the face with my monster. He took the head again and shoved it a couple of inches. That’s about all anyone can take when I’m hard. He struggled and maybe got another couple inches in, but he couldn’t hold it.

“There’s only one place this monster will fit now,” I said.

Dutifully, the dude got up, went to the bedroom, and leaned over the bed. That ass was beautiful. It was a gigantic ass but also as hard as a rock. I pulled the lube and a dildo out of my bag. I was admiring his body while I did it. Legs so thick, huge fucking traps and shoulder. Damn, I was hard as a rock now. Defying gravity, my dick stood straight out. The foreskin was so tight, and it looked like it was going to pop. I popped open the lube and smeared some on my fingers. I worked it into his hole. Slowly putting in one finger, then two, and then three. He squirmed with three, but I could tell he had done this before. I grabbed the dildo and greased it up.

I slowly inserted it and told him I needed to open him up some before he gets my dick. He squirmed and literally sucked in the dildo inch by inch. Damn, he had good control. I pushed it in until all 7” were inside him. He moaned and whimpered, but I knew he needed more. I moved it in and out for a couple of minutes and then pulled it all the way out. I greased up his hole again and then asked him to grease up my dick. Those big meaty hands on my dick put me in heaven. He got me good and hard and greasy. He then got into position. I love fucking doggy style. I can really get in deep that way. At that moment, I decided to just shove the whole thing inside his hot ass. I got a little resistance, but I broke right through. He screamed like a little bitch. I stopped when I got all the way in and let him get used to my size.

Then I started the pumping. I might weigh half of this guy, but I could fuck hard. I started to get into a rhythm. Finally, I was fucking him all the way in and all the way out. I was fucking him hard. My big balls were slapping on his ass. He was whimpering every time I thrust into him. I went on this way for a while. Then I decided I wanted to see more of him, so I told him to flip over. He did this for me and lifted his huge legs high in the air. He grabbed those wide size 13 feet and spread his ass for me. That had me even hornier than before. His puny dick was hard as a rock.

“Damn, that little dick of yours looks even smaller now,” I exclaimed.

Then, I greased up my dick again and started the assault on his ass. I showed no mercy now and could see the pain and pleasure on his face. He was whimpering with each thrust.

I kept fucking him hard, all the way in with 12 inches of fat cock and all the way out. His puny little dick cums a couple more times without even touching it. Finally, I was ready. My balls were getting tight, and I could feel my load getting ready to breed him. I wanted to breed him. I wanted my sperm inside of him, so he knows that I own his ass. I want to fill him with so much of my cum that it’s dripping out of his now gaping hole. I then piston fuck him a few more thrusts, and then I dive in deeper than ever. The look on his face was that of shock and lust. He wanted me badly.

Then my balls drained into him. He got my two-day massive load. I could feel it rushing out. When I was totally drained, I collapsed on top of him. my dick still deep inside of him. He wrapped those big arms and huge legs around me and pulled me in tight. He pulled my face up to meet his, and we kissed passionately for several minutes. My huge dick was still inside his hot ass.
After a few minutes, I pulled out my dick. It was semi-hard now and made a plopping sound as it came out. I continued to lie in his arms. That body was awesome.

He looked at me and said, “That was the hottest fuck I’ve ever had. I could get used to that. I’d do anything to please you and that amazing huge fucking cock.”

There it is.

The big cock always wins.

Little dick muscle guys are just big beta pussy boi’s.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t always mean the flaws in a story are always fixed.

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