Gym Size Contest (Gay Themes)

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By Josh

The sound of the ticking clock filled the silence in the meeting room after my Junior, James, had just contradicted me in front of our bosses for the second time. While I tried to find a way of saving the situation, I realised that this wouldn’t have happened a week ago, in fact last Friday our weekly catch-up had gone without a hitch. I guess a week is a long time in business.

After the meeting a week before, I had gone to the work gym. I know it’s pretty sad to go to the gym on a Friday, but I was seeing really good results and I was in the mood for a tough workout. I’d been focusing on developing my pectorals and they’d got a lot bigger, I had even a well-developed ridge separating my pectorals. I had waxed my blonde chest hair to show this off. At 28 years old, 6ft, I weighed 75 kilos and I was looking really toned and hot.

By the time I’d finished my workout the 24 hour gym was empty. I hit the changing rooms, slipped out of my sweaty clothes and headed naked for the communal showers with a towel in my hand. In a rush to get home, I headed for the nearest shower, which was in the middle of the block and made sure the water was nice and hot before standing under the jet.

Soaping my body, I’d got into the habit of feeling my pumped biceps – they always felt so hard after working out and kind of hot. I don’t know why, but I always felt horny after a gym session, and straight after getting home I’d stand in front of a mirror checking myself out, as I jacked my dick. Guess this is a bit weird, but having got a hot body why shouldn’t I appreciate my hard work.

While I was washing my hair with my eyes closed, I felt that someone else had stepped into the showers. Normally, when the gym is busy, I like to take a shower in the corner for privacy, but on a Friday night I wasn’t expecting anyone else to be at the gym and so I stood totally exposed.

I washed the shampoo away and when I opened my eyes to see James, my junior at work, standing there naked as the day he was born. I had to try hard not to check out his dick, so I focused on his handsome face instead. He was about my age, but looked slightly older with his 5 o’clock shadow. He went to the shower opposite mine and started to rinse his dark hair. I’d never seen him at this gym before, but I could tell the guy was in good shape by the way his suit sat on his broad shoulders, and how his arms bulged.

James faced me and gave me a nod in recognition. “Just come for a swim,” he said to explain why he was here.

“The pool’s shut, dude. It closes when all of the gym staff goes home.” I replied.

“Oh Fuck. Guess there’s no need for the shower then. Ah well, I’ve started so…” he shrugged and kept washing.

So I left him showering and wrapped the towel around my waist, then walked back to the lockers. I was wondering if James might have seen my cock when he walked in on me showering, but there didn’t seem to be any way of knowing. He was probably straight anyway, and not interested in checking out guys in the showers.

When I crouched down with my back to the room to get my clothes out of my locker, I heard James walk in behind me. I didn’t look round, I felt nervous about changing in front of someone who I worked so closely with. “You’ve got a nice body, man,” he said from behind me.

He sounded really relaxed, and in control. “You gotta watch those thigh muscles of yours though. Don’t let them get any bigger, cos they make your dick look small.”

I tensed up when I heard this.

James had seen my dick after all.

I stood and turned to face him. That’s when I got another shock, because James stood there naked and wet. This time I knew it was okay to look at him since he brought the subject up, and so I took in his ripped body. He stood just under 6ft and looked about 65 kilos, no fat – just muscle. His chest had a slight covering of dark hair, which tapered below his naval towards his cock, which hung soft and uncut, at about 6 inches, between a pair of strong-looking, hairy legs. He looked seriously hot as he stood there confidently, water still dripping from his big low-hanging hairy balls.

While I took in this sexy sight, I tried to work out what he was thinking and how I could face him at work, when his soft dick was so much bigger than mine when it gets fully hard.

“You know it’s a myth?” he said, breaking my reverie.

“What?” I asked, unsure of where he was going with this.

“You can be as hairless down there as you want, it doesn’t make your dick look any bigger.” He came over to me and yanked off my towel. “See… totally hairless, but I reckon it’s no bigger than an inch. You can work out those muscles of yours as much as you want, but the one that really counts will always be pathetic and tiny.”

I knew already that my dick was small. To be honest, after hiding it away for years, it was liberating for the secret to be out. The way James spoke to me was humiliating, but it was also getting me turned on and my dick got rock hard in seconds, with James standing right in front of me.

He looked down and said “Wow… man, that was quick. Hate to think how long that thing lasts before you shoot. So what’s that, about 4 inches hard?”

I nodded.

“Damn… I’m bossed around by a guy who’s packing a feeble 4 inches. How the hell does that happen,” he said, screwing up his face at me.

I gave him a wry smile and shrugged a little.

“Bet you’re gagging to see how big mine gets. Why don’t you blow me to find out!”

By this point my dick was aching with a throbbing pulse, and my cut cock head was pointing skywards. I got to my knees in front of him, I couldn’t resist his commands and I took his big soft dick into my mouth. My head started to bob up and down and his dick filled my mouth. I wondered what it must be like to be so awesomely equipped, as I took his dick out of my mouth and started to stroke it and I tongued his slowly tightening balls. His cock was getting hard, but it took a while before he was fully hard, I guess because he had so much more cock then I.

I sat back and checked it out. Standing, I measured my dick up against his and realised he was over twice my size – I reckon he must have been 9 inches. I was so turned on by seeing the size difference. “Man, yours is so huge. It’s like we’re comparing two different organs,” I said to him.

My dick was heavily leaking precum by this point. James noticed and said, “Shit man, looks like your little dick is about to explode. You better not touch it, or this thing will be over way too quickly. Lie down dude, I’m in charge now and I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

I did as I was told and lay across a bench on my back, which felt hard against my firm, waxed arse. My 4 inch dick was like a rock, the tip continuing to leak precum, which dripped far short of my belly button. James came over jacking his dick, gently dragging his foreskin back to reveal his massive cock head. He spat in his free hand and started to work his saliva into my hole. I moaned, I wanted his cock badly. The size didn’t scare me, I just wanted it inside me to know what it’s like to be fucked by a real man.

He rested a hand next to my head and with his other hand he guided his dick into my hole. “Fuck me, you’re tight,” he moaned as he pushed his cock inside me, “I don’t want to break you. Don’t think you’re designed for massive dick.” However, my anus opened up for him, and slowly he inserted his dick into me. This wasn’t the most tender moment of the whole experience. They don’t say big dicks hurt for no reason.

James then started to fuck me hard, his balls slapping against my arse. He used my hole, dominating me, which set him on some kind of power trip. The alpha had made this hairless, little dick freak his bitch, and we were both loving it. With each thrust it felt like his dick was getting even bigger, and sweat started to bead across James’ face. I hadn’t touched my dick, but it was hard to resist the urge. My little balls had got so tight they had entered my body and my sack rested tiny and empty against my body, as we moaned and panted.

James had noticed this too. “You got no balls! What kind of rubbish excuse for a man are you,” he chided me. When James started to get close he told me I could jerk my dick. When I started to play with it he said, “Yep, that’s hot, watching you jerk your mini tool. Fuck yeah!”

With James’ cock fucking against my g-spot, and my hand able to stimulate the entire surface of my dick in each half stroke, he was right to make me wait. I don’t last long when it’s just me wanking in front of the mirror, or when I’m in a rush in the shower I reckon I can cum in under a minute. Once I started stroking my little cock I couldn’t hold back I was so turned on. Each stroke sent a pulse through my cock so hard that after just a couple of tugs I knew the orgasm had already started and there was no holding it back.

My cock bounced against my hand, as my balls started to empty out their sticky white contents. I continued to jerk on my dick as long as I could stand the orgasmic hypersensitivity of my cock head and when I finally took my hand away, my dick carried on shooting right up to my neck. There was so much cum when I was done that James looked really turned on.

Just after I finished cumming, James took his cock out of my arse and started to jack it. He stood over me, so that his cock was level with my softening dick, although it extended beyond my belly button. It was so hot watching him jerk his dick, while I could see him getting turned on comparing it with my cum drenched, shrinking little dick.

Just before James came he said “Fuck, my cock is so much bigger than yours, it’s such a turn on.”

His dick then pulsed, and his low hangers twitched in their hairy sack, he let out a moan and his dick exploded, shedding a load of cum across my body. James’ cum shooting didn’t seem to last as long as mine, but he still managed to ejaculate way more than I did, and it looked thicker as well.

When he finished he pressed his still hard 9 inches against my soft inch, we were both spent.

I’d never experienced anything this intense and hot, man SPH is awesome. But it left me with a dilemma as we sat in Friday’s meeting, with James filling out his suit trousers with cock, whereas mine just sagged around the crotch. Do I let him humiliate me in meetings, or do I argue my side.

How can I do anything but submit to this bigger man cock?

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