Exposed at Graduation

By BabydickLover.

My name is John Kester. I am currently an undergraduate student at university studying Physics. I hope to pursue a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics shortly to be a scientist. I want to research the process of how the universe was formed. I’ve always been fascinated with the cosmos. I am about to graduate. I was named the Valedictorian because I had the best grade point average in my entire class. Everyone knew I was incredibly bright. I was always pretty cocky about it. Well, not recently, though. Yesterday, I was at a party with several people I know who are also about to graduate. I made a huge mistake by placing a bet right before graduation. If I could drink 20 beers the entire night, my pal, Alex Muñoz, wouldn’t wear anything under his graduation robe during the ceremony. If I lost, I would also need to do that. Unfortunately, I only drank 17 beers that night before passing out. I thought I had a good chance. Before continuing with the embarrassing story, I am a short, chubby guy. My penis is also tiny. When I mean small, I mean tiny. Average guys look very large compared to my little dinkle. It is less than an inch when soft and around 2.8 inches when hard (Gold Member). I was always worried about people finding out about my tiny pee-pee.

At graduation, I only wore shoes and socks. I was immediately embarrassed when I got there because I wasn’t wearing anything. Thank goodness no one knew except for Alex. Alex kept teasing me about it. A few other people knew, but I had no idea. We all sat down for the ceremony. I was with my fellow peers. It came for my opportunity to give my Valedictorian speech. I was super nervous. Despite wearing absolutely nothing underneath my robe, I was never a fan of public speaking. In my remarks, I highlighted how we could get all amount to something if we just put the work in like I have. After my speech, everyone was clapping. I could see all of their proud faces. As I walked down the center of the stage, I had no idea, but Alex and his buddies quickly came behind me and grabbed my robe. They tore it off and promptly ran off the stage. I was surprised. I didn’t even have time to process what just happened.

Everyone gasped; even the university president was dumbfounded. My chubby naked body was utterly exposed to thousands of people. The university officials were getting a view of my bare butt. It felt like a century was passing before my eyes. With the god-awful long silence came an overwhelming roar of laughter. Everyone immediately got their phones out and began taking photos and recording everything. I even saw my entire family hysterically laughing, including fifteen people. I couldn’t believe they didn’t share any sympathy for me. I looked at the university president, and they were giggling hard at my embarrassing, nude body. There was also a huge monitor where everyone could see everything clearly. It was bad enough that they could see everything from a distance, but the camera person made sure to zoom in on me, so it was very clear how tiny I was.

I wasn’t just naturally small that evening. I was super nervous, so I jacked off before the graduation. It was also a freezing night. From the nerves jacking off, a super cold night, my little nub was barely poking out. I stood there with my little, baby-sized penis wholly exposed. I didn’t know what to do. Time felt like it had stopped. Reality hit me. I looked down and realized why people had the right to laugh. My penis was probably a couple of centimeters. It was an innie. It was horrible. My scared, little penis was mainly inside me. It looked like I had a vagina. I quickly covered the poor little guy upon seeing this horrible site. I heard people shouting things like how my penis looked like it belonged to a little boy, I didn’t go through puberty, they didn’t know baby carrots were on the menu, I used my intelligence to overcompensate for having no package, and they knew toddlers and newborn babies with larger pee-pees.

I ran off the stage with everyone pointing their cameras at me. I know they got a detailed view of my big, bubble butt jiggling with my back turned to them. I ended up falling with my large, bare butt up for them. I got up and ran without even covering my embarrassingly tiny schmeckle. Everyone had a clear view of a little, small penis bouncing around. I finally got away from the ceremony. Even though I was pretty far, I could still hear the laughter. It finally began to die down. From afar, I listened to the university president laughing. They mentioned they’ve never seen a penis so tiny and laughed so hard at a graduation ceremony in all their years. They said we would remember this ceremony forever.

I hid away from the ceremony, completely embarrassed. I was hiding by the side of the university, where no one was. Alex showed up. He told me he was looking everywhere for me. He couldn’t stop laughing at what had happened. He had my robe. I aggressively told him to give it to me. He told me to calm down. He said that even though no woman or man would ever be pleased by my baby penis, I didn’t need to act like such an enormous dick. He said I should research using my tongue because my little gherkin wouldn’t satisfy anyone. He would give me my robe back if I showed him my toddler-sized dicklette. I pulled my hands apart. He was laughing and got his phone out. I told him to quit it. He told me I wasn’t getting the robe unless I did what he said. He took photos of me and my little penis. He made sure to take close-ups, so everyone he would share it with would be able to see how tiny and underdeveloped it was. He said jokes aside, he was sorry everyone had to see my “itty bitty wee-wee,” which were his exact words. I was super red in the face because he kept using words like that. I was so embarrassed. He wasn’t even sorry about putting me through that, just that everyone knew about my “little” secret.

He claimed he thought I would be hung. He tried to make me feel better by sharing the benefits of having a puny penis, as no one would ever know when I would have a boner or wear slim clothes without my bulge showing. It didn’t make me feel better. I grabbed the robe and turned around to put it on. He commented on how round and big my white ass was. He spanked my pale butt cheeks a couple of times. He told me I needed a tan because I was so white. I put my robe back on and felt a bit relieved. He gave me my phone and wallet since he had been carrying them before. I opened my phone to so many text messages from people sending me photos of me at the ceremony, utterly naked with my pathetic excuse for a dick out. I checked on Instagram and was greeted with hundreds of notifications. My secret was out. Everyone knew my penis hardly grew during puberty. The ceremony was finally over.

Alex walked me to the parking lot. I waited by the parking lot for my family to pick me up. Several laughing classmates greeted me, showed me their pinkies, and even did the small penis sign. Some professors even told me they do not envy me for having a tiny nub as I do. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed. Alex had to leave. He hugged me and congratulated me on my success. I congratulated him too. He looked at my mid-section and told me not to worry. He said there has to be someone out there that will be happy with my little tic-tac. He laughed and left. Again, I was so embarrassed by his words.

My family finally picked me up. They couldn’t stop talking about my tiny crotch size. My dad was ashamed because everyone now thought he had a tiny nub. I didn’t want to go to the family dinner celebration, but my family forced me because they spent money on the reservation. I came in with my family laughing at me. Eventually, they quit laughing but wouldn’t stop looking at my crotch area. My dad gave a toast about how proud he was that I graduated and made sure to get some jibes at my little nub. His remarks got many giggles. After the toast, he said everyone was proud, even though I had a little boy penis. He made sure everyone knew he was hung, and I am nowhere near his size. He didn’t want my baby dick to ruin his reputation. At the end of the night, everyone seemed proud of me. I was proud of myself but had this embarrassing situation that no one would ever let me live down.


Fast forward eight years later. Now, I am rich with a lovely job. Even though this happened so long ago, people still do not hesitate to mention the time the entire university witnessed my tiny pee-pee. The video is still up on the university’s website. They had to blur my baby dick, but they didn’t need to blur much. Now, I have embraced having a baby dick and am happy with where I am in my life, even though I still get embarrassed from time to time when people ruthlessly remind me about it. My husband, Stephen Kester, constantly laughs at it and flicks it with his finger. I am kind of a nudist at home. I am always naked. Even when I am working, he will randomly approach me to comment on how incredibly tiny it is.

He’s a dominant daddy type, so he puts me over his knee all the time. He has made me go to nude beaches with him. He is very hung compared to me. The head of his penis is bigger than my entire wee-wee when it’s hard. He makes me go because he knows I will be the tiniest, and I will be very embarrassed. Even though it is embarrassing, he loves it. He always puts the little guy in his mouth, even though it barely goes past his lips. One of his favorite jabs is that since I am a physicist, he needs an advanced telescope to see my pinky-sized dinkle. It’s the curse of having a cock like a newborn baby.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.


  • Anon

    Loved this. Do you have any more stories?

    • John Kester

      Hey Anon. I do not. This was my first but am planning to write more! 🙂

  • bambiegirl

    Hey John I feel your pain. I have the same size as your cock. I’ve been to a nudist camp in Pennsylvania and my wife pointed out to me and our friends that she believes out of all the naked men, I have the smallest, littlest clit on the grounds.


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