Going Home with my Girlfriend

By fantaseeboy.


My mom had met my girlfriend, Tonya, once before while she was passing through town. The two of them got along right from the start. They were both tall, strong women with domineering personalities. They both loved their motorcycles and going to motorcycle events. That was where my mom was headed to a motorcycle rally. My girlfriend hadn’t planned to go, but it was only for a single night, so she left to get to know my mom better.

Upon their return, they were like old friends. Even after my mom returned home, they talked to and texted each other daily.

A few months after that rally, Tonya and I went to visit my mom. Upon our arrival, my mom told us we’d be staying in my sister’s old room. The bed in her room was much larger than the single bed in my old room. I was surprised my mom was allowing us to sleep together. I was expecting her to make us sleep separately.

My sister was 3 years older and hadn’t returned home since she was married several years before. Her room had remained untouched and looked just as it did when she left after finishing high school. When I opened a drawer to find a place to put our things, I found it was still filled with my sister’s clothes, as was the closet.

While standing in front of the open closet doors, Tonya reached around me and pulled my sister’s old cheerleading outfit out from the closet. She moaned in my ear, “So these are the clothes you used to dress up in after your sister left home.”

Leaning back against her, I whispered, “Yes, I tried on every outfit in here.”

She whispered, “And I’ll bet you were cute as hell. Baby, didn’t you tell me your mom caught you once or twice?”

She hung the cheerleading uniform back up and guided me to the bed. While perched on her lap, she had me tell her the sordid tale. How my mom had walked in and caught me wearing a little white summer dress. How she sat me down, and we had the most awkward talk in recorded history. I stayed away for a few days, but I soon found myself back in my sister’s room, trying on her clothes and modeling in front of the mirror.

She calmly asked, “Did your mom ever catch you again?”

Biting my lip, cuddling into her embrace, I confessed, “Yes, she came home early a few weeks later and caught me watching tv wearing panties and a crop top.”

She kissed my ear and asked, “Did you have another talk with her?”

She held me in her arms while I went on, “We only talked after the first time. All the other times she caught me, she just smiled and said I looked cute.”

She leaned back and looked me in the eye. “Baby, how many times did she see you dressed up? You’ve only told me about that first time.”

Blushing and burying my face against her shoulder, I whispered, “She saw me lots of times.” Shame was burning inside of me while I confessed, “After the first few times, I wanted her to see me. I let her see me.”

She embraced me and, after kissing my forehead, whispered, “You’ve always been a clit-tease.”

I giggled softly while still hiding my blushing face from her.

Her big, strong hand slid up and down my back. “You know I love it when you run around in your girly clothes. And it drives me crazy when you give your little shows. When you dance for me. When you do your little stripteases.”

Biting my lower lip, I leaned away from her shoulder so I could look at her face. In a soft, timid voice, I said, “I love putting on shows for you.”

She gently kissed my lips and whispered, “I know you do, Baby. As I said, you’ve always been a clit-tease.” While still sitting across her broad lap, she slid her hand up my thigh until it rested over the petite bump of my stiff penis. In a whisper, she suggested, “Sweetheart, do you want to change into something from your sister’s closet?”

I squirmed under her touch. With my arms looped around her neck and my face resting on her shoulder, I whimpered, “Yes, I do, more than anything. But my mom, she’s right upstairs.”

Tonya began undoing the buttons on my shirt. I sat on her lap, passively while she casually began to undress me. “Your mom is upstairs. And I have a strong suspicion that she would enjoy seeing you in that cheerleading uniform just as much as I would.”

After sliding my shirt off my narrow, pale shoulders, Tonya laid it on the bed beside her. Taking each of my feet in her hands, she removed my shoes and socks. From there, with her hands on my hips, she had me stand between her legs. When she reached for the button on my pants, I whimpered softly when I realized the door to the bedroom we were in was wide open. My mom could walk by at any moment.

My penis was rigid and throbbing in response to all that was occurring. While Tonya slowly lowered my pants and underwear at the same time, I shivered, and goosebumps popped up all over my pale, perfectly smooth, and lightly freckled body. Standing naked before my girlfriend, in a room with the door wide open and my mother in the house, I couldn’t recall ever being so horny.

Tonya leaned in and kissed my hairless stomach. She let her lips brush against my skin when she whispered, “I love that we started getting your body hair waxed away. You’re too damn cute to have a single hair below your eyelashes.”

Glancing to the open door and then back to Tonya, my voice was squeaky when I asked, “Tonya, may I please close the door?”

She didn’t hesitate before saying, “No, I don’t think so. But you may go choose a pair of panties to put on.”

I quickly crossed the room to my sister’s dresser. Pulling out the top drawer, I glanced out the door and saw I had an unobstructed view down the hall. Returning my attention to the drawer I’d opened, I picked out my favorite pair of panties. They were white, satin bikini panties with a little lacey trim around the waist and leg openings. With the panties in hand, I returned to stand in front of Tonya. Bending at my hips, I slipped the panties up my hairless legs and over my smooth, petite penis. The feel of satin on my sensitive skin always made me shiver with desire.

With the panties on, Tonya sent me to the closet to retrieve the cheerleading uniform. She first handed me the vest. It was sleeveless with three buttons down the front and left a strip of my pale midriff exposed. Next came the skirt. It was dangerously short, barely concealing my panties and not quite covering the lower swell of my butt cheeks.

In a squeaky voice, I asked, “Should I get the briefs? They’re in the dresser.”

She made a funny face, “Briefs?”

I giggled, “Yes, they cover my panties, so no one sees them.”

She grinned, “No, you won’t be needing those. But go pick out a pair of socks. I saw little tennis shoes in the closet that have to be a part of this outfit.”

Dashing back to the dresser, I chose a pair of bright-white, ankle socks. From the closet and picked up the perfectly clean white tennis shoes. Tonya had me sit on one of her knees while I put them on. When that was finished, I stood before her and preened out the skirt.

She smiled proudly and half-moaned, “You look adorable. Spin around in a circle for me.”

Rising on my toes, I spun around in a circle, and the skirt flipped out horizontally from my waist. Her eyes wandered over me with hunger. I bit my lip and squirmed my hips from side-to-side. In a timid voice, I asked, “I really look okay?”

She grinned, “You look better than okay. If we were anywhere but here at your mom’s house, I’d be sitting on your face right now.”

Rising from the bed, she took a firm hold of my hand and said, “Let’s go find your mom and show her how cute you look.”

I knew better than to ever disagree with Tonya. I’d been raised to respect and obey strong women. I was nervous and felt a little sick to my stomach as we made our way upstairs. At the top of the landing, Tonya leaned down and whispered in my ear, “You don’t know how badly I want you to take those panties off before we see your mom.”

My eyes popped open wide, and I squeaked, “Tonya! I can’t!”

She kissed my lips gently and whispered, “I know, Sweetheart. We can’t let your mom see your little bald penis…” she hesitated before whispering, “yet.”

I felt in a daze while walking beside Tonya. We made our way through the living room and kitchen, that’s when we saw her sitting outside at the patio table. She had tools scatter around and was working on her motorcycle.

Mom looked away from what she was doing when she heard Tonya open the sliding glass door. When she laid her eyes on me wearing that blue and white, cheerleading uniform, she smiled brightly. She sat there watching Tonya, and I cross the patio. Her hands were greasy, and she never let go of the tool she was holding. When we stood just in front of my mom, Tonya raised one of my arms above my head and had me spin around in a circle for her.

Still smiling, mom shook her head from side to side and said, “Some things never change.” Looking to Tonya, she asked, “Can you spin him around again?”

Raising my arm high, I spun around and around several times until I was giggling because I was so dizzy. Tonya held me in her arms while the world spun around me. She looked to my mom and said, “Do you know what briefs are? I had no idea what they were until just now.”

Mom smiled and returned her gaze to my backside while I clung onto Tonya. Mom said, “I didn’t know until his sister became a cheerleader. But I see he’s gone without them today.”

Tonya reached down and took hold of the back of my skirt and slowly lifted it, so my panty-covered bottom was on display. I squirmed against her while she spoke to my mom, “Yea, no briefs. And I almost brought him out here without the panties too.”

I couldn’t see mom’s face, but her voice sounded funny when she said, “No panties? That would have been something.”

I spun around in Tonya’s arms and squeaked, “Mom!”

She grinned and said, “What? I wouldn’t be the first time I saw your little penis.”

Tonya squeezed my shoulders and asked both of us, “Really?”

While I blushed and pressed my backside against Tonya, mom said, “Oh yes. He would occasionally wear sheer panties. He looked really cute in them. And from the glimpse under his skirt I just got, it doesn’t look like he’s grown much down here.”

Tonya’s hands slid slowly down my sides until they rested on my hips. Slipping her hands under my skirt. Hooking her thumbs under the waist of my panties, I squirmed and whimpered softly. Mom set down the things she was holding and wiped her hands off on a rag without ever taking her eyes off of me.

Very slowly, Tonya began to lower my panties. I squirmed, folded my arms against my chest, and whimpered softly. Tonya watched my mom watching me. In a matter-of-fact sort of voice, she said, “Since you’ve seen his penis before, we might as well take these off like I wanted to do in the first place.”

My hips squirmed around, and my little, pink, penis remained perfectly rigid. With the sun shining down on me while I stood in my mother’s backyard, I was having my panties removed by my girlfriend. When my panties fell around my skinny ankles, my mother gasped. Tonya held my hands while I stepped out of the panties. I was embarrassed to see a large moist spot on them when I bent over to pick them up.

Tonya noticed the moist spot too. She held them up for my mother to see before tucking them into her pocket. My little penis was making a slight bump against the front of my pleated skirt. As I squirmed my hips from side to side, the blue inside the pleats of the white skirt became visible as it passed over my little erection.

Tonya leaned down and kissed my ear before releasing my hands and left me standing in front of my while she sat across from my mom at the table.

Mom spoke in a raspy tone, “Why don’t you do a cheer for us, Sweetheart?”

My back arched, and my penis throbbed. “I-I-I don’t know any cheers.”

She grinned and said, “Oh, yes, you do. You used to make them up and practice them in your room. Go on, don’t be shy.”

I squirmed where I stood. Looking from my mom’s eyes to Tonya’s. They were waiting for me to perform. Biting my lip, I summoned all my courage and began.

“There’s nothing like dancing,” Holding my arms straight out to my sides, I bounced my hips from side to side.

“And dancing feels so sweet,” Spinning around on my toes, my skirt fluttered up and showed everything beneath it.

“From the top of my head,” With my legs spread wide, I bent toward them at my hips.

“To the bottoms of my feet!” Spinning around, so my back was to them, I reached back and lifted my skirt high while lifting one foot after the other.

Both ladies clapped for me, and I blushed. When the applause slowed, mom asked, “Sweetheart, do you shave your legs?”

Tonya answered for me, “No, he doesn’t shave. We take him and have all of his body hair waxed away. It leaves him so much smoother and soft. Plus, it lasts a lot longer.”

Mom chuckled, “I didn’t think I saw any hair around his little penis. I suppose that is being waxed too?”

Tonya reiterated, “Yes, all of his body hair.” Turning her attention to me, she said, “Show her Sweetie.”

I blushed and giggled while holding my arms up. I showed her my complete lack of arm and armpit hair. Popping open the first button on the vest, I showed her my pale, smooth chest. Turning my back to my mother, I arched my back and slowly lifted my skirt to give a long look at the smooth, pale globes of my butt.

Tonya spoke in a soft voice, “Spread your cheeks.”

My level of arousal was skyrocketing, and my shame was evaporating. I whimpered softly while sliding my skirt up and arching my back enough that it left my bottom bare. Laying my hands on my cheeks, my mom spoke up, “This isn’t necessary.”

Tonya’s voice turned firm, “Do it.”

My fingers slowly spread my cheeks wide apart. I heard Tonya groan, “Good girl.”

A warm breeze blew across my naked lower half, and I moaned softly. Releasing my cheeks, I let my skirt fall back into place and turned to face the two ladies. Mom’s face was flushed, and she was breathing heavily. Tonya had her hand in her lap, she was rubbing her pussy over her jeans.

Biting my lower lip, I let my hips sway from side to side. I was so horny. Being so shameless in front of not only Tonya, but my mom was beyond anything I could have imagined. “Um, what should I do now?”

Tonya spoke softly, not wanting to draw my mom’s attention away from me. “Baby, why don’t you dance for us?”

I began swaying my hips more, so my skirt flipped up on the sides. Holding my hands behind my head. I asked, “Like this?”

Tonya said, “Yes, like that. Just like you dance for me at home.”

Blushing, I kept dancing, swaying my hips, and turning around slowly. While my back was to them, I began undoing the buttons on my vest. When I’d turned back to face them, I popped open the last button.

As the vest slid down my arms, I flipped it onto the nearby, recently mown grass. Wearing only little shoes, socks, and the skirt, I danced around until my back was to them once again.

When I reached back and pinched the zipper between my thumb and first finger, my mom spoke up, “Alright, I think this has gone far enough.”

Looking back at her over my bare, pale shoulder, my hips were still swaying from side to side. All traces of shame and embarrassment were long gone. Biting my lower lip, I timidly asked, “Are you sure?” While slowly sliding the zipper down.

Mom didn’t say anything. She didn’t move or even blink. She sat there and watched as I lowered the zipper down. Holding my legs together, arching my back and pushing my bottom back toward her, I let go of the skirt and let it fall to the ground at my feet. My entire, pale, and smooth body was out for her to see. Wearing only little shoes and socks, I slowly raised my arms above my head and began swaying my naked bottom.

My stomach was doing somersaults when I began to slowly turn around. Before either of them could see, I lowered one hand and hid my desperate erection. By then, I wasn’t dancing. I was squirming under the warm sunshine. Both women were staring at me, intently. Biting my lip hard while summoning all my courage, I closed my eyes and slowly lowered my hand to my side. I stood there with my pale, bald penis pointing toward the sun.

The tension between the three of us could have been cut with a knife. I was outside in the middle of the day, naked and erect in front of my girlfriend and my mom! Feeling their eyes on my body spurred me on. I let my hands slide up and down my sides as I began to dance for them again.

Without taking her eyes off of me, my mom said under her breath, “This is wrong. We need to stop. You shouldn’t be doing this with me.”

She was talking, but she wasn’t making a move to leave. Nor was she looking away. I continued to dance and began moving toward her. She had leaned back in her chair as I stepped close to her. When I stood at her feet, facing her, I slid my hands behind my back and laced my fingers together. While swaying my hips from side to side, I whispered, “Mom, I used to love it when you saw me dressed like a girl.”

Her eyes drifted slowly over my smooth, pale body. she whispered, “I know, Baby.” Her eyes wandered up and down my naked body, lingering on my stiff, pink penis for a short time before looking into my eyes.

Tonya spoke from the opposite side of the table, “Sweetie, your little penis is leaking. Why don’t you climb up on the table.”

Looking away from my mom, I turned to the table and scooted up on top of me. Laying on my back with my knees bent and my little tennis shoes flat on the tabletop.

Tonya scooted her chair close to the table and let her fingertips slide over my smooth chest and stomach. My mom was trying not to look, but the temptation was too great. She soon was staring at me, laying nearly naked on that table under the sunshine. She moved her chair, so she sat directly across from Tonya with me lying between them.

With her index finger extended, Tonya barely touched the underside of my overly excited penis, just under the squishy, pink head. I whimpered softly and bucked my hips up against her touch. She removed her finger and whispered, “I know you’re excited, but I want this to last a few minutes. Okay?”

My response was a squeaky, “Okay, Tonya.”

Tonya laid her finger against that sensitive spot, barely moving it all, just until I began thrusting my hips, she then removed it. Over my body, she spoke to my mom, “He tends to squirt quickly if we don’t pace ourselves.”

Without taking her eyes off of my rigid and leaking penis, my mom asked, “Just one finger? That’s all you use? I’ve never…” She didn’t finish her thought due to my skinny penis oozing out a rather large dollop of my crystal-clear excitement.

Tonya continued to touch me until my hips bucked up against her fingertip. While she drove me further into a frenzy, she continued talking to my mom. “Yes, just my fingertip. He is so small, that’s all it takes.” Looking at me, she asked, “Isn’t that right, Baby?”

I whimpered softly, “Yes, a finger is all I need.”

She asked in a soft voice, “Have I ever used more than a fingertip to make you squirt?”

Arching my back, I moaned, “No….”

Tonya looked back to my mom, “Do you want to try?”

She shook her head and answered in a deep, raspy voice, “No, I couldn’t. He’s my son.”

Tonya chuckled, “It’s just a fingertip.”

My mom shook her head again, “No, I can’t. It would be so wrong.” Holding up her hands, she grinned when she said, “My hands are covered in grease. I wouldn’t want to get him dirty. He’s never liked to be dirty.”

The next time I thrust my hips up against her fingertip, Tonya rose from her chair and walked around behind my mom. She leaned down beside my mom’s shoulder and took hold of her arm, guiding it toward me. She whispered, “I’m sure he won’t mind getting a little grease on his penis.” Looking to me, she asked in an equally soft whisper, “Will you, Sweetheart?”

I writhed on the table and moaned, “No. Not at all.”

My mom was breathing heavily, making her chest heave with each breath she took. Her eyes looked glazed over, I’d never seen her look like that before. Tonya looked perfectly serious, still guiding my mom’s hand toward my desperate penis. As it grew near to its destination, my mom closed her hand, leaving only her greasy index finger extended.

When it was about ready to make contact with my little penis, Tonya let go of her arm. My mom continued reaching forward until she touched my penis on her own. I gasped and nearly squirted at that first contact. Tonya was right there and prompted my mom to remove her finger. Tonya remained standing behind my mom, teaching her how to drive me insane with desire until she got the hang of it. She then returned to the other chair and watched as my mom edged me to the verge of orgasm dozens upon dozens of times.

I was gripping the sides of the table with white knuckles and stomping my feet on the tabletop after I’d been denied for the umpteenth time. I’d leaked so much juice, it was dripping down my sides. My entire body was covered in a layer of perspiration. I begged and pleaded for a while, but it was pointless. My mom had left any trace of shame behind and seemed to be having the time of her life. Tonya wasn’t helping the situation either, she was urging my mom to continue teasing my body for as long as she wanted.

At some point that afternoon, Tonya shared more secrets about our love life. While I writhed between them, Tonya offered, “I said earlier that I’d never used more than a finger to make him squirt.”

My mom replied in the same raspy voice, “I remember. I was surprised at first. But it makes sense now. He’s so small! And this is fun!”

I cringed and bucked my hips up toward her touch, mom quickly removed her finger.

Tonya grinned and said, “I may have exaggerated.” My gaze shot across the table to meet hers. She went on to say, “There are two other ways I make him squirt.”

I squeaked, “Tonya! No! Please!”

My mom ignored me and asked, “Two other ways? Do tell.”

Tonya laid her hand on my naked chest. She smiled at me and then shared, “I’ve always discouraged him from touching himself.”

My mom smiled, “He has you, he shouldn’t need to ever touch himself.”

Tonya seemed pleased that my mom agreed with her. “But there are times when I’m too tired or just not wanting to play with him. Those are the times I send him to get his little, white satin pillow. He takes off all his clothes and humps his little pillow on the floor while I watch.”

My mom laid her fingertip against the soft, sensitive neck of my penis for a fraction of a second before removing it. It was long enough to drive my level of excitement into the stratosphere. Looking first at Tonya, then to me, she said, “It’s a pity I didn’t know about this pillow while you lived at home.”

Tonya whispered, “The other way I make him squirt…”

I squeaked, “Tonya, please don’t!”

Mom laid her fingertip against my penis for a few seconds to keep me from whining. It worked.

Tonya looked only at my mom, “Well, I have a strap on…”

My mom gasped, “No!”

Tonya smiled, nodded her head, “YES!” She let that fact sink in with my mom for a few moments while I writhed on the table between them. “I use it when he’s feeling romantic, he gets like that sometimes.”

Mom touched my penis again. She left it in place for almost too long. I was squeaking and thrusting my hips up wildly.

Tonya went on, “He can squirt in as little as a minute or two while using his pillow. I can make him get off just as quickly with my fingertip. But with the strap-on, that takes a good long time. We may be at it for an hour or more. But those are his biggest orgasms too. They leave him completely drained, and we’re both exhausted.”

My mom looked down at my extremely horny body, and I saw lust in her eyes. She uttered, “I’ve never used… I thought about it. I’ve wanted to. But I’ve never.”

I bit my lower lip and whispered, “With me? You’ve wanted to do that with me?”

She gently laid her fingertip onto my penis and rubbed small circles. While my orgasm quickly built, she whispered, “Not until now. But yes, I do want to do that to you.”

My body began acting on its own. I had no control over it all. My legs and arms began flailing about. My back arched very deeply. Every muscle in my body eventually went taut, and I squealed loudly in a high pitch. Then it happened. Right there on that patio table. With my girlfriend sitting on one side and my mom on the other. With my mom’s finger gently teasing my skinny, little penis. And the sun shining down on me, I came. I came hard! My juices exploded out of me, raining down on my chest and stomach.

Tonya moaned, “Wow! If he squirts that hard with your finger…” she paused when my penis throbbed and spurt out another large line of my creamy love onto my stomach. “when you take him with a strap-on, he’s going to have the biggest orgasm of his life.”

My mom sat there, rubbing her fingertip along the underside of the neck of my penis. Tonya whispered, “Baby, don’t you have something to say to your mom?”

I swallowed hard and turned to look at my mom. Knowing what I needed to say, it was a rule of Tonya’s. My voice was choppy due to my still heavy breathing. “Thank you for making me squirt. I love you, mom.” Tonya always insisted I thank her and tell her I love after I squirt.

Mom looked from my quickly wilting penis to my face. I whispered, “I love you too, Baby.” She then quickly excused herself. She rose from the table and went inside the house.

My creamy love was dripping down my sides, but I didn’t even try to move. I wasn’t fully recovered from all that had occurred. Tonya began dragging her finger through the pools of cream on my stomach. In a sexy voice, she asked, “You know what your mom went inside to do, don’t you?”

Biting my lip, I asked, “Really?”

Tonya nodded her head, “Without a doubt. She went straight to her bedroom and pulled out her vibrator. The giant one you told me you found in her bottom dresser drawer. The one you used to hear her use sometimes while you laid in bed at night.” She leaned in close and whispered in my ear, “How big was that vibrator, Baby?”

I whimpered softly, “It was really big.”

She whispered, “Was it bigger than my strap-on?”

I whispered, “It was a little longer and much thicker. A lot thicker.”

She lifted her cream-covered finger from my stomach and began painting my lips with it. “Sweetheart, have you ever wondered how a woman like your mom, a woman who needs a long, fat cock to get off, ever gave birth to a petite, gentle boy like you?”

My little penis was becoming stiff once again. “My mom told us, my sister and me that our dad was a boy she went to school with. He was small and cute like me. They grew up next door to each other. They were each other’s first. And every time she went to the town she grew up in, the two of them got together.”

Tonya scooped up a bit of my cream onto her finger and fed it to me while she said, “That makes sense. But I cannot imagine your mom with a boy your size.”

I giggled, “I can’t either!” when the giggling stopped, I asked in all seriousness, “Tonya, do you think someday we could try? I mean, I love your finger, my pillow, and your strap-on. And I love to kiss you down there and use your big vibrator on you. But, maybe someday do you think we could try?”

Scooping another finger full of cream, she fed it to me and smiled, “How about we make a deal. When we get home, I’ll let you try. But if I can’t feel you, we go back to fingers, your pillow, and my strap-on.”

Biting my lip, I whispered, “You’re not going to be able to feel me, are you?”

She smiled, “Probably not, but we can try.” Her smile changed to a grin that let me know she had a plan in mind. “You know, I packed my strap-on. Let’s get you cleaned up and see if your mom wants to take you for a spin.”

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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