Fountain of Youth

By gonedick.

Gary is short and thin. While that’s not the end of the world, the same adjectives applying just as well to his ‘manhood’ were not ideal. Fully erect, his penis was 2.5 inches long and proportionately thin: roughly the size of a woman’s thumb. In its flaccid state, it was fully inverted, a barely discernible wrinkle at the top of his scrotum. Despite being 25 years old, his scrotum was the size of a golf ball and was sparsely covered with peach fuzz. It contained a pair of marble-size testicles. Gary was not a hit with the ladies.

That all changed after he met Maria one warm summer day. Walking out of his apartment building right behind a woman he didn’t recognize, Gary appreciated the view of the curvy brunette as she passed through the door. She must not have noticed him coming up behind her and let go of the heavy glass door, and it smashed into his face.

Stunned by the pain, Gary fell on his ass and reached for his face, immediately feeling the blood gushing from his nose.

“Oh my god, are you OK?!” the lady came back into the building and exclaimed. “Here, let me help you up,” she said, and she did exactly that. “I’m Maria, and new to the building. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know how fast the door shuts!”

“That’s OK,” Gary said. “I should have been paying more attention to where I was going.”

Maria offered to take Gary to her apartment to tend to his nose. Gary tried to decline, but Maria insisted and led him to her apartment. She helped get the bleeding stopped and gave him an ice pack as they made small talk.

Maria innocently touched his thigh, and Gary’s innie became an outie. Since it was the weekend, Gary was wearing a thin pair of shorts and no underwear. He didn’t exactly have much to support or hide, so he rarely wore underwear.

“Oh!” Maria exclaimed. “I think someone is excited to see me.”

She dropped to her knees and pulled Gary’s shorts down, unveiling his raging boner. Maria giggled and proceeded to engulf his member easily with her mouth. Gary came instantly, and Maria swallowed every drop.

“Oh my god, that tastes delicious,” she said.

Maria had to go take her mother to a doctor’s appointment, but they exchanged phone numbers and parted ways.


Over the next few weeks, Maria texted Gary, and they would hook up for a quick blow job. He never lasted more than 15 seconds, but Maria didn’t care. She was flattered that she could make him cum so fast and loved the taste of his cum. She also felt strangely rejuvenated after each blowjob.

Gary was ecstatic. Before Maria, he had never had a blowjob and had only slept with a few women with no repeat encounters.

Maria assumed the blissful feeling after giving Gary head was just endorphins or something along those lines. However, it wasn’t until she cut her finger that she recognized that something strange was going on. After a quick hit of Gary’s man nectar, Maria went back to her apartment to take a shower. Taking the bandage off her finger, she was surprised to see perfect, unbroken skin.

Puzzled, Maria looked in the mirror and saw a beautiful, vibrant young woman looking back at her. The changes were startling. Maria thought of herself as a 6 or 7, but what she saw in the mirror was at least an 8! She took her top off to see that her breasts were definitely larger. She normally didn’t wear a bra due to only having ‘bee stings,’ but now she had actual breasts—B-cup breasts.

Maria told Gary what she had noticed, and he was shocked. Could his semen really be used for healing and growth? He was used to being ashamed of his tiny package and extreme premature ejaculation issues. Could they actually be an asset rather than a deficit?

After talking it through, Maria made a 2-inch cut in her left palm. Once the blood began to flow, she quickly sucked Gary off, which took less than 5 seconds since Gary wasn’t trying to last as long as possible. As soon as she swallowed his tiny load, the bleeding gradually stopped, and the edges of the wound closed before their very eyes in a matter of seconds. Maria rinsed her hand and they were shocked to see the smooth, unblemished skin.

Next, Maria cut her arm and sucked Gary off, but rather than swallow; she spits it on the cut on her arm. Using his cum topically cured the cut even faster. Over the next 20 minutes or so, Maria jerked Gary off into an 8-ounce jar repeatedly. Gary’s hair-trigger, combined with a refractory period that measured in seconds, saw them able to fill the jar despite each load being tiny.

Maria excitedly took the manna from heaven to her mom’s house. Maria’s mom had recently been diagnosed with heart failure. Since that was way bigger than a simple cut, she brought the jar of over 100 loads and added it to her mom’s smoothie in place of the almond milk. Since Gary’s cum tasted sweet, she didn’t think her mom would notice.

As it turned out, she definitely noticed a difference. Rather than taking a half hour and plenty of encouragement to drink it, she happily guzzled it down in only a few minutes. Maria watched her mom closely but couldn’t tell if anything had changed. Her mom seemed just as tired as she normally was. The next day, at her visit to the cardiologist, her EKG showed no improvement.

Maria dejectedly told Gary that it didn’t seem to help her mom. They speculated together that it could be that it only helped Maria for some reason. They decided to test if it worked on Gary, so he cut his palm, and Maria went to work on his miniature cock, caught the cum in her mouth, and spotted it on his arm. It worked!

Hmm, maybe it had to do with timing. Maria jerked Gray off into a teaspoon and started a one-minute timer. Toward the end of the minute, she cut herself and then swallowed the load from the teaspoon. Nothing happened. Next, they tried 30 seconds, 10 seconds, and 5 seconds to no avail. Gary’s baby batter only healed when it was fresh from the spigot.

Maria was undeterred. She convinced Gary to let her mom drink from his cock. It took some doing, but seeing her in tears, he agreed. The next hurdle was convincing her mom. Maria had Gary take a video with his phone. In the video, she cut her hand and then sucked Gary off, and the wound closed as always.

Maria was nervous about how to tell her mother and showed the video. As expected, her mom didn’t believe her and was very offended that her daughter wanted her to fellate her boyfriend. Using her illness to try to manipulate her into doing such a disgusting thing made it all the worse. Trying to get her to watch a video of her daughter giving head was taking things way too far.

After an hour of desperate begging and tears, her mom finally agreed to at least watch the video. She was astonished. Such a tiny bald package! Her daughter actually cut herself! Then, the part she dreaded, her daughter quickly engulfed the petite Peter with her mouth. In only a few seconds, she pulled off and swallowed. Then the bleeding stopped, and the wound closed up.

Another hour of conversation, shaking of head, and gnashing of teeth occurred before she grudgingly agreed to try it.

Things were very awkward for all three of them, but they all agreed that Maria shouldn’t be in the room to see it. Her mom only wanted to try one load, but Maria tried to negotiate her up to 100 loads. Her mom eventually agreed to suck and swallow for five minutes, and Gary would keep track of the number of loads.

Gary and Maria’s mom went into the bedroom and closed the door. Gary sat on the bed in front of a pillow on the floor. Maria’s mom knelt on the pillow, and Gary pulled his pants down.

Barbara gasped. What was in front of her was just a bald sack the size of a golf ball. That’s it! There was no penis present whatsoever.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, I think he’s shy,” said Gary.

“Call me Barb. I think we should be on a first-name basis now, don’t you?”

“Heh, that’s true. Barb.”

“OK, down to business,” Barb said as she gently rubbed the tiny sack and blew on it. That was exactly what was needed. Gary’s cock burst out to its full 2.5 inches. “Eager little guy, eh!”

With that, Barb took the little thumb in her mouth. It instantly burst in her mouth. She pulled off and swallowed. Gary started the 5-minute timer on his phone, and Barb started sucking again. This time, he lasted about two seconds before giving her another delicious shot. This went on and on, Barb getting a tiny but delicious load every few seconds until the timer went off. She was a little sad to stop but pulled off and swallowed the last load. Gary announced that she had swallowed 117 loads.

They returned to the living room to see a nervous Maria pacing.

“Mom! You look great!”

“I feel great! I can’t remember the last time I had so much energy!”

Barb went into the bathroom to look in the mirror. She looked 15 years younger. She felt her breasts through her shirt and bra. They felt firm. She pulled her top and bra off and was astounded. She was used to seeing tubular breasts that looked like two socks with a tennis ball in each, swaying gently back and forth. Instead she saw two firm double D’s! She was so excited she ran out into the living room and shouted, “Check out my tits!”

Over the next few weeks, Gary was sucked off by a parade of older ladies and chronically sick friends and acquaintances of Barb and Maria.

One evening, Maria delicately asked Gary about his thoughts on healing/rejuvenating men. They were careful to only speak with female friends, but some of those ladies had husbands and other male friends who could use some healing.

Gary’s biggest concern was potentially disappointing someone if he wasn’t able to achieve an erection. So they came up with a glory hole solution. Maria would book the appointments and charge folks per minute to suck him off through the glory hole. He would simply stand there, and a parade of strangers would suck him off. Not a bad way to earn a living!


The End.


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