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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got bad genes in the family…

We are a family of four, Dad, Mom, my younger brother, and me. Growing up, nudity was common for us brothers, but Dad roamed in his boxer briefs. I have always been amazed by my Dad’s bulge. I always thought it’d be the same for me when I grew up, but I was wrong. He was freakin huge when soft. It was such that he always had to adjust his tool even when soft, and he completely ignored his surroundings and kept adjusting his cock. It must be pretty uncomfortable for Dad to have a massive cock.

To estimate his size, he is about six inches soft and thick. While I, on the other hand, have no issues adjusting my small penis since it doesn’t need to. It just stays in its place with nearly no help from me. I have no bulge. My bulge is completely flat there, as if nothing’s there at all. My brother, who is now eighteen, is bigger than my Dad, with a noticeable bulge. I have seen him hard as well. I always thought he and my Dad must be showers. They wouldn’t grow much.

But sadly, when I saw my brother completely hard in the shower, I was amazed. It was like those thick and big cocks that we see in porn. Just ginormous. I haven’t seen my Dad hard when he is nude, but seeing my brother, Dad, must be similar.


Another reader has a comparison contest to impress his girlfriend…

This happened over a decade ago when I was with an ex-girlfriend who, at the time, knew about my SPH fetish.

At the time, we lived in an apartment with several other people. The guy in the room next to us was always rumored to be well-endowed. He had lived with mutual friends before and used to get naked while drunk. My girlfriend and I heard him having sex through the fairly thin walls, and his partners were always loud. We had several embarrassing experiences where we were having sex simultaneously. I finished well before he did, and we had to lie there listening to them through the wall. It sounded hot, but after you’ve already cum and the post-orgasm regret kicks in, it was pretty mortifying. In the end, this girlfriend broke up with me explicitly because the sex wasn’t any good, and I think our time in this apartment was part of the reason.

Anyway, the main experience happened one night when my flatmates all went out drinking, but I stayed in and went to bed as I had to get up for work early the next morning. I was woken up at about 1 am by my girlfriend and the guy from the next room, both drunk, bursting into our bedroom. I’m honestly not sure what she was expecting – maybe she just wanted to prank me or get me out of bed to drink with them, but she ran over to the bed and threw back the covers. I wasn’t wearing anything and was fully exposed to both of them.

I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, but I’m really small when soft (two inches), and they both burst out laughing. My girlfriend said, “Oh my god, why are you naked?”

The flatmate just said, “I’m so sorry, man!”

I was pretty pissed from being woken up but also turned on by the situation, so I had a dig at him and said, “Whatever, I bet you’re not actually any bigger than me.”

The whole thing escalated (they were drunk), and we made a bet that he wasn’t bigger than me. My girlfriend kept trying to stop me, she seemed embarrassed on my behalf, but we kept pushing each other. (I still fantasize that we put a blowjob or sex with my girlfriend on the line, but this is real life, and although I think we both wanted to push it that way, we bottled it and just did it for bragging rights. I wish I’d gone further: the story’s moral is to grab opportunities like this when they come up!)

Anyway, he got his dick out, and it was huge. Flaccid, it must have been a thick six inches. The expression on my girlfriend’s face was priceless. She was shocked. I tried to defend myself by saying I was a grower and we’d be closer.

But my girlfriend laughed and said, “Babe, come on, we all know that’s not true.”

She didn’t explicitly say it but implied that I wasn’t as big hard as he was soft.

It got a bit awkward then and fizzled out. I grumpily said I had to get up for work in the morning, so they left and drank in the kitchen area. Later that night, I woke up to the sound of my girlfriend masturbating next to me, which was one of the hottest moments of my life. I silently listened, rock hard, as she tried to keep quiet.

It wasn’t too awkward living together after that, surprisingly. We never spoke about it, however. Maybe they didn’t remember, or everyone pretended they didn’t. My girlfriend did get more aggressively vocal when we were having sex, saying that I’d have to fuck her harder if I wanted her to make noises like our flatmate’s partners. We moved out of the apartment a few months later and broke up shortly after.


Meanwhile, this reader’s wife gets in on the fun…

I was making my wife some popcorn last night, and I asked if we could have some sexy time later. She said, “I don’t know, but you have to be hard when I say so if I do.”


Fifteen seconds later, she stuck her hand down my shorts and rubbed me. “Well, you’re not hard, so I guess you don’t get anything,” she said.

“Let me finish your popcorn, and I will be. I’m so horny!”

“Babe, I know you’re always horny,” she said, walking away.

“You knew how horny I was before we married,” I reminded her.

She laughed. “Ya, I did, but I didn’t realize how small you were.”

“Hold up, you said I was the second biggest of all your boyfriends,” I said, digging.

She turned around quickly. “I must have been drunk because that is a bald-faced lie. You are undoubtedly the smallest of all my exes.”

By then, I was done with the popcorn and walked it over to her. I pulled my shorts and underwear down, and she said, “No, you’re not getting it.”

“Babe, I will cum in 25 seconds, I promise!”

“You better, or I will stop. Not joking!” she said as she grabbed my dick.

I saw my chance, so I said, “But for real. All of your exes were bigger than me?”

“Ya,” she laughed. “The smallest was still at least an inch and a half bigger than you.”

“What was the biggest?” I probed.

“At least four inches bigger.”

“Can you show me?”

She grabbed my dick hard and said, “Well, you’re very thin, and the biggest was here…” She held her second hand five inches above her other hand, covering my entire dick. “He was that big and almost twice as thick.”

“Wow, that’s huge,” I said.

My wife laughed, saying, “Ya, way bigger than your tiny baby dick.”

“Baby, I’m going to cum. Tell me how big I am!”

“You’re so big. Like massive,” my wife said, laughing.

“Babe, be honest. Tell me the truth!”

“OK. The truth is you’re fucking tiny. The smallest I’ve ever had. Come on, little shrimpy-shrimp, and cum.”

With that, I came hard.

She laughed and said, “Wow, that was much fun for a change.”

I cleaned up, and then we started getting ready for bed. My wife has recently started calling me shrimp when talking about my dick and sometimes texts me the shrimp emoji. Super hot.


While this reader’s wife has cucked him with a toy…

Sometimes I can tell when my wife is horny, never for me but her dildo. She insists I help. I came home from golf and found her wearing only a see-through robe. No imagination is needed. She is dynamite. We were headed to the couch and then straight to bed. Not messing around, she ordered Joe an eight-and-a-half-inch thick dildo. I lubed it up and handed it over. She inserted it and started the drill. Suck my boob and rub my clit faster, wider up and down. Bingo, she climaxed.

Looking over, she asked me if I would like to try it. I knew better. Just another embarrassment, but it had been so long since such good memories that I succumbed to temptation. I climbed in and couldn’t feel anything. She was stretched out and so wet there was nothing to feel. Instantly she screamed, “Oh, your cock is so big, so thick, fuck me harder.”

It triggered me. My orgasm was a zero, no cum. I didn’t know it happened. My wife immediately did and called me out. I rolled over, mad at myself. Just another ruined orgasm, another lost opportunity.

She smiled at me. “You know I made that up about you being big,” she said. “I can never feel your baby dick inside me. That’s why I have Joe.”


This reader has a friend with benefits…

One day after work, my female friend with benefits came over with a big smile, and she said she hooked up with a guy bigger than me. She says I’m the smallest out of all her sexual partners. She told me a guy from a previous job would always hit on her, but she would decline his advances because she had a boyfriend then. He wasn’t huge, but she says he was noticeably thicker but a few inches longer than me.

She started giving me a handjob as she explained how thicker he was. She made it seem like he was red bull can thick. I told her to quit exaggerating, and she said she was serious. She says she made him do the toilet roll paper test, which wouldn’t even fit, and he seemed like he was two or maybe two and a half inches longer than the toilet paper roll.

So I ask her the obvious question. “Are we still friends with benefits?”

She says, “Yes. I enjoy smoking and fucking with you, even with your small dick.”


Another reader loses his virginity to a size queen…

This was many, many years ago. I lost my virginity to my best friend’s cousin. She was a few years older than us and had some experience. We started doing the deed, and she said very loudly, so my friend in the next room could hear, “You have a pencil dick!” I was mortified at the time, but being the first time, I finished very quickly. Then she said, “It’s tiny. I hope it grows!”

We did it several more times that summer, and she always called me pencil dick when we did. I didn’t like that then, but I wanted to fuck, so I kept going back! Haha

My friend heard her, and I’m sure they discussed it more after I went home. After that, he and our other good friend took a few opportunities to say little digs about it. Haha. And that’s where it all started for me.


Meanwhile, this reader has a shower moment…

I play recreational hockey once a week. I love playing, but you are expected to shower after the game. I’ve seen a lot of cocks in the dressing room. Nobody is as small as me. So I get undressed as fast as possible so I can shower alone. So after a game, I did my usual thing and was in the shower alone. I usually have a hand over my dick just in case someone walks in. But this time, I let my guard down. I was washing my hair and facing the entrance to the shower when one of the guys walked in. I looked at him, and his eyes were looking right at my tiny uncut dick. To make things worse, he had a huge cock and was about ten years younger than me. He pretended he didn’t see it, and I got out of the shower quickly.

After I left the room, he told all the guys about my tiny dick. I would notice guys trying to get a look at my dick after that instance when I was changing. I still play, but it’s humiliating that the team knows about my baby dick.


While this reader had a drinking problem…

This happened about ten years ago. I used to have a drinking problem and would typically drink until I passed out. After one of those nights at the bar, we all returned to my buddy’s place. It was three guys and a girl. I continued to drink until I passed out on the couch. I don’t know how long I was out, but I woke up to my two buddies and the girl standing over me. When I realized what was happening, my tiny dick was out, and they were taking pictures. I’m pretty sure I was exposed long before I woke up. I remember the girl laughing as I woke up and tucked my dick back in my pants. I never brought it up to my buddies, but I’m sure they talk about it when I’m not around.


This reader discovers something about his wife…

As someone with a small dick, dating has always been intimidating for me because I’m worried I will let my partner down or that my partner will lose interest once she learns about my small member. This prevented me from seeking relationships I might have normally sought.

Thankfully, I met a nice girl in college who loved me for me and did not seem to mind my certain insufficiencies. It helped that she had never had sex and had nothing to compare me to.

Fast forward several years later, and we are happily married. I would say our sex love is good, and through the years, we have started exploring kinkier stuff like BDSM. It helps her get off when I cannot always provide what she needs.

I recently shared some of her pictures with her permission in a wife-pic-trading group. She isn’t comfortable showing her face, but she’s let me share some rather explicit cropped pictures of her vagina, ass, and breasts—nothing that could ID her, but still more than I even thought she’d let me show especially as a rather conservative girl who has only slept with one man: myself. One of the other guys in the group pointed out that in several of the photos, my wife’s hymen was visible. We have never had kids, and since we have only had sex with each other, no other penis has vaginally penetrated her. I had never considered it, but looking closely at the images, it is clear that there is a thin wall of tissue a couple of inches into her vagina.

The next time we had sex, I made sure to spread her vagina, and sure enough, I could confirm that her hymen appeared intact. I spread her labia with one hand and used my index finger to inspect the spongy tissue wall merely a couple of inches into her vagina.

Since I’m a gold member of the small dick club, I realized I had never vaginally penetrated my wife far enough to break her hymen. We discussed this, and my wife does not consider herself a virgin since we have had sex many times. However, the chat group guy says she is still a virgin because I had not vaginally penetrated her. He claims I’m merely fucking her labia, vulva, and clit, but not entering her vagina.

It’s weighed on me that I cannot vaginally penetrate my wife. I’m still able to make her orgasm most times we have sex, but it’s mainly due to the fraction of my cock on her sensitive clit. There’s very little penetration.


Another reader has a bad experience with an escort…

I was drinking one night and was horny as fuck. I was a 25-year-old virgin due to my small dick, so I decided to get an escort. I messaged a decent-looking girl, and she invited me to her hotel. I went to her hotel, and as I sat outside and tried to get my tiny dick hard, I realized it wouldn’t work due to anxiety and the alcohol. After a bit, I still went into her room and handed her $300. I asked if I could eat her asshole, but she told me she doesn’t do that. She offered to suck my dick. I told her I couldn’t get hard and left shortly after, only getting to see her tits. It was such a pathetic experience. She messaged me a bit later, saying her friend would let me eat her ass for $200, but I was too ashamed to go back.


Meanwhile, this reader learns he’s the smallest his wife has been with…

This happened when my wife and I started dating. We were out at the bars with a group of people but left to go back to her apartment and fuck in their shower. Shortly after we finished, we left and walked back to my girlfriend’s room in our towels when her roommate came home and saw us.

We were all drunk, so her roommate started playfully tugging on my girlfriend’s towel, but they both turned their attention toward me. After fending them off, I told them I would drop the towel if they flashed me simultaneously. I didn’t think there was a chance they’d do it, but they gave each other a little shrug, my wife pulled her towel down, and her friend lifted her shirt and bra.

I couldn’t believe I put myself in that situation. Still, after stalling for as long as possible, I decided to go for it. All the lights were on, which made it even worse. Still, I opened my towel confidently, but her roommate immediately started laughing. You could tell she was trying to think of something to say before she finally muttered, “Well, you did just get out of the shower.”

Her friend was attractive, too, so that made it even more intense. I figured it would be over when I covered up, but her roommate asked my wife if I was the smallest guy she’d ever been with. To my surprise, my wife didn’t say anything right away. Still, after shooting several evil glares at her roommate, she admitted out loud that the other guys she had been with were all bigger.

I accepted it for what it was, and her friend has brought it up over the years on several occasions. One more recent and intense time was when we were on a boat with a guy she was dating. Drinks were flowing, and someone said something about the girls tanning topless. They agreed to tan naked if the guys got naked too. The guy looked at me and said, “fuck it, man, let’s just do it. What do you think.”

I didn’t want to spoil the fun, so I agreed. He was quite a bit bigger. For the next hour, I had to navigate the mental gymnastics of him seeing my wife completely naked. At the same time, everyone else tried to pretend like they weren’t judging my small dick.

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