Humiliated in Thailand

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by Chartownr

I’m a normal guy with an inclination to adventure. When I graduated college I had no idea what I was going to do. Then I saw an advertisement promising an adventurous career. Teach English abroad in Thailand. I had no money; I was lucky that the school paid for the airfare and provided a place to stay. I was ecstatic, a dream come true a life full of travel and a fulfilling vocation.

When I got to Thailand the school provided living arrangements. The 8 of us lived in a dormitory. There were 3 Thai English teachers and 5 Farangs (foreigners). We had a communal shower at the end of the hall. The shower had a single post with 7 shower heads. Like I said I had no money and this was my only option. I was not happy with this arrangement.

You see my penis is just under 2 (1 and 15/16ths) inches in its flaccid state. When fully engorged it reaches an unimpressive length of 3 and 1/4 inches with a diameter of 1 inch flat. In high school our showers were spread out across the walls so everybody would face the wall and it was easy enough to hide, although I would often hear snickering and of course I would get glimpses in the corner of my eyes of the other boys. I was by far the smallest as I could tell. But what was I going to do now? There was no way to hide. We had to be at the flag pole every day at 7:30 for the national anthem and morning announcements.

My first day, I decided to be tricky; I set my alarm for 5am. Surely no one would be in there this early. And I was right no one was in there, I turned the shower head on and waited for the water to heat up. But it would not heat up, mind you this is Thailand so the water wasn’t cold but it wasn’t exactly warm, certainly on the cool side of warm. I thought to myself this is going to be a long year. I got under the stream, my balls tightened and penis retracted; my all too unimpressive member almost became impressively small and seemed to stand at attention due to the skin tightening from the cool water and balls holding it up.

I began my lather. First my armpits, stomach then cock, balls, crack. Then I began working in the shampoo. That is when I heard Toi and Souchai, two of the Thai teachers in our house. They were talking in English, about the physical all the teachers had to take for the health insurance. My physical was scheduled for Tuesday the next week…. Yay. Now I had soap all over and the shampoo was completely lathered. I was stuck I couldn’t leave with all the suds. My only hope was the Asian stereotype and I thought hey they are probably not much more endowed than I am.

They flanked me on either side and took the shower heads adjacent to me. I immediately noticed their members and… well let’s just say this is one stereotype we can lay to rest. Toi was the bigger of the two, when he went to soap it I could see that it reached from his wrist to the tip of his middle finger (and this was flaccid and had cool water running over it). Souchai on my right was as a bit longer than mine erect but had much more girth. So now we we’re in a sort of Mexican stand off and neither of them made any attempts to be discrete about sizing me up. Souchai reached over and gave my penis a sot almost caressing flick and said, “I thought Thai guy supposed to small.”

“Most Farang hairy, where you’a hair farang?” Toi commented.

The summer before I graduated I got laser hair removal; I was tired of my thicket of hair hiding my dick. Seriously when my bush wasn’t even grown all the way out you could not see my penis, at all. And I was sick of razor burn and pimples in my pubic area, so laser it was.

I told them, “Mai pen rai.” Which is Thai for don’t worry about it.

They started laughing and speaking thai kept hearing ‘farang’ and ‘nid noi’ being said. Then something horrifying happened, I twitched and I could feel the blood rushing to my penis. I tried to get my mind off it and started vigorously rubbing the shampoo out of my hair. But they noticed the twitch too, “Look pee pee like is. He move he move. Hahaha.”

This time Toi brought his fingers close to my dick and spaced them to show how big it was (not quite 2 ½ inches I would say and it looked like it was at full mast even though it wasn’t). “Hehehe,” he laughed while Toi brought his dick next to mine grazing it slightly completely dwarfing it. His head was bigger than my whole dick. I still had the tiniest bit of shampoo left but I didn’t care I twisted my shower off and almost slipped going to my towel. They were laughing hysterically and yelling, “Nit noi!” which woke up every body.

Speed walking down the hall all the other teachers were muttering stuff at me cause they thought I was being loud.

I got dressed and had breakfast, alone. I went to our first morning assembly. And the Director mentioned that we have 7 new English teachers 4 men and 3 women with us this year. He told Toi the English department head to introduce us. When he got to me he told everybody (teachers, staff, and students) my nick name was Nit Noi. I asked the returning Farang teacher what Nit Noi meant. He said, “O don’t worry little guy it just means ‘tiny’ actually the direct translation is tiny-little.” David answered in a snarky knowing way.

I knew he knew what Toi and Souchia discovered this morning, and his smirk and obvious glance at my crotch drove his comment past innuendo. I heard the guys laughing under their breath. Great so I can assume every teacher has already heard about my spectacular endowment.

After the assembly we went to our office. Toi had made name tags for everyone, of course I am officially Nit Noi. The desks were in two adjacent lines paired with another desk. My desk was facing the gorgeous teacher from England, Amy. As I approached my desk she said, “Hey Nit Noi, or should I say tiny?” biting her bottom lip and attempting to subdue her laughter.

The other two girls were not so subtle and let out muffled giggles. I decided not to respond and just sat down. The embarrassment was too great. My face was beet red and I was starting to sport almost a full chubby. “Damn it not again!” screaming in my brain. Not that it’d be noticeable but in my experience 15 year olds have astute observational skills for all things embarrassing. Time came and I tucked my chub under my belt.

I made it through my first day of classes, I tried to do a first day ice breaker, but they insisted, “Why they call you Nit Noi? You big and very strong.” So I explained that it was a form of irony. I taught them about irony and sarcasm. I was pretty proud of myself, I was able to maintain some dignity and they learned about English.

Day 2

My alarm rings 6:00 am I decided the early bird technique was unsuccessful and it was just too damn early. You know what they say the early worm gets eaten, also it’s small. I wrap my towel around my waist and journey to the showers. Jim, Mark and Matt each have their doors open and it is apparent that they are about to head to the showers too. I get to the end of the corridor and see David hanging his towel on a hook. Looks like it’s going to be a Farang shower escapade. We jockey for our shower heads. “Well, you are just a little guy aren’t you? And smooth too uh?” Mark almost says unknowingly.

I muster a begrudging ‘uh-hm’. The conversation dissipates, but the attention on my remarkably tiny penis is clear. With the design flaw of a single mast 7 headed shower full on eye contact with the 4 other guys is impossible. I had never gazed upon other men’s penises for elongated periods of time, only in passing and out of the corner of my eye. But now it was practically unavoidable. And these men were surely endowed. Each one made it to the other side of their palm. While I jacked off with my thumb, index and middle fingers, no kung-fu grip for me.

They were obviously contemplating the mechanics of jacking off such a tiny, or should I say nit noi dick, when Toi, Souchai, and Bew came into the shower room. Yup full capacity, but they wouldn’t allow something like personal space get in the way of a little shower. Bew just saddled up at my shower head. “Sia bia de, Nit Noi?” he said brushing past me to pump some soap from the dispenser.

He gave me a crooked smirk, looked at my dick and shook his head. He said something in Thai and David, Souchai and Toi cackled. The new farang teachers insisted to know what he said. Apparently Bew has seen clits bigger than my penis. Then Bew solved the riddle of how I masturbated buy imitating a girl rubbing her clit. Everybody concurred that was the funniest joke anyone had ever heard.

That was enough shower for me I got out of there and went to school. In class we discussed the intricacies of relative descriptors using oxy-morons, like jumbo shrimp. And again we discussed my seemingly oxy-moronic nick name.

So Tuesday had arrived, the day of my physical. After school I went to the nurses office. As I neared the office I saw Gabrielle and Emma waiting outside the nurse’s glass door. Toi was in there and was overtly visible, and every inch of him was on full display. When the nurse crouched down and cupped his balls to have him cough the girls were clearly caught off guard by his proportions, impressed would be an understatement. The nurse poked her head out of her office and told me to come in. Toi was still naked, taking his time getting dressed. The nurse was growing impatient with me, because I wanted to wait for Toi to leave. I took my shirt off and she checked my blood pressure. She turned to Toi, “Why you call him Nit Noi, he bigger than you.”

“You see soon.” Toi answered.

“Blood pressure very good you take off pant now.” She insisted

Toi was still in the office but he had managed to get his bikini cut briefs on, with an intimidating bulge. I could feel me penis retreating. I eyed Toi down trying to convey a message to get the fuck out, but he remained oblivious to my sensibilities.

The nurse snapped, “Pant off now!”

The girls were blushing and very content to watch this ordeal through the glass door. I had no choice, I pulled my pants down then my underwear and the girls had an unobstructed view of my tiny dick.

“Nit Noi, hehehe, I know very nit noi!” the nurse was unable to contain herself.

She took my balls in her finger tips subtly caressing them. The girls gawked, speechless.

The nurse almost giddy proclaimed, “Toi more double you.”

She motioned towards Toi’s bulge, and he felt inclined to whip it out. The girls gasped, “He’s so tiny!” “He’s so big!” at the same time over top of each other.

Now the embarrassment was making me grow, and the nurse giggled and began to obviously caress my balls.

“It so hard!” loud enough for Emma and Gabrielle to hear through the glass, “So very little nit noi!”

I was petrified. I knew exactly what was coming next. She looked at Toi and he knew what she was saying. He took his demanding limp cock and slapped it against my throbbing pen prick. My dick twitched.

“Oh my god, if toi is that much bigger than him soft imagine if he was hard!”

The nurse was half a step ahead and had already started rubbing our dicks together. I still could not move.

The girls could not have been more right, Toi was damn close to triple me in size and nearly triple my width. My dick twitched again against Toi’s cock and shot a spurt of semen, with followed by a couple unimpressive stringy lines of jizz. Gabrielle and Emma’s eye’s widened and focused on my tiny pumping cock. They turned to each other unable to speak the obligatory, ‘Oh my God.” All of them Gabrielle, Emma, Toi and the Nurse all laughed, Emma choked, “Nit-Noi’s little dickie is gay for real cock!”

I hastily grabbed my pants, ran out the door and button my shirt up on the way. Back at our house Toi was telling everybody about what happened in the nurse’s office. As I walked pass the commons area I heard someone yell, “I hear Nit-Noi’s tiny dick likes the fat cock!” I turned to see who it was and I noticed Amy and several stunning Thai women (teachers) lounging and amused.

“Give Nit-Noi’s nit-noi what it wants!” with that all the guys grabbed me and dragged me to the shower. The women followed to watch. They pulled and ripped my clothes off, none of the girls could believe how tiny I was. They turned on the cool shower and to their dismay, my impossibly tiny cock contracted to a miniature scale model of a boner. The girls shouted, “Give him what he wants!”

All 8 of the men pulled out their dicks surrounding me. Amy grabbed my head and pushed me into David’s sizable cock. I tried to resist my mouth opened and I felt David’s dick grow in my mouth. Immediately my dick sprung to a convulsing twink. One of the girls shouted the encouragement, ” Give him more he loves it!” and she measured my straining penis with her thumb and index, “So small, very tiny.”

Without prompting I reached up with my right hand and seized a cock without looking. Whose ever cock this was I could not get my fingers to fully wrap around it. My left hand followed and I began bobbing my head around desperately, craving, yearning for their dicks. Drool was dangling from my chin, David came, shooting a long thick rope of jizz from my eye to my belly button. That moment I felt Bew’s cock pumping in my right hand. I got up off my knees and aimed his load towards my dick, he shot. I wiped David’s cum from my eye and lubed myself up with their cum. One of the Thai girls took some of the cum on my chest and smeared my asshole. I felt pressure, I tried to relax. Then his gigantic Cock popped in my anus. I screamed and gasped for air. This dick was too big for my virgin asshole.

Sure I have played with my butthole before. Fingering my self messaging my prostate. Sticking metal and plastic balls in there. But I introduced those things gradually. This monstrosity of a cock just pushed right in. He paused and let my ass get used to it, only for a moment. Then brought it back, the rammed it balls deep. I could feel his veins throbbing against the walls in my asshole. Then, quickly he pulled it completely out. I heard my ass pop like a jar of jelly as the rim of his bell head broke free.

I took a deep gasp of air. At the apex of my breath he rammed his dick all the way in. I dropped the biggest load of cum right there on the shower tile. The women cheered and clapped. I looked back and as soon as I saw Toi’s eyes I felt an eruption explode in my colon. I could tell this was a huge load, making my load seem minuscule. He pumped his cock a couple more times making sure he was empty each thrust caused cum to seep out around his cock. I felt his cum ooze over my balls I looked down at my limp twitching cock dripping cum and saw his cum dangling from my balls. I instinctively caught his cum an began jacking off again. He pulled his cock out no pop this time. Leaving my ass gaping.

I felt another man’s cock, big but it easily slid in. I had to pinch mmy asshole, so it would be tight around his dick. I so eagerly wanted to please all of these men. I was stroking my cock and his dick spurted cum as his dick pressed against my prostate all 8 inches of his meat. My tiny dick once again quivered and shot a thin blank ounce of cum. My cum stuck me on my lips I licked it off quickly and swallowed my cum. It was tiring but satisfying work bringing all those men to pleasing climax. It was time to rest I had a long day ahead of me.

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