Her Old Boyfriend from High School

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Mark by cuckytoher (edited)

My pathetic, semi-erect, four inch cock dribbled the last of my orgasm onto the bed sheets as I knelt on all fours. My wife rolled off the bed laughing.

“I’ve just got to get a picture of this!” She squealed, getting the digital camera off the dresser.

I must’ve looked quite a site kneeling there in that state with a pair of her pantyhose on, with a cyberskin dildo in my ass, and a small bell wrapped around my cock and balls. I looked at her as she snapped pictures laughing the whole time and wondered how I had gotten into this. Who was I kidding? I knew exactly how I got to this point in my life.

“That’s great Tinkerbell!” She laughed. “Now come on out in the other room, I need a foot massage.”

I got off the bed, put my cock back in the pantyhose and followed her into the living room where she flopped on the sofa and put her feet on the Ottoman. Without being told, I knelt and took the lotion from the end table and began to massage her feet. My mind kept going back to how all this had started.

Kristi and I were high school sweethearts and married soon after. I was always submissive to her and even on our wedding night made a feeble attempt to make love to her before my tiny penis erupted as I slid it inside her. After that our lovemaking was mostly me using my fingers or tongue. And so our life went on for the next twenty years.

And then, suddenly last year, Kristi joined a health club to lose some weight. It was then that I saw a dramatic change in her. She is what I would call a rubenesque woman, and very pretty. She dropped about twenty pounds, dyed her hair blonde, started visiting the tanning salon regularly and started dressing a bit more provocatively.

I on the other hand, resigned myself to the couch, television and potato chips. I packed about two hundred and forty pounds on to my five foot nine frame, and yes I had a gut. It seemed while I was gaining weight, Kristi was losing it and getting a great deal of male attention everywhere we went. She seemed to like it and became more daring in her outfits.

Then one day she came home from the gym, tossed her bag in the corner and took a seat at the kitchen counter and sipped a water. The sweat gleaned off her neck as a tiny bead ran down between her ample breasts and disappeared in her black leotard. “Honey, do you remember Mark Byrnes from high school?”

How could I not?

During the whole time we went out together in high school we broke up once and in that time Kristi had dated Mark. He was the high school jock extraordinaire, quarterback of the football team, a great baseball player, and all the girls were after him. He dated Kristi for a while until we ended up getting back together but she would always bring him up as ‘my old boyfriend’ when she talked about him.

I stared at her and said, “I remember him. Why do you ask?”

She laughed a mischievous laugh, “Well I ran into him today. He just moved back to town and has joined the gym I go to.”

I felt my stomach flip inside out. Still I tried to remain casual “Oh, how’s he doing?”

“He hasn’t changed a bit,” she said licking her lips.

“Great” was all I could muster for a reply but I felt sick.

For the next two weeks every night when she came home from the gym it was Mark this, and Mark that. It got so I could barely stand it anymore, but I knew that I didn’t have much of a choice. Kristi was beautiful and I didn’t want to lose her to Mark again at any cost.

One Tuesday night she came bouncing in the door like she had won the lottery. “Hi honey, I’m home. Mark and I went out for a drink after our workout. Oh my God he is so funny, he makes me laugh.”

I felt like dying inside, but all I could do was sit and listen as she went on and on about him. She showered and we went to bed and I began to get frisky. She told me she really wasn’t in the mood and that she was tired. I acquiesced and rolled over and went to sleep. The next night she called to tell me that Mark had invited her out to dinner and that she wouldn’t be home till later.

I was seething inside but called and ordered a pizza. At about eleven o’clock that night she came home and flopped down on the sofa. I noticed that she had changed from her workout clothes but was still wearing a leotard, except for the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Again, I had to sit and listen to how funny, cute, sexy, bright, Mark was, while she put her feet in my lap and told me to massage them as they were tired from dancing.

“Dancing? You two went dancing?” I said wide eyed.

It was as if something had broken inside. I started yelling at her about Mark and going out with him. Then something happened that changed my life forever; she hit me. Slapped me right across the face! I was stunned and shocked and didn’t quite know what to do until she spoke.

She frowned deeply saying, “Listen honey, Mark is my friend and if I want to go out to dinner or dancing with him I will. Just because you choose to be a couch potato and do nothing and I’ve chosen to take control of my life and make some changes for the better, you’re certainly not going to tell me what I can and cannot do who I can or cannot do it with.”

With that, she turned and went upstairs to bed. I sat there for a while and found myself beginning to cry. Finally I found myself sobbing. I pulled myself up the stairs and sat on the edge of the bed.

I begged her forgiveness and told her that I was just afraid of losing her. After a considerable amount of time with me begging and pleading forgiveness, she relented but said there would be some changes in our household and in our relationship. For one, she would do whatever she pleased with whomever she pleased and if I didn’t like it I could leave. She told me that she loved me but that she loved herself and the things she was doing were for her not me. I could do little more than whimper and agree.

Things took a turn after that night. Namely we stopped having intercourse. Our sex life to that point had consisted of me attempting intercourse and usually ejaculating early and sometimes before I even entered her. From that night on, it was all about her. I would get her off with my fingers and then and only then after she had cum would she even think about letting me cum. Usually I was allowed to hump her leg and cum or fuck the bed while she berated me. This soon changed to her playing with my balls and never touching my cock which put me in agony while trying to cum without having my cock touched.

And of course, Mark became more involved in our life. Kristi would spend three or four nights a week going out after her workout at the gym with him only to return home later and later and some nights coming in as late as three of four in the morning. I would watch her get ready for work in the morning and watched how sexy she dressed knowing that she would be seeing Mark after work. I on the other hand was left to do the laundry, cleaning, and the rest of the household chores. Most nights, when she came home I would be in bed and she would crawl in beside me and tell me all about her ‘date’ with Mark.

Eventually her ‘dates’ with Mark began to work their way into our sex lives with me begging her to tell me about what they did while she played with my balls and made me cum. Sometimes I think she made things up just to get me off but I was never sure. I asked her what Mark thought of me and did he ever question why I never went out with them.

She smiled and said, “Mark’s got your number. I’ve told him all about you.”

And that was that. She never elaborated and I never asked, I think I was afraid to on a multitude of levels.

Shortly after that, one night while we were having sex she took her pantyhose off and handed them to me and told me to put them on, which I did without question. She told me that from now on, I was to wear her dirty pantyhose from the previous day each day while I was at work and home. She also attached a small bell around my cock and balls that would ring when I walked and she began calling me Tinkerbell.

Again, I agreed and my role of subservient husband got deeper. Every now and then when Kristi and I were out we would run into Mark and I was amazed at how much he hadn’t changed since high school and here I was a balding, chubby husband wearing pantyhose and a bell beneath my clothes.

While Kristi’s time with Mark increased, her time with me decreased. I work nights, so I would only see her on my night off or if I was lucky enough to get home before she went to work in the morning. When I did see her I was like a puppy in heat; fawning over her and trying to get her to give me a little attention and possibly have her get me off. It became so that when we did see each other, I was little more than her slave, doing her bidding, and waiting on her hand and foot. The time I did spend with her was also filled with stories about Mark and what they had done together. The thought that their friendship had turned physical was always at the forefront of my mind and I couldn’t help but begin to accept that they were sleeping together.

The Friday afternoon of Labor Day Weekend the phone rang and it was Kristi.

“Hi Tinkerbell, it’s me. Listen something dreadful has happened. Mark was playing touch football with the guys and sprained his ankle and threw out his back. The doctor says he can’t walk on his foot for a whole week, so I told him he could stay with us for the weekend at least.”

My throat tightened. “I uh guess that’s ok honey.”

“You guess? What the hell does that mean? I told you he’s coming to stay with us and that’s that! Now make sure the house is clean and the bed has fresh linen, I told Mark he could stay in our bed since it’s more comfortable than the one in the spare room,” she said sternly.

“Buuuuttt…where will you and I sleep?”

Click, the phone went dead before I could finish my sentence. My heart started racing, but like a good little house-husband I went into maid gear. I cleaned and changed the linen on our bed, and made sure everything was just right when I heard the door open.

“We’re home!” Kristi shouted from the front door.

I ran down the stairs to see Mark with a crutch under one arm and my wife under the other. She was wearing a low-cut top and a very short skirt with what seemed to be very high heels.

“Grab Marks’ stuff from the car and bring it to the bedroom.”

Without thinking I went outside to the car and couldn’t believe my eyes. There were two huge suitcases and bags full of stuff. I brought everything to the bedroom as Kristi settled Mark on the bed. “There that will make my patient feel better.” She said, in a cooing voice. I put the stuff down and Kristi looked at me, “Oh the things in the bags are Mark’s dirty laundry since he isn’t going to be home and he’s not sure what he’ll need I thought we’d bring it over here and you could wash it for him.”

“Yes ma’am,” was all I could think of to say.

“Now honey, Mark knows about our relationship and he knows that you wear pantyhose around the house and about your bell. As a matter of fact, some of that might have been his idea,” she told me.

Oh my God, how mortified was I at this moment? He knew? My face flushed red with embarrassment. I could do nothing more than stand there and hang my head.

“Now honey, if Mark’s going to be here for the weekend, or maybe longer, I think it’s only right that you are in your normal state that you’re in around the house. So you can take off your pants and shirt and be yourself. Come on now do it.”

Slowly I lowered my head, unbuttoned my jeans and dropped them to the floor. I could hear Mark and Kristi snickering from the bed. “There doesn’t that feel better Tinkerbell?” she said in a baby voice.

“Yes ma’am,” I muttered and then removed my shirt. There I stood in pantyhose with my bell naked in my bedroom while my wife and her old boyfriend sat on the bed snickering.

“Tinkerbell, I told you Mark knows all about us and what goes on here so there’s no need to be embarrassed. He accepts that certain people have certain needs and he knows that you need to be the way you are. So for as long as he’s in our home, you’ll treat him the way you treat me. Now enough of this foolishness, you’ve got laundry to do and we’re hungry, right Mark?”

Mark just grinned and said, “Yeah I could go for a burger and a beer.”

“You heard the man Tinkerbell, you better get going.” Kristi said, smiling and fluffing up a pillow under Mark’s back. I bent down and picked up the laundry bags and headed for the kitchen.

The rest of the day and evening were spent with me running up and down the stairs bringing Mark and Kristi food, drinks, magazines, and at one point Kristi had me give her a foot massage right in front of Mark. My little cock was throbbing and dripping just touching her. Then came the time for me to go to work, as I said, I work midnight to eight am So I got dressed to go to work and gave Kristi a kiss goodnight and said goodnight to Mark. I wondered all the way to work what the sleeping arrangements were going to be. Once at work, I called and asked Kristi where she was going to sleep that night.

“Why in my bed silly! What did you think I was going to do?”

“I uh wasn’t sure with Mark being there and all. Oh Tinkerbell, it’s not like Mark and haven’t seen each other naked before or slept together before after all we did go out together in high school. Now you go to work and have a good night. Oh and in the morning bring us home two coffees and those delicious cinnamon rolls from that bakery on Main St.” Click and the line went dead.

I spent the rest of my night wondering what was going on and it was torture. I couldn’t concentrate on work and all I did was watch the clock. At eight o’clock, I raced from the building, sped to the coffee shop, and then flew home. Upon entering the house I crept upstairs so as not to wake anyone up. There lying on the bed, my bed, our bed, was my wife wearing a little short black see through teddy that I had given her for our last anniversary. She had never worn it saying it wasn’t comfortable to sleep in. Next to her lay Mark with no shirt and a pair of boxer shorts with the snap front undone. Whatever was in there looked huge, but turned away and placed to coffee on the nightstand. Kristi opened her eyes.

“Hmmm hi there.”

“Hi honey, here’s your coffee and cinnamon rolls.”

“Thank you baby.” With that she rolled over and placed her hand on Mark’s hairy chest. He began to stir and she said, “Breakfast is here.”

Mark smiled and nodded to me and I nodded back. “Oh, I’ve got to take a piss.” He said, to no one in particular.

Kristi sat up and said to me, “Grab that urinal and hand it to Mark.” I walked over to my dresser and picked up the urinal that they had given him at the hospital and handed it to him. He made his way to the edge of the bed, stood up and said, “I’m going to need a hand here.” I shuddered to think what he meant, when he leaned on my shoulder and took his cock out and started urinating. I have to admit I must have looked silly, just standing there gazing at it, but it was magnificent. It must have been at least eight inches long and I can’t even guess how thick but it made mine look even smaller than it was.

He laughed and patted me on the back. “It’s ok, there Tinkerbell I know you’ve probably never seen a cock that big especially after seeing yours.”

He looked at Kristi and they both chuckled and he got back into bed. I spent the rest of that day waiting on them; actually I spent the entire Labor Day Weekend waiting on them both hand and foot. And finally on Monday night after I’d emptied Mark’s urinal for what seemed like the hundredth time, he had to piss again. Out of bed he got, except this time he pulled his cock out and looked me straight in the eye, “Hold it Tinkerbell while I piss.”

Reluctantly, I reached down and took hold of his throbbing member. It was big and warm and I could feel the piss running through it as I held it there.

When he was finished, I placed it back in his shorts and emptied the urinal. That began my total subservience to Kristi and Mark that exists until this day. And so that’s why I’m just finishing kneeling on what used to be my bed watching my cock dribble the last of its orgasm out, my weekly reward for outstanding service to either Mark, Kristi or both of them. But the story of what I did to deserve the reward will have to wait for another day….

Doing chores never bothered me, but since Mark’s ankle has healed (see part one) it seems like all I do is run around and do chores for him and Kristi. Once his ankle was better, Kristi thought it best that he stay here at our house for a couple of months. By that point, I had no say in the matter but begrudgingly accepted.

That first week, Mark went back to work as did Kristi and me and I thought things would be back to normal. What I found was that things went back to normal for them, however after work I ended up cleaning, doing laundry, cooking and running a million errands for them. Kristi and Mark still slept in our bed and I could hear the grunting and groaning coming from what used to be our marital bed.

Weekends were the worst. They would usually go out on Friday night sometimes without me, while I was left home to attend to chores. Some nights they would come stumbling in around 2:00 am, both drunk and horny. Other times I was made to go with them and chauffeur them around, all the time hearing comments from friends about how close they had become. A ritual had started when Mark had his broken ankle and that was that I was to always hold his cock when he went to the bathroom. Kristi thought it was cute, and Mark thought that it showed who the boss was.

So many nights while out on their bar rounds, every time Mark went to the men’s room, I would follow like a dutiful servant, unzip his pants, take his massive tool out and hold it while he pissed. I have to admit that this held some excitement for me as I did love the feel of his big cock with his piss flowing through it. And furthermore, he once had me hold it while I was naked and witnessed me getting a hard on which set him to laughing and knowing that it turned me on.

One particular Friday a week or so ago I was not privy to their Friday night trip and was home doing chores when they returned home. Both pretty drunk, they came in and flopped on the couch. Kristi had a low-cut leotard on with no bra and a short skirt. I remarked that her outfit reminded me of when we were all in high school together. She often wore leotards and knew they drove me crazy. That was all it took, Kristi smiled and said she had a great idea. Why didn’t we do a fashion show of all our old clothes from high school?

I was mortified. Both her and Mark were the same size (Kristi actually smaller) than when we were in high school. I on the other hand had packed on tons of weight. Dutifully, I went to the storage and got out a bunch of old clothes. Kristi proceeded to try on leotards, Danskin, skirts, low-cut tops, and an assortment of hot clothes that a 17 yr old would wear and she looked great! Fortunately for me, Mark had no clothes from that era at our house, so I was the next victim. They sat on the couch and laughed, with tears rolling down their cheeks as I struggled to get into pants that were two or three sizes too small and shirts that would button over my girth.

Kristi screamed with laughter as I tried to get into my Saturday Night Fever white suit and black shirt. The pants barely fit up my legs and there was no way they would button and the shirt barely made it onto my 240 lb frame. With Kristi roaring with laughter, Mark proceeded to the stereo and turned on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. “Dance for us baby!!” Kristi yelled. I stood there mortified, but Mark came up and whispered in my ear, “You better do what she says or there’ll be hell to pay.”

Slowly I began to dance around the living room with my pants unbuttoned and my shirt half off while they roared with laughter. Finally a slow song came on and the two of them stood to dance. I thought my embarrassment was over, but Kristi said, “Now if we’re dancing you dance, just pretend you have a partner in that hot looking suit you have on!” With that they proceeded to roar with laughter once again, with Mark caressing his hands up and down Kristi’s thighs and feeling her breasts, while I swayed to the music with my imaginary partner.

When the song ended, Kristi told me to clean up the clothes and the mess in the living room and go to bed. Since Mark had moved in I had been sleeping in the spare room. After I had cleaned up and locked the house up for the night, I went to my room, but heard Kristi calling me. I approached what used to be our bedroom and pushed the door open expecting one of them to want a glass of water or a drink. There on the bed, lay Mark naked, with his huge cock lying soft on his thigh. I had to admit that even soft, he was bigger than I was hard. Kristi lay next to him, with only her leotard on, legs spread.

“Yes ma’am.” I said meekly.

“Honey, I just wanted to tell you that you were very entertaining tonight,” she looked at Mark and they both laughed. “Mark and I have been thinking and we think that you deserve a reward for all the hard work you’ve been doing around here and for entertaining us. So, since you’re already familiar with Mark’s cock from holding it while he goes to the bathroom, we figured your next step in the reward process would be for you to actually witness it get hard and help it along. Come over here,” she gestured for me to approach.

With that, a whole new chapter in my life began. Moving slowly toward the bed, I was instructed to kneel between Mark’s legs and take his cock in my hands and gently stroke it. Doing as I was told, I could feel his semi hard cock begin to grow in my hands. Kristi, smiled at Mark and then at me and said, “Now bend over and kiss it.”

I couldn’t believe what I was being asked to do, but like everything in my life, I bowed my head ever so slightly and placed a gentle kiss on the tip of his cock. “Now suck it,” she said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Once again, my subservient state and humiliation complete, I bowed my head and began sucking.

That night was the first of many that I was to be involved in their lovemaking. Yes, their lovemaking. I was no longer allowed to make love to my wife and it was clear that she and Mark were in love and I was the cuckold slave along for the ride and whatever they chose to dish out.

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