Greg’s Coworker Helps Out

By DRobbie06.

“She just doesn’t seem interested in sex anymore. Like for the last year or so,” I explained to a colleague at the university about my wife, Lydia.

Lydia and I have been married for just over three years. Having waited until we finished our Masters’s degrees and established our careers, we are both on our first marriage in our mid 30’s.

Lydia is an average-looking curvy 5′ 4″ with a tight waist. Her juicy ass and d cups still get plenty of my attention. Still, it’s not reciprocated. I’m average looking at best, about 5’11” and weigh around 200 pounds. Neither of us is winning any pageants, but we’re attracted to each other.

“And sex was plentiful in the beginning?” Joe asked me. He is a psychology professor specializing in human sexual behavior.

“I wouldn’t say plentiful, but certainly much more regular than now,” I answered. “She would even initiate sometimes in the beginning.”

When I met Lydia, a speech pathologist, she was on campus to lecture to a class. We immediately felt a mutual attraction and went for dinner that same day. I proposed after about six dates, figuring we weren’t getting any younger, and we married two months later.

We’d had sex three or four times before the ring exchange, went crazy on our honeymoon (although this is when I found out about her issues having orgasms), and did it approximately once or twice a week the first year. But sex was almost always planned, rarely spontaneous, and never for long sessions.

“I normally don’t do this for colleagues, but I could give you two a couple of free therapy sessions. Maybe I can get to the root of the problem and help you both fix it.” Joe kindly offered.

“That would be great! I’ll ask Lydia if she’s up for it. She is aware of my frustration but doesn’t give me much feedback on her feelings. Maybe she’ll open up for you.” I told Joe.

That evening I gently approached the subject of our sex life with Lydia and asked her if she’d agree to a few sessions with Joe. She agreed, although she didn’t seem as excited as me about getting to the crux of our issues.


The following Saturday, Lydia and I walked into Joe’s office at 10 am sharp for our first meeting. Joe asked some basic medical questions first, then went on to our brief sexual histories, and finally came to our current situation. I could see my wife becoming more comfortable as she realized this was a safe space where she could speak the truth with a mediator present.

“If I’m being honest, and please understand that I love you deeply,” my wife said, turning to me, “I can’t really have orgasms with you, Greg. It’s your penis size. It just doesn’t hit the spot inside me. I feel terrible to admit it, but it’s true.”

Feeling very embarrassed and emasculated, I held back any emotional actions to continue this truthful dialogue. Why hadn’t she mentioned this before? I’m 4.5″ long (hard) and on the thin side.

“I don’t understand why you haven’t mentioned this before. Have you faked the orgasms up til now? What about when I go down on you?” I asked with a calm, concerning demeanor.

“Although I appreciate your willingness to perform orally on me, and it does feel nice, it’s not something that brings me to orgasm. So yes, I’ve faked it.” My wife confessed. “I wanted to tell you on our honeymoon, but I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but this is very constructive.” Joe interceded. “Lydia, would I be correct in saying you don’t want to leave Greg?”

“Absolutely. I love him with all my heart.” She told Joe as she reached out for my hand. “I just don’t know what to do besides using my toys after Greg goes to sleep.”

“You have toys?” I was shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me? We could have used them together.”

“I didn’t want you to feel substandard because they’re so much bigger than you,” Lydia responded, somewhat ashamed to say that in front of Joe.

“Is there a chance I can have a few minutes alone with each of you?” Joe asked. “Greg first, please.”

“Sure.” We both answered as Lydia stood up and left the room.

“Greg, I have an idea that may work. I’m very experienced in hypnosis.” Joe started. “I believe I can hypnotize Lydia so that she has orgasmic feelings during sex with you, despite your shortcomings. Pleasure has as much to do with mental connections as it does with physical touch.” He explained. “And since she’s clearly in love with you and wants to work this out, I believe the chances of success are high.”

“That would be great, Joe!” The thought of my wife cumming for real from me fucking her was encouraging. “Would she know that you did it?” I asked.

“Not exactly.” Joe went on. “Hypnosis tends to work better when the patient doesn’t know it’s happening. They tend to fight it otherwise. The paperwork you both signed when you came in already permitted me to perform any therapeutic functions that I deem necessary.”

“I’m on board for sure!” I heartily agreed.

Joe called Lydia in and spoke with her as I waited outside in the car. I was curious what he was telling her, but I assumed I would find out on the drive home. Maybe she would already be under a spell, and we could have mind-blowing sex today!

On the way home, I asked Lydia what Joe talked with her about in their time together. She told me that he went over some basic ideas to spark romance and that he wanted to meet with us separately during the next two sessions. I was glad to hear that as I assumed he would be hypnotizing my bride to respond to my small member, although I figured there’d be no mind-blowing sex for now.


The next week Joe met with me while Lydia went over to the coffee shop on campus. After my meeting, which seemed brief but was actually an hour-long, I went to my office to finish up some work while Lydia had her session.

“Are you ready, sweetie?” Lydia asked as she entered my office after her appointment. “What a great session. Went by so fast, though.” She added.

Lydia looked somewhat wide-eyed and flushed. Her hair was now down, although it was wrapped in a bun before the meeting. I assumed Joe must have put her under and begun the process of mind manipulation.

“Yes, I’m all set. Glad you enjoyed it.” I said as I stood up and locked my desk.

“And to be honest, I’m feeling kind of refreshed and playful.” She told me while slapping my backside lightly. “How about some afternoon delight?”

“Let’s go!” I happily agreed and pulled her by the hand so as not to waste any time getting home.

The entire ride home, my wife, was petting my hard dick through my khakis and even flashed me her boobs a couple of times. When we got home, we made love, and Lydia orgasmed twice before I came, and believe me when I tell you, I don’t last that long.

When I finished inside my wife, I had the urge to go down on her, something I had never considered before. So as she lay there, I slid down and began licking, kissing, and sucking her pussy with my own cum dripping from it. I couldn’t believe I was enjoying it so much and I was equally shocked that she wasn’t grossed out by it. Things are definitely changing in our bedroom.


“I don’t know how you did it, Joe, but I’m already seeing a big difference in Lydia. We had sex as soon as we got home Saturday and then twice more on Sunday.” I told Joe at work on Tuesday when I saw him.

“The power of persuasion, my friend.” He smiled broadly. “At least one more session each to make sure it sticks, though,” he told me.

“For me too?” I asked. “Isn’t this just for Lydia?.”

“Yea, Greg, but we want her to think it’s a team effort to fix your sex life,” Joe explained.

“Oh yeah. Good point.” I nodded in agreement.


That Saturday, and after having sex three more times that week, all included orgasms by my wife and cream pie eating by me. We met with Joe again. Once again, I went first and Lydia second. Once again, Lydia exited her meeting, relaxed and ready to get naked.

On the way home, she actually put her head in my lap and kissed my dick while telling me that she wanted me to fuck her like a slut when we got home. She even slipped her panties down her legs and showed me the giant wet spot in the crotch, indicating her excitement.

We were naked within a few steps inside the front door, kissing and groping one another. When we got to the bedroom, I laid her on the bed and kissed and licked all over her sexy body. Suddenly I had the urge to fish my wife’s large dildo out of her nightstand drawer and use it on her.

Lydia’s eyes bugged out when she saw me wielding her 8″ anatomically correct dildo. I put it near her mouth and told her to suck it first. My wife took that tool in her mouth and nearly throated the entire length while sticking her tongue out to flick the balls attached to the base.

I pulled it back and slid the head up and down along her labia, putting special pressure on when it would pass her clit. Eventually, I slid it inside her sopping wet fuck hole and started banging her with the large unit.

“That’s it, baby! Fuck your slut with that big cock!” Lydia cried out. “I’m gonna cum on your big cock, stud!”

I’d never heard my wife talk dirty like this, and it was driving me insane. Did Joe add that in too? My own small dick was as hard as it’s ever been as my now slutty wife came all over her fuck toy.

“Baby, I want you in my ass while you fuck my pussy with that dildo.” My wife told me as she flipped over on the bed and got in all fours. Her beautiful asshole and wet pussy were exposed for me.

Without questioning her, I climbed on the bed, and after rubbing my dick on her pussy to lubricate it, I easily slid into her asshole. I held myself inside her backside while I reached under and reinserted the large cock into her waiting cunt. I immediately started pounding her pussy again.

“Oh yes, baby! Fuck your slut with two dicks, baby!” Lydia screamed. “I’m cumming again, baby!”

I hadn’t even begun to pump my little guy into her ass yet, but the feeling of the large toy on my dick through the thin membrane as it slid in and out of her pussy and her dirty mouth had me spurting my seed into her ass in no time at all. I was quick that time, even for a premature ejaculator.

My wife fell forward, exhausted, onto the bed, letting the big cock slip out of her honey pot. Once again, the urge to clean my cum up from my wife overwhelmed me, and I leaned forward to spread her ass cheeks and started to tongue her ass tasting my own spunk as it leaked from her brown hole.

“That feels good, baby. Lick my slutty asshole!” Lydia approved of my actions.

After another orgasm from the analingus, and after my cum was cleaned up sufficiently, we snuggled naked in bed.

“I don’t know what Joe is doing, but it’s working!” I told my wife.

“Yes, it is. It seems every week I’m getting more sexual and wanting to experiment more.” Lydia said. “And my dirty mouth!” She shrieked.


“Joe, you’re a genius! This hypnosis stuff is really working on Lydia. Thank you so much!” I told my colleague.

“Great to hear, Greg. Just one or two more sessions, and you two should be locked in.” He informed me.


“Honey, I’m on fire!” Lydia said as she got in the car after her session with Joe. “I can’t wait to get home and fuck like crazy!” She was already undoing my pants and pulling on my diminutive dick.

“I’m worked up too, sweetie. Can I share a fantasy with you?” I asked.

“Anything, baby!” My wife couldn’t wait to hear what was on my mind.

“Baby, I want to watch a real man fuck you. Someone with a big cock!” I told my wife to her surprise. To be honest, I was just as surprised when those words left my mouth. I’ve never even considered that before for fear that she’d leave me. I didn’t understand why I was now confessing something that I didn’t really want. Or do I?

“Oh, thank you, baby. I was thinking that too, but I didn’t want to make you feel bad!” Lydia exclaimed. “Where can we find one?”

Clearly, Lydia was ready to have an actual big cock buried inside her as opposed to her silicone toy.

“Let’s go home and figure it out, dear.” Again I felt like my brain was on autopilot spewing untruths. Yet the thought of it had my little pecker pulsating.

“What about Joe? Maybe he can help.” Lydia suggested. “Turn around, and let’s go back and ask him.”

Without thinking, I turned the car around and returned to the campus. We got ourselves together and went back to Joe’s office. After knocking and being invited in, we entered Joe’s office to see him sitting in his office chair completely naked. His long yet soft cock was sitting on his thigh. Neither one of us could take our eyes off of it.

“Hi, guys,” Joe said. “I hope you’re not uncomfortable with my state of undress.” He smiled widely.

“Not at all.” My wife and I answered simultaneously.

I found myself not only staring at his cock but having the urge to perform oral sex on him. My tiny dick stood at full attention in my pants. Lydia was also staring at Joe’s trouser snake, but her reaction was to undress.

Joe walked over to the front of his desk within a couple of feet of us and said, “Greg, go ahead and suck my dick and get me nice and hard for Lydia. I’m going to fuck her silly while you watch.”

Without hesitation, I dropped to my knees and began to work on my coworker’s cock. I licked, kissed, and sucked his big balls and long cock. His manhood filled with blood until it reached its fully hardened, thick, 8″ size. His dick was perfect!

Lydia was naked and furiously rubbing her clit and talking to me. “That’s my sissy dick sucker husband. Suck a real man’s cock, baby. Today it’ll be his cum your sucking out of my pussy!”

I couldn’t believe that I was not only enjoying sucking another man’s cock, but that I was getting off on the humiliation of doing it in front of my verbally abusive wife. I felt intoxicated by the sexual energy in the room.

“That’ll do, Greg. You may sit on the chair and watch me breed your whore wife now.” He talked so nasty about Lydia. Normally she would have been sickened by such talk but not today. Not anymore.

“Fuck my slut holes, Joe. I need a real man to do what my sissy husband can’t do.” Lydia told him as she shoved me out of the way. She, too, dropped to her knees to worship Joe’s cock and balls.

Without any resistance, I started jacking off and watching my wife being treated like a cheap whore.

“You’re a good cock sucker, Lydia. I may let some of my friends use you!” Joe told her. “Stand up and turn around.” He barked.

My wife immediately stood up and turned around, shaking her large round ass for her controlling lover.

“Come over here and put my cock inside your wife’s cunt Greg.” Joe barked orders at me.

I uncontrollably popped up and aimed his dick directly at the slick hole in front of him. My wife was arching her back and wiggling slightly in anticipation of her special treat. I grabbed her hip and pulled her back, so his big round cock head slipped past her soaked lips.

“Oh fuck, Joe!” Lydia yelled. “Please fuck me hard! That’s a man-size dick!”

“I now own you whore.” Joe laughed. I was somehow not upset at any of this. “This pussy is mine to take at will.”

“Hold her ass cheeks apart while she fucks my cock.” Joe told me. “Fuck yourself on my dick slut.” Joe told my bride.

There was no reason to have me hold her ass cheeks other than to humiliate me, but it was exhilarating for some reason. Lydia was pumping herself to and fro on his long rod. She would lean forward until his cock was almost out, then lean back until it was buried to the hilt.

“Oh, Joe. I could ride this cock forever. Look at Greg’s tiny dick. That’s what I’ve had to live with!” Lydia laughed at me.

The humiliation was too much for me to handle, and I started to ejaculate all over my wife’s leg without even touching my dick.

“Fuck me hard, Joe. This married pussy is yours!” My wife yelled. “It’s so big. I’m so full!”

Joe grabbed my wife’s hips and began to slam his prick into her vagina, hitting parts that had never been touched until today. She must have been cumming repeatedly because her juices were dripping off his cock.

“Cum in my married pussy, Joe. Fill my pussy up with your hot cum!” Lydia yelled. “I’m your whore now!”

My wife had lost any semblance of dignity now and was reduced to a piece of fuck meat for our largely endowed friend.

My wife’s big tits hung down and swung back and forth as Joe pounded her cunt into mincemeat. She looked so sexy bent over getting fucked like that. I continued to hold her ass cheeks apart as I was told.

“I’m about to fill your wife with my cum Greg. Beg me to do it.” Joe calmly said to me.

“Please fill my wife’s pussy with your hot seed Joe. She deserves a real man to breed her.” I begged without proper reason as to why I was complying with this.

“Here it comes whore!” Joe said, and he held my wife’s hips, so he was buried deep inside her womb. “That married pussy is getting filled up with baby batter!”

Joe held my wife tightly against him while they both shuddered in orgasm. I had let go of my wife’s ass cheeks and stood there waiting for instruction. It didn’t take long before Joe spoke up.

Pulling his long rod from my wife’s womb, he told me to get down and clean him off. “Suck our cum off my cock, sissy,” he commanded. “When you’re finished with me, you’ll clean your wife’s freshly fucked hole.”

Once again, without any fight, I dropped to my knees and took Joe’s cock into my mouth. The taste of her pussy and his cum was familiar since I’d been cleaning her up after expelling my seed in her recently. There was a corner of my mind disgusted at everything that happened today, yet I was aroused at the events and felt proud of being obedient.

“Clean my cum filled pussy, baby,” Lydia told me after Joe’s cock was polished. She sat back in a chair and spread her legs wide. Her messy beaver had not rebounded from the huge cock that just plowed her and gaped slightly. His cum had leaked out of her and reached her asshole by now.

I crawled over to my better half and licked her front and rear holes until all of my colleague’s spunk had been cleaned up.

“You both may thank me now,” Joe told us as we stood to get dressed, my wife on shakes legs.

“Thank you, Joe,” we sang in unison.


While driving home, my wife talked about what a hot experience that was and how happy she was that I wanted her to enjoy large cocks. I was feeling rather confused as to why this all suddenly appealed to me. Then my wife said something that turned on a light bulb.

“I’m so glad Joe hypnotized us!” Lydia said. “I didn’t think it would work but look at us now!”

Wait a minute. Hypnotized us? I thought he was just going to hypnotize my wife!


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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