Forcably Stripped at Bike Week

By laceypantyboy.

I am a guitarist in a blues and rock band that has played the Bike Week at Sturgis, SD, for three years. The band is led and fronted by Valerie X. She is a tall, voluptuous woman with an uncompromising attitude and a voice straight from the smokey bars of the Delta. She is tough, strong-willed, hard-drinking, and knows how to run a blues band. She has been known to drink many men under the table. However, occasionally, she can get belligerent when she is drunk.

In addition to Valerie (Val) and myself on lead, Clint on drums, Todd on bass, and Andrea on keys. We all sing lead and back up, but Val is the front man. And she commands the stage.

Val is every bit of 6′ 1″ and probably weighs 185 pounds. She is not fat. She has curves and an hourglass shape. She is solid and tough, and talented. Men fall in love with her. Because I toured with the band, I had to see her in various states of undress. She is one of those women who look better naked than she does with her clothes on, and she looks great with her clothes on.

Clint is a great drummer and looks like a biker. He is easy to work with. So is Todd. Andrea is a petite redhead who is pretty quiet but seems to come alive on stage. I get along well with Andrea; we are pals in the band. Both of us were quiet and slightly retiring. We just naturally started hanging out when we had the luxury of having hotel rooms provided for the band, Andrea and I usually room together.

Me? I am about 5′ 7″ and 150 pounds. I am in good shape for a 45-year-old man, but I am not imposing. My best feature (along with my long hair) is a pair of muscular legs from years of backpacking. I do OK with the ladies, but I am not super confident offstage because I have a small penis. It’s about 1 inch long flaccid, and maybe 3 inches hard. I don’t let it worry me too much. I am even a bit of an exhibitionist. But I have always been embarrassed that it excites me to be naked in front of clothed women.

We were booked to play at the “Chip” for multiple performances last year at Bike Week. Val had jockeyed us into a very strong position, and the crowds were excited to see us perform. We rented a 5th wheel camper, and Val had a big Chevy Duramax 4-door dually. We could stay in the campground next to the festival grounds and walk to the stage. And we saved on hotel costs. The promoters hauled gear to the stage in big John Deer ATVs. This was our year at Bike week, and we stood to make good money and play thirteen shows. We had a great week and played like rock stars.

On the second to last day of the engagement, we only played an early afternoon show and no evening set. This was good because we had three shows on the next and last day so that we could rest up. Also, most of us had to get some laundry done. Much of our stage clothes were dry clean only, so Clint and Todd unhooked the pickup and went into Deadwood because they had a same-day cleaner. They also have a good music store; we needed some gear, strings, etc. The boys would be able to get the clothes cleaned and do some shopping at the music store.

However, this left me with nearly no clothes to wear as almost everything I had (including my gym clothes) was with the boys. All I had was a sarong, a sleeveless short T-shirt, and a pair of flip-flops. I usually don’t wear underwear.

I was shy about walking around in so little clothing, but Andrea told me no one would mind. There were plenty of women wearing much less! So we walked out into the festival grounds to mingle and get a bite to eat. It was pleasant and nice to be at our ease for the rest of the day. And I have to say it was exhilarating to walk around feeling that I was practically naked. The breeze would waft up my sarong, and I felt kind of naughty and exposed. We walked about, snacked, and visited with people while the afternoon wore on. We could also watch some of the other bands on smaller stages.

After a few hours, we saw group bikers of both sexes hanging out and talking loudly and laughing. Holding court amongst them and talking and laughing loudest was Val. She looked beautiful in a tight black T-shirt and white leggings that were, let’s be honest here, more than a little see-through. It was clear she wore no panties under them, and I could see the patch of thick pubic hair through the material of the leggings. The heels of her knee-high boots added another 3 inches to her 6′ and 1″ height. She was the center of attention and held forth with the stories and jokes. So Andrea and I stopped to listen. She was a bit drunk, but she could still hold a crowd in the palm of her hand. So Andrea and I watched and laughed and listened. After a moment, Val reached out for a bottle of tequila offered, and she took a swig and handed it back. I thought nothing of it. But Andrea noticed and whispered to me that Val gets crazy on Tequila.

“She seems fine,” I said.

She noticed Andrea and me and loudly greeted and hugged us. She saw my sarong, laughed, and asked what I was wearing under it. When I told her that I wore nothing under it, she laughed. Before I knew what was happening, she reached out and lifted my sarong, exposing my naked ass, which she smacked with her open hand…HARD. Everyone laughed, and I felt the blood rushing to my face. Without thinking, and because I had become angry, I reached out and swatted Val’s big beautiful ass just as hard as she slapped mine. Expecting more laughter, I was surprised when the crowd went quiet. And I was more astonished at the change in Val.

My slap to her ass instantly changed her into a holy terror where she was jolly before. The change in her was sudden and complete. I have never seen anyone so angry. With a screech, she shoved me in the chest so hard that I landed on my ass. Then she was on me. She slapped and punched me. She lifted me on my feet again and shoved me back down. Then the laughter started…and yet rose even more. The reason? Val held my sarong in her hands, and I was naked from the waste in front of the crowd.

I looked over at Andrea, and she was looking at me. Or, more accurately, Andrea was looking at my little penis. And sure enough, I began to get an erection as I noticed that Andrea was filming with her phone. The humiliation of this moment did not help, and the fact that I was getting a sexual thrill from being naked around clothed women made me even harder.

Val was laughing cruelly as she attacked me once again, and before I knew it, she had ripped my shirt off of me. There I was, naked with my little erection sticking out. I tried to fight back, but I was not a fighter, and Val was so strong.

She was pointing at my little cock, laughing and throwing me around, and the crowd was egging her one.

“This little pussy is getting off on me beating him up!” as she threw me down again, this time on my stomach.

She sat down on the small of my back, facing my lower half, and started spanking me on my naked ass. This made the crowd roar. Her hands were raining down on my ass, and it hurt. But it also felt kind of….good. I didn’t mean to do it, but I moaned loudly and even humped my pelvis into the grass. Val cracked up. So did the crowd. I looked up again and saw Andrea still watching and filming me.

Val got off of me and flipped me over, and pushed me down on my back. I had stopped trying to fight back, so Val sat on my chest with her knees on my arms and started slapping my face.

“This is for daring to touch my ass. You just couldn’t help yourself, could you? I have seen you staring at my big ass!” she yelled.

With that, she spun around and shoved her ass into my face. She also grabbed my little erection and laughed. I tried very hard not to cum, at that point. But I could feel it beginning.

“Your tiny little cock seems to like my ass!” She cooed. “You do, too! Go on! Admit it! You like having my ass in your face. You like being naked in public like this. You like being manhandled by a dominant woman like this! Come on! Admit it! You like this treatment, don’t you?”

She stretched her neck around to look at me, expecting an answer. She raised her eyebrows as of to say, “Answer me!”

I stopped moving and looked her in the eyes. It may be my imagination, but things seemed to go still and quiet.

“Yes. I do enjoy it. I am getting off on this treatment,” I said in humiliation. My heart was racing, and my little penis was so hard it almost hurt. It started quivering.

“Mmm hmmm,” she said in a seductive and sultry voice. “I can tell you like it, you little pussy. You tiny pecker is fit to burst, you deviant.” And her smirking turned to laughter.

She turned back, looked at my erection, and wriggled her ass into my face. Then she bent forward and blew on my penis. And right then, I knew I would cum, without even touching myself. My hips started straining as if I were trying to fuck the sky. I started moaning out loud; I was cumming all over my stomach before I knew it.

The crowd was laughing, and so was Val. Dozens of people were watching me, naked and powerless, with a big beautiful drunk woman sitting on my face, cumming all over me. I opened my eyes during this, and I saw Andrea, still taking video with her camera, a sly smile on her lips and a delighted look in her eyes.

The crowd of Biker guys and girls started applauding. Val stood off me, with each leg on either side of me. She bowed. And I was staring up at her from between her legs, and despite my humiliation, I was still overcome with the beauty of the view I was presented with. The curve of her ass and the camel toe in her thin tights were stirring. Despite everything, I wanted to lift myself and kiss that beautiful ass.

But then she stepped away, and the crowd’s attention went with her. I was left lying there, naked, with sperm on my stomach. As I got up, my ass told the story of my spanking by the redness of my butt cheeks. And then I saw Andrea walking over to me.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

I nodded mutely, almost crying. I did not know what to feel.

“My clothes?” I asked her.

She shook her head and held her hands as if to say, “Who knows where they are.”

“Let’s go back to the camper. It’s late. It will be dark soon,” she suggested.

“But I’m naked. Everyone will see me!” I protested.

“Everyone has seen you naked,” she answered. “And being face sat, spanked, and cumming all over yourself. So let me ask you a question.”

She looked at me, and I nodded dejectedly.

“You got off on that back there, didn’t you?” she asked. “You are a submissive and an exhibitionist, and you like to be naked in public. Am I right?”

My head was hanging down. I nodded, and then I started crying softly.

“Hey! It’s OK. Everyone gets off on something strange. I like being spanked as well. You don’t have to be ashamed of what makes you hot. You should just admit it.” And with that pronouncement, she pulled me close and hugged me.

This made me cry all the more, and Andrea soothed me and made shushing noises, and she stroked my neck. She then let her hands slide down my back to my ass and started stroking me there.

“Does your bottom still hurt?” She continued to caress. It felt wonderful. And then she drew us apart.

“You know, I shot the whole scene on my cell phone,” she mentioned. “Would you like to see it? I would kind of like to…”

She pulled out the cell phone and clicked on the video she had just captured. So standing there, naked with a cute clothed woman, on a festival ground full of people, some of them looking surprised to see a naked man standing there, Andrea and I watched the video of me being dominated by Val.

It was strange watching it from a different perspective. This was how Andrea had seen it. The video started during the first skirmish, right before Val had taken my Sarong. I got to see the entire thing. Andrea did an admirable job capturing the action, with close-ups and everything. Watching the scene was arousing. Watching myself stripped and spanked amidst a crowd of people was very erotic. As I watched, I became hard again. Andrea looked down at my erection and laughed, but not unkindly.

“You like watching this, don’t you?” she asked.

I nodded.

“So maybe you are a little pervert, right?” she asked.

Again I nodded. And my hand drifted down to my tiny erection. Andrea caught the movement and laughed again.

“You want to watch this and jack off, don’t you? It’s OK. Go ahead.”

And I did. I started jacking off as I watched myself being face sat and spanked. It was very hot. And I realized I had a confession to make. It mattered little that I confessed to one person. It merely mattered that I admit.

“OK, I admit it,” as I jacked off and watched myself being abused on the video. “I admit that I am an exhibitionist and a submissive. I admit that I like being spanked.” I continued jacking off and picked up speed, and I continued confessing. “I enjoyed being naked in public, and I enjoyed Val grinding her ass into my face. And I enjoyed her making fun of my little penis!”

My hand was a blur now. I was close to coming.

“I enjoyed cumming in front of everyone.” I went on in a hoarse whisper. “I enjoyed being the only one naked. And I am enjoying jacking off in public now in front of you!”

And with that, I came again. And Andrea’s hand reached out and caressed my ass as I emptied myself on the ground.

When I calmed down, Andrea said, “Don’t ever be ashamed of what you are. Val is a problem drinker, a glutton for attention, a dominant woman, and an arrogant bandleader. Does she apologize for that? No? Then don’t apologize for being a submissive exhibitionist. Don’t even apologize for having a tiny pecker.” And then she kissed my cheek in a sisterly way.

We made our way to the camper as darkness was falling. Clint and Todd had not yet made it back to the camp, but that was no worry. They said they would not be back till late or even tomorrow morning. So Andrea pulled out the bed that folds out from the kitchen table, pulled back the sheet, and beckoned me to lie down.

“But I’m still naked.” I protested

“You like being naked, and I don’t mind either,” she answered. “Besides which you don’t have any clean clothes yet. Maybe tomorrow, if you are still naked, you can wear some of my panties. Would you like that?”

I smiled and nodded.

So we both climbed into bed, and within minutes, we were both asleep. I think I was thrilled.

A few hours later, at most, the door opened with a bang, and the light came on. Val was standing there in the doorway of the camper. She was still drunk but not raging anymore. She called my name, and I answered. She came in and sat down on the edge of the bed. Both Andrea and I sat up.

“I feel terrible about how I treated you,” she told me. “I don’t know what got into me. I should never drink tequila. I’m so sorry I stripped you and abused you. I kind of went crazy when you spanked me.” With that, she lifted her left hand, and my sarong and shirt were rolled up in her hand. It was a surprisingly small bundle.

“I realized you were naked and had nothing to wear,” she went on.

Andrea piped in, “I told him he could wear my panties if he wanted to. I suspect he wants to wear your panties, but you don’t wear any!”

Val laughed a little, stood up, and held her arms.

“Come here, baby,” she said.

“But I am still naked,” I protested.

“I know that you little slut,” she laughed. With that, she drew me up and hugged me to her. And I let myself be enveloped by her. She smelled of jasmine and tequila and clean new sweat. It was lovely. I laid my head on her ample breast.

“Please forgive me, baby. I didn’t want to hurt you. You are my favorite lead guitar player, and you are a big part of my sound. Our fans love you, and you are a great harmony singer. Please don’t leave the band just because I went a little crazy.” She was almost crying as she begged me.

I took a breath and said, “I don’t want to leave. I like playing for you, and I love the music. I am just really embarrassed that—” I didn’t know how to say it. “I am embarrassed that everyone saw me naked and spanked, and then I came all over myself.”

Andrea piped up and said, “So? Everyone now sees you for what you are. I told you that you don’t need to be ashamed of what you are.”

I nodded. She was right.

Val turned me around and caressed my ass. “I hope I was not too hard on your butt.”

“It still feels a bit warm,” I said

“Yes, it does. Should I get some ice?”

“No. I think it will be fine in the morning.”

She let me go, turned me back around, looked into my eyes, and fluffed my hair. She was grinning, and so was I.

“Well then,” she said. “I guess you would like to get back to sleep. I know I would. I am sure I am going to be hung over tomorrow.”

As I got back into bed with Andrea, Val Turned back to me.

“Say,” she said. “Would you consider wearing that sarong thingy on stage tomorrow? Just like you did today, with nothing on underneath?”

I thought about and looked at Andrea. She nodded.

“Sure,” I said.

“Maybe I’ll just rip it off you during one of your solos, leaving you naked in front of a thousand people,” she said. “Would you like that?”

I smiled.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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