Humiliated at High School Reunion

By Embarrassed_Men.

My name is Joe. I’m a 38-year-old personal trainer and a well-built thick guy. My story starts with getting invited to a high school reunion at a former schoolmate’s house in a nearby town.

I was hesitant to go because I had no idea who would be there. I hadn’t seen anyone from school in twenty years, so it felt a little weird, but my former classmate Zack, who messaged on Facebook, insisted that it would be a good time and that I should go.

I arrive at a large house with just a few cars parked outside. I rang the doorbell, and Zack opened the door and welcomed me inside.

Part of me secretly wanted to go to the reunion because of how much muscle I put on since I was a small kid in school. I liked the idea of showing off a completely different look.

Zack had already been keeping up with me on Facebook, so he casually welcomed me inside to greet everyone else.

I walked into the living room, and my heart jumped, then almost stopped.

Ahead of me was a large, hairy guy, about 6’1, and probably at least 320 lb. He was very chubby but held it well and looked like a tank. I knew right away who it was. His body had gotten even bigger, and he looked more intimidating. Still, enough of his facial features stayed the same. His name was Ryan.

Ryan was the guy that regularly bullied me through high school. He was one of the stars of the football team, even though he was an offensive lineman. The girls were obsessed with him and didn’t seem to mind that he could be a bit mean to the other kids.

Ryan got away with humiliating me several times and never got caught by any of the teachers. He almost always targeted me in the locker room, where even the gym teacher usually didn’t go when the kids were there.

After gym class one day, the last class before school ended, Ryan cornered me in the locker room after I had just changed out of my gym shorts. He ordered me to turn around, and I did what he said because he was much bigger than me. Ryan then used all his force to yank down my pants without undoing my belt. They dropped and just about took my underwear down if I hadn’t held on. Ryan then grabbed me by my underwear, lifted me off the floor, and carried me outside, where the kids were waiting for the buses. Everyone was looking, and I felt humiliated, being held in the air by my white briefs.

Brian then set me down, grabbed the front of my underwear, and started yanking up on the front, the back, and the front again. He told me he was being a good friend and helping me floss my ass for me. The kids were cheering and laughing, some even recording with their phones.

The buses finally showed up after about 5 minutes, and Ryan let me go. If he had gone any longer, my underwear would have ripped right off me, and I would have been naked in front of at least 40 kids. I thought for years about what if that had happened.

Ryan then told me to get on the bus in just my shirt and underwear, now so loose I had to hold it to keep it from falling. I went home on the bus like that while the other kids were laughing and watching the video of Ryan humiliating me.

Long story short, Ryan embarrassed me many other times. One of the most humiliating was when he and the football team pantsed me and then taped my head to the inside of one of the toilets. They pulled my underwear completely between my ass and then wrote my name on my back so anyone who found me in the toilet knew who they were looking at.

I ended up like that for about two hours. I heard giggling and phones taking pictures. Someone peed into the toilet and onto my head, and I never found out who it was. Finally, a teacher came in and got me out of the situation, but I knew better than to let him know who had put me there.

I snapped back to it in my friend’s living room, realizing I had just frozen.

“H-hey,” I said and waved at everyone.

Everyone introduced themselves, and I was surprised at how different everyone looked. Ryan was the only one I recognized without needing a name.

With his deep voice, Ryan said, “What’s up, man? I’m Ryan.”

“Hey. This is Joe. We went to school together for years.”

“Joe?” Ryan said. “That sounds familiar.”

“Joe Wilson,” I said sort of meekly.

“Joe!” Ryan shouted. “What’s up, buddy? I didn’t even recognize you with all that muscle. I’m sorry about high school. No hard feelings?”

“It’s OK. I moved on years ago,” I said, knowing that wasn’t true at all. I relived some of the humiliation from Ryan for years after.

“That’s good,” Ryan said.

Now the others in the room were interested in what Ryan was discussing. Ryan told them stories about how he would embarrass me in front of the other kids and all the pranks he would play on me.

He told the group how he pissed all over one of his sweaty jockstraps and shoved it in my mouth while it dripped wet. He walked me to the bus and told me if he saw me take it out my mouth before the bus drove off, he would tie me up naked to the school flag pole the next day.

The girls laughed at Ryan’s stories like it was nothing more than kids having fun. I was turning completely red and now embarrassed already to be here.

It was a very small turnout at the reunion, with three girls, me, and three other guys. Ryan told them as many stories of me and him as he could remember. The girls loved the stories and were even flirting a bit with Ryan.

About two hours had passed, and we were all outside drinking when Ryan made things uncomfortable for me.

“So, Joe,” Ryan said. “Is it true that many muscular guys have real small dicks?”

One of the girls let out a single loud laugh of surprise.

I couldn’t believe he was asking that causally in front of everyone. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, but he hadn’t changed much since school.

“I… Uh… No… At least for me, it’s not true,” I said.

“Come on, man,” Ryan said. “There’s got to be some reason you workout so much. I’ve always thought muscular guys were trying to make up for something. We’re all adults here. You can be honest. I’m not trying to embarrass you. I’m just curious if it’s a true thing.”

Everyone stopped talking and was focused on Ryan and me now.

“I… No, it’s not true. I work out because I like to, and I’m not lacking anything down there.”

“Show me,” Ryan said. “Come on. We’re adults here. I don’t believe you.”

I looked at the girls, who were now glued to what was happening. They were all smiling and seemed to be loving this.

“I… I’m not showing you. That’s… I’m not doing that,” I said.

“I’ll pull mine out if you show yours,” Ryan said confidently.

One of the girls started whistling, and the other two laughed.

“I’m not doing that,” I said.

“Whatever, dude,” Ryan said. “Rumor around school after I sent you home on the bus in your underwear was that you had no bulge in your briefs.”

I turned completely red. I had never heard that was a rumor.

“They… They were tight,” I said.

“If they were tight, then why was there no bulge?” Ryan said.

I knew I set myself up for that comment. The girls all laughed, and even one of the other guys chuckled.

I didn’t know what to say and just took another sip of beer, hoping the conversation would change to anything different.

About ten minutes later, I talked to one of the girls about how she could build her leg muscles more, and I hadn’t realized Ryan had snuck behind me.

In one motion, Ryan grabbed my shorts and pulled all the way down to my ankles, taking my underwear down too. My hands moved immediately to cover myself. Ryan then stood back up and gave me a slight push while stepping on my shorts and underwear, causing me to lose balance and step out of my clothes.

All three girls and the other two guys howled with laughter.

“So, ladies,” Ryan said. “Was I right? Does Joe have a tiny dick?”

The girls were laughing too hard to answer, but Zack, who had his phone out recording, said I covered myself too fast but that maybe the phone recording caught something.

“Let’s see,” Ryan said.

Zack then scrolled through the video on his phone.

“There!” he said.

“Well, look at that,” Ryan said. “Looks to me like my theory was right. Muscle guys are small between the legs.”

Zack handed the phone to the girls, who had their hands over their mouths, trying not to laugh and embarrass me even more.

Ryan then took Zack’s phone and showed me the paused video.

It was blurry, but you could see my dick that had bounced in the air and was making its way back down.

Still covering myself, I said, “It’s blurry… You can’t even see anything.”

“You sure can’t!” Ryan said and then laughed. “Ain’t nothing to see, buddy.”

I was completely red, standing there naked.

“Move your hands,” Ryan said. “We already think you’ve got a small dick. We’ll either keep thinking that, or you can prove me wrong.”

I kept my groin covered.

“I guess I’ll speed things up,” Ryan said.

Ryan started walking toward me, and I backed up away from him. I backed into the house wall, and Ryan, who was drunk, huge, and intimidating, walked right up to me. Ryan grabbed both my arms and moved them away from my groin.

“Damn, man!” Ryan exclaimed. “That’s just embarrassing.”

Ryan then let go of one of my arms and spun me around so my arms were being held behind me.

“You ready to show the girls that little cock?” Ryan said

“Please, please don’t,” I whispered to him.

Ryan laughed and then rotated me around to face the three girls and the other two guys, who both had phones facing in my direction.

All three girls laughed, and even the guys couldn’t contain themselves.

“Apologize to these nice ladies for lying about your cock size. No one wants to get in bed with a guy and realize they lied about their manhood. Apologize,” Ryan said with assertion.

I looked down and realized my dick was smaller than usual, maybe because of the beer. I felt so exposed, and my arms were being held behind me by my high school bully. All I could think about was covering myself.

“Look, Joe,” Ryan said. “A lot of guys have small dicks they try to hide. Ya don’t need to be embarrassed. I don’t think you should lie when someone asks you. I’ll hold you here until you apologize to these ladies for lying about your cock.”

All three girls giggled so hard they looked like they were about to cry. I felt humiliated and couldn’t believe that Zack, who invited me here, was recording this with his phone.

“Well,” Ryan said. “Joe here isn’t gonna apologize for his.. shortcomings.. so if you nice ladies want to take a picture of Joe here so you have something to remember, you’re welcome to do the honors.”

Linda, who I went to school with for years. She was the first to pull her phone out. She pointed it at me while laughing and hit the picture button on her phone. She then looked down to check the picture, started laughing, and showed it to the other two girls. The other two girls giggled and pulled out their phones to get a picture for themselves. I think they were secretly turned on. Both at me getting so humiliated and seeing Ryan dominating another guy ruthlessly. No one seemed to feel bad about my situation.

Ryan finally let go of my arms, and I covered myself again, making the girls giggle even more.

“That settles it,” Ryan said. “Guess I should have just stripped your butt naked in school, and you wouldn’t have had to keep a secret for twenty years. I think you look even funnier with those muscles and tiny dick.”

Ryan said, “If you want your clothes back, follow me through the house.”

I nervously looked at the rest of the party, who were all still laughing, then did what Ryan said and followed him through the house.

We got to the front door, and Ryan, who had my shorts in his hands, told me to go outside.

I could tell he was being serious, and I slowly walked outside and looked around to make sure no one was outside their homes to see.

Ryan walked me to my car, handed me my keys and phone, which were in my shorts, but didn’t give me back my clothes.

“It was real nice to see you again, bud,” Ryan said.

Ryan then got a serious look in his eyes and said, “Here’s the deal, bud. If you don’t want your secret gettin’ around the entire town and seen online, you’ll do exactly what I say. My girlfriend doesn’t suck dick, so that will be your job for the future. If I text you and tell you, I want my cock sucked. You say, yes sir, when and where, sir. Got it?”

I was still naked and standing by my car.

“I…don’t…I…never…sucked dick,” I said, feeling completely exposed still and scared of Ryan, who humiliated me even worse than in school.

“Well, bud. It’s time you start learning then, huh?” Ryan said. “Between you and me, it looks like you’re a guy with a stubby vagina between your legs. I said nothing to the girls, but they thought the same. That would be pretty embarrassing if you ended up butt naked and on display for the rest of your days on the internet. I promise to make sure that will happen. Don’t think ya want that, do ya, bud?”

“Please, no,” I said.

“I’ll text you tomorrow and tell you when and where to be. I expect a ‘yes, sir. I can’t wait, sir.’ You understand me?” Ryan said, looking me in the eyes while I still covered my groin.

“I…yes…yes, sir,” I said, turning red with embarrassment.

“Atta boy,” Ryan said. “Thanks for stopping by, bud. Was great…catching up.”

Ryan then turned and walked back into the house. I looked around, still naked, and quickly got in my car, making a Thirty-minute drive home while still exposed.

I laid in bed that night, thinking about how Ryan humiliated me in school, and then relived the reunion again. I could feel my dick being stared at, hear the laughter like it was still happening, and imagine the girls and the other guys rewatching the video.

I imagined what it might be like sucking a man’s dick and was embarrassed to feel my dick start to get hard while imagining Ryan’s cock inside my mouth. I could only wait until Ryan’s text tomorrow, knowing I would do anything to keep what happened at the reunion from getting out to the public.


To Be Continued…


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