Humiliated By Teens

By Lynus Small

I’m a 35-year-old professional and live in a nice neighborhood alone. I had a series of humiliating experiences in college that ruined me for women. Women sense my insecurity and treat me like shit, a wimp, but I outwardly look like a normal-attractive guy. I’m now in shape, was skinny in college, I have a full head of hair, great job and salary and I drive an awesome mustang, but I’m still treated like a little joke. As an adult I’ve haven’t had success with women and when I have had success it generally ended up embarrassing and short lived.

I jerk off a lot and haven’t been with a real woman in years. In the summers I hang out at the pool, drink beer and ogle the hot girls that hang out at the pool, my neighborhood is filled with them. I secretly take pictures of them at the pool and rush home and jerk off to the pictures. I have over 300 hundred pictures on my phone of girls at the pool. I volunteer to take care of the pool so I always have a reason to be there.

Last week I was hanging out at the pool drinking beer. I’d been there for hours and was getting pretty tipsy. A black mustang pulled into the parking lot and parked next to my black mustang. A kid about 19 came in and sat next to me asking if it was my car out front. We quickly got engrossed in conversation about our cars, when two of the hottest girls in our neighborhood came in with tiny bikinis.

“Johnny!” they exclaimed and came over and hugged the kid I was talking too. The first girl had long beautiful brown hair, a sexy young body, a tiny pink two piece and was wearing white socks pulled up to her knees with pink tennis shoes – very fucking sexy. She bent over to hug Johnny and I got a great view of her young firm tits. The second girl was just as sexy. She had long blonde hair and a muscular body; like a gymnast or swimmer. She was standing in front of Johnny and her stomach was so lean with a sexy 6 pack. Her tiny black two piece may have been too big for her because her bottoms seemed loose which was so sexy. It looked like they could slip down any minute.

The girls sat down next to Johnny, I was on the other side, and they mostly ignored me while talking about their IT classes at the local junior college. Apparently they were all freshman and had attended the same high school the year prior. I felt like a dinosaur listening to the young kids chatter. The girls flirted with Johnny and I was envious.

This was not the first time I had seen these girls. I had several pictures of both of them on my phone at the pool and they were my favorite treasures for jerking off.

“Did you see that badass mustang next to mine?” Johnny asked the girls. “It’s his, what is your name again.”

“Lynus,” I replied meekly. I was so nervous talking to such sexy girls, especially young ones. They looked to be about 18 or 19 at most.

“It is awesome,” the brunette replied and we all started talking about cars. That is my subject so I was less nervous and we all chatted and got more friendly as I continued to drink. The blonde’s name turned out to be Hannah and the brunette, with white socks pulled tight up to her knees, was Amy. I was getting pretty tanked when Amy asked if she could have a beer.

I didn’t think anything of it and said yes but then realized I was out. I apologized and said “I guess I could run down to the store?”

“That would be great,” Johnny said and Amy told me that she loved Heineken.

“Get me Mick-ultra please. Johnny what do you like?” Piped in Hannah.

“I’m easy” Johnny added, winking at the girls.

“Shit!” exclaimed Hannah, “I can’t drink here.” My parents could come by any second, they’re right across the street at the Millers watching the game.

Amy sat up from her chair and looked over at me with a pouty expression, “could we go over to your house Lynus?” The thought of having these two sexy young girls in my living room was more than I could stand.

“Uh ya, I mean sure,” I stammered wondering if my computer and tissues were on the couch or if there was any other incriminating evidence out showing off what a jerk addict I was.

I gave them my address and went to the store. I bought a lot of beer to impress the girls, a case of Heineken and Michelob Ultra. When I pulled into my drive way they were leaning on Johnny giggling who was leaning on his mustang. They looked so lean and tan and I was jealous of how much sexually infused attention the kid was getting.

“Yeah, Lynus is here!” Amy chortled and started jumping up and down. Her tiny bikini barley kept in her firm bouncing tits. Her bottoms were about as small as they could be and I could see the outline of her sexy lips.

Carrying in the beer I let them in my house. Luckily there didn’t seem to be any incriminating jerk off evidence in the living room. I had dodged a bullet.

Johnny suggested we play quarters, God they are young, and we commenced to drinking and playing. Amy put on some pop music station and we all started drinking pretty heavily as Johnny was a quarters master. The girls quickly seemed to be getting drunk, neither one of them looked more than 95 pounds, and I was in heaven as they were treating me as an equal even though I probably have 16 years on all of them. I was rock hard under the table and could not believe my great view of these sexy girls in my living room almost completely naked.

Hannah pulled out her phone and started taking pictures. They had me snap pictures of both of them sitting on Johnny’s lap holding up their beers and one with Hannah and Amy kissing on Johnny’s lap. This was too hot.

“What about Lynus?” Johnny asked and the girls popped up, took the phone from me handing it to Johnny, and the girls moved my chair back and sat on my lap, their bathing suits still moist from the pool. Amy sat right on my hard dick and kind of jumped for a second. She rested her weight on me with her crack cradling my cock.

“I guess your having a good time?” she whispered with a playful giggle.

“Yes” I stammered and Johnny proceeded to take pictures of us with beers in hand. Amy kept shifting her weight with her tight little butt and pussy cradling my dick and rubbing. Her butt was so muscular I couldn’t believe how hard it was or my incredibly good fortune to have such sexy company. I involuntarily tensed by dick and she immediately gave me a glance with a devilish smirk. However, I had no plans to make any moves on these girls, they were way to hot for me. Just having them around was good enough for me. Especially with Amy sitting on my prick.

Amy started talking about my neighbor across the street named Steve. He is my age, works out at my gym and is rich and extremely in shape. He always has girls in there 20s coming to his house and hanging on him. Amy asked several questions about Steve and was telling Hannah how hot he is. It came up that we were Facebook friends and Amy immediately jumped up, off my dick, and said “Yeah, let me show Hannah pictures of him, is this your phone?” She picked up my phone from the table and I got a little nervous. “What is your passcode?”

I didn’t want to but didn’t have the balls to say no. Hopefully she would just go on FB and stay away from my picture folders. I gave her my passcode and she found my FB app. “You’re not logged in. What is your face book code?”

“Same as my phone code” I replied and she logged in and began showing Hannah pictures of Steve on his FB page. He always posts pictures of himself with his shirt off and pictures of him with sexy younger women. He has no shame. The girls cooed about Steve for a while and Johnny and I commenced talking about our cars again.

We ended up going outside and he showed me a tweak for my engine to increase performance. When we returned Hannah was lying on my couch drinking and Amy was still looking at my phone intensely. That made me a little nervous but she was probably just looking at her crush on FB. Amy looked up at us with a grin and said “yeah, they’re back, let’s get back to quarters. This time let’s up the stakes – let’s play strip quarters.” Amy was obviously horny from looking at my neighbor’s pictures.

“Fuck ya” exclaimed Johnny. I remained silent. I was not interested in getting naked in front of these girls. Way too self-conscious and I had had similar experiences in college that had not ended well for me.

“No way” piped in Hannah, “we’re only wearing two pieces you little slut, you just want to show off your goodies and see some dicks” Hannah giggled.

Amy pleaded with Hannah but to no avail. “Guess it’s only the three of us,” she said and gave me a wink.

“I’m not really, uh interested and…”

Amy cut me off, “you are playing,” she said in a firm and serious voice. That was a change I thought. “Get us another round and sit down Lynus,” she ordered.

“Damn! She’s taking control,” Johnny laughed. I got us another round and sat down. This was crazy. Johnny and I were wearing swimming trunks without shirts and Amy had on a two piece. This was going to be instant nakedness and I did not want to take off my shorts. I wasn’t even wearing underwear.

“Ladies first,” Johnny said passing a quarter to Amy.

Amy made her first quarter in, she had gotten a larger class making it much easier, and said “Johnny’s first.” Hannah sprang up from the couch, her tits bouncing in her suit, and sat down eagerly at the table to watch the show.

“Still not playing, but I got to see this,” Hannah giggled as she sat down next to Amy, both of them facing Johnny and me.

Johnny didn’t seem shy at all. He undid his draw string and dropped his suit. He was wearing boxer briefs but they could not hide what he was packing. It looked like he had a sock in his shorts but it was obviously a large package and he wasn’t even hard. You could clearly see the outline of his large cock and the ridges of his thick head. The girls ogled Johnny’s package and Hannah said “nice! Go again Ames!”

Amy made a second quarter in. The new cup was low and wide, it would be hard to miss a shot. “You’re up Lynus!”

“I’m not really into this, why don’t you two just play and I’ll get us some more beers.”

“No you’re up Lynus, can’t back out now,” Amy said again with a serious tone. “Don’t worry we’re all friends here. Let’s see it!”

I slowly stood up and looked down at my bathing suit. There was no way I could do this. I was drunk but not drunk enough for that kind of confidence. The girls encouraged me to take them down but I was frozen. “Come on Lynus, its just a game,” Johnny said. I was frozen and was having panicky flash backs to similar circumstances that happened in college that haunt me to this day.

“A little help,” Amy said, I didn’t know what she meant.

Johnny reached around and undid my draw string. I stood there motionless and unable to move. He loosened my shorts and slowly pulled them down to my ankles. I was still frozen and looked down at my now shriveled dick pointing out. There was barely a neck it was almost like I had just a head ticking out of my body.

“Oh my fucking God, you’ve got a baby dick, that is fucking hilarious,” Amy said without any mercy. I instinctively bent down to grab my shorts but Amy sprang up, leaned over the table and pushed me over. I fell on my ass and she quickly came around the table and quickly snatched my shorts from around my ankles and pulled them off. “Lynus has a baby dick, Lynus has a baby dick,” she sang.

“Don’t be a bitch Amy,” Hannah said, “he can’t help it, you’re just being cruel.”

“Bull shit!” Amy said in anger. “Look at his fucking phone in the pictures folder called “pool”! I took off the passed code, it’s over there.”

I stood back up cowering and cupping my little dick and balls with both hands. “I didn’t, I don’t… but… wait,” I stammered. I didn’t know what to say. The folder had several pictures of Amy and Hannah that I had secretly taken while they laid in the sun at the pool.

Hannah grabbed my phone and immediately found the folder. She flipped through it giggling until she stopped and looked up at me in anger, apparently she had found a picture of herself. “You fucking little prick pervert, are you putting these on the internet. I can’t fucking believe you. I’ve got a camel toe in this one, what did you do with these? You old pervert. Like taking pictures of young girls? Fuck, you even have pictures of my Mom and sister in here!”

“I didn’t do anything with them I swear, they are just for me…” I cut myself off realizing I just admitted to taking their pictures to jerk off.

“That is fucking pathetic,” Amy said scornfully. “Take your hands down and get Hannah another beer.”

I didn’t move. “Do it now” Amy said forcefully – this was just like what happened to me in college; a humiliating nightmare.

I took my hands down slowly and got Hannah a beer. As I handed it to her Amy said “smile.” Hannah and I were both holding the beer and looked over at Amy who was taking pictures of us on her phone. “Got you now mother fucker!”

Hannah broke out into laughter. “You’ve got to send that to me! Here take another.” She put her arm around me with the hand holding the beer. With the other hand she held up her pinky next to my still tiny dick, obviously comparing my size to her pinky that was longer than my flaccid penis. A third picture was taken with her thumb and index finger making an inch next to my little inch.

“All right that’s enough!” I finally said getting up the confidence to put a stop to this nonsense. “Give me that fucking phone! No pictures!” I was surprised at my courage to stand up to these young and cruel girls. But I was the adult and I was putting a stop to this.

“Shut the fuck up baby dick! You’re not in control here. I made some changes to your face book page. Now your profile is public but I changed your password and email address. You can look at the page but you can’t change it or delete anything I decide to post. Maybe I’ll post a picture of you and your baby dick handing a beer to young Hannah over here. She’s 18, half your fucking age, and I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to give us beer. I think you might actually go to prison for that one. How would you like all of your friends and family to see what a little dicklit you have perv?”

“That is hilarious” Hannah said turning to me. She still had her arm around me and was cracking up. There did not appear to be any mercy between them. “Let’s delete that fucking folder on his phone. Are there any other copies?”

“No I swear there are none,” I lied. It was all backed up to my lap top. Hannah picked up my phone and deleted the folder.

“Looks like Ames here has you by your tiny little balls perv!”

“Dude, you are so fucking’ fucked,” chimed in Johnny. He was now on the couch, still in his boxer briefs, drinking my beer. I was again covering up my shame with both hands.

“Let’s make some movies!” Hannah exclaimed light heartedly, “starring Lynus Small and the dicklit!”

“No way am I… are you…” I wondered how she knew my last name. Probably on my phone or on the mail sitting on the counter.

“Ok, I’ll just send this picture of you naked handing an 18 year old girl a beer to the police and say that you invited us over, got us drunk and then stripped and tried to take advantage of us. Then I’ll change your FB cover page to a close up of your little prick. How about that?” Amy taunted.

“No please, please don’t, please I’m sorry.” I pleaded.

“Let’s make some movies!” Hannah yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Well what’s it going to be Lynus? Are you going to do as we ask or do you want to take your chances with the police and for a little, I mean little, update to you FB page?” Amy taunted.

“Ok, ok I’ll do what you want, but will you then delete the photos?”

“Sure we will, of course.” Amy giggled not very convincingly; I was less than confident about her truthfulness but couldn’t think of a way out. She had me. This was just like fucking college.

“Let’s go out on the deck, it’s a beautiful day,” Hannah said opening my back door. I have some privacy from my neighbors, tall trees, but not enough to be comfortable naked.

I walked out on the deck, still cupping my dick and balls, and Hannah and Amy followed, both with iPhones in hand. Amy slapped my ass making be jump forward.

“Alright, you’re the film critic Hans, what is our first movie going to be?” Amy asked.

“Ok, rub that little clit and sing ‘I have a little baby dick, I have a little baby dick.’”

“No, what about my neighbors, please I don’t, I can’t…”

“The Johnsons aren’t home, don’t worry, besides you don’t have a fucking choice, do as she commands little man!” Amy demanded. Shit, I realized, she knows my neighbors!

I began rubbing my penis. I was nervous but the sun on my naked body and the sight of the two sexy girls was getting me aroused. Something about Amy’s tight white socks pulled up to her knees made her look so young and sexy. I was half way hard when Amy said, “let’s help him out.” She walked over to me and turned around. “Help me with these Lynus.” I pulled the tie on her top revealing the rest of her sexy back. “Bottoms too,” she said and I untied the side of her sexy bottoms. With her top and bottoms in hand she raised her hands over her head, wearing only tennis shoes and socks, and jumped up and down. I was instantly rock hard watching her firm body bounce.

“Ok, movie time,” Hannah said, moving Amy out of the way and pointing her phone at me. Amy sat across from me and opened her legs. Her socks up to her knees and cleanly shaved pussy looked so fresh and hot. “Ok, on three start apologizing for having a tiny dick, rub it fast with your index finger and thumb only, admit that you take pictures of girls at the pool with your phone, admit you could never satisfy a women with your little dick, and keep on repeating these admissions until I tell you to stop.”

“No way, I’ll do anything but…”

Amy held up her phone showing me a picture of a FB download page with a picture of me naked, my tiny dick head barely poking out of my body, I almost looked like a girl, “All I have to do is hit send and you’ll have a new profile picture. Is that what you want or are you going to do as the director demands?”

“No, please, please…”

“Last chance, fast with two fingers, apologizing for your little dick and that you can’t satisfy women, admit that you take pictures of girls at the pool with your phone to jerk off to and keep repeating. Change up the wording, make it real, or I’ll nod to Amy and she can post for all your friends and family!” Hannah held up her phone “One, Two, Three, Action!”

I started rubbing my hard cock with two fingers and repeating the lines Hannah had given to me.

“Bullshit. One, I want you to rub it fast and two, make me believe the lines are coming from you, that you mean them and that they are true. Shouldn’t be hard, they are true. You have one more chance or you can take your chances with FB and the police. Hold on a second… ok, action!” Hannah commanded pointing her phone at me again.

I started quickly rubbing my dick with two fingers. Amy had her legs open and was lightly rubbing her clit. “I’m so sorry I have a such a little dick. I’ve never been able to get a girl off with it. They usually make fun of me. I secretly take pictures of girls at the pool and come home and masturbate to them. I have to. I can’t get a real women with my little dick because I don’t satisfy women. They just laugh at me and…”

“Cut, very nice. We have company.” I turned around and Johnny was standing at the window buck naked with dick in hand. It must have been at least 8 inches and was very thick.

“I better go take care of that” Amy slurred with a smirk, closing her legs and walking sexily to the back door. She entered and gave Johnny a long kiss as they disappeared into my living room.

“Ok, this time we’ll turn it around a little. Rub that little dick with two fingers, fast and tell me what a big stud you are and how all the women love it especially the young college girls.” Hannah commanded. “Make it real!”

I continued jacking off in front of Hannah as she moved around with her phone acting like a real director. She looked so fucking sexy in her little two piece. As I explained what a stud I was, how all the young girls wanted to fuck me I started getting close to coming. Adding to my arousal, I could hear Amy screaming from inside, Johnny was obviously fucking the hell out of her. My breathing was starting to get heavy and I arched my back ready to blow.

“And cut. Good hand job little Lynus. One more scene and we will be done, for toady at least.”

“For today?” I asked in a pleading tone.

“On the grass, on your back.”

I complied and laid in the grass, my pulsating cock pointing at the sun. I was still on the verge of blowing a load. I felt powerless to Hannah and it was humiliating but a turn on.

“Ok, last chance to save yourself from Amy’s pictures. Hike your legs over your head and aim your dicklit at your mouth. I want you to rub it fast and blow your little load in your mouth, drinking up every drop and you’ll have three minutes. Otherwise I go in there and hit send! On three, hike you legs over your head, I’ll help holding your feet so you can cum in your mouth.”

“Oh fuck” I thought.

With my bare ass facing the sky and Hannah holding my foot she gave me some directions “Okay, on three ask me to please video tape you, say I can do anything I want with the video but to please video tape you blasting your face and in your mouth. Beg me and make it real.”

“No way, why would I…”

“Because if you don’t I’ll immediately post your pictures to Facebook. Last chance to comply Lynus.”

I was stuck. She had me by the balls and I didn’t feel like I had a choice. With my legs over my head I started rubbing my still hard dick. The sun was beating down and was hot in my asshole and Hannah was holding one of my heals helping me aim my penis at my face. I was freaked out but it was also erotic. She had total control.

“3, 2 1 Action!” she said pointing her iPhone.

“Please, please, I beg you, take my video blasting cum on my face and in my mouth. You can do anything you want with the video but please take it. I want you to” I hesitantly said while rubbing my dick pointed at my face.

I looked up at Hannah and she mouthed “Faster,” to me with a flash of anger in her eyes. I beat my little dick faster with my forefinger and thumb and moaned as I got close to cumming. “Open your mouth… big” she mouthed to me as she pulled my heal back further so my dick was pointing directly at my mouth. I guess she didn’t want her voice on the video.

“Oh, fuck” I said as I began blowing my load. Hot droplets of cum hit my face and then a gob hit the back of my thought causing me to cough. A droplet hit my upper lip and one squirt landed on my eye sticking on my eyelash and causing me to squint to see through the cum.

“Cut. That was perfect little man. You did wonderfully. My friends are going to die when I show all of them this! Smile.” She took a close up of my face covered in jisim.

“One more,” she clicked her iPhone again. “What is your face covered with Lynus Small?”

“Um… my face is covered with semen.” I replied, knowing I didn’t have a choice.

“And whose cum is covering your face Lynus Small?”

“It’s my cum” I replied.

“And why did you cum on your face Lynus Small?”

“Because I wanted you to video tape it” I replied, knowing by now what she wanted.

This was just like what happened in college. Totally controlled and blackmailed by a sexy and sadistic girl. But this time the evidence they had on me could definitely land me in prison.

“Okay, one last thing. Go to the bank and withdraw $300 for Amy and me. Looks like we’re hitting the town tonight. But don’t clean up your face. Leave it covered in cum and be back in 10 minutes.” Hannah demanded.

I went into the house. Johnny was fucking Amy from behind on my couch. I grabbed my shorts, a t-shirt and my keys and went out the front door. I could feel cum running down my cheek and my left eye was half closed from my sticky mess. I drove with one eye closed to the ATM and withdrew $300 for them.

To be continued…




  • fleetwizard

    Great story so far! Looks like Lynus is in deep poopie, as it were. Can’t wait for the next part!

  • DEEncuck

    Awesome story, thank you for sharing it!

  • vici

    very nice storie love the SPH and the blowing his nut onto his face done it many times myself . cant wait for part two.
    nice job thank you


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