I Decline the Nomination

By Sizedsmall.


Peg Adams was counseling her student and protégé Sally Durham. As a guidance counselor, Adams, a devoted dominatrix, had taken a liking to Sally after she had told Adams she was using a strap-on on her boyfriend, and the guy really loved it. The two now had a casual friendship, and Peg was helping Sally with her campaign to win her fourth election as class president. A slight hiccup had arisen, though, in the form of Brian Powers, a handsome transfer student who might announce his candidacy any day now. Sally wasn’t used to being challenged for anything she wanted, and she wondered what strategy she might take. She needed some dirt on the squeaky-clean Brian and would do anything to get it. Although not able to directly aid Sally, Peg Adams had a bombshell that would rock the campaign and give victory to her charge. She would have to be very delicate, though, and not jeopardize her career.

Brian arrived at Hampton High at the start of the beginning of the junior year and quickly made himself a shining star. Smart, charming, and friendly, Brian was admired by all the other guys and was seen as a likely challenger to Sally, who had always taken the male vote for granted. The guys were now going to back Brian, and there was a small group of girls who disliked the way Sally treated her hapless boyfriend.

Sally asked her boyfriend to tell her anything he knew about Brian. “Not much to tell,” he explained. “He’s pretty perfect.”

“You better find me something,” Sally spat back, “or you won’t get pegged tonight.”

“The only weird thing is he never showers with us after gym or games. I think he has an excuse,” said her boyfriend.

“What do mean never?” said Sally. “Don’t you think that’s weird?”

“Never thought about it,” said her boyfriend, but Sally had other thoughts and gleam sparkled in her eyes.

Sally worked in the school office with Ms. Adams, and the next day found a task set aside for her. She had to file the results of some of the guy’s physicals into their school files. Sally starting her filing and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a doctor’s note for Brian Powers. She read it quickly, and her heart jumped a beat, and it wasn’t because Brian was in excellent health! The doctor was simply acknowledging that Brain was cleared for sports – no hernia or heart issues to report. But an addendum to Ms. Adams asked to extend Brian’s excuse for not showering in public.

She had to know why a doctor and the school would agree to excuse a student from public showers. She made sure she was alone and locked the office door. She got the key that Ms. Adams had entrusted to her and unlocked the file cabinet holding the student records. She quickly found Brian Power’s file and opened it up. There she found exactly what she needed, the ammunition to destroy Brian and win re-election. In his transfer documents, there was a letter from Brian’s mother explaining that Brian had been bullied unmercifully when word spread of his severe genital underdevelopment. She had hoped this new school would be more kind if he didn’t have to appear naked in public.

Sally could barely contain her glee and immediately developed her plan on how to destroy Brian. Brian had a baby dick and was horrified of it being found out. She’d confront him with his secret, but also wanted to humiliate him and make him know she was his superior. She met with Ms. Adams and asked her about why guys were so hung up on the size of their junk. Ms. Adams knew instantly that Sally had read Brian’s doctor note and admired Sally’s dominant character and power. It was she that would suggest a private mock debate between Sally and Brian before the public one next week. Sally took the suggestion with a devious glint in her eye.

Brian naturally agreed to the mock debate to be held after school at Sally’s home. When he got there, he was met by Sally and two of her Student Council acolytes who would film the debate for a project of theirs. Both candidates made their opening remarks, and then Sally went for the juggler, asking Brian if he thought using privilege was a good quality for the class President. Brian had no idea where Sally was leading and asked her what she meant.

“Well say someone had an excuse to get out of something everyone else had to do, would that be right?”

Brian’s face flushed- he instantly knew Sally had found out about the shower excuse. But how much could she really know?

In a second, he found out. Sally mockingly wondered why a boy would have an excuse not to shower with the other boys. But she wasn’t done yet. She had to let the cat out of the bag totally.

“Is there some reason you don’t want to be seen naked, Brian? Say some deficiency?”

Instantly Brian knew his secret was out. Sally held up a pinky in derision, and Brian felt his knees weaken. Blood rushing past his ears caused a roaring thunder in his head, and tears welled up in his eyes. How could Sally be this cruel?

Sally wasn’t about to let up now, she was just getting started. “Tell us, Brian, what’s the real story?” she barked.

Brian looked at the girls filming the debate who was astonished at the turn of events, hoping for some empathy, but none was found.

“Say it,” Sally commanded.

Brian quietly mumbled a response, his resignation evident by his quivering body language.

“I didn’t hear you, what did you say, Brian?”

“I have a tiny dick,” Brian said, tears streaming down his face.

The girls were shocked at what they had just heard and giggled to each other. Brian’s defeat and humiliation were just starting. After he had said it, he felt a strange relief. His secret was out, and to an enemy, but he still felt like a weight had come off his shoulders. Sally wanted to ensure Brian’s complete humiliation.

“We won’t tell anyone,” she said, winking to the two girls. “Your secret is safe with us; we understand that you feel like less than a man in the junk department. Just show us, and we’ll keep your silly secret. You want to see it, right girls?”

Brian couldn’t believe his ears. He wanted to run but knew he was trapped by Sally’s blackmail. His secret was already out, he had to endure whatever humiliation Sally had in store for him. He took off his shirt, displaying his beautiful chest abs and biceps. The girls were ecstatic, always secretly worshipping Brian from afar. Next, he dropped his pants, revealing his white Calvin Klein briefs. Sally was beside herself. She would make Brian pay for daring to challenge her.

“So far, you look like a normal guy,” she said. “Now, let’s drop those undies and see what’s not there.”

Brian was about to be naked in front of mocking eyes, and he’d never be the same. Slowly he pulled his underwear down and quickly put his hands in front of his genitals, hoping to delay the inevitable. Sally and the girls walked up closely and knelt in front of Brian.

“Show us, Brian, it can’t be that small,” said Sally.

She pulled Brian’s hands away, revealing the smallest dick she had ever seen. The girls laughed. Sally flicked his dick with her thumb and forefinger, and it barely moved, sticking straight out from a barely visible tuft of blond pubic hair. We must measure that thing, and Sally quickly grabbed a tape measure she had staged.

“What do you think girls, is it the smallest ever?”

Sally measured it at 1.5 inches soft, with balls the size of large marbles. The girls laughed, and one got up to zoom in the camera on Brian’s little boyhood. He had forgotten he was being taped and now knew his ownership by Sally was complete.

A strange feeling came over Brian, standing there totally exposed, his secret a secret no longer. He felt relieved somehow, even though their intent was to humiliate and destroy him, Brian felt at peace. The girls started grabbing his balls and pulling on his little member. As his mind swirled with what was happening, he began to feel a new feeling- eroticism. His tiny cock began to vibrate, and he felt the blood rush to his groin. Instantly his dick got hard, and the girls laughed more as, at its hardest, only measured in at 3 inches and as thin as a piece of chalk. Sally had Brian now.

“So, Brian likes the humiliation. You like us laughing at your little wee-wee.”

Sally took her thumb and forefinger and started jacking Brian’s cock. Another girl licked her finger and pushed it into Brian’s tight asshole. The other girl circled his nuts and yanked down hard. Brian shut his eyes and allowed it all to happen helplessly. His mind was racing with newfound thoughts – excitement at being laughed at and a powerful surge of erotic energy.

“Come on, baby boy boner, show us what you got,” shouted Sally.

Sally increased her stroking to an incredible pace, and the finger up his butt hit the right spot. Brian’s cock starting to erupt, short small spurts of cum. Sally was triumphant. Her plan to crush Brian had exceeded her expectations. She made Brian say she and the girls owned him. Of course, he would decline to run for class president and support Sally wholeheartedly. She would later give him a lesson with her strap-on, and Brian enjoyed the hardest orgasms he’d ever known. His secret and the tape stayed safe, but his tiny dick and obedience belonged to Sally for the rest of his senior year.

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any flaws in this story were fixed.

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