Honeymoon Cuck

By Shampoouser1987.

My wife and I had just gotten married. We both had saved ourselves for marriage, and minus one boyfriend in college, my wife had never touched or seen another man’s dick other than mine. She told me he was tiny and made mine seem huge. Our wedding night was one of the new experiences as we both had sex for the first time. It was awkward. It was fun. It was an experience. Finally, touching and rubbing my wife’s naked body was excellent, though! She seemed thrilled to see me naked finally, and the night was amazing.

After months of planning and finally having time to ourselves for a night, we were excited to head for our honeymoon down to Cancun. A week away from all the distractions and chaos. No more planning or bickering with family members or friends. It was just going to be a week of us by ourselves having sex, lying on the beach, and drinking margaritas. It was such a relief to finally land and hit the soft bed. That first night was heavenly as we had sex multiple times, wore only our robes on the balcony, and finally got to sleep for the first time in what felt like forever.

After getting some rest and eating breakfast, we decided to head out finally and see the resort and hit the beach. My wife and I quickly noticed that a majority of the people in Mexico wore thong bikinis and speedos. We decided that while there, we figured it would be fun to break from our usual selves, embrace the culture, and have some fun. Hence, we went into a nearby store, picked out a couple of swimsuits for the remainder of the trip, and agreed that I could only wear my banana hammocks, and she could only wear her thong bikinis the rest of the journey.

I should probably note my wife loves when a man wears bikini briefs. She likes the small tight material showing the bulge and that it leaves little to the imagination. She made sure I brought only my men’s string bikini briefs for our trip. She says briefs cover so little but leave the mystery where boxers, even boxer-briefs, cover so much less, but the tightness teases. So when she wanted me in a speedo, it wasn’t all that surprising as I knew it would turn her on.

I was reluctant to wear mine in public as I didn’t fill it out very well, and I am not the most muscular guy. My wife, however, pulled off her bikini amazingly! Her D breasts were barely covered, and her curves that led to her plump, perfectly thick ass was to die for. It was hard to keep from getting hard on the beach watching her walk in a tiny bikini. She was practically naked, with only her nipples and pussy covered. She had picked out the most miniature bottoms she could find for me, and I was practically in a man thong. Luckily I had shaved before the wedding night cause my pubes would have been on display for everyone. My package was barely covered by the tiniest material and very little of my ass. We each picked out two suits for each other. I got her a tiny sting thong that was purple that went great with her skin and another one that was yellow that was the smallest I’d ever seen. She bought me a yellow one to match that was a man’s thong saying, “If she had to wear the tiniest one I found, I had to wear the tiniest she found.” The other one she got me was a dark navy blue. It was fun to wear them, but I was very nervous as I did not have the biggest dick. I knew I wouldn’t fill it out much, but she didn’t care.

The next day I slid on my navy blue banana hammock, and she put on her purple thong bikini, and we headed out to the beach. It was a beautiful day for lying out, walking on the beach, and people watching. We picked out a spot to layout and set up camp. We were both hesitant to wear our tiny suits in public, but we had committed to it and knew there was no turning back now. She took off her dress and let her bare ass free, and big tits bounce around as they struggled to remain covered. She sat down and looked at me and smiled and said, “Your turn.”

I was nervous, but she had gone through with it, and I knew I had to as well, so I took off my shirt, lowered my soccer shorts, and sat next to her. It was a very arousing feeling so exposed in public. Seeing these beautiful Latina women in tiny bikinis walking by, looking at me when I’d make my way to the water with the smallest of material covering my manhood and my ass, was a little embarrassing but thrilling. My wife seemed less nervous as she enjoyed men turning their heads to see her plump ass and watching her tits bounce as she made her way to the water and back.

After a couple of trips to the water and about an hour, it became more comfortable and less embarrassing. Things settled down, and we were enjoying the sun and people watching. We had plenty of space as the beach wasn’t crowded that day. People would walk by consistently, but in terms of lying out, nobody was too close for comfort, with a couple about 30 yards away from being the closest.

Soon a man showed up and set his towel and backpack between us and the other couple. He showed up wearing a black tank top and brown khaki shorts. He was a taller, muscular tan man, about 6’2, but built like an athlete. He took off his shirt, slid off his sandals, and then headed to the water before disappearing down the beach. After about 20 to 30 minutes, he returned, walking back up to his stuff. He searched through his backpack, pulled out his phone, and looked through it for a few minutes. He then placed it back in his bag and stood up. His body was facing toward us as he looked around and undid his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I looked over at my wife and saw her staring intently, biting her lip as her eyes were glued to this muscular, tanned man. He then lowered his pants down to his ankles and stepped out, leaving him in nothing but the tiniest tightest light blue speedo that clung to his package. My wife sat up almost to get a closer look as the material clung to a huge package that looked to be waiting to pop out of its tiny cage. The outline was clear, and his cock was huge, massive even. I will never know how it was extremely thick and how he squeezed it there. I had a tiny bump in my speedo while his cock outline was unmistakable and a mountain in his suit.

I looked over at my wife, and she couldn’t stop looking, so I finally broke her concentration.

“You see this guy, babe?” I asked.

“The guy who just stripped in front of us to a smaller swimsuit than yours? Yeah, hard to miss him,” she replied.

“His suit barely covers anything. He needs a bigger suit.”

“I disagree. It covers a lot. It covers very much, and he doesn’t need a bigger suit. I think it’s perfect,” she shot back.

“You kidding me? It leaves very little to the imagination.”

“Oh, there is a ton still left to the imagination. He pulls off a speedo great. He should only wear speedos with a figure like that.”

“What about me? Should I only wear speedos?”

“Of course, honey! You know me, I think all men should wear them to tease us women and show off their bodies. He just pulls it off better than most,” she responded, with her eyes still looking his way. “Let’s go for a walk,” she said.

We headed down the beach, passing very close to the man as she looked him over. He was lying on his back, and she looked longer than needed be. We strolled down the beach, enjoying the view, feeling exposed as we were practically naked minus tiny material covering us. Some beautiful women couldn’t be ignored, and I know my wife was checking out the young muscular guys. After we had gone a reasonable distance, we turned to head back. Again as we approached our stuff, we walked by very close with her staring at this man again.

After getting back to our towels, my wife asked me if I’d run up to the bar and get some margaritas. I headed up there, passing a group of younger girls that turned and looked back at my ass while snickering. I almost had forgotten how little I was wearing until I was at the bar. I got our margaritas and returned to our spot, but my wife wasn’t there. I saw her down in the water, but she talked to our hunky neighbor. They stayed down in the water for a little bit before emerging from the water and standing by the tide, still talking. I noticed my wife kept looking down and was smiling and laughing, as was the tall, dark man. A few minutes later, they started walking up, and I noticed him drop back, looking at her ass as he went to his stuff, and she returned to our spot.

“Oh, you got the drinks. Thanks, babe,” she casually said.

“What was that about,” I asked.

“What was what about,” she responded.

“You and hunky speedo guy there?”

“Oh, that was nothing. I went down to cool off, and he was down there, and we just started talking. His name is Rafael, and he’s here on a little bit of business but mostly on vacation. He is from Miami but has an accent as he said he was born and raised in Spain. I told him we were here on our honeymoon and just talked about how nice it is here. He is here for ten days, and I told him we are here for a week. He is staying at the same resort.”

“OK. Just wanted to ask. I trust you, honey, but just be careful cause you can never be sure of guys’ motives.”

“I know, babe. I am a big girl and can take care of myself. Rafael is harmless, trust me. Seems like a nice sweet guy just alone on vacation/business. Doubt we will even see him again this trip.”

After finishing our margaritas, we headed up to the room and noticed my wife wave to Rafael as we walked away. Back up in the room, I said I would jump in the shower, and my wife said she was going to check emails. I got in the shower, took my time rinsing off, and heard my wife come in and tell me housekeeping was here, and she was giving them all the dirty towels. I said OK and thought nothing of it. I figured she’d come back in to bring the clean towels, and I was horny, so I started stroking it in the shower, planning to get her to join me when she came back in. I heard the bathroom door open and hollered out for her.

“Hey, sexy, why don’t you get in here and join me,” I offered.

I opened the shower door and turned to show her my hard dick but was surprised to see a young Latina staring at my hard dick and wet naked body in a maid outfit. She looked up and down, smiled big, and said, “No hablo ingles.” My wife walked in, started laughing, and then spoke to her in Spanish. I have no idea what was said, but they both laughed, smiled, and looked at me naked. My wife said, “It’s OK, honey. She says it’s OK. She isn’t offended at all and finds it funny. She has never been offered to shower with a guest before.”

I laughed but was very embarrassed. I told my wife to ask her for a towel, and the maid smiled and handed me a hand towel. I told my wife to tell her I needed a bigger one. My wife relayed the message, and they both laughed and looked me over. And I saw the maid nod yes and tell my wife something with them both laughing and smiling. The maid handed me the towel, and I said gracias. She looked me over one more time before heading out.

I asked my wife what happened, and she told me she told her to bring them in, thinking I’d be a while since she already had them in her arms. I asked about the laughing, and she said it was just a funny situation. She hadn’t had a guest offer her a shower and just walk out naked and hard like that. I said I understand all that, but then the little towel? She said oh, that and smiled. I said yeah, what was that about?

My wife responded, “Well, it was funny, but she thought it was all you needed to cover up.”

“What do you mean?”

“She thought you just wanted to cover your package and that the towel she handed you would do the job, which she wasn’t wrong in her defense.”

“OK, yeah, it covers my stuff, but you had giggle fits when I asked for a bigger one.”

“No, we laughed cause you said you need a bigger one, and she said you sure do, and I thought it was funny.”

“Why was that so funny?”

“I just wasn’t prepared for her to tell you that you need a bigger one. She wasn’t referencing your towel, honey. She was talking about your dick. When I walked in, she told me what happened and said it was small, and she laughed, and for the rest of the conversation, she made jokes. It was harmless fun.”

“That’s not fun! I do not have a small dick,” I responded.

“It’s OK, honey. It’s a beautiful dick, and I love it. Is it big? No. Is it small? Maybe a little bit, but it’s my man’s, and I love it. Don’t mind her. It was just her opinion. Plus, many people will see that bulge in your speedo this week, so don’t get shy now.”

She was right. So the maid thought I was small, and my wife did too, but I was with the love of my life and couldn’t be happier. I had a whole week ahead of me with just her and me and no distractions. We were both going to be half-naked the entire time or less, so there was no need to freak out.

The next day I passed the maid in the hall talking to another maid, and they both smiled and said hola and then giggled as I walked by. I knew she was telling her coworker what she had seen and what she thought about my dick. I wasn’t going to let it ruin my day, though.

It happened to be raining that day, so my wife and I decided to head to the spa and get the massages that were a part of our honeymoon package. She went into the women’s locker room as I headed over to the men’s to change and get ready for the massage. I was told they were out of robes for the men and that I should just strip down to my underwear, where I would be taken to the spot to meet my wife and wait. I was a little nervous about going out in the spa in my underwear since my wife told me only to pack string bikini briefs since that’s what she liked.

They are thin on the sides and barely cover anything. They are smaller than the Navy speedo but a little bigger than the yellow one. I stripped down and went out. Luckily, I was at least wearing black ones, so they covered more. They at least didn’t show the outline of my cock. The worker-led me to a sitting area where my wife was already sitting in a white robe. Two other middle-aged women sat in chairs in the area, looking over at me and smiling.

“Why are you in your underwear,” my wife asked.

“They said they were out of men’s robes and just came out like this until we got into the massage room,” I responded.

“Oh, that makes sense why I saw another man in his. Oh well, nothing to worry about,” she replied.

We sat down and waited for our massages and saw people come out from their rooms, and the two ladies got called back for theirs. We continued to sit and talk, and another couple soon joined the waiting room, he was in his underwear as well, but he was wearing boxers. We waited for a few minutes, and then a door opened with a masseuse walking out, leading a tall, dark man out of the room. My wife and I looked up, and coming out of the massage room were non-other than Rafael, and he too was in just his underwear, which happened to be a very tight pair of grey bikini briefs that showed the outline perfectly of his massive member. They were practically see-through. I knew my wife loved it as she had a brief fetish and looked right at it.

“Rafael! Nice to see you,” she said excitingly.

“It’s nice to see you too! Guess the rain has flooded everyone to the spa today. Sorry to be rude, I am Rafael,” he extended his hand.

I shook his hand and introduced myself.

“Nice to meet you. Sorry to bump into you like this, but they are out of robes today,” he replied in his accent.

“Yeah, that’s why I am in my underwear as well. The same problem,” I responded.

“It’s fine. Nobody seems to mind around here. See the same thing on the beach, just thinner material here,” my wife responded.

“That is true. This seems more embarrassing, but all the men do it, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Just feel a little exposed.”

“No need to feel exposed. Everything looks to be covered. I mean, look at my husband. He’s got on tinier briefs than you. You look great in your briefs. Don’t sweat it,” she responded with a smile.

“Really? Aren’t they too small? I was worried they might be when I found out I would be walking around here in them. Look, they don’t even fully cover my ass,” he stated as he turned around.

My wife took it in, staring at his very firm, tight ass that his briefs clung to tightly. “They cover it perfectly fine. Don’t you worry one bit? You look great,” she said.

“Thank you for that. I must be going, though. Well, I hope you two enjoy your massages. I must be going, hope to see you two later. It was nice meeting you,” he shook my hand. “Was nice talking to you again and seeing you as well,” he said to my wife.

“It was so nice to see you too. Have a great day,” she responded, and she watched as he walked away with his tight briefs clinging to his muscular ass.

We didn’t even have time to talk before our names were called, and we went back to get our massages. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I had forgotten entirely about the exchange with Rafael. The rest of the day was spent in our room having sex and napping with the weather giving us an excellent excuse to stay in.

The next day was a beautiful day with no clouds in the sky. We knew we’d be on the beach or by the pool the whole time when we woke up. My wife woke up before me, got things ready to head out, and slipped on her tiny yellow thong bikini. Wow, was it smaller than I remembered in the store? My wife’s curves were on full display. If she turned wrong or picked something up, the top would shift, and her full 36Ds would be fully exposed. Her juicy ass was fully exposed minus a thin yellow string, and the tiniest of cloth was in a little triangle covering her pussy. She was pretty much naked.

She had set out my yellow man thong and wanted me to wear it today so that we would match. Mine, too, was smaller than I remembered. My whole ass was exposed, and it was uncomfortable having material up against it. The sides were the thinnest of material and were pretty much a string, and a tiny pouch in front contained my dick. My wife teased me and rubbed the bulge, and even with a smaller dick, when I got hard, it pushed the material out, and you could see down the front clearly, and it made the material show everything contained inside.

“Oops. Guess we didn’t test these out in the store. Hopefully, you won’t get hard on the beach, or everyone will know and see your package,” my wife teased me.

“No teasing me then. I can’t handle that sort of embarrassment. Hopefully, your suit keeps you contained as well,” I replied.

“Hehe, no promises, I won’t tease you. And yeah, this doesn’t cover the girls well, but hopefully, they stay in,” she said.

We put on our clothes over our tiny suits and headed down to the beach. Just our luck, our elevator stopped two floors below ours, and who walks in but Rafael.

“Hey, you two! Headed to the beach or pool,” he asked.

“Hey, you! We are headed down to the beach. What about you,” my wife asked.

“Going to the beach as well. Thought I’d try and get out there a little earlier today than normal since I have no meetings today,” he responded.

“Oh great! You have a day to yourself. You should join us, so you don’t have to be alone,” my wife invited him.

“That’s so sweet of you, but I don’t want to intrude,” he replied.

“Don’t be silly. You won’t be intruding. Join us. It’ll make for a better day for you. Honey tell Rafael he won’t be intruding,” she instructed.

“You won’t be intruding,” I answered.

“Well, long as I am not intruding, it would be a pleasure to join you,” he said smiling.

The elevator dinged as we reached the lobby. We headed through the hotel and out to the beach. We found a spot we all liked and set up our stuff, settling in for a long relaxing day. We set up our chairs and towels as Rafael, and I took off our shirts. I was extremely nervous about taking off my shorts, mainly for two reasons. Everyone would see me next to Rafael, and I wouldn’t be able to compare at all, and two, my thong was so tiny I was embarrassed to show it off in public. My wife, on the other hand, ordinarily shy and conservative, had no issues at all. Within seconds, she pulled her dress over her head and stood on the beach, flaunting her stuff.


Continued on the next page (link below).


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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    Great story. I read it to my wife and she had me jerk off several times. Her exhusband was here as well. They watched me jerkoff as he began fucking her. After they fuck I get to clean his cock with my mouth, and eat her cream pie clean. Your story is our real life story. We are married 8 years and Duane has been living with us as long. He is thick and over 9 inches. When I’m hard I’m under 3 inches. (2 3/4 inches to be exact). She doesn’t feel me, so we don’t fuck anymore.


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