Embarrassing Doctor’s Visit

By makanibraydhani.

“Kyle?” the nurse called.

I stood and followed her into the doctor’s office.

“I’m April. I’m going to take your blood pressure and ask you a few questions, and then Dr. West will be in to see you.”

April was a very pretty girl. I would guess she’s probably about 22, the same age as me. Despite being in baggy scrubs, April still looked gorgeous. As she put the band around my arm, touching me, I could feel myself getting a little worked up.

Pathetic, isn’t it? Just the slightest touch from a pretty girl was enough to do that to me. It wasn’t something that I got often. Even after moving to a new city after graduating college, I was still having no luck on dating apps.

I felt the band tighten around my arm as the machine went to work. Soon, the pressure started to alleviate, and April freed my arm.

“I’m gonna need you to get down to just your underwear. We need to get your weight,” April told me, pointing to the scale.

I blushed, nervous about showing my body to this pretty girl. But I knew I was at the doctor’s, and this was just part of the process. Besides, so what if I was overweight? She’s seen much worse before, I’m sure.

I removed my shoes, socks, shirt, and pants. I could feel the heat in my cheeks, standing in front of April with just my briefs on. I could feel my dick start to harden, and I quickly shifted my focus to something else.

I stepped onto the scale. April moved something around, trying to get the balance just right.

“Looks like 5’8″, 250 pounds,” she said, a matter of fact as she wrote on the paper. It felt much worse hearing her say it.

“OK, now I just need to ask you a few questions, and the doctor will be in to see you.”

I picked up my pants and started to put them back on.

“Oh, no-no, no need for that,” she said, interrupting me. “The doctor will just need you to remove them again when they come in.”

I put the pants back down and sat on the table. I could feel and hear the paper crunch beneath me.

“So you’re just in here today for a checkup? Is that right?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” I responded.

“OK, do you smoke?”


“Do you do any drugs?”


“Do you drink alcohol?”

“Yes, but only occasionally.”

“Alright, are you currently sexually active?” she asked.

She looked up from the paper for the first time. I could feel the heat returning to my cheeks as she looked at me.

“No…” I answered meekly.

“OK, well, when was the last time you had sex?”

This time, she was looking down at the paper as she asked it. I was starting to sweat. Did I really have to tell a beautiful girl about this secret while half-naked?

“Well, I ah. I’ve never done, uh, that. Before,” I said red-faced.

I could barely get it out. I kept tripping over my own words. She looked up from the paper at me, I could see her have to stifle a laugh that had come as a reflex. I wanted to curl up and die. She asked me more questions about allergies and medical history. I can barely remember. After a bit, she finished her questions and left.


The wait for the doctor was torture, as I kept replaying the look she had in my brain. I felt so humiliated. And yet, the more I thought of it, the harder my cock got till I was fully erect. Luckily, no matter how hard it got, you couldn’t see it outside my underwear.

‘I guess there are some advantages,’ I thought to myself sadly.

I figured that as soon as I was getting examined by some doctor, it would go away. Boy, how wrong I was. There was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” I called.

The doctor walked in, and with one look, my heart nearly stopped. All my life, my doctors had been men and usually older. When booking a doctor in my new city, no other possibility had even occurred to me. So when a woman walked in and introduced herself as Dr. West, I went into full panic mode.

She was even more gorgeous than the nurse. She was taller than me, maybe 5’10”. She had a slender build and a kind face. She wore glasses, and her blond hair was tied back into a ponytail. She was like the girl next door was all grown up.

I was in such panic and disbelief I didn’t even remember the exam starting. Suddenly, Dr. West was looking in in my mouth and ears, listening to my heartbeat, and testing my reflexes. Normal checkup routine.

“OK, I’m going to need you to take off your underwear so I can check for lumps,” she said, breaking me out of my trance.

I began to panic. My erection had not subsided at all. If anything, it had gotten even worse. I was sweating, and my cheeks were burning. She clearly noticed the symptoms I was exhibiting.

“Oh, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I do this all the time. Yours will be the fourth penis I’ve seen today!” She chuckled as she said it.

Her cheerful attitude put me at ease a bit. I stood up and began to pull my underwear down. I could feel it tug at my erection before coming down all the way. Despite feeling a bit better before doing it, actually being naked and hard in front of her had me feeling mortified.

“I see,” she said as she knelt.

My dick was now at eye level. I twitched as her gloved hand touched it.

“What were you embarrassed about, the erection or the size?” she asked.

My cheeks were aflame. I had never been more embarrassed in my life. She looked up at me, clearly expecting an answer.

“B-B…both,” I responded with difficulty.

Her attention shifted back to my cock in her hand.

“Well, the erection is definitely nothing to be embarrassed about. Trust me, it happens all the time.” She began to feel around and fondle my balls. “Still,” she continued, “This is quite small for someone of your age. I saw April noted that you’ve never had sex. I have to imagine that could be part of the reason?”

I couldn’t believe my embarrassment from earlier had been topped. I wanted a meteor to strike the room so I wouldn’t have to endure this any longer. To make matters worse, I felt like I was ready to burst. The combination of Dr. West’s touch and comments was having a massive effect on me.

“Well, If you eventually do get with a girl, make sure you use condoms. Extra small probably in your ca-”

She was interrupted as I let out a truly horrific noise, and I shot cum into her glasses. She began to laugh as I looked on, frozen and horrified.

“Well, that is definitely a new one. I’ve seen a lot of things, but…that is definitely new. But, at least we know the size doesn’t seem to have an adverse effect on function,” she proclaimed as she walked over to her desk and started cleaning her glasses and face off with a cloth.

“Well, by all accounts, you seem to be quite healthy! I’ll note down everything that happened during your checkup today in your file, and I’ll see you in a year for another checkup!”

She gave me a smile and a wink as she left while I stood there, still too stunned to move.


The End.


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