Shrinkage Part 3

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by runtz4 (edited)


Shrinkage Part 1
Shrinkage Part 2


Part 3 begins…


The fire had all but died out when I opened my eyes. The candles had extinguished themselves in their melted wax and the room was cool with an amber glow breaking through the windows. Jill was still beside me on the love seat with a musty quilt draped over us. I squeezed my eyes shut and opened wide clearing my vision, and then realized I didn’t just wake up, rather I had been woken up to the sound of muffled sex. Karen was on top of Kevin slowly riding his cock fully inside her. I secretly took in Karen’s tight 22-year-old body; it was obvious she hadn’t yet felt the pains of gravity and age. Her tattoos still shined like new ink and her piercings were more playfully decorative than rebelliously Gothic. She was getting close to cumming, as her pace picked up and her hand found its way to her clit toying with it and spurring her closer to orgasm.

Her body tensed and her nails dug into Kevin’s chest as he muffled her ecstasy with his hands. Kevin tapped her on the ass and guiding her by the arm positioned her kneeling and bent over the coffee table, still trying to keep as quite as possible, he took his place and entered her from behind. Now whether he was fucking her ass or pussy I’ll never know for sure, but either way caused an expression of blissful pain on Karen’s face no more than five feet away. Kevin feverishly pummeled his cock inside her and just moments later, maybe seconds later pulled out shooting his thick cum on Karen’s back. Leaning back she kissed him on the lips, and then turned to stand up making eye contact with me. She broke into a sweet smile and waved her pinky at me before gathering there things from the loft and heading to the bathroom.

I looked around noticing neither Angie nor Shannon were in the room, leaving Shane alone on the couch. I am not a morning person, but I knew I wasn’t going back to sleep. So I delicately slid off the love seat trying not to disturb Jill too much, and peaked in the bedroom to find Angie and Shannon asleep under the covers.

Not sure what the protocol was in this situation I opted for pants and made my way to the kitchen to make some coffee. The sunlight radiated through the front windows as it broke past the trees, and over the next hour everyone trickled into the kitchen on the hunt for coffee. Tired, hung-over and bit awkward we shuffled around like semi-articulate zombies

“Good morning”



“back hurts”




Karen came bouncing in, hair up in a towel and nothing else on,

“Hey, good morning everyone!” Damn morning people. “OH! We’re doing clothes today?” She blurted pulling the towel off her head and wrapping it around her chest, seeing the girls had all put on shirts and panties, and Bill had his boxers on.

“So last night was fun, right?” Karen broke the tension, giving the group permission to talk about it. We erupted in little conversations and side comments expressing our thoughts and feelings about the night.

“Well hell” Kevin gnarled coming out of the bathroom wearing jeans and sleeveless black t-shirt. “What’s on the docket for today?”

The rest of the morning was fairly lighthearted as we moved about, each couple taking their turn in the bathroom to save time. It was nice to have a few minutes alone with Angie and process through last evening together.

“Honey, I know this isn’t what we thought it would be,” Angie confessed, “But I hope you’re okay with it.”

“No, I am actually really glad this happened. God you and the other girls got me so excited teasing me, last night was amazing and they were all so… accepting” I shared searching for the right words.

As I brushed my teeth I watched Angie step in the open shower and lift her face toward the running water, allowing it to wash over her. She lathered up and leaned into the corner of the shower embracing the quiet mood. My eyes followed the blue soapy water as it ran down her back and between her cheeks and couldn’t help but lust for her.

Her eyes still closed and adrift in her own world, I stepped in behind her and slid my hands down her back startling her back to reality. Using the slippery soap I massaged her shoulders and back drifting to her firm ass and back up again. I gently moved my hands around to her stomach and worked my way up stopping just under her hefty breasts before lifting them up taking their full weight in my hands and circling her nipples with my thumbs. Thrusting forward my now hard dick met the upper curve of her soapy ass as my hands traveled south finding an open recipient to my wandering fingers.

I proceeded to rub her clit and grind my little guy against her. It didn’t take long for her knees to buckle; she grabbed my wrist and pulled me against her shaking in pleasure as she came with a powerful shudder. Taking her by the hips and pulling her towards me I positioned my dick and fucked her cheeks hot-dogging her slippery buns. My pace quickened and my heart was fluttering… then suddenly Angie turned around and grabbed my dick pinching it hard,

“No!” She commanded playfully, “I want you to wait till tonight, and I want you to be thinking about it all… day… long.”

She rinsed off and then bathed me to make sure I didn’t jerk-off and to add to my excitement. Damn, I was horny. We finished getting ready and stepped out of the bathroom just in time to see Jill leading Bill to the bedroom. Moments later it became clear what they were doing. Bill was either sucking her cunt or killing her. Jill moaned and screeched and cursed, as she rode Bill’s mouth.

“Yeah! Bill suck it!”

“You like me sitting on your face don’t you?”

“Yes, Yes, suck it!”

“Jerk your dick for me”

“Yes, wank it while I fuck your face!”

“You better not cum Bill… you better not cum before I cum… Jesus Bill you couldn’t last a minute!”

“Damn, is he sucking her brains out through her pussy?” Kevin joked as we looked at each other wide-eyed listening to them go at it. Finally Jill filled the cabin with a scream as she came. And no more than 20 seconds later came wobbling out of the bedroom, straightening her hair all nonchalant.

The rest of the morning was unusually normal; Bill had been given the keys to a couple snowmobiles in the garage and we took turns taking them out. Shannon and Shane took an especially long turn as they headed down a wooded trail, and seemed unusually disheveled upon returning.

“He can’t say he’s never had sex outside again!” Shannon cheered as Shane struck a cocky grin.

Kevin decided to take off towards a gas station we had passed on our way in for some more alcohol, just as he was about to pullout Jill ran out and hopped on the back,

“I need something at the store” She spun veiling her motives, snuggling up tight against him before Kevin gunned the snowmobile speeding off.

Going inside for a break I was met with the smell of cookies baking and the sight of Bill in the kitchen with a striped apron around him.

“What?” He joked knowing he looked a bit silly. “I like to bake.”

Having a moment alone with Bill I decided it was time we had a deeper talk. “Bill, I don’t pretend to have any idea of what normal is, and I might be prying, but… how’s your relationship with Jill?” “I mean, if you’re both happy, than fine, but I am not sure you really are.”

Bill looked down in silence for a few seconds, and then took a deep breath. “I think Kevin and Jill have been having an affair.” He grieved. “God, he’s my best friend. We’ve known each other since the third grade, he’s like a brother… how could he do that to me?”

“Are you sure, or do you just suspect they’ve been sleeping together?” I probed

“Just a feeling, a gut feeling”

“Then maybe they haven’t done anything yet” I hoped for his sake. “But, I think you need to talk to her about it, the not knowing is killing you.”

“I know, but what if…I mean how…?”

“Look, the way she treats you isn’t okay – unless you like it too. When Angie and I started our humiliation play, it was really rough. She went way over board from teasing and kinky to cruel and hurtful. But we found a healthy balance for us that we both like.” “Is there any part of what she does that’s exciting to you?”

“Um…I kinda like her being a little aggressive… and I like it when she… controls my… jerking-off. She likes to tell me how to do it, you know? Like the pace, and grip.” Bill confessed.

“Great, you need to let her know what you like and what is not working. Look, when Angie and I started what really helped was when Amy, my ex-girlfriend, gave her some guidance. Would it be okay if I asked Angie to do the same for you and Jill?”

Bill nodded yes and thanked me for taking the time to talk to him, and for being open about my own issues. Just then a thunder of laughter came from outside. Bill and I went out to see that Angie and Karen had waged a dirty snowman contest with Shannon and Shane, where each team builds an anatomically correct snowman. And from the looks of it they had been working long and hard. Angie and Karen’s sculpture depicted a traditional three-tier snowman with testicles the size of his head and a dick made of a log about two feet long, they took the time to give him a snowball cock-head that looked quite real if not ridiculously huge.

A few feet away Shane and Shannon had taken a different approach by modeling a snow-girl lying on her back, legs open wide revealing a pussy that they had made large enough to receive her lover’s log. She appeared in grave danger of back aches as she caressed her snow mound breasts that had to be three feet around with charcoal nipples only slightly darker than Shannon’s.

It was a sight, but the four of them were in hysterics barely able to talk and straining to breathe made it very funny. As their howls turned to sporadic chuckles we could hear the snowmobile approaching. So we went around front to in time to see Jill stomp inside obviously pissed about something.

Kevin’s hunt was wildly successful bagging four bottles of tequila, one for each couple and a 24 pack of beer. We helped him carry it in and Bill took over the kitchen again to cook us dinner. Stealing a few seconds with Angie I told her about my talk with Bill and asked if she would talk to Jill. Angie and Jill aren’t very close, and so decided that bringing Shannon in might be a good idea, since she is a therapist and Jill seems to value her insight.

I watched as Angie spoke with Shannon for a few seconds and the two of them headed to the bedroom where Jill had been since coming back from the gas station. About an hour later they came out holding hands like teenage girls, red-nosed and puffy eyes from crying.

Angie revealed later they confronted her about Kevin, and she admitted to having very strong feelings for him and loved their flirtatious relationship. She shared that Kevin used to be married, but it ended after only two years, he doesn’t talk about it or about his ex. But after their break up Kevin stayed with Bill and Jill for a month till he could find a new place. That first weekend the three of them wound up getting drunk one night and Bill made a stupid bet that he could still dunk a basketball. If Bill made it, Kevin would pay their mortgage that month. If Bill lost, they would pay Kevin one month’s mortgage. Between being drunk, his bum knee and a few extra years on him Bill lost. Jill confided that she had just started interning at the firm and they really didn’t have the money. So, she worked out a deal with Kevin, she would jerk him off twice a week till the end of the month. That’s when things really changed for them. Bill watched his pageant wife jerk Kevin off, he hated himself for making that bet and even more for losing and making his wife degrade herself that way. But Bill was also jealous at how much Jill seemed to like jerking Kevin’s fat cock. After that first time, Jill never looked at Bill the same.

Kevin had Jill strip down to her panties and bra, and told her to pull his cock out. She reached down and unzipped his pants and tried to pull him out through the opening. Kevin was already getting hard and his fat cock wouldn’t fit through the fly. She unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, then gripped his boxers and pulled them to his ankles. His cock sprang up in front of her face. She’d never seen a cock so thick. Sure she had seen guys bigger than Bill, but not by much, but Kevin’s cock was so much bigger. Kevin sat down on the couch and watched as Jill handled his dick, feeling the girth and weight in her hands as she pumped his hard cock. Bill just stood behind her watching in silence. Jill worked Kevin’s cock for 20 minutes, and her arms were getting tired. Bill usually lasted only a few minutes.

Finally Kevin trembled, his stomach tightened and he shot his cum all over Jill’s chest, arms and hands. Jill leapt up and ran to the master bedroom. Bill followed her in to comfort her. He tried to talk to her, but she was changed now, she forcefully told Bill to sit down and take his dick out of his pants. Bill did exactly what she said. She wanted Bill to stroke his dick while she fucked her hand, knowing she was thinking about Kevin and his bigger thicker cock. Within seconds Bill ejaculated, only to be teased by how quick he shot off as Jill feverishly buffed her clit to orgasm. She told Angie and Shannon that she wanted Kevin’s cock, but he would never betray Bill that way.

Jill confessed in detail to intentionally trying to turn him on as they rode to the gas station, rubbing his stomach and chest and nuzzling his neck, finally throwing herself at him by grabbing his dick. At first he responded well, as she open his pants and pulled his cock out, she slowly started jacking him off as they continued on the snowmobile. Jill leaned in and panted in his ear, “Take me! Please fuck me with your thick cock.” Then suddenly, he stopped and grabbed her arm and told her he just couldn’t do that to Bill and told her he would never tell Bill about this.

As they reentered the group there was an air of emotion about them, everyone could tell they had just had an intense time but no one said anything about. Soon Bill had the table set, and dinner was ready.

To get things moving, Shannon introduced a new conversation starter, “Okay, tonight we’re going to play another game. As we’re all pretty familiar with each other physically, let’s get to know each other better emotionally. What is one thing you have shared with your significant other since last night that you haven’t said to anyone else?”

“I’ll go” Angie blurted, “I apologized to Dave for things getting so intimate last night. He really was looking forward to just having some good friends in our lives. But, I am so glad things turned out this way.”

“I told Kevin, that I think we might be the normal ones in the group” Karen laughed.

“I said to Shane, that I was really proud of him, because I know he’s never been very adventurous sexually.”

“I told Jill, that I am very thankful that Dave and Angie opened up to us, allowing all of us to experience something new.” Bill praised, prompting others to agree with his sentiment. I had no idea how much we had impacted this group.

“I told Shannon, that I got really turned on seeing the other guys cum.”

“Jill would you like to share anything?” Shannon asked.

“No… I… just… I just want to say I am sorry to everyone for being a bitch, and particularly to Bill.” She choked out.

“I’d like to say something” I broke in, “I shared with Angie that I never thought we could have this type of relationship with people we actually consider friends.”

“Hell, I guess I’ll just say it okay babe?” Kevin spoke looking to Karen for approval. “I told Karen this afternoon, that I would like… to make her my wife”

The group erupted in whistles and congratulatory applause.

“Now I have just one question” Kevin stood calming the cheers, “Who’s ready for the hot tub!!” He yelled throwing his shirt across the room and tossing Karen over his shoulder headed out to the hot tub and dropped her in fully clothed, peeling off his clothes he jumped in with a splash that sprayed the wall.

Modesty no longer slowing us down we all headed out shedding our clothes on the way to the hot tub just in time to see Karen stand up and yell at Kevin playfully while she slipped out of her soaked clothes. We settled into the tub as if we had assigned seats, before realizing we forgot the alcohol. Pent up with sexual frustration since the shower that morning I was ready for some attention and hopped out walking slowly to allow the cold winter air to work its shrinking magic. Then returning back I held the beer chest high to give everyone an unobstructed view of my hard little dick.

“Here it is!” I called making sure all eyes were on me. I could feel my penis bouncing as I strutted down the deck. Knowing how to play the game and my not-so-subtle cues, Angie spoke up.

“Hey little dick, look he’s waving at me” She teased.

“Oh my, I didn’t know they came bite sized” Jill goaded

“Oh how sweet, you brought me a peanut” Shannon joined in really getting a feel for it, “wait that’s not a peanut it’s just your penis.” I loved it. I set the case of beer down and casually stepped into the tub intentionally trying to shake and jiggle my wiener.

Shannon called me to her, but standing in the middle of the tub my waist was under water. She had me step up on her seat. Then she had Shane stand beside me. At this level Shannon’s face was right in front of our dicks, well my dick and his base. I was hard and pointing straight up at her, Shane’s large dick however, was swelling up but hung down in front him like an elephant’s trunk. I was mesmerized looking at Shane’s cock, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, he was just so much bigger than I expected, and so much bigger than me. Shannon stepped back allowing everyone a full view. And they were taking advantage of it, I felt so embarrassed and excited to see their expressions while visually examining us.

“It’s like a mushroom and a cucumber.” Jill giggled

“It’s like you’re not even the same species” She commented, “If we could put Shane’s cock on Dave’s body you’d be perfect.” She continued as she reached out taking us both in her hands, she was able to completely engulf my dick in her palm, while Shane’s flaccid cock in her right hand easily stuck out three inches. Leading us by the dick she pulled us closer and rubbed our heads together. Placing Shane’s head at the base of my penis we looked down and saw that my entire dick was only slightly longer than his head. Shannon leaned forward and placed us both in her mouth giving us a powerful suck before letting go and guiding us to sit back down.

Taking a deep breath to clear her head announced, “The game… is truth or dare.”

“Should we draw straws or something to decide the order?” Karen asked

“Well, I think we already have” Shannon smiled, “Angie you drew the shortest straw, so you’re first.” Karen looked completely stumped trying to recall when we drew straws not realizing she was referring to penis size. Angie chuckled a bit, smiled and shrugged her shoulders conveying she knew Shannon was right, I had the shortest straw.

“Truth or dare?” Shannon asked


“What is your secret sexual fantasy?” Shannon smiled and licked her lips

“Oh, getting personal quick. Um…” She blushed; she rarely blushes so I knew this was going to be intimate. “I’ve wanted to try something for a while. I want to be… oh my gosh, I can’t believe I am saying it! I want to be fucked by a woman with a strap-on cock” she hid behind her dark wavy hair in embarrassment. “I just think it would be different And I love for it to be like 6 inches I’ve been with a smaller dick and a huge cock, but I’ve never been with just a normal 6 inch dick.”

“I’d pay good money to see that!” Kevin chimed, just before getting a swift elbow to the ribs from Karen. But who could blame him; I was already visualizing it and trying to figure out how to make that happen for her. What Angie didn’t know was that I packed our strap-on that she bought me to wear last year on our anniversary, but at eight inches it was pretty big.

“What about that girl… what’s her name Dave’s ex you’ve been fucking with?” Bill asked.

“Oh, Amy” Angie answered, “No, I just would rather it be with…. a friend.”

“David.” Shannon blurted out, “Your turn. Same question, do you have any fantasies that you’ve kept secret?”

“Well, you mean having a small penis humiliation fetish isn’t enough for one person?” I joked. “Obviously I like to be humiliated, and I love to be outed in front of beautiful strangers. But Angie already knows that. I guess maybe she doesn’t know I’ve got a secret fantasy involving her child-hood friend Michelle. I have this fantasy where Angie calls her up and guides the conversation to sex and complains about being frustrated and me being smaller than average. Then she invites Michelle out to visit us during which I am “accidentally” exposed in front of her.”

Angie looked at me and I am sure she was trying to figure out if that was something I really wanted or if it was just something I want to keep in the fantasy realm of our playing. Angie loved role playing different encounters and situations with me, and knew that I had several fantasies that we had agreed we would play out, but never actually do.

It was now Jill’s turn, having the second shortest straw, and choosing truth Shannon asked her the same question, about having a secret fantasy. She shared how she has always been attracted to strong men, and had a secret fantasy to be taken, dominated and forced to have sex with large powerful men. I am confident she wanted to be “forced” so it would relieve any guilt, but secretly she really wanted it, and wanted to be used, fucked and tossed aside.

“Damn girl!” Shannon snorted.

It was Bill’s turn, and he chose dare throwing Shannon off guard, she obviously didn’t have anything in mind for a dare. She had Bill stand up, and seeing his erection, it hit her, Bill’s dare was to fuck the dirty snowman. He was to run out into the snow and fuck the snowman for three minutes. Reluctantly Bill jumped out of the hot water and ran over to the dirty snowmen just feet away from the deck and began humping the ass of the male snowman, “No I meant the other…oh hell, do whatever.” Shannon hooted, while eyeballing the clock on the wall to keep time.

“Go for it!” Karen cheered.

“Give it to him good buddy; make that snowman your bitch!” Kevin joined

It was terribly funny as we watched and laughed. “It’s freezing! How much longer?” Bill asked.

Between watching and laughing Shannon realized he’d been at it for five minutes she confessed to us quietly, “Just a little longer!” She cried out making us bust out laughing. “Five, four, three, two, one!” Shannon counted down and Bill darted back to the hot tub, his cock deflated and shriveled up.

“Damn that felt like a long time!” He blurted, making us lose it again laughing hard.

Shannon collected herself enough to move the game along. Karen was next and selected truth. Shannon looked around the group and smiled, “Girlfriend is you a stripper?!”

“Yes” She confirmed what we had suspected for so long. “I am not ashamed of it, I am a damn good dancer” she divulged then stood up on the deck.

She turned around ass facing us, shot us a sexy look over her shoulder, spun around and dropped to her knees, flung her hair around in circles on all fours, sat up on her knees and pressed her tits together, then sucked her right index finger and gave a dirty school girl look while tracing her finger down her chest past her stomach and made contact with her clit and pretended to fuck herself as the water dripped down her writhing body. She popped up landing on her feet and bowed, slowly stepping back into the water. Shit she was hot! We encouraged her with a round of applause and lots of yelps.

“Hey if you ever wanted to give it a try I could set you up, we have an amateur night once month.” Karen extended to the group. My mind went immediately to work on that scenario too.

“Kevin. Truth or dare?”

“Truth!” He barked, “And no I am not a stripper” he joked

“Where is the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?” Shannon toyed

“Does it have to be dick in pussy sex? or just any kinda sexual situation?”

“Any kind” Shannon decided

“I am a proud member of the Mile High club” He smiled,

“When did you have sex on an airplane?” Bill asked

“Not that mile high club, I was given head at the last Bronco’s game at the Mile High stadium back in December of 2000.” He laughed, “I was 23, and drove to Denver for the game, tickets were hard to get and I had scored two. So, I met this hot chick with fuck-me-eyes at a bar near the stadium, she couldn’t get a ticket, so being a gentleman I offered to take her. We cuddled together under a thick blanket and she immediately started teasing my cock. As others were standing and cheering we sat quietly as she pumped my dick, eventually pulling it out of my pants. Half way through the game, she disappeared under our blanket and proceeded to thank me kindly.”

“Wow! I remember you going to that game I was supposed to go with you but got sick and couldn’t go, but you never told me that story” Bill expressed.

“Well, I don’t kiss and tell.” Kevin slurred and chugged another beer.

“Okay Shannon” Jill took over, “you’ve got the long straw so it’s your turn.”

“Truth or dare?”

“Truth” Shannon declared with authority.

“Have you had any problems taking Shane’s donkey cock?” Jill cross-examined. Shane blushed as Shannon searched for the right way to start.

“Um… Yeah. The biggest I’d had before Shane was about Bill’s size. So when I first saw Shane’s cock I was scared more than turned on. In fact, I just kept laughing not sure what to do. That first time he tried to put it in I thought I was splitting in two and made him stop. Then after licking me for a while longer we tried again, he gently pushed in inch by inch until I told him to stop. I looked down and saw he was still about four inches from hitting bottom, so I grabbed what wouldn’t fit in my hands as he slowly worked his monster in and out. As he came to the point it hurt I’d squeeze him keeping him from going any further. By the time he came it was feeling really good, but it took us several tries before I could really enjoy sex with him.” Shannon shared. “There are a couple of things we still haven’t worked out” she continued, “I used to really like anal sex, but I just can’t take him in my ass, and he doesn’t really like the idea of it anyway.”

My mind was working over-time now, I had to figure out a way to get Shannon to agree to peg Angie; Angie to agree to dance at Karen’s club, and talk Angie, Shane and Shannon into letting me fuck Shannon’s ass. I learned a long time ago that my dick is perfect for anal sex.

“Shane?” Shannon asked, reprising her role.


“What is the second problem we have with your big dick?” Shannon asked.

“Well… I have been wondering what it would feel like to have my whole dick in someone’s mouth, like Jill did with David’s.”

“Honey, you don’t want to kill someone” Shannon postulated, “what if it was actually feeling a couple of mouths on the shaft and then one sucking your head?” Shane seemed embarrassed that his wife would suggest such a thing, but obviously excited too.

“Well, I am turning into a prune” Jill proclaimed, and stepped out of the hot tub and headed inside. Semi-reluctantly we all followed her inside with all the guys in full salute to the ladies. We headed in and through some towels on, more to dry off and warm up than cover ourselves.

Kevin once again took charge of getting the fire stoked to a full roar. While Bill wrapped the apron around him, “Look the naked chef!” Jill smiled pointing at Bill, who had taken it upon himself to start making some muffins for the morning. While he worked, Shannon and Karen decided it would be fun to pull the beds out and cuddle under the covers. Agreeing that our backs couldn’t take another night on the sofas, we moved the love seat out-of-the-way and put the beds facing each other with the fireplace in the middle.

Oddly though, Angie and I wound up in bed with Karen and Kevin, with Karen and I next to each other in the middle. Having dried off, we tossed our towels aside, and snuggled; covered under the bed covers, being that close to Karen I brushed up against her several times getting settled. Her skin was incredibly soft, and she smelled of lilacs.

Bill finally got the muffins in the oven and set the timer before joining Jill in the other sofa sleeper with Shane and Shannon. Bill was thoughtful enough to bring a bottle of tequila and six shot glasses, the salt shaker and lime wedges on a tray. Jill opened the bottle and filled the shot glasses. “I have a game” Jill announced, “rock, paper, scissors, shot. We’ll take turns shooting it out, the winner takes the shot, and the loser becomes the salt lick and lime holder.”

“First!” Angie claimed our position, excited by the new game.

We all sat up like kids at a slumber party, “Rock! Paper! Scissors! Shoot!” Jill yelled

I won, beating Angie’s paper with scissors. Taking her by the hand I positioned her on her back, head at the foot of the bed. I placed myself between her legs in a missionary position; my hard little dick poking her hot wet cunt, just a slight thrust would have me inside her. Then I sucked, salted and licked her left nipple. As Angie placed the lime in her mouth, Jill handed me the shot. I threw my head back pounding the shot and shoved my dick inside Angie’s awaiting hole; she gasped and widened her eyes in shock. As I fell down to take the lime wedge from her mouth she wrapped her arms and legs around me and pulled me close, leaving no question that I had penetrated her. I picked her up and sat back against the sofa cushion burying my face in her breasts. Ensuring all the salt was gone from her left tit; I rolled her to my side slipping out of her warm kiss, and sat back up with my dick glistening in the light of the fire.

“SHIT!” Jill screamed, “That’s not what I had in mind, but SHIT!”

Immediately the other three guys tied yelling, “NEXT!”

“As the winner, I think I get to choose who goes next” I presented my case.

“I’ll allow it” Jill ruled in her lawyer voice.

“Bill and Jill” I wanted to force them to be more intimate, and was intentional to call Bill’s name first, little things like that matter to men in power struggles with their wives. “Rock! Paper! Scissors! Shoot!” I called.

Bill won! Beating Jill’s scissors with rock, I couldn’t have been happier for him. “On your knees” Bill charged. Jill placed herself with her head toward the center, on her knees her ass tilted up in a doggie style position. He licked her right above her crack and salted her, then licked his hand preparing her entrance. Bill leaned down and licked the salt, took the shot and thrust inside her; picked up a lime wedge and sucked it hard ramming his dick deep inside Jill’s pussy. She clawed the bed and pushed back meeting her husband’s advances. Bill looked like an animal as he rose up and slapped her ass with a loud and painful whack.

“What the fuck!”

But Bill just slapped her again. “SHIT!” She cried and fell down on her stomach. Bill spat out the lime wedge, grabbed Jill by the hair and continued to ride her cunt. It was evident he wasn’t stopping till he was done.

“You like that!?”

“Take it. Take it you dirty bitch!” Bill was taking his manhood back, and was making sure we all knew it and slapped her ass again leaving a visible hand print on her flesh. Jill yelped in delight and pain as Bill finally gave her what she had always wanted, a strong confident man willing to take what was his. Her breathing quickened and her ass pivoted giving Bill deeper insertion.

“Fuck yes! Fuck YES!! FUCK ME BILL!” Jill’s legs shook in ecstasy overload, her face red with pleasure as she came and came hard on Bill’s dick sending him over the edge he pulled out and pumped his thick cum on her ass hitting her dead in the eye.


The oven timer went off and Bill casually walked back to kitchen as if nothing had happened. But something certainly happened, and his life would never be the same after that moment. Jill wiped the cum from her ass and sat back down resting her weight on her left cheek, the right obviously in pain.

“Who’s next baby?” Jill asked her husband through tears and giggles,


Jill reprised her game master role, “Rock! Paper! Scissors! Shoot!”

Shannon won with paper covering rock. “Ready big boy?” Shannon teased Shane. She placed Shane face up on the bed, head toward the foot like the others, and immediately shoved his cock into her mouth. Licking, slurping and sucking Shannon prepared her man.

“Hold this” Shannon said placing Shane’s hands on his cock keeping it pointed up. Then standing up on the bed she called Angie over with a “come hither” crook of her finger. Angie stepped over straddling Shane as he gazed at Angie’s hot cunt and sexy ass. “You mind?” Shannon asked, and licked Angie’s right tit and salted it. Angie placed the lime wedge in her mouth again and waited for Shannon’s approach. Shannon stood there holding Angie’s right breast in her hand, and the shot in the other. Then like a nursing child at her mother’s breast Shannon suckled the salt from the massive tit and poured the tequila down her mound off her nipple and into her mouth. Taking Angie’s face in her hands, she placed her lips to Angie’s and kissed the lime wedge away, spitting it out she continued to lick Angie’s lime coated lips into a passionate kiss pulling Angie down with her as she met Shane’s cock slowly engulfing his pole inside her. Angie’s pussy was on Shane’s face and he took the cue to suck her. Shannon was pouncing on Shane’s dick now barely able to keep her mouth on Angie’s as they continued to make out.

Angie was close to cumming as she rode Shane’s face, his hands on her hips keeping her pressed in to his tongue. Shannon broke away from Angie and began riding Shane hard taking his cock all the way in down to his balls as she pumped and rocked. Shannon was creaming and her Spanish accent was thickening, “Aye…aye…aye!” She licked her finger and slid it between Angie’s legs diddling her clit. Angie grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples as she came with a loud moan. Covering Shane in her juices was enough to send him over the edge as he shot his load deep inside his wife. Angie saddled up next to me as Shannon continued to ride Shane to orgasm as he convulsed under her. In exhaustion Shannon collapsed backwards stretching her legs in front of her, still impaled on Shane’s dick she gently played with her clit and rubbed her hand over his shaft.

“Hot muffin!?” Bill presented a plate of muffins, and we broke down in laughter; his timing was perfect.

“To Hell with his game!” Kevin snarled and picked Karen up over his shoulder and headed up to the loft. Maybe Karen was right? Maybe they were the normal ones.

I was the only one left who hadn’t cum, something only I seemed painfully aware of. “Could I cash in one of my blow jobs?” I asked Jill who was nearly asleep on her husband’s chest.

“What?…um… Yeah whatever you like” she yawned

Looking around it was clear everyone was more interested in sleeping than my sexual frustration at that point. My dick was hard, and I knew I wasn’t getting any sleep until I came. “Shannon? Could you suck my dick please?” I asked feeling like an imposition.

“God, I’d love to but I am so tired. How about tomorrow?”

“I don’t think I can sleep like this.” I began mounting my wife, but she pushed me away.

“Just, play with it” Angie cussed.

I sat up and barely stroked my dick in my hand, hoping Angie would cave in and let me at least fuck her ass cheeks or tits. But she wasn’t even looking at me. I reached over and massaged her butt, and rubbed my dick, making more noise than normal to gain her attention and maybe her affections.

“Awe…it’s like your petting a gerbil” Jill teased, “A small hairless gerbil.”

“Hey” Shannon spoke seeming surprisingly awake for someone too tired to blow me, “Do you want to fuck my hot muffin?” She asked spreading her legs apart, and sharing a look with my wife. She then sat up and crawled over beside me and teased my dick with her palm. Then reached over and took one of the hot muffins in hand, she bit the crusted tip off and dug a hole with her finger, “Damn! That really is hot” she grunted pulling her finger out and sucking it.

She then took the stick of butter Bill had put on the plate and began sliding it on my throbbing penis. The cool butter melted on my dick as she spun it around, up and down my little guy. Then blowing the steaming center of the muffin she placed it against the tip of my dick, “ready?” she asked Angie, who gave her a nod. Shannon shoved the muffin down on my dick; it was hot but not painful as she held it in place. Angie was lit up with excitement as she watched me getting muffin fucked.

“Does that feel good on your little pinky?” Shannon twanged thickening her accent again. “Oh look at that Angie, he’s completely inside and doesn’t even come out the bottom.” They were particularly large muffins I might add, but who am I kidding I’m small and I loved her teasing. She slowly spun the muffin on my dick like she was screwing it on me. Oddly it felt really, really good and I let out a blissful whine.

“You do like it don’t you” Angie joined in, now wide awake. “Go on fuck that muffin, little man. Make that muffin squeal!” she gushed. Shannon held the muffin on my dick while I thrust into it. I was fucking a muffin in front of my wife and our friends wanting desperately to cum. I sat up on my knees to get more traction, and grabbing Shannon’s wrist began assaulting the muffin with my dick.

“God, muffin fucker! Make that tiny dick cum for us. Cum in the muffin, come on!” Jill cajoled

“If you cum in that muffin in the next ten seconds, I’ll eat it right here in front of everyone. But if you don’t you’ll have to stop and wait till tomorrow to cum.” Angie challenged,

“10…9…8…7…6…5 cum baby cum for me…4…it’s getting close you better cum…3… oh no…2.”

“GAAAAAHH!” I shouted filling the muffin with my spunk. I laid back and Shannon’s lips went right on my spent pecker, licking the muffin crumbs and butter off my dick. “MMM, that’s really good” she smiled and kept licking and sucking.

I looked over at Angie with the violated muffin in her hand; she took a nibble and started eating, “what?” she asked seeing everyone watching her, “it’s a really good muffin.”

“Hmm, I think… I changed my mind.” Shannon asserted still sucking my dick. “I do want to suck you off. Come on get it hard for me.” She continued her CPR on my dick bringing it back to life.

“Oh, there he his.” She moaned feeling me stiffen in her mouth. “Wow, I can feel your whole dick in my mouth.” Her buttery lips looked delicious as they sucked and kissed my dick. “Do you think you can cum again?” raising her eyebrows and crinkling her nose.


“Then do it. Cum for me, I want to feel your pene pequeño explode in mommy’s mouth” Shannon urged laying the accent on even thicker. Angie was beside herself with joy watching Shannon suck me dry.

“Do you need another count down?” Angie asked, “This time we’re starting at five.”


“SHIT!” I yelped and came in Shannon’s mouth, she looked at me wide-eyed and slurped it down like a thick shake. Completely relaxed and spent, my body melted into the shallow mattress of the sofa sleeper and drifted to sleep.

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