Humiliating the Human (Gay SPH)

By AmethystMare.

The fox-taur grinned, standing tall and proud over the human who was his friend, though it was a strange enough relationship. His rich, russet fur extended over his whole body, with the four-legged part of his body being that of a large fox, standing easily on par with a human being, if not taller. Of course, his torso was attached to that, his chest and belly a creamy white that stretched under the taur half of his body, too, though that was something that the fox-taur had always had. The little flash of lightness there, along with the white tip of his tail, helped break up the color of his body.

Maybe he thought himself a little attractive…but more so when his friend was there with him, engaging in a little kinky play that, well, not many others would have honestly understood. And that was fine, more than acceptable, as long as it was all consensual between them, in the fox-taur’s large bedroom while the man squirmed in his underwear on the fox-taur’s height-adjustable bed. Ah, the things that taurs had to do to make themselves comfortable…

But the fox-taur smirked and flaunted himself, his sheath thickening, balls swinging. They were not something he usually had on show, not like that, but, well… Needs must, sometimes…

“I’m not even that big,” he mocked his friend, turning so that the man had a good view of his red, pointed cock emerging, throbbing with need. “What do you think you’re going to do with a dick that small?”

The man groaned, shaking his head. Yes, it was true. He was not anything compared to the fox-taur — at least, when it came to their kind of play. He didn’t even understand what they were doing half the time, only that it made his dick bulge and tent and strain through the front of his boxer briefs as if his body was trying to show off everything he had to offer. But what he had to offer was not much. His cock, well…

Putting up a front paw on the bed, the fox-taur showed off his thickening cock, how it plumped up, the head defined with a tapered point on one side, not symmetrical — but what dick was meant to be? That was boring, so he was so much more than the man. Human cocks were plain, simple, while fox-taur ones begged attention, the stroke of hands, the touch of a tongue, the pressure of a hot hole wrapped around them.

The man squirmed and groaned, trying not to act like he was looking, though he wanted to see and feel those sickeningly hot chills running through him. He didn’t know why humiliation felt so good, but he had to have it anyway, one way or another, lusting, groaning, licking his lips.

“Come on…” He breathed, trying to find the words that had already been stuck in his throat for far too long. “You… Mmmph… Fuck, you can’t…mean that.”

The fox-taur’s eyes glinted.

“Oh, can’t I? Why should anyone bother with a tiny prick like that? It’s not a handful. It’s nothing at all. Everyone should be lusting for fox-taur dicks, all when we’re the superior species!”

He meant that, too, at least in the context of their play. And he saw how the man took a shuddering inhalation, not quite knowing what to do with himself, though it was all as the fox-taur wanted it to be, every moment drawn out, designed to make him squirm. It was good to be in control, to have that power, to know that lustful eyes were fixed on his hard-on, watching it throb, beads of pre-cum drooling from his tip. He couldn’t help himself, even as his eyes roamed down the man’s body, hungry for something else, balls aching, a deep-set need within him begging its way to the surface, one way or another.

Mmm, I will have him…

But in the way that the fox-taur wanted him, of course. There was no question about that.

“Is there any point in having your little cock out?” The fox-taur goaded him. “I’m thicker around than you are long… Your little dick is like a pencil up against mine!”

The fox-taur was a little over average for his species, but the knot at the base helped with his size a little. There was so much more that he could do with a partner when it came to that knot, stepping up with his other front leg, a free paw pressing down on the human’s head. The man groaned, allowing it all to happen, soft and willingly submissive, even as his hard-on was ignored.

“I don’t even want to look at your shaft, with its small size. How weak you are… Do you have any muscle on you at all?”

The man didn’t know what to say, could only shake his head, shoved onto his front, belly pinned into the bed while the fox-taur roughly moved him, arranging him how he pleased. Although his underwear was pulled down, his buttocks poked, prodded, and even pinched, with nothing he could honestly do about it, the man did nothing to stop it. He did not speak, only gasped, only moaned, soft and pliable, hot in the face with embarrassment.

He told himself he would have said something if it didn’t feel so good, though it felt wrong too that it felt as good as it did. But maybe not everything he was exploring sexually had to feel good, head spinning with too many thoughts to count, the throb of arousal pushing through him, his cock not even out.

Not that it needed to be, the fox-taur jeered at him as his bare arse was exposed, white and pale in the low light of the bedroom, though the fox-taur could already see everything he needed to. His hard-on tried to make itself known through the fabric of his boxer briefs, but there was nowhere it needed to go, not even as he whimpered, his face down, the fox-taur’s cock bobbing and swaying before him, a pulsating red length that he ached for.

“There’s no point even pulling these down all the way,” the fox-taur scoffed and grunted, shaking his head as if he was disappointed in the human and his body. “Why don’t you get a proper dick and then pretend you’re good enough to fuck anyone?”

Because it was the fox-taur who would fuck him that time for the ultimate humiliation. It could have been exhilarating, for they had never come together in that way before, but it set the man’s stomach churning, moaning, pressing his face into the bedsheets, his back glistening with sweat as he gripped the bed. It would not give him as much stability as he wanted, the fox-taur’s massive pole prodding his backside, demanding entry to a hole that was not prepared for him.

The fox-taur mounted him, covering his body completely. If there was anything that could have shown the man just how weak and small, his black hair cropped short, well…that was it. He didn’t need to be big. He didn’t need to be significant, hardly able to believe that his cock got harder and harder with every put-down from the large fox-taur.

“So small, so weak…” The fox-taur mocked him, prodding, his dick sliding slickly over the man’s backside, leaving a smear of pre-cum in its wake, marking him. “You’re so physically useless… No muscle. Bet you can’t even lift a box when you’re moving. So, why don’t you give in to a stronger male.”

Ohhh, that did it for him, his cock aching, juddering, trying to push into the bed even as his legs dangled off it, scrabbling to brace.

“Oh, yes… Please…” The man moaned, forcing the words out from where they had been stuck in the throat, trapped in his lust. “Please… Ah… Fuck me… Small…and weak…tiny…dick…”

Although his cheeks burned, it felt good to say, stoking a fire of need deep within the pit of his stomach, something that he needed. But he would understand the twisted desire for humiliation, all in good time, all as the fox-taur’s cock bored into him, slowly but surely penetrating his backside.

He gasped, clawing at the bed, but he had to hold on, had to be in the moment, for there was so much to take in, a hot length of cock that had to find a home, however temporarily, inside his backside. Inch after inch disappeared into him as he arched and tried to push down on it, but it was sinking home whether he was ready for it. It was a good thing that the fox-taur knew a thing or two about opening up a willing partner, even if they hadn’t taken the time to prepare him anally first. If he went slow, there was nothing to worry about there, though just a little more care needed to be taken.

And the man, oh… He was so small and weak under him that the fox-taur could not help but groan, his forepaws far over the man’s shoulders, pressing down into the bed. As the man’s backside softened around him, welcoming his cock deeper, the knot slowly starting to form, he thrust harder, taking what his, the one in control, rejoicing in the power of humiliation was. There was no sense in not using what had been so willingly handed to him, after all…

“You’re so small,” the fox-taur whispered, a raunchy hiss escaping his lips with every pounding thrust. “So small… Just so small…”

Oh, yes, that was good. That was everything he needed and more, everything that the man had never even known he needed. He sank into sweet submission as if it had always been the right place for him, the safe place for him, the place where he always would belong. It didn’t matter that he was getting into it, but the fox-taur’s words rebounded in his head as if bouncing back and forth around his skull.



So small…

Tiny dick…

So very small…

And he wanted it more, so much more, grunting, pressing his face into the bed, letting the fox-taur take him as he will. He moaned, trying not to let his need show, yet the fox-taur was there, taunting him, mocking him, forcing him to cum, even though he had not even touched his dick yet.

“You’ll get off from being used like a weak slut, a hole just there to be used,” the fox-taur said, panting heavily, the musk of fox-taur starting to fill the room, bit by bit. “Mmph… Go on. Do it… Show me how small you are, how much of nothing you are…”

He didn’t know what it was that pushed him over the edge, seconds and minutes blurring together, but the next thing the man knew was that he was cumming, pouring his helpless, useless spurts of ejaculation into his underwear. Of course, it was wasted, for it was never meant to be savored for him, not even as that brand of arousal curled and twisted in his stomach, still wanting to find why it turned him on so much, why he wanted more of it.

And yet the fox-taur had to have his pleasure too, thrusting and grinding, flanks shuddering for breath, no longer even able to give a delicious dose of humiliation as he thrust deep. With a long, shuddering groan, he shoved his cock deep, allowing that knot, which put the man’s prick to shame, to inflate inside him, a swelling bulge that kept them locked together, lusting and humiliated, perhaps for longer than even he realized.

And yet the man knew, as he pressed his sweaty face down into the bed, shuddering and gasping for breath, that it was something he needed. It made him feel good, and he didn’t even need to know more than that, not with the strong, powerful body of the fox-taur covering him, ropes of hot seed flooding his backside.

“Heh…” The fox-taur leaned over him, peering down with a smirk on his lips, eyes dark with wickedness. “You’re too weak even to put up a fight… I’m going to have a lot of fun with you.”

Trembling, the man moaned.

Oh, he hoped the fox-taur meant it!


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed. The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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